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-Wed, 26 Apr 5:19:02 [BBC]:
Jeff Goldblum joining cast of Jurassic World sequel

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:35:09 [BBC]:
BBC managers on £150,000 salaries rises despite pledge

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:33:01 [Times]:
RuPaul Would Love Viola Davis to Be a Drag Race Guest Judge

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:24:37 [Times]:
Watch the 2017 TIME 100 Gala in Less Than 4 Minutes

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:16:25 [Times]:
Watch Viola Davis’ Powerful Toast at the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:45:44 [Times]:
Watch John Legend’s Dazzling Performance at the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:35:31 [Times]:
Watch Ava DuVernay Deliver a Touching Tribute to Her Aunt at the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:37:32 [Times]:
Watch Demi Lovato’s High-Energy Performance at the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 0:42:43 [BBC]:
New museum shows migration is 'everyone's' story

-Tue, 25 Apr 23:47:12 [CNN]:
Caitlyn Jenner doesn't regret voting for Trump despite LGBT 'mistakes'

-Tue, 25 Apr 22:32:13 [Reuters]:
Actor Orlando Bloom discusses spy thriller 'Unlocked'

-Tue, 25 Apr 22:19:25 [CNN]:
Fox News anchor joins lawsuit alleging racial discrimination, harassment at network

-Tue, 25 Apr 21:53:55 [CNN]:
Beyoncé's latest drop is four college scholarships

-Tue, 25 Apr 21:41:59 [Reuters]:
Wife of Durst of 'The Jinx' series feared he would kill her: testimony

-Tue, 25 Apr 21:31:47 [Reuters]:
Family ties test the unconventional 'Guardians of the Galaxy'

-Tue, 25 Apr 19:55:50 [CNN]:
"The Circle" challenges people's faith in technology and privacy

-Tue, 25 Apr 19:45:28 [Times]:
The Handmaid’s Tale Showrunner on Why He Made Some Major Changes From the Book

-Tue, 25 Apr 19:16:07 [Reuters]:
'Star Wars: Episode IX' gets May 2019 release date: Disney

-Tue, 25 Apr 19:08:15 [Times]:
‘Star Wars: Episode IX’ and the New ‘Indiana Jones’ Movie Just Got Release Dates

-Tue, 25 Apr 18:56:47 [CNN]:
'Star Wars: Episode IX' gets summer 2019 release date

-Tue, 25 Apr 18:05:34 [CNN]:
Fox News' new, O'Reilly-free lineup debuts to O'Reilly-level ratings

-Tue, 25 Apr 18:00:27 [Reuters]:
Madrid show highlights Picasso's Guernica as abiding symbol of war

-Tue, 25 Apr 17:50:29 [CNN]:
'Dirty Dancing' remake: First look at Abigail Breslin as 'Baby'

-Tue, 25 Apr 16:55:50 [BBC]:
Will Smith joins Cannes film festival jury

-Tue, 25 Apr 16:46:14 [BBC]:
Beyonce to offer US college scholarships to female students

-Tue, 25 Apr 16:18:43 [CNN]:
Heather Morris on 'Dancing with the Stars' ouster: 'It is what it is'

-Tue, 25 Apr 15:58:01 [Times]:
9 Revelations from Caitlyn Jenner’s Memoir ‘The Secrets of My Life’

-Tue, 25 Apr 15:49:15 [Reuters]:
Treasures from Paris's Louvre museum go on display in Hong Kong

-Tue, 25 Apr 15:44:05 [BBC]:
Mirror Group settles phone-hacking claims

-Tue, 25 Apr 15:39:26 [CNN]:
Former 'Bachelor' star Chris Soules arrested after deadly crash

-Tue, 25 Apr 14:46:13 [Times]:
Seth Meyers Gave Donald Trump a 100-Day Report Card and It’s Not Pretty

-Tue, 25 Apr 14:44:34 [Times]:
Kobe Bryant Did a Very Dramatic Reading of a Poem About Steve Urkel

-Tue, 25 Apr 14:14:29 [BBC]:
Why Zoe Saldana almost turned down Guardians of the Galaxy

-Tue, 25 Apr 13:53:06 [CNN]:
'The Handmaid's Tale' lifts Hulu with dystopian vision

-Tue, 25 Apr 13:51:10 [CNN]:
Scott Baio clarifies blaming Erin Moran's death on drug use

-Tue, 25 Apr 13:27:24 [CNN]:
TV shows about TV are usually bad news

-Tue, 25 Apr 13:20:20 [Reuters]:
Actress Zoe Saldana welcomes 'Avatar' sequel filming announcement

-Tue, 25 Apr 13:06:53 [BBC]:
Beyonce actually outsold Drake in 2016

-Tue, 25 Apr 13:00:14 [Times]:
Celebrating Ella Fitzgerald’s Life Through the Objects That Defined Her Career

-Tue, 25 Apr 12:33:46 [Times]:
‘Boy, It Sure Seems Longer.’ Stephen Colbert Tears Into President Trump’s First 100 Days

-Tue, 25 Apr 12:12:44 [BBC]:
Robert Pirsig: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance author dies

-Tue, 25 Apr 11:43:33 [BBC]:
Miley Cyrus features in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

-Tue, 25 Apr 11:08:57 [BBC]:
Faye Dunaway feels 'very guilty' over Oscars blunder

-Tue, 25 Apr 10:20:23 [BBC]:
Exclusive: Has Zoe Saldana revealed Avengers 4 title?

-Tue, 25 Apr 10:13:27 [CNN]:
Colbert tears apart Trump's accomplishments

-Tue, 25 Apr 8:14:10 [CNN]:
What does Kobe Bryant see in his nightmares?

-Tue, 25 Apr 8:11:48 [CNN]:
The controversial debate about '13 Reasons Why'

-Tue, 25 Apr 7:38:55 [The Independent]:
Chris Ofili: Weaving Magic, National Gallery, London, review: It's curiously lack-lustre, if not inept

-Tue, 25 Apr 5:45:06 [CNN]:
'Carpool Karaoke' fans kept waiting for Apple series

-Tue, 25 Apr 5:27:53 [Times]:
Faye Dunaway Speaks for the First Time About the Oscars Best Picture Mistake