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-Sat, 22 Feb 18:10:23 [Reuters]:
Roger Waters of Pink Floyd joins Assange supporters in London protest march

-Sat, 22 Feb 14:20:34 [Reuters]:
Movie magic: Spanish La Vista potato chip sales boom on Korean film cameo

-Fri, 21 Feb 23:43:16 [CNN]:
Why pregnant pop star Grimes says she probably won't be sharing gender of her baby

-Fri, 21 Feb 23:25:21 [Reuters]:
WarnerMedia to reunite 'Friends' in HBO Max special

-Fri, 21 Feb 23:18:38 [Times]:
HBO Max Confirms Plans For ‘Unscripted’ Friends Reunion Special, Featuring All 6 Main Characters

-Fri, 21 Feb 22:50:13 [Times]:
President Trump’s Take on Parasite Echoes an Old Debate Over the Role of Non-American Films at the Oscars

-Fri, 21 Feb 22:06:06 [Reuters]:
Weinstein jury deadlocked on most serious sexual assault charges

-Fri, 21 Feb 22:04:34 [CNN]:
'Friends' reunion special set for HBO Max

-Fri, 21 Feb 20:48:59 [Reuters]:
Weinstein jury look to be nearing verdict in sex assault trial

-Fri, 21 Feb 20:34:46 [Reuters]:
Finding a purpose: Johnny Depp plays a troubled genius in "Minamata"

-Fri, 21 Feb 20:23:43 [Reuters]:
Weinstein jury keeps deliberating after suggesting hung on most serious counts

-Fri, 21 Feb 20:03:03 [Times]:
Harvey Weinstein Jury Indicates Split on Most Serious Charges as Deliberations Continue

-Fri, 21 Feb 19:43:55 [Reuters]:
Weinstein jury suggests hung on predatory sexual assault counts

-Fri, 21 Feb 18:18:35 [Reuters]:
Allegations against Weinstein changed everything, says 'Salinger' star Sigourney Weaver

-Fri, 21 Feb 18:00:54 [BBC]:
The Batman begins filming in Glasgow city centre

-Fri, 21 Feb 17:46:32 [BBC]:
Billie Eilish lands number one with James Bond theme

-Fri, 21 Feb 17:36:39 [Times]:
A Gorgeous New Emma Adaptation Strikes Just the Right Balance of Modern and Authentic

-Fri, 21 Feb 17:26:51 [CNN]:
'Better Call Saul' inches closer to 'Breaking Bad' as the end draws nearer

-Fri, 21 Feb 17:03:44 [Times]:
Serious-Minded Political Thriller The Last Thing He Wanted Makes Its Audience Work Too Hard

-Fri, 21 Feb 16:45:56 [Times]:
Grimes Tried to Make a Soundtrack for the End of the World. The Result Is Surprisingly Timid

-Fri, 21 Feb 16:37:42 [The Independent]:
India asks Oxford museum to return 'stolen' 15th century statue

-Fri, 21 Feb 16:02:57 [CNN]:
Ozzy Osbourne releases album, 'Ordinary Man'

-Fri, 21 Feb 15:53:00 [CNN]:
'Fresh Off the Boat' fell short of its promise, but the ABC sitcom still left a mark

-Fri, 21 Feb 14:30:09 [CNN]:
Katy Perry appears to collapse during 'American Idol' auditions

-Fri, 21 Feb 13:51:26 [CNN]:
'Killing Eve' confirms new head writer for season 4

-Fri, 21 Feb 13:36:19 [CNN]:
BTS releases new album 'Map of the Soul: 7'

-Fri, 21 Feb 13:23:36 [BBC]:
Kerry Katona: I had to climb over my back gate to escape paparazzi

-Fri, 21 Feb 12:18:37 [BBC]:
Frances Cuka: Friday Night Dinner star dies aged 83

-Fri, 21 Feb 11:34:02 [BBC]:
Newly-discovered Rembrandt work to go on display in Oxford

-Fri, 21 Feb 11:12:22 [BBC]:
Todrick Hall: 'It was unheard of for a young, black boy to be dancing'

-Fri, 21 Feb 10:05:35 [Reuters]:
Pro-North Korea daily praises Oscar-winning 'Parasite' for 'exposing' South Korea's reality

-Fri, 21 Feb 9:30:10 [BBC]:
BBC to make Watchdog part of The One Show

-Fri, 21 Feb 8:38:25 [The Independent]:
Banksy says he is 'glad' his latest work has been vandalised

-Fri, 21 Feb 4:42:50 [Times]:
President Trump Trashes Korean Oscar-Winner Parasite at Rally

-Fri, 21 Feb 4:16:32 [CNN]:
'The Clone Wars' kept the 'Stars Wars' flame alive; now it's streaming toward its finale

-Fri, 21 Feb 2:06:28 [Reuters]:
Trump blasts best-picture Oscar for South Korean film 'Parasite'

-Fri, 21 Feb 1:29:53 [The Independent]:
Does the Barbican's Masculinities exhibition have important things to say about men?

-Thu, 20 Feb 23:06:01 [Times]:
BTS Tests Out a TikTok Release and Viral Challenge Combo for ‘On’ to Get the Fan ARMY Assembled

-Thu, 20 Feb 23:04:16 [Reuters]:
Jurors in Weinstein trial focus on 'Sopranos' actress Sciorra

-Thu, 20 Feb 22:26:44 [CNN]:
Joaquin Phoenix rescued a calf and its mother

-Thu, 20 Feb 21:25:00 [Reuters]:
'I take it personally': Berlinale stars' vent anger over German race killings

-Thu, 20 Feb 21:00:51 [CNN]:
'Stranger Things' actor raises public awareness of rare bone disease

-Thu, 20 Feb 20:50:48 [Reuters]:
Baby Yoda toys from Disney 'The Mandalorian' to hit store shelves next month

-Thu, 20 Feb 20:40:55 [CNN]:
'The Call of the Wild' gets caught in a no-dog's land between live-action and animation

-Thu, 20 Feb 19:34:35 [CNN]:
Sean Combs sons set as judges for 'Making the Band' reboot

-Thu, 20 Feb 19:02:22 [CNN]:
There is a lot happening in the 'Westworld' Season 3 trailer

-Thu, 20 Feb 18:14:18 [Reuters]:
WarnerMedia, YouTube TV expand distribution deal to include upcoming HBOMax

-Thu, 20 Feb 17:36:24 [CNN]:
Whitney Houston hologram tour is already creeping people out

-Thu, 20 Feb 17:32:04 [Reuters]:
Prince Harry to meet Jon Bon Jovi and veterans' choir at Abbey Road studios

-Thu, 20 Feb 17:31:14 [Reuters]:
Irons defends himself against critics of his Berlinale role