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-Thu, 21 Sep 21:49:25 [Reuters]:
London's National Gallery prevails in 'stolen' Matisse lawsuit: New York judge

-Thu, 21 Sep 20:57:55 [Reuters]:
Biker ballerinas and flowers strut down Moschino's Milan catwalk

-Thu, 21 Sep 20:01:12 [Reuters]:
Don't judge me by sales, says Prada's CEO and creative director

-Thu, 21 Sep 19:30:05 [CNN]:
Facebook says it will hand Russian ads over to Congress

-Thu, 21 Sep 19:24:59 [CNN]:
Gina Torres and Laurence Fishburne split

-Thu, 21 Sep 16:52:55 [CNN]:
Salma Hayek rallies for Mexico earthquake relief

-Thu, 21 Sep 16:25:20 [Reuters]:
Tropical breeze blows down Fendi's Milan catwalk

-Thu, 21 Sep 16:04:48 [BBC]:
William G Stewart, 15 to 1 host, dies aged 84

-Thu, 21 Sep 16:04:38 [BBC]:
'Dark' version of Sabrina the Teenage Witch planned by television network The CW

-Thu, 21 Sep 15:53:35 [BBC]:
Picasso nudes to be reunited after 85 years

-Thu, 21 Sep 15:37:51 [CNN]:
How Cher stays fabulous at 71 years old

-Thu, 21 Sep 15:30:29 [CNN]:
Frank Zappa hologram set to tour

-Thu, 21 Sep 14:43:50 [BBC]:
The new track that has got EVERYBODY dancing

-Thu, 21 Sep 14:26:45 [CNN]:
'Kingsman' looks less stylish, but still fun

-Thu, 21 Sep 14:21:21 [CNN]:
'Battle of the Sexes' cast knows the equality fight rages on

-Thu, 21 Sep 13:14:58 [BBC]:
Bernie Casey: NFL star and actor dies at 78

-Thu, 21 Sep 12:39:57 [CNN]:
Demi Lovato is not revealing her sexuality

-Thu, 21 Sep 12:26:07 [BBC]:
Mexico earthquake: Salma Hayek pledges $100K to disaster relief

-Thu, 21 Sep 12:04:47 [CNN]:
The winner of 'America's Got Talent' is ...

-Thu, 21 Sep 11:41:44 [BBC]:
Hillary Clinton memoir What Happened sells 300,000 copies

-Thu, 21 Sep 9:13:53 [BBC]:
Netflix pulls Maya the Bee episode after obscenity complaint

-Thu, 21 Sep 7:04:31 [CNN]:
Jimmy Kimmel continues fight with Sen. Cassidy's new health care bill

-Thu, 21 Sep 3:37:43 [CNN]:
Luke Wilson impersonates millennials

-Thu, 21 Sep 3:28:15 [CNN]:
K-pop group's record breaking album conquers three continents

-Wed, 20 Sep 19:34:53 [CNN]:
Prestige TV puts premium on top writers

-Wed, 20 Sep 19:34:10 [Reuters]:
Ai Wei-Wei critical of China at opening of Swiss exhibit

-Wed, 20 Sep 19:26:17 [CNN]:
Sean Penn boards Hulu show from 'House of Cards' creator

-Wed, 20 Sep 18:52:15 [CNN]:
Woman at center of Kevin Hart scandal speaks

-Wed, 20 Sep 17:57:30 [CNN]:
Hillary Clinton's 'What Happened' sees big sales in its first week

-Wed, 20 Sep 17:50:58 [CNN]:
'Battle of the Sexes' is easier to like than love

-Wed, 20 Sep 17:13:47 [CNN]:
Emma Stone, Steve Carell on 'Battle of the Sexes' reunion

-Wed, 20 Sep 17:10:49 [BBC]:
Game of Thrones Arya among 200 most popular names

-Wed, 20 Sep 16:27:25 [Reuters]:
Emma Stone honed dance skills to play tennis great Billie Jean King

-Wed, 20 Sep 16:18:02 [Reuters]:
Yoko Ono won't let it be, forces 'John Lemon' drink to re-brand

-Wed, 20 Sep 15:44:42 [CNN]:
Aaron Paul and Lauren Parsekian are expecting a baby

-Wed, 20 Sep 15:34:59 [BBC]:
Aidan Gillen to play comic Dave Allen on BBC Two

-Wed, 20 Sep 15:16:50 [CNN]:
Jada Pinkett Smith denies she's a Scientologist

-Wed, 20 Sep 15:14:54 [Reuters]:
Jake LaMotta, boxing's 'Raging Bull,' dies in his 90s

-Wed, 20 Sep 14:37:28 [BBC]:
Secrets of the ultimate film insider

-Wed, 20 Sep 14:33:00 [The Independent]:
Basquiat, Boom For Real, Barbican Art Gallery, London, review: The art itself is drowned by fame-frothy noise and visuals

-Wed, 20 Sep 14:14:57 [CNN]:
Fergie: It was 'weird' pretending marriage was fine

-Wed, 20 Sep 13:39:41 [Reuters]:
Late-night TV show host Kimmel blasts senator over healthcare bill

-Wed, 20 Sep 13:11:50 [CNN]:
How Jimmy Kimmel became the conscience of the health care fight

-Wed, 20 Sep 12:15:31 [BBC]:
In pictures: Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid's Rock Circus

-Wed, 20 Sep 12:12:22 [BBC]:
The Foos discuss their latest album, Donald Trump and Prince Harry

-Wed, 20 Sep 11:11:05 [BBC]:
Tomb Raider poster gets it in the neck

-Wed, 20 Sep 10:49:53 [The Independent]:
Jasper Johns, Something Resembling Truth, Royal Academy, London, review: He draws attention to the extraordinary nature of the ordinary

-Wed, 20 Sep 9:30:18 [BBC]:
Female film casting same as 100 years ago

-Wed, 20 Sep 9:07:40 [BBC]:
Seen a gig recently? You're not the only one

-Wed, 20 Sep 8:03:46 [BBC]:
Music News LIVE: 20 September