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-Fri, 16 Apr 23:03:23 [BBC]:
Helen McCrory: The life and career of Peaky Blinders star

-Fri, 16 Apr 18:48:43 [BBC]:
Helen McCrory as Aunt Polly in Peaky Blinders

-Fri, 16 Apr 17:23:33 [CNN]:
Helen McCrory, 'Harry Potter' and 'Peaky Blinders' star, dead at 52

-Fri, 16 Apr 17:10:14 [BBC]:
Taylor Swift breaks The Beatles' chart record

-Fri, 16 Apr 15:46:57 [CNN]:
DMX featured on new song with French Montana and Swizz Beatz

-Fri, 16 Apr 15:44:35 [CNN]:
Sharon Osbourne to break her silence in first interview since exiting 'The Talk'

-Fri, 16 Apr 14:30:24 [Times]:
Benedict Cumberbatch Is a Spy With Soul in The Courier—But He’s Not the Only Reason to Watch

-Fri, 16 Apr 14:05:21 [CNN]:
Aidan Shaw will be back in the 'Sex and the City' reboot

-Fri, 16 Apr 13:38:37 [Times]:
Kate Winslet’s Mare of Easttown Is the Rare Crime Drama That Cares About Its Characters

-Fri, 16 Apr 13:32:21 [Times]:
Big Shot Is a Surprisingly Lovable Sports Drama From Franchise-Crazy Disney+

-Fri, 16 Apr 12:21:22 [BBC]:
Tickets still being sold for June shows that can't take place as planned

-Thu, 15 Apr 23:53:49 [CNN]:
Karen Olivo leaving Broadway's 'Moulin Rouge'

-Thu, 15 Apr 21:20:43 [CNN]:
Funny how far women have come in comedy

-Thu, 15 Apr 20:44:53 [CNN]:
Kate Winslet classes up small-town secrets in 'Mare of Easttown'

-Thu, 15 Apr 17:45:08 [CNN]:
Anne Hathaway and James Franco hosting the 2011 Oscars may have been doomed from the start

-Thu, 15 Apr 17:03:46 [BBC]:
Moulin Rouge! star quits stage show over Scott Rudin allegations

-Thu, 15 Apr 16:44:28 [CNN]:
Katy Perry and Miranda Kerr talk about their close relationship

-Thu, 15 Apr 15:31:15 [CNN]:
Marvel shows off its deep bench of characters in 'Falcon' and 'WandaVision'

-Thu, 15 Apr 15:01:36 [CNN]:
Kyra Sedgwick says she isn't invited back to Tom Cruise's house

-Thu, 15 Apr 14:40:54 [BBC]:
Tipping Point: Woman has voice reconstructed thanks to ITV show appearance

-Thu, 15 Apr 13:53:36 [BBC]:
Prince Philip: Coverage of royal death poses quandary for BBC

-Thu, 15 Apr 13:21:17 [CNN]:
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez announce breakup in new statement

-Thu, 15 Apr 5:06:03 [BBC]:
I'm a Celebrity 'sped up Gwrych Castle repairs by two years'

-Wed, 14 Apr 23:30:01 [CNN]:
Colton Underwood filming unscripted series for Netflix

-Wed, 14 Apr 18:09:35 [CNN]:
What to expect at the Oscars

-Wed, 14 Apr 17:53:31 [CNN]:
Latest 'Fast & Furious' film 'F9' drops new trailer

-Wed, 14 Apr 15:40:22 [CNN]:
Netflix adds Jamie Foxx to its star-driven roster of 'Embarrassing' sitcoms

-Wed, 14 Apr 13:56:43 [CNN]:
'Luther' isn't 'authentic,' BBC's diversity chief says

-Wed, 14 Apr 12:44:45 [CNN]:
Morgan Wallen says he's working on himself after racial slur controversy

-Wed, 14 Apr 12:25:27 [CNN]:
Former 'Bachelor' star Colton Underwood: 'I'm gay'

-Wed, 14 Apr 11:50:33 [CNN]:
Justin Bieber says his drug problem was so bad that bodyguards would check his pulse as he slept

-Wed, 14 Apr 9:02:57 [BBC]:
Jake Paul: YouTuber denies assaulting TikTok star Justine Paradise

-Wed, 14 Apr 3:15:15 [BBC]:
Neighbours: Actress Sharon Johal also alleges racism on soap

-Tue, 13 Apr 23:05:35 [BBC]:
Meet the songwriters who told pop stars: 'Don't steal from us'

-Tue, 13 Apr 21:35:19 [Times]:
The Controversy Around Amazon’s Them Underscores the Trouble With Realistic Violence in Genre TV

-Tue, 13 Apr 19:29:19 [CNN]:
'Bridgerton' renewed for two more seasons at Netflix

-Tue, 13 Apr 17:55:25 [CNN]:
Kanye West asks for joint custody in divorce filing

-Tue, 13 Apr 17:24:18 [CNN]:
The Oscars suddenly have a bigger mission: Help save movie theaters

-Tue, 13 Apr 15:25:16 [CNN]:
'ER' cast will reunite for special 'Stars In The House' episode

-Tue, 13 Apr 15:22:25 [Times]:
How Celebrity Memoirs Got So Good

-Tue, 13 Apr 14:26:37 [CNN]:
Britney Spears is 'flattered' people care so much

-Tue, 13 Apr 13:39:14 [CNN]:
Hank Azaria feels he should apologize for Apu 'to every single Indian person in this country'

-Tue, 13 Apr 13:22:08 [BBC]:
Bridgerton: Netflix commissions third and fourth series

-Tue, 13 Apr 12:08:05 [BBC]:
David Beckham joins Disney+ for grassroots football show

-Tue, 13 Apr 11:30:41 [BBC]:
Another Round: Thomas Vinterberg on his Bafta winning film

-Tue, 13 Apr 7:53:32 [BBC]:
Kim Kardashian and Kanye West agree joint custody after divorce

-Tue, 13 Apr 7:06:26 [CNN]:
300 movie screens to go dark in California after company shuts operations due to Covid-19 impact

-Tue, 13 Apr 6:23:41 [BBC]:
The Owners: 'We were immersed in the movie - it was traumatising'

-Mon, 12 Apr 18:32:47 [CNN]:
'The Talk' returns with Sheryl Underwood remarks and an episode on race

-Mon, 12 Apr 18:31:06 [CNN]:
Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song welcome their first child together