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-Wed, 18 Sep 1:10:31 [Reuters]:
New Zealand to be Middle-earth again in Amazon's The Lord of the Rings series

-Wed, 18 Sep 0:04:54 [Reuters]:
New esports network VENN aims to bring 'gaming as a lens into pop culture'

-Tue, 17 Sep 23:23:57 [BBC]:
Criminal on Netflix: The restrictions of film and TV confined to one location

-Tue, 17 Sep 21:51:27 [Reuters]:
FedEx, smarting from Amazon breakup and trade war, warns on profit

-Tue, 17 Sep 21:35:13 [CNN]:
Shane Gillis' 'SNL' firing for racist remarks splits the comedy community

-Tue, 17 Sep 21:19:31 [Reuters]:
FedEx warns that global slowdown will hurt 2020

-Tue, 17 Sep 20:52:12 [CNN]:
Duane Chapman back home after medical incident

-Tue, 17 Sep 20:36:38 [Reuters]:
FedEx sees 2020 profit below Wall Street estimates on weakening economy

-Tue, 17 Sep 20:11:53 [Reuters]:
FedEx quarterly profit falls 14%

-Tue, 17 Sep 19:11:32 [Times]:
Everything to Know About the 2019 Emmys

-Tue, 17 Sep 18:23:22 [CNN]:
'Game of Thrones' looks poised to torch more Emmy records

-Tue, 17 Sep 18:04:54 [Times]:
‘I Will Not Allow That to Be Your Life.’ A Mother’s Letter to Her Black Sons on Growing Up in America

-Tue, 17 Sep 17:23:01 [BBC]:
Liam Gallagher on how his feud with Noel upsets their mum

-Tue, 17 Sep 17:07:31 [BBC]:
Seinfeld and Big Bang Theory deals prove old is gold in streaming wars

-Tue, 17 Sep 16:11:25 [CNN]:
Taylor Swift announces 2020 tour with only 2 US stops

-Tue, 17 Sep 14:22:48 [Times]:
‘Jeopardy!’ Host Alex Trebek Facing Cancer ‘Setback,’ Resuming Chemotherapy

-Tue, 17 Sep 14:20:18 [Times]:
“I Wanted to Bet on Myself.” Tamron Hall Lost One of TV’s Best Gigs. Now She’s Doing Things Her Way

-Tue, 17 Sep 13:53:15 [CNN]:
Alex Trebek back in chemotherapy after 'numbers went sky high'

-Tue, 17 Sep 13:36:46 [Reuters]:
Bazinga! HBO Max wins U.S. streaming rights for 'The Big Bang Theory'

-Tue, 17 Sep 13:18:54 [CNN]:
Paul Hogan says he's great as 'Crocodile Dundee' but not as a husband

-Tue, 17 Sep 13:16:09 [BBC]:
Amazon launches HD music streaming

-Tue, 17 Sep 13:06:44 [Reuters]:
NBCUniversal names streaming service 'Peacock,' to launch in 2020

-Tue, 17 Sep 13:02:24 [CNN]:
'Dancing with the Stars' returns with splash, sparkle and Spicer

-Tue, 17 Sep 12:57:03 [CNN]:
Did they or didn't they? Jennifer Lawrence and fiancé spark marriage speculation

-Tue, 17 Sep 12:45:03 [BBC]:
Goldfinch heads for box office crash landing

-Tue, 17 Sep 12:44:51 [Reuters]:
HBO Max gets U.S. streaming rights for 'The Big Bang Theory'

-Tue, 17 Sep 12:15:57 [Reuters]:
Hip hope: Universal Music opens Southeast Asia HQ betting on rap

-Tue, 17 Sep 12:12:13 [BBC]:
Lilly Singh launches NBC talk show A Little Late on YouTube first

-Tue, 17 Sep 11:49:48 [BBC]:
Michael Jackson estate calls Leaving Neverland's Emmy Award a 'farce'

-Tue, 17 Sep 11:24:49 [Times]:
Sean Spicer Was an Extremely Good Sport on Dancing With the Stars. That’s Exactly the Problem

-Tue, 17 Sep 9:14:19 [BBC]:
The Cars singer Ric Ocasek died in his sleep, says family

-Tue, 17 Sep 3:45:42 [CNN]:
Lilly Singh brings energy to NBC's 'A Little Late' date

-Tue, 17 Sep 0:29:37 [BBC]:
Muna: Saving the world, one breath at a time

-Mon, 16 Sep 23:07:35 [Reuters]:
Cars front man Ric Ocasek died while recovering from surgery - family

-Mon, 16 Sep 23:00:06 [Times]:
Panda, Flamingo, Ice Cream, Tree: See the Outrageous New Masked Singer Season 2 Costumes

-Mon, 16 Sep 22:57:01 [Reuters]:
Cars front man Ric Ocasek dies, aged 75, while recovering from surgery

-Mon, 16 Sep 21:19:55 [Reuters]:
Who calls the tunes in space, Brad Pitt asks NASA astronaut

-Mon, 16 Sep 20:45:38 [CNN]:
'SNL' fires new hire Shane Gillis

-Mon, 16 Sep 20:37:26 [Times]:
Brad Pitt’s Big Question for NASA: Was I ‘More Believable’ Playing an Astronaut Than George Clooney?

-Mon, 16 Sep 20:00:18 [Reuters]:
Tisci takes Burberry's Victorian past to the future in spring show

-Mon, 16 Sep 19:41:35 [Times]:
Swiss Tourists Recreate Homer Simpson’s New Orleans Food Tour Frame-by-Frame in Tribute Video

-Mon, 16 Sep 18:59:02 [CNN]:
Duane Chapman under doctor's care after medical incident

-Mon, 16 Sep 18:47:48 [Times]:
Netflix Scores Streaming Rights to Seinfeld

-Mon, 16 Sep 18:29:15 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Tinder breaks into scripted original content, wraps filming first video series - sources

-Mon, 16 Sep 17:44:59 [Reuters]:
Classic sitcom 'Seinfeld' will head to Netflix in 2021

-Mon, 16 Sep 17:29:02 [CNN]:
'Dr Who' star Christopher Eccleston says he was anorexic while in the role

-Mon, 16 Sep 17:27:47 [CNN]:
'Unbelievable' strikes a nerve with timing of Netflix debut

-Mon, 16 Sep 16:45:40 [Times]:
Stranger Things Star Joe Keery Cut His Hair, and the Internet Is Inconsolable

-Mon, 16 Sep 16:32:25 [BBC]:
Ireland Baldwin lays into father Alec on notorious voicemail message

-Mon, 16 Sep 16:11:14 [CNN]:
Beyoncé takes fans behind the scenes with 'Making The Gift' documentary