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-Sun, 05 Apr 13:58:48 [Reuters]:
Singer Pink says she had coronavirus, pledges $1 mln to relief efforts

-Sat, 04 Apr 23:40:11 [BBC]:
Plagues, zombies and vampires: How Hollywood handles deadly viruses

-Sat, 04 Apr 15:59:05 [Reuters]:
Some plateauing of London coronavirus outbreak, UK says

-Sat, 04 Apr 15:14:58 [Times]:
Singer P!nk Tests Positive for Coronavirus and Donates $1 Million to Relief Funds

-Sat, 04 Apr 1:13:14 [Times]:
‘I Wish I Had Paid Attention Sooner.’ Kim Kardashian West on Her Justice Project and Quest For Apolitical Prison Reform

-Fri, 03 Apr 23:37:41 [CNN]:
Selena Gomez shares she has bipolar disorder in conversation with Miley Cyrus

-Fri, 03 Apr 22:25:59 [Times]:
Unpacking the Most Memorable Fashion Statements From Netflix’s Tiger King

-Fri, 03 Apr 21:39:02 [Reuters]:
Country music stars replace awards show with at-home performance special amid coronavirus pandemic

-Fri, 03 Apr 21:24:38 [Times]:
A Comprehensive Guide to What to Watch, Read and Listen to During Quarantine

-Fri, 03 Apr 20:40:22 [CNN]:
Dancing with Debbie Allen and other ways celebrities are encouraging self-distanced wellness

-Fri, 03 Apr 19:31:38 [Reuters]:
Disney shuffles movie schedule due to virus, 'Mulan' set for July

-Fri, 03 Apr 18:35:00 [Reuters]:
Disney to release 'Mulan' in July as part of virus-related movie shuffle

-Fri, 03 Apr 18:31:10 [Times]:
The Lives Lost to Coronavirus

-Fri, 03 Apr 18:13:34 [CNN]:
Matthew Broderick's sister Janet thought coronavirus would kill her

-Fri, 03 Apr 17:30:34 [Reuters]:
Bill Withers, soulful singer of 'Ain't No Sunshine,' dead at 81

-Fri, 03 Apr 16:17:42 [The Independent]:
The best live concerts, virtual gallery tours and musical theatre to enjoy from home every weekend

-Fri, 03 Apr 16:08:43 [CNN]:
Sara Bareilles says she has fully recovered from coronavirus

-Fri, 03 Apr 16:03:09 [CNN]:
Jane Fonda joins TikTok and revives her iconic 'Jane Fonda Workout'

-Fri, 03 Apr 15:57:16 [CNN]:
Bill Withers, 'Lean On Me' and 'Lovely Day' singer, has died at 81

-Fri, 03 Apr 15:04:03 [Reuters]:
Singer Bill Withers dead at 81 from heart complications, Rolling Stone reports

-Fri, 03 Apr 14:47:07 [Times]:
Bill Withers, Writer and Singer of ‘Lean On Me,’ Dies at 81

-Fri, 03 Apr 14:36:51 [CNN]:
'Money Heist' Season 4 is here

-Fri, 03 Apr 14:03:17 [CNN]:
'Atlanta's Missing and Murdered: The Lost Children' reopens a painful chapter in history

-Fri, 03 Apr 14:00:11 [CNN]:
'Hawaii Five-O' says 'Aloha' after 10 seasons with its series finale

-Fri, 03 Apr 13:50:08 [CNN]:
Frank Ocean drops new music

-Fri, 03 Apr 13:28:39 [CNN]:
Alicia Keys puts her own spin on Flo Rida's 'My House'

-Fri, 03 Apr 12:19:21 [BBC]:
Matt Lucas reveals the strange way he got hired for Bake-Off

-Fri, 03 Apr 9:08:17 [BBC]:
BBC offers biggest online education push 'in its history'

-Thu, 02 Apr 23:08:37 [CNN]:
Tekashi 6ix9ine will serve the rest of his sentence at home because of coronavirus risk

-Thu, 02 Apr 23:08:03 [CNN]:
The Rock, in a towel, sings ultimate hand-washing song for 'Moana' fans

-Thu, 02 Apr 22:44:16 [Times]:
The Cuomo Show Has Captivated Americans at Home Amid Coronavirus. And Things Are Getting Weirder

-Thu, 02 Apr 20:46:55 [CNN]:
HBO makes programming available free as part of #StayHomeBoxOffice

-Thu, 02 Apr 20:11:34 [Reuters]:
Oprah Winfrey donates $10 million for coronavirus relief

-Thu, 02 Apr 17:52:31 [CNN]:
'Top Gun: Maverick' release date pushed back

-Thu, 02 Apr 17:22:28 [Reuters]:
'Top Gun' movie sequel moved to December as coronavirus hits home

-Thu, 02 Apr 16:54:53 [Reuters]:
'Top Gun' movie sequel moved from June to December

-Thu, 02 Apr 16:31:47 [BBC]:
Daily Kitchen Live to be broadcast for isolation

-Thu, 02 Apr 16:23:58 [CNN]:
'Contagion' vs. coronavirus: The film's connections to a real life pandemic

-Thu, 02 Apr 16:08:41 [CNN]:
Ali Wentworth shares coronavirus diagnosis and says she's 'never been sicker'

-Thu, 02 Apr 16:04:39 [CNN]:
Chuck D says Flavor Flav firing was a stunt, but Flav disagrees

-Thu, 02 Apr 15:22:35 [Reuters]:
The shows must go on!: Lloyd Webber musicals to be aired for free

-Thu, 02 Apr 15:04:06 [CNN]:
Stephen Colbert's dog Benny is the new star of the 'Late Show'

-Thu, 02 Apr 15:01:13 [CNN]:
Joe Exotic's husband Dillon Passage supports him

-Thu, 02 Apr 14:41:55 [Times]:
‘Everyone Had a Different Story.’ Tiger King Popularity Leads Sheriff to Reopen the Case of Don Lewis’s Disappearance

-Thu, 02 Apr 14:40:38 [Reuters]:
Netflix leads on downloads, but YouTube Kids grabs more hours

-Thu, 02 Apr 14:08:44 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: Magician Dynamo tests positive for Covid-19

-Thu, 02 Apr 14:03:02 [CNN]:
'Slay the Dragon' connects the dots on the political battle over gerrymandering

-Thu, 02 Apr 13:05:49 [CNN]:
Latest Kobe Bryant book release announced by his wife

-Thu, 02 Apr 12:23:03 [CNN]:
Eagle-eyed 'Little Women' fans spot modern drinks bottles in scene background

-Thu, 02 Apr 11:47:14 [BBC]:
Comedian Eddie Large dies, agent confirms