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-Mon, 15 Jul 21:00:40 [Times]:
This Stranger Things Season 3 Line Made Stephen King Fall Out of His Chair Laughing

-Mon, 15 Jul 20:02:31 [CNN]:
'Making the Band' is coming back to MTV in 2020

-Mon, 15 Jul 19:33:28 [Reuters]:
Troubled Woodstock 50 festival bids for 'great American comeback'

-Mon, 15 Jul 19:06:27 [Times]:
Lashana Lynch Is Reportedly the Next 007. Here’s How the New James Bond Movie Can Do Right by Her

-Mon, 15 Jul 18:42:14 [Reuters]:
Disney goes high-tech to draw fans to a new 'Lion King'

-Mon, 15 Jul 17:06:21 [BBC]:
Karl Shiels: Irish TV and theatre star dies at 47

-Mon, 15 Jul 16:31:58 [Times]:
Here Are the Best Amazon Prime Day Deals for Readers

-Mon, 15 Jul 16:12:35 [Times]:
Scarlett Johansson Says Comments on ‘Authentic Casting’ Were Taken Out of Context

-Mon, 15 Jul 15:42:30 [Reuters]:
Egypt opens museum commemorating Nobel laureate Naguib Mahfouz

-Mon, 15 Jul 15:22:16 [BBC]:
Love Island attracts six million viewers to break ratings record

-Mon, 15 Jul 14:46:10 [CNN]:
Kim Kardashian West shares Saint and Psalm photo

-Mon, 15 Jul 14:38:33 [BBC]:
Gavin and Stacey: James Corden and Ruth Jones buy ice creams for fans

-Mon, 15 Jul 14:32:59 [CNN]:
Pink responds to criticism over her kids running through Holocaust memorial

-Mon, 15 Jul 13:20:16 [BBC]:
Duo's 'surreal' promotion to festival headliners

-Mon, 15 Jul 13:00:50 [CNN]:
Why 'Big Little Lies' won't get any Emmy nominations this year

-Mon, 15 Jul 12:58:04 [CNN]:
Kelly Clarkson has an idea for Taylor Swift's Scooter Braun feud

-Mon, 15 Jul 12:56:16 [Times]:
The Woody Harrelson Wimbledon Meme Is Officially the Most Amusing Way to Watch Tennis

-Mon, 15 Jul 12:56:07 [CNN]:
'Game of Thrones' and 'Veep' ride sentimental wave into Emmys

-Mon, 15 Jul 12:17:26 [BBC]:
JK Rowling charity boss leaves post amid 'culture challenges'

-Mon, 15 Jul 11:45:57 [BBC]:
Pink defends Holocaust memorial photo after criticism

-Mon, 15 Jul 11:27:30 [BBC]:
Poldark's 'pure windswept melodrama' welcomed back for final series

-Mon, 15 Jul 11:01:46 [BBC]:
BTS: Why Saudi Arabia wants high profile pop stars

-Mon, 15 Jul 6:36:46 [BBC]:
Why TRNSMT is ‘the gate to success’ for Scottish acts

-Mon, 15 Jul 5:45:41 [CNN]:
'The Movies': Everything to watch after the '90s episode

-Mon, 15 Jul 3:52:26 [Times]:
‘Korean Music Is Amazingly Vibrant.’ TIME Talks to Seoul Hip-Hop Sensation Epik High

-Mon, 15 Jul 0:39:33 [BBC]:
Lion King premiere: Beyonce, Prince Harry and Meghan hit red carpet

-Sun, 14 Jul 22:42:22 [CNN]:
Duchess Meghan Markle meets Queen Bey at 'The Lion King' premiere

-Sun, 14 Jul 18:21:42 [CNN]:
Scarlett Johansson says she should be allowed to play 'any person, or any tree, or any animal'

-Sun, 14 Jul 17:45:52 [CNN]:
WWE star Jeff Hardy arrested for public intoxication

-Sun, 14 Jul 17:32:02 [CNN]:
Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr reunited to perform Beatles classics at Dodger Stadium

-Sun, 14 Jul 16:26:55 [Reuters]:
Box Office: 'Spider-Man: Far From Home' Crushes 'Crawl,' 'Stuber'

-Sun, 14 Jul 13:00:03 [Reuters]:
Floods hit western Greece days after deadly storm killed 7

-Sat, 13 Jul 22:20:41 [CNN]:
Beth Chapman remembered in second memorial service in Colorado

-Sat, 13 Jul 1:23:34 [BBC]:
Bob Dylan and Neil Young share Hyde Park stage

-Sat, 13 Jul 0:49:09 [Reuters]:
U.S. lawmakers will delay Mueller testimony by a week

-Sat, 13 Jul 0:23:43 [Reuters]:
Mueller testimony to U.S. House panels delayed by one week to July 24

-Fri, 12 Jul 21:13:42 [CNN]:
Pottery Barn is releasing a 'Friends' collection so your home can look like Central Perk

-Fri, 12 Jul 19:45:21 [CNN]:
LeVar Burton expects he'll beam into 'Star Trek: Picard'

-Fri, 12 Jul 18:57:33 [Times]:
From Banks’ Cathartic “Godless” to Ed Sheeran and Stormzy’s Collaboration, These Are the 5 Songs You Need to Listen to This Weekend

-Fri, 12 Jul 18:37:14 [Reuters]:
In 'Harry Met Sally' tribute, New York deli invites contestants to 'have what she's having"'

-Fri, 12 Jul 18:15:30 [Reuters]:
U.S. lawmakers expected to delay Mueller testimony by a week

-Fri, 12 Jul 17:52:49 [BBC]:
Filming starts on Gavin and Stacey Christmas special

-Fri, 12 Jul 17:48:37 [Reuters]:
Singer R. Kelly charged in sex scheme of kidnapping and payoffs

-Fri, 12 Jul 17:47:54 [CNN]:
Ed Sheeran confirms he's married to Cherry Seaborn

-Fri, 12 Jul 17:23:29 [Reuters]:
NBA announces new replay, coach's challenges leaders

-Fri, 12 Jul 17:09:24 [Reuters]:
NBA announces new replay, coach's challenges leaders

-Fri, 12 Jul 16:33:12 [Reuters]:
Lawmakers considering one-week delay in Mueller testimony

-Fri, 12 Jul 16:29:33 [Reuters]:
Turkey begins receiving Russian missiles in challenge to U.S. and NATO

-Fri, 12 Jul 16:17:06 [CNN]:
Mira Sorvino is aiming for on-screen laughter and off-screen change

-Fri, 12 Jul 15:49:06 [Reuters]:
Pentagon chief to speak with Turkish counterpart, position on F-35 unchanged