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Published on: Fri, 30 Jan 2015 11:25:39 UTC
News Agency: CNN

My husband, Nate, had cancer in his 20s. After he finished his treatments he took a trip to visit his brother and his family overseas. My aunt worked at the same office as his brothers wife and met Nate while he was there visiting. My aunt called my mother one day and said she met a guy that she thought would be PERFECT for me and wanted to set us up on a blind date when he came back home, but she explained that he had just had cancer and just finished his treatments. (He still had no hair.) my mother, concerned about his health and what it would mean, said no and she shouldn't even tell me about it. (I was pretty young at the time- only 20). My aunt brought it up several times over the next couple of years and my mother kept saying no. My aunt got very frustrated and my mother said if we were meant to be together we would find each other on our own and we didn't need their help.

A couple of years later Nate bumped into somebody he hadn't seen in a long time. I knew her very peripherally but apparently she had the same idea because she decided to set us up on a blind date. I mentioned it to my mother and she got a very strange look on her face. Nate and I went out three times in the first week and I knew pretty much right away to this was different than any other guy I had gone out with. After the first week I told my mother about him and the fact that he had been sick. She told me she already knew. When I asked how she knew she told me the story about my aunt. And that as soon as I mentioned the guy that I was going on a blind date with, she recognized the name immediately. She said she had told my father that night that they would be making a wedding in a few months because we had found each other on our own.

We were married 7 months later. We  have been married for almost 11 years and have 4 children. Clearly, we were meant to be together. :-)

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