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-Wed, 17 Jan 23:28:39 [Times]:
YouTube Is Taking Down ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ Videos

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:44:02 [CNN]:
Rupert Murdoch recovering at home after painful back injury

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:14:49 [Times]:
These Actors All Worked With Woody Allen. Now They Regret It and Support Dylan Farrow

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:10:22 [CNN]:
Gerard Butler, 50 Cent discuss preparing for bank heist showdown in 'Den of Thieves'

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:05:46 [CNN]:
Trump averages a 'fake' insult every day. Really. We counted.

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:04:33 [CNN]:
Obama team bids wistful farewell in 'The Final Year'

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:00:01 [Times]:
Nintendo’s Newest Products Are Switch Accessories You Can Build Yourself

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:57:02 [Times]:
The Aziz Ansari Allegation Has People Talking About ‘Affirmative Consent.’ What’s That?

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:53:29 [Reuters]:
Scathing Trump book 'Fire and Fury' heads to television

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:44:21 [Times]:
Ann Curry’s Complex Relationship With Matt Lauer and the Today Show

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:33:06 [CNN]:
Kristen Wiig to star in comedy series from Apple

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:19:57 [Reuters]:
Shari Redstone explores adding new CBS directors: WSJ

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:17:35 [Reuters]:
'Jersey Shore' star Sorrentino to plead guilty in tax case

-Wed, 17 Jan 19:23:15 [CNN]:
Katie Couric returns to NBC to co-host the Olympics

-Wed, 17 Jan 19:09:11 [BBC]:
Dylan Farrow addresses Woody Allen sexual assault claim

-Wed, 17 Jan 19:05:05 [CNN]:
Seal under investigation for alleged sexual battery

-Wed, 17 Jan 19:01:54 [Times]:
The Best Romantic Movies You Can Watch on Netflix Right Now

-Wed, 17 Jan 18:58:45 [CNN]:
DIY Network apologizes for host's anti-Semitic remark

-Wed, 17 Jan 18:57:31 [Reuters]:
Lebanon allows Spielberg film 'The Post' after censorship threat

-Wed, 17 Jan 17:57:20 [Times]:
Here’s the Real Reason Behind Rey’s Controversial Origin Story in The Last Jedi

-Wed, 17 Jan 17:45:35 [Times]:
Grey’s Anatomy’s Ellen Pompeo Has Some Frank Salary Advice for Women

-Wed, 17 Jan 17:22:46 [CNN]:
David Harbour's latest Twitter challenge is strangely sweet

-Wed, 17 Jan 17:16:08 [Reuters]:
French saxophone maker Selmer sells stake to face up to Chinese pressure

-Wed, 17 Jan 16:49:01 [Times]:
Ann Curry Reveals How She Reacted When She Learned Matt Lauer Was Fired

-Wed, 17 Jan 16:03:51 [CNN]:
Rick Springfield opens up about depression

-Wed, 17 Jan 15:41:09 [Times]:
Woody Allen’s Daughter Dylan Farrow Says She’s Determined to Bring Down Her Father Over Sexual Assault Claims

-Wed, 17 Jan 15:30:03 [Times]:
Donatella Versace and Antonio D’Amico: Where Gianni Versace’s Loved Ones Are Now

-Wed, 17 Jan 15:19:19 [CNN]:
Ann Curry 'not surprised' by allegations against Matt Lauer

-Wed, 17 Jan 15:18:02 [CNN]:
'Today' executive producer stepping down

-Wed, 17 Jan 15:05:36 [Reuters]:
Hong Kong star Eric Tsang denies sexual assault allegations

-Wed, 17 Jan 14:43:08 [BBC]:
Bake Off's singing cakes up for animation award

-Wed, 17 Jan 14:34:09 [CNN]:
Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova show off babies

-Wed, 17 Jan 13:14:40 [BBC]:
Star Wars: The Last Jedi cast mock 'men-only' fan edit

-Wed, 17 Jan 13:07:14 [CNN]:
The Root's Danielle Belton: 'We were going to fully embrace being black'

-Wed, 17 Jan 13:05:16 [Times]:
Ann Curry Speaks Out: ‘I Am Not Surprised’ by Sexual Misconduct Accusations Against Today Show’s Matt Lauer

-Wed, 17 Jan 13:05:16 [Times]:
Ann Curry Says She’s ‘Not Surprised’ About Sexual Misconduct Allegations Against Matt Lauer

-Wed, 17 Jan 12:44:11 [BBC]:
Jessica Falkholt dies after car crash that kills family

-Wed, 17 Jan 11:24:31 [BBC]:
Bataclan massacre film drama 'will be broadcast' in the future

-Wed, 17 Jan 10:11:59 [BBC]:
Dylan Farrow to discuss Woody Allen assault claim in first TV interview

-Wed, 17 Jan 5:00:36 [BBC]:
Maya Jama and celebrity guests join Radio 1 weekend line-up

-Wed, 17 Jan 4:17:49 [CNN]:
YouTube assigning workers to review videos to avoid another Logan Paul-type disaster

-Wed, 17 Jan 2:16:14 [Times]:
‘It Hurt Like Hell.’ Ann Curry Opens Up About Leaving NBC’s Today Show

-Wed, 17 Jan 1:35:36 [Reuters]:
Miramax bid for Weinstein Co. complicates sale process: LA Times

-Tue, 16 Jan 23:23:22 [Reuters]:
Alec Baldwin defends film maker Woody Allen as Hollywood backs away

-Tue, 16 Jan 23:03:42 [CNN]:
Trump hotels swarmed with 's***hole' reviews on Yelp

-Tue, 16 Jan 22:57:33 [CNN]:
Fox News shelved story on Trump and porn actress Stormy Daniels before election

-Tue, 16 Jan 22:48:20 [Reuters]:
Actor Alec Baldwin defends film maker Woody Allen as Hollywood backs away

-Tue, 16 Jan 22:29:38 [Times]:
The Real Tragedy Behind Dolores O’Riordan’s Biggest Hit With the Cranberries

-Tue, 16 Jan 22:01:34 [Times]:
Last Jedi Director Has Only One Response to the Men Who Edited All the Women Out of the Movie

-Tue, 16 Jan 20:10:43 [Reuters]:
'The Fakeys': Comedians turn tables on Trump's 'fake news' awards