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-Sat, 16 Jan 0:19:51 [Times]:
Wandavision Offers Hope That Originality Can Survive the Era of the Ever-Expanding Franchise

-Fri, 15 Jan 23:52:10 [Times]:
All the Marvel Clues You Missed in WandaVision’s First Two Episodes

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One Night in Miami Blends Fact and Fiction to Bring Civil Rights-Era Luminaries to Life

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11 Audiobooks to Lighten the Mood This Dreary Winter

-Fri, 15 Jan 17:52:39 [BBC]:
How did debut artist Olivia Rodgrigo break chart records?

-Fri, 15 Jan 17:47:59 [CNN]:
'MLK/FBI' probes 'the darkest part' of the bureau's history

-Fri, 15 Jan 17:05:44 [CNN]:
'Home Alone 2' star tweets support for removing Trump's cameo

-Fri, 15 Jan 16:33:26 [BBC]:
Lily Allen opens up about addiction to Adderall for weight loss

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:55:20 [BBC]:
Toby Young: Telegraph coronavirus column 'significantly misleading'

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:53:44 [CNN]:
Spike Lee remembers Chadwick Boseman while accepting the American Cinematheque honor

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:48:03 [CNN]:
Olivia Rodrigo's 'Drivers License' sets the Spotify record for most streams in a day

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:37:18 [CNN]:
Dustin Diamond, 'Saved by the Bell' star, hospitalized with cancer

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:30:30 [Times]:
Promising Young Woman Starts with a Cathartic Blast. Then It Gets Bogged Down With Cynicism

-Fri, 15 Jan 14:56:53 [CNN]:
Ariana Grande teams up for '34+35′ remix

-Fri, 15 Jan 14:56:45 [CNN]:
Selena Gomez drops Spanish single 'De Una Vez'

-Fri, 15 Jan 14:18:15 [Times]:
We Could Use a Pandemic-Era Romantic Comedy, But Locked Down Isn’t It

-Fri, 15 Jan 13:21:27 [CNN]:
Sylvain Sylvain, New York Dolls guitarist, dead at 69

-Fri, 15 Jan 11:39:57 [BBC]:
WandaVision: Critics welcome 'delightful' Disney+ series

-Fri, 15 Jan 10:01:00 [BBC]:
Sylvain Sylvain: New York Dolls guitarist dies aged 69

-Fri, 15 Jan 8:56:10 [BBC]:
Dustin Diamond diagnosed with cancer

-Fri, 15 Jan 7:15:04 [BBC]:
Newsround presenter builds a studio in his shed

-Fri, 15 Jan 0:56:52 [CNN]:
Joanne Rogers, the widow of Fred Rogers, has died

-Thu, 14 Jan 22:11:41 [CNN]:
Politics in pop culture needs a time-out

-Thu, 14 Jan 19:15:29 [CNN]:
Patrick Dempsey spills details on 'Enchanted' sequel

-Thu, 14 Jan 19:09:18 [CNN]:
'American Skin' explores race, policing and loss through a provocative lens

-Thu, 14 Jan 18:31:05 [BBC]:
Licence fee is 'least worst' option says new BBC chairman Richard Sharp

-Thu, 14 Jan 17:36:07 [BBC]:
EU blames UK after outcry over end to visa-free touring for musicians

-Thu, 14 Jan 17:15:04 [CNN]:
'WandaVision' flexes some different muscles as Marvel adds its power to Disney+

-Thu, 14 Jan 17:02:43 [Times]:
WandaVision Deserves the Hype. But It Penalizes Casual Marvel Viewers With Confusion

-Thu, 14 Jan 16:10:52 [CNN]:
'The Masked Dancer' reveals the identity of the Moth

-Thu, 14 Jan 15:46:49 [CNN]:
Siegfried Fischbacher, illusionist of Siegfried & Roy, dead at 81

-Thu, 14 Jan 15:22:31 [CNN]:
Riz Ahmed reveals he quietly got married months ago

-Thu, 14 Jan 15:21:58 [Times]:
Siegfried Fischbacher from Illusion Duo Siegfried & Roy Dies at 81

-Thu, 14 Jan 15:15:35 [CNN]:
Post Malone is donating 10,000 of his sold out Crocs to frontline workers

-Thu, 14 Jan 15:15:20 [BBC]:
Fleetwood Mac's Mick Fleetwood sells his recordings to BMG

-Thu, 14 Jan 14:48:13 [BBC]:
Siegfried Fischbacher: Member of magic duo Siegfried & Roy dies aged 81

-Thu, 14 Jan 14:24:17 [CNN]:
A Dolly Parton statue may be erected at the Tennessee Capitol

-Thu, 14 Jan 13:35:02 [BBC]:
Joe Biden inauguration: Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez to perform

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Everything You Need to Know Before Watching WandaVision

-Thu, 14 Jan 12:41:44 [CNN]:
Anne Hathaway reveals we've all been calling her the wrong name

-Thu, 14 Jan 11:36:13 [BBC]:
Jessica Campbell: Tributes to 38-year-old Election actress

-Thu, 14 Jan 10:41:46 [BBC]:
Armie Hammer out of film over 'vicious' abuse

-Thu, 14 Jan 9:46:33 [BBC]:
Cyberpunk 2077: We underestimated difficulties

-Thu, 14 Jan 6:33:27 [BBC]:
Covid: Frank Turner livestream gigs for struggling venues return

-Thu, 14 Jan 0:00:36 [BBC]:
Steelers: How anti-gay row inspired rugby film

-Wed, 13 Jan 22:54:11 [Times]:
In These Tumultuous Times, Sea Shanty TikToks Have Suddenly Become a Port in the Storm

-Wed, 13 Jan 22:33:18 [CNN]:
HBO's 'Insecure' will end after its upcoming fifth season

-Wed, 13 Jan 21:45:54 [CNN]:
'Locked Down' turns quarantine into a romantic heist movie for the Covid time capsule

-Wed, 13 Jan 21:18:24 [CNN]:
'Outside the Wire' stars Anthony Mackie in a sci-fi movie that thinks inside the box

-Wed, 13 Jan 20:25:36 [CNN]:
'Demi Lovato: Dancing with the Devil' gets premiere date on YouTube Originals