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-Tue, 11 Aug 18:44:54 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: Arctic Monkeys raffle off guitar to help venues

-Tue, 11 Aug 17:07:06 [CNN]:
A 'Black-ish' episode premiering on Hulu says more about ABC than the show

-Tue, 11 Aug 16:22:31 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: Manchester march for 'forgotten' live event workers

-Tue, 11 Aug 16:22:13 [BBC]:
Tiger King's Carole Baskin faces lawsuit from family of husband Don Lewis

-Tue, 11 Aug 15:32:53 [CNN]:
Selena Gomez announces virtual movie premiere for 'This Is the Year'

-Tue, 11 Aug 15:13:23 [CNN]:
Phil Collins' 'In the Air Tonight' is back on the charts after twin YouTubers rapturously reacted to the song

-Tue, 11 Aug 14:34:47 [CNN]:
Bindi Irwin announces her pregnancy, five months after her wedding

-Tue, 11 Aug 13:39:21 [CNN]:
Noah Centineo is bulking up to play He-Man

-Tue, 11 Aug 13:20:44 [CNN]:
Barbra Streisand and Donna Summer duet part of new LGBTQ+ voting campaign

-Tue, 11 Aug 11:44:55 [BBC]:
Ofcom investigates ITV after 'errors' left out free competition entries

-Tue, 11 Aug 11:44:22 [CNN]:
Smash Mouth performed to a packed crowd of hundreds during the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally

-Tue, 11 Aug 10:12:55 [BBC]:
Black-ish episode airs two years after being pulled for being 'partisan'

-Tue, 11 Aug 8:42:33 [CNN]:
Alyssa Milano says she's losing her hair after battling Covid-19 for months

-Tue, 11 Aug 8:01:32 [BBC]:
Sam Fender starts Gosforth Park socially-distanced gigs

-Tue, 11 Aug 0:24:40 [CNN]:
Kelly Clarkson to fill in for Simon Cowell on "America's Got Talent"

-Mon, 10 Aug 20:06:33 [CNN]:
'Saved by the Bell' trailer goes back to Bayside

-Mon, 10 Aug 17:44:31 [CNN]:
Cardi B defends Kylie Jenner's 'WAP' cameo, but there's history behind the anger

-Mon, 10 Aug 17:07:48 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: Cinderella replaced by Belle to save St Helens pantomime

-Mon, 10 Aug 17:03:03 [CNN]:
Chris Pratt is 'beyond thrilled' in a sweet announcement about new baby girl

-Mon, 10 Aug 15:20:06 [CNN]:
'Shark Week' kicks off with Mike Tyson and a major shark breach

-Mon, 10 Aug 14:43:27 [CNN]:
Simon Cowell speaks out after breaking his back

-Mon, 10 Aug 14:30:54 [CNN]:
Antonio Banderas tests positive for coronavirus

-Mon, 10 Aug 14:21:14 [CNN]:
Will Smith has fans thinking Jason Derulo knocked his teeth out

-Mon, 10 Aug 14:07:21 [CNN]:
Rachael Ray and family safe after house fire

-Mon, 10 Aug 12:47:15 [CNN]:
Kelly Osbourne 'worked hard' and lost 85 lbs

-Mon, 10 Aug 11:19:05 [BBC]:
Roman Kemp: Capital breakfast host pays tribute to late producer Joe Lyons

-Mon, 10 Aug 10:16:43 [BBC]:
Martin Birch: Tributes paid to heavy metal music producer

-Mon, 10 Aug 9:44:50 [BBC]:
US wrestler James 'Kamala' Harris dies aged 70, WWE confirms

-Mon, 10 Aug 8:44:26 [BBC]:
Elbow to perform 'joyous' gig for live music campaign

-Mon, 10 Aug 7:18:29 [BBC]:
Simon Cowell thanks medics after breaking back in electric bike fall

-Sun, 09 Aug 17:20:21 [CNN]:
Simon Cowell broke his back falling off an electric bicycle

-Sun, 09 Aug 11:35:43 [BBC]:
Simon Cowell breaks back falling from electric bike

-Sun, 09 Aug 8:00:22 [CNN]:
There's a move to get Hollywood's most prolific actor a star on the Walk of Fame

-Sat, 08 Aug 23:34:47 [BBC]:
Norfolk lockdown band links up with James Bond composer and other 'stars'

-Sat, 08 Aug 13:58:02 [BBC]:
I'm a Celebrity: Is it leaving Australia for Wales?

-Fri, 07 Aug 23:57:13 [BBC]:
11 of the best music videos from lockdown

-Fri, 07 Aug 18:44:02 [CNN]:
'Surviving Jeffrey Epstein' pivots toward the next phase of the story

-Fri, 07 Aug 18:35:22 [Times]:
HBO’s Lovecraft Country Is a Stunning Dissection of America’s Racist History—and an Absolutely Wild Ride

-Fri, 07 Aug 16:22:56 [BBC]:
American Idol creator Simon Fuller turns to TikTok talent

-Fri, 07 Aug 14:43:28 [CNN]:
BTS announces US theater premiere of 'Break the Silence' film

-Fri, 07 Aug 14:29:14 [BBC]:
Can a Eurovision-style song contest work in the US?

-Fri, 07 Aug 14:27:01 [CNN]:
'The Secret Garden' yields a less appealing version of the children's classic

-Fri, 07 Aug 14:25:37 [CNN]:
Howard Ashman gets a well-deserved tribute in the Disney+ doc 'Howard'

-Fri, 07 Aug 14:14:27 [CNN]:
Eurovision Song Contest is coming to America

-Fri, 07 Aug 13:47:47 [BBC]:
Dirty Dancing next stop on Hollywood nostalgia trip

-Fri, 07 Aug 13:40:14 [CNN]:
How 'The Matrix' is a trans story, according to Netflix and co-director

-Fri, 07 Aug 13:08:50 [BBC]:
Wayne Fontana: 1960s pop star dies at 74

-Fri, 07 Aug 12:00:24 [Times]:
Watch an Exclusive Clip From a New Documentary About Maria Ressa’s Fight for Press Freedom in the Philippines

-Fri, 07 Aug 11:55:44 [CNN]:
'Dirty Dancing' is getting a sequel

-Fri, 07 Aug 11:30:39 [Times]:
The Tuscan Landscape Deserves Top Billing in Liam Neeson Father-Son Drama Made in Italy