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-Sun, 15 Jul 17:09:07 [Reuters]:
Box Office: 'Skyscraper' Gets Rocky Start as 'Hotel Transylvania 3' Checks In at No. 1

-Sun, 15 Jul 16:12:54 [Times]:
Hotel Transylvania 3 Tops Weekend Box Office While Skyscraper Falls Flat

-Sun, 15 Jul 15:01:18 [Reuters]:
Hollywood star Will Smith brings down curtain on Russia World Cup

-Sun, 15 Jul 14:13:04 [CNN]:
Sacha Baron Cohen punks politicians in 'Who is America?'

-Sun, 15 Jul 10:09:55 [BBC]:
Liam Gallagher in Latitude surprise performance

-Sun, 15 Jul 6:02:01 [Reuters]:
U.S. lawmakers shown backing fake kindergarten gun scheme in Sacha Baron Cohen satire

-Sun, 15 Jul 0:28:42 [BBC]:
Lovebox review - Pharrell and Childish Gambino preach resistance

-Sat, 14 Jul 19:59:57 [Reuters]:
Supermodel Kate Upton pregnant with first child

-Sat, 14 Jul 13:48:42 [Times]:
Nancy Sinatra Sr., First Wife of Frank Sinatra, Dies at 101

-Sat, 14 Jul 10:35:14 [Reuters]:
Jamie Cullum brings new material to Montreux, takes a jab at Trump

-Sat, 14 Jul 7:02:40 [CNN]:
Nancy Sinatra, former wife of Frank Sinatra, dead at 101

-Sat, 14 Jul 6:22:37 [Reuters]:
Nancy Sinatra, first wife of star Frank Sinatra dies at 101

-Sat, 14 Jul 4:30:50 [CNN]:
Scarlett Johansson won't play trans man in film after backlash

-Sat, 14 Jul 1:56:09 [Reuters]:
Indictment of Russian officers puts pressure on Trump at Putin summit

-Sat, 14 Jul 0:49:47 [CNN]:
Harvey Weinstein misquoted in article claiming he admitted offering acting roles in exchange for sex, attorney says

-Fri, 13 Jul 20:36:53 [Reuters]:
Woman charged in L.A. with hacking email of pop star Selena Gomez

-Fri, 13 Jul 20:25:00 [Reuters]:
Scarlett Johansson quits transgender role after LGBT backlash

-Fri, 13 Jul 20:16:47 [Times]:
Scarlett Johansson Will No Longer Portray Transgender Man in Rub and Tub Following Backlash

-Fri, 13 Jul 20:13:11 [Reuters]:
Shakira sings at 'magical' cedars of Lebanon, land of her ancestors

-Fri, 13 Jul 18:04:23 [CNN]:
'Queer Eye' renewed for a third season

-Fri, 13 Jul 16:41:07 [BBC]:
Three Lions breaks chart record

-Fri, 13 Jul 16:26:10 [CNN]:
Henry Cavill apologizes after #MeToo backlash

-Fri, 13 Jul 16:08:51 [BBC]:
Will Smith smashes In My Feelings Challenge with bridge dance

-Fri, 13 Jul 15:28:27 [Reuters]:
Acclaimed "Downton Abbey" TV series to be turned into a movie

-Fri, 13 Jul 14:52:52 [Times]:
Jimmy Kimmel Asked People to Name One Country in the World and the Results Were Not Great

-Fri, 13 Jul 14:45:00 [CNN]:
'Hotel Transylvania 3' risks overstaying its welcome

-Fri, 13 Jul 14:44:23 [CNN]:
'Shock and Awe' tells story of Knight Ridder pre-Iraq war coverage

-Fri, 13 Jul 14:23:18 [BBC]:
Downton Abbey film (finally) confirmed

-Fri, 13 Jul 14:23:08 [CNN]:
'Downton Abbey' movie is happening

-Fri, 13 Jul 14:02:13 [CNN]:
Stan Lee tells fans he's back and pledges to stay in touch more

-Fri, 13 Jul 12:08:08 [Reuters]:
McQueen thriller 'Widows' to open London Film Festival

-Fri, 13 Jul 12:03:51 [BBC]:
Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker set for World Cup debut

-Fri, 13 Jul 11:52:19 [BBC]:
Henry Cavill sorry for 'rapist' comment

-Fri, 13 Jul 11:37:27 [BBC]:
6 Things we learned from the Emmy nominations

-Fri, 13 Jul 11:14:29 [Reuters]:
Netflix taken to court in India over portrayal of former PM

-Fri, 13 Jul 10:49:19 [Reuters]:
Young Portuguese inmates sing Mozart opera on way to freedom

-Fri, 13 Jul 10:24:38 [BBC]:
Glass Animals cancel tour after lorry crash

-Fri, 13 Jul 5:44:15 [BBC]:
Pick of the Proms: Five stand-outs from the 2018 season

-Fri, 13 Jul 0:07:37 [BBC]:
The Incredibles 2: Holly Hunter on the 'rush' of seeing a female hero

-Thu, 12 Jul 23:46:06 [BBC]:
Kermit The Frog: 'I try to lead a clean life'

-Thu, 12 Jul 23:28:13 [BBC]:
Holly Hunter reveals why women are the stars of the new Incredibles film

-Thu, 12 Jul 21:00:11 [CNN]:
Anthony Bourdain earns posthumous Emmy nominations

-Thu, 12 Jul 20:46:41 [Reuters]:
Returning hits 'Will & Grace,' 'Roseanne' shut out of best comedy Emmy race

-Thu, 12 Jul 20:43:53 [Reuters]:
'Mission: Impossible - Fallout' premieres in Paris

-Thu, 12 Jul 19:33:17 [Times]:
The Biggest Snubs and Surprises of the 2018 Emmy Nominations

-Thu, 12 Jul 19:04:14 [Reuters]:
Netflix topples HBO in Emmy nominations, but 'Game of Thrones' still rules

-Thu, 12 Jul 17:52:35 [Times]:
Henry Cavill Apologizes For #MeToo Comments: ‘Insensitivity Was Absolutely Not My Intention’

-Thu, 12 Jul 17:50:00 [Reuters]:
Actors, TV show creators proud, honored, thrilled by Emmy nods

-Thu, 12 Jul 17:45:29 [CNN]:
John Legend is one step closer to EGOT

-Thu, 12 Jul 17:26:29 [CNN]:
Samantha Bee, Millie Bobbie Brown and more react to their Emmy nominations