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-Fri, 16 Nov 18:25:10 [Reuters]:
Oh boy - vintage Mickey Mouse posters to fetch thousands at auction

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:31:16 [CNN]:
'Dogs' is a feel-good tale about BFFs with tails

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:00:57 [Times]:
Breaking Down That Shocking Reveal at the End of Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:00:47 [Times]:
All the Ways Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald Connects to Harry Potter

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:00:23 [Times]:
Organized Crime Lurks Everywhere in My Brilliant Friend. Here’s the Real Story of the Rise of the Naples Underworld

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:59:01 [Times]:
Jimmy Kimmel Got Michelle Obama to Say All The Things She Couldn’t Say in the White House

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:51:21 [Times]:
These Are the Celebrities Michelle Obama Texts the Most

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:18:50 [Times]:
William Goldman, Oscar-Winning ‘Butch Cassidy’ Screenwriter, Dies at 87

-Fri, 16 Nov 15:57:20 [Times]:
Here’s a Secret Netflix Hack to Help You Find All the Holiday Movies Your Heart Desires

-Fri, 16 Nov 15:31:14 [BBC]:
Strictly Come Dancing: How (and why) it moves to Blackpool every year

-Fri, 16 Nov 15:12:59 [BBC]:
Tom Hardy made a CBE by Prince Charles

-Fri, 16 Nov 14:45:57 [BBC]:
Franzen's rules for writing mocked on Twitter

-Fri, 16 Nov 14:31:56 [CNN]:
'Little Drummer Girl,' 'Escape at Dannemora' join miniseries' new golden age

-Fri, 16 Nov 14:30:31 [CNN]:
Amy Schumer hospitalized for extreme morning sickness

-Fri, 16 Nov 14:27:50 [CNN]:
'Green Book' cruises on star power of Mortensen, Ali

-Fri, 16 Nov 14:23:16 [CNN]:
'The Clinton Affair,' 'Enemies' probe past, with eye on present

-Fri, 16 Nov 14:18:33 [CNN]:
'Dirty John' makes leaps from pod to screen

-Fri, 16 Nov 14:10:45 [Times]:
The Internet Silences Guy Who Commented on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Clothing With Very Fun Memes

-Fri, 16 Nov 13:57:24 [Reuters]:
Viacom signs multi-picture film deal with Netflix

-Fri, 16 Nov 13:12:00 [The Independent]:
David Hockney painting sells for $90.3m at auction, breaking record for a living artist

-Fri, 16 Nov 12:00:56 [Times]:
The 10 Best Songs of 2018

-Fri, 16 Nov 12:00:36 [Times]:
The 10 Best Video Games of 2018

-Fri, 16 Nov 12:00:29 [Times]:
The 10 Best Albums of 2018

-Fri, 16 Nov 11:26:53 [BBC]:
Amy Schumer in hospital with severe morning sickness

-Fri, 16 Nov 10:46:51 [Reuters]:
Grime star Stormzy announced as Glastonbury's first headline act

-Fri, 16 Nov 10:05:00 [The Independent]:
Artist vows to destroy Banksy mural after buying it for £561,000 at auction

-Fri, 16 Nov 10:01:38 [BBC]:
Rob Lowe 'sad and numb' over 'unimaginable' California wildfires

-Fri, 16 Nov 9:22:14 [Reuters]:
Actor Rebel Wilson loses appeal on Australian defamation case

-Fri, 16 Nov 7:51:19 [BBC]:
Jeff Goldblum: When I cry at music it confuses my son

-Fri, 16 Nov 7:08:40 [BBC]:
Hockney painting breaks auction record for living artist

-Fri, 16 Nov 5:56:27 [CNN]:
Missing Disney film which predates Mickey Mouse resurfaces in Japan

-Fri, 16 Nov 4:16:15 [Reuters]:
David Hockney pool painting soars to $90 mln, record for living artist

-Thu, 15 Nov 23:16:32 [Times]:
A Superb Viola Davis Leads Widows to New Heights

-Thu, 15 Nov 22:24:04 [CNN]:
Kim Porter, actress and model, dies at 47

-Thu, 15 Nov 22:14:43 [Reuters]:
Apple partners with Oscar-winning movie studio A24 for feature films

-Thu, 15 Nov 20:36:08 [CNN]:
'Fantastic Beasts' plunges deeper into pre-Harry Potter world

-Thu, 15 Nov 19:27:05 [CNN]:
People can't stop listening to 'Bohemian Rhapsody'

-Thu, 15 Nov 19:02:50 [Times]:
The True Story Behind the Movie Green Book

-Thu, 15 Nov 18:35:11 [CNN]:
Roy Clark, 'Hee Haw' host, dies at 85

-Thu, 15 Nov 18:07:49 [Times]:
Country Guitar Star Roy Clark Dies at 85

-Thu, 15 Nov 17:14:30 [CNN]:
Kanye West's karaoke partner will surprise you

-Thu, 15 Nov 16:20:56 [CNN]:
Meet the entire live-action 'Dumbo' cast in new trailer

-Thu, 15 Nov 16:16:08 [BBC]:
Lost Disney 'Oswald' film found in Japan

-Thu, 15 Nov 16:01:04 [BBC]:
Stormzy to headline Glastonbury Festival 2019

-Thu, 15 Nov 15:24:01 [CNN]:
Jessie J tells crowd she is unable to have children

-Thu, 15 Nov 14:50:18 [BBC]:
National Book Awards: Isabel Allende warns of 'dark time'

-Thu, 15 Nov 14:34:21 [CNN]:
Michael Douglas ages grudgingly in 'The Kominsky Method'

-Thu, 15 Nov 14:31:50 [CNN]:
'Widows' plots crime thriller with more valleys than peaks

-Thu, 15 Nov 14:28:36 [CNN]:
'Narcos: Mexico' adds star power as drug war changes venues

-Thu, 15 Nov 12:41:00 [The Independent]:
Michelangelo bronze statues verified after researchers discover abnormal eight packs and curly big toes