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-Wed, 15 Aug 4:06:27 [Reuters]:
Walmart teams up with Ellen DeGeneres to launch fashion line

-Wed, 15 Aug 3:35:01 [CNN]:
Penn Jillette claims Trump said 'racially insensitive' comments during 'Celebrity Apprentice'

-Wed, 15 Aug 2:17:15 [CNN]:
Sex trafficking lawsuit against Harvey Weinstein will proceed

-Tue, 14 Aug 23:24:59 [BBC]:
Madonna at 60: The Queen of Pop in seven charts

-Tue, 14 Aug 19:20:42 [Reuters]:
Ailing Aretha Franklin visited by Stevie Wonder, Jesse Jackson

-Tue, 14 Aug 19:01:32 [Reuters]:
British actress can sue Weinstein for sex trafficking: U.S. judge

-Tue, 14 Aug 17:54:35 [Times]:
The Viral New ‘Matilda Challenge’ Has People Mastering Objects With Their Mind Powers

-Tue, 14 Aug 16:33:23 [CNN]:
Pauley Perrette calls out 'Family Feud' for 'filthy answers'

-Tue, 14 Aug 16:24:02 [BBC]:
Ariana Grande and James Corden re-enact Titanic

-Tue, 14 Aug 16:08:16 [Reuters]:
Harvey Weinstein must face British actress's sex trafficking lawsuit

-Tue, 14 Aug 15:58:31 [CNN]:
Ariana Grande and James Corden's musical ode to 'Titanic' is an ocean of emotion

-Tue, 14 Aug 14:50:36 [Times]:
Ryan Reynolds Dares to Drink World’s Grossest Drink With Jimmy Fallon

-Tue, 14 Aug 14:42:35 [BBC]:
Sir Tom Jones says sorry to fans for six missed shows

-Tue, 14 Aug 14:28:39 [BBC]:
Madonna's London Mini goes up for sale

-Tue, 14 Aug 14:07:43 [CNN]:
Lennon and McCartney sons come together for selfie

-Tue, 14 Aug 13:47:14 [CNN]:
John Legend wants Louisiana to amend its constitution to remove 'white supremacy'

-Tue, 14 Aug 13:23:08 [CNN]:
Fans rally around Aretha Franklin

-Tue, 14 Aug 12:00:43 [Times]:
The Ultra-Wealthy World of Crazy Rich Asians Is a Real Thing. Here’s Why

-Tue, 14 Aug 11:51:44 [BBC]:
A Northern Soul director Sean McAllister defies film censors over 15 rating

-Tue, 14 Aug 11:34:48 [BBC]:
Carrie Fisher: Growing calls for her to get a Hollywood Walk of Fame star

-Tue, 14 Aug 9:31:47 [Reuters]:
Crazy rich on film, proud to be Asian

-Tue, 14 Aug 6:03:36 [Times]:
Beyoncé Dedicates Detroit Concert to Ailing Aretha Franklin

-Tue, 14 Aug 3:04:02 [BBC]:
Why Brexit is getting laughs at the Edinburgh Fringe

-Tue, 14 Aug 1:26:44 [CNN]:
Aretha Franklin is in hospice care

-Mon, 13 Aug 23:57:53 [CNN]:
Laverne Cox calls out 'injustice' of misgendering murder victims

-Mon, 13 Aug 18:19:33 [CNN]:
Bethenny Frankel breaks silence on Dennis Shields' death

-Mon, 13 Aug 16:58:03 [CNN]:
'Sabrina' reboot looks chilling

-Mon, 13 Aug 16:34:00 [Times]:
Stephen Colbert Addresses Sean Spicer’s Surprise Emmys Cameo With Andy Cohen

-Mon, 13 Aug 16:09:11 [CNN]:
Chris Hardwick's tearful return to 'Talking Dead'

-Mon, 13 Aug 15:38:24 [BBC]:
Ewan McGregor latest star to read CBeebies Bedtime Story

-Mon, 13 Aug 15:01:37 [CNN]:
Is Netflix the new king of stand-up comedy?

-Mon, 13 Aug 14:35:44 [Reuters]:
Hundreds hurt as Spanish festival boardwalk collapses into sea

-Mon, 13 Aug 14:33:09 [BBC]:
Aretha Franklin said to be 'seriously ill'

-Mon, 13 Aug 14:05:19 [Times]:
Aretha Franklin Is ‘Seriously Ill’

-Mon, 13 Aug 13:07:47 [BBC]:
Handmaid's Tale: was it right to take the series beyond the book?

-Mon, 13 Aug 12:28:25 [CNN]:
Kanye explains his silence on 'Kimmel'

-Mon, 13 Aug 12:07:40 [Reuters]:
Like 'The Wife,' Glenn Close says she's a late bloomer

-Mon, 13 Aug 11:50:28 [CNN]:
Teen Choice Awards 2018: The winners list

-Mon, 13 Aug 11:47:02 [BBC]:
Victoria and Albert Museum tour of British identity

-Mon, 13 Aug 11:38:21 [BBC]:
Riverdale leads Teen Choice Award winners

-Mon, 13 Aug 11:23:36 [BBC]:
Beeching: Churches 'slammed' door on me for being gay

-Mon, 13 Aug 9:03:40 [CNN]:
Lindsay Lohan apologizes for #MeToo comments

-Mon, 13 Aug 7:33:56 [BBC]:
Strictly: Katie Piper announced as first Strictly contestant

-Mon, 13 Aug 7:31:21 [Reuters]:
Hundreds injured as Spanish festival platform collapses into sea

-Mon, 13 Aug 7:16:03 [Reuters]:
Life on the edge: Scottish rapper probes UK wealth gap at Fringe

-Mon, 13 Aug 7:00:48 [Times]:
John Oliver Confronts Fake Grassroots Movements on Last Week Tonight, Taking the Fight to ‘Astroturfers’

-Mon, 13 Aug 0:38:23 [CNN]:
Idris Elba tweets spark further James Bond speculation

-Sun, 12 Aug 21:05:57 [The Independent]:
Painting by 'acclaimed artist' bought for £165,000 rejected as worthless fake

-Sun, 12 Aug 17:20:35 [Reuters]:
Lebanese pop sensation reveals breast cancer battle in music video

-Sun, 12 Aug 15:59:31 [Reuters]:
'The Meg' bites off strong $44.5 million debut