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-Fri, 20 Oct 1:01:43 [Reuters]:
Shia LaBeouf pleads guilty to obstruction charge in July arrest

-Fri, 20 Oct 0:30:00 [CNN]:
Tarantino apologizes for staying silent about Weinstein's alleged abuse

-Fri, 20 Oct 0:27:49 [BBC]:
Kit Harington, Game of Thrones and the Gunpowder Plot

-Fri, 20 Oct 0:16:43 [Times]:
‘He Told Me Not to Be So Naive’: Lupita Nyong’o Says Harvey Weinstein Sexually Harassed Her

-Thu, 19 Oct 22:54:55 [Times]:
The LAPD Is Investigating a Sexual Assault Allegation Against Harvey Weinstein

-Thu, 19 Oct 22:17:59 [Times]:
‘I Wish I Had Taken Responsibility’: Quentin Tarantino Knew About Harvey Weinstein’s Inappropriate Behavior

-Thu, 19 Oct 22:06:24 [Reuters]:
Los Angeles police investigating Harvey Weinstein in 2013 sexual assault allegation

-Thu, 19 Oct 21:53:49 [CNN]:
Weinstein Co. staffers pen open letter about 'serial sexual predator' Harvey Weinstein

-Thu, 19 Oct 21:53:21 [Times]:
John Kelly Just Praised This Movie For Its Depiction of How the Military Handles Death

-Thu, 19 Oct 21:46:06 [CNN]:
Harvey Weinstein being investigated by LAPD after sexual assault allegation

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:58:08 [CNN]:
RT bucks DOJ request to register as a foreign agent

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:54:19 [Reuters]:
Founder of Canadian 'Just for Laughs' comedy festival quits amid abuse allegations

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:33:41 [CNN]:
Blac Chyna sues Kardashian family for 'slut shaming' her

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:24:05 [Times]:
Here’s Your First Look at Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding in the I, Tonya Trailer

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:17:26 [Times]:
The Story of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hocus Pocus Audition Is Everything You Want It to Be

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:45:11 [Times]:
‘We Are Not Alone’: Ellen DeGeneres Shares Inspiring ‘Me Too’ Message

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:53:21 [Times]:
Taylor Swift Just Teased Her New Song. Here’s What to Know.

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:36:09 [BBC]:
Tom Hanks says no way back for Harvey Weinstein

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:24:39 [BBC]:
Penny Lancaster says she was sexually assaulted

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:07:49 [Times]:
These Spooky Pokémon Are Headed to Pokémon Go for Halloween

-Thu, 19 Oct 15:53:49 [Times]:
Jimmy Kimmel Proved Kids Have the Sickest Burns About America’s Most Pressing Question

-Thu, 19 Oct 15:49:44 [CNN]:
British Film Institute strips Harvey Weinstein of fellowship

-Thu, 19 Oct 15:06:12 [BBC]:
Katy Perry gets stuck in mid-air during Tennessee concert

-Thu, 19 Oct 14:57:17 [BBC]:
Opera's Nicholas Sales sings Verdi in a Barnsley accent as a new Yorkshire opera opens

-Thu, 19 Oct 14:12:44 [BBC]:
Liam Gallagher's rock 'n' roll bananas - and other things we learned at the Q Awards

-Thu, 19 Oct 14:09:11 [BBC]:
Kwame Kwei-Armah: New Young Vic boss promises 'funky' future

-Thu, 19 Oct 13:55:24 [CNN]:
Rose McGowan cancels film festival appearance amid Weinstein allegations

-Thu, 19 Oct 13:52:27 [CNN]:
Channing Tatum pulls Weinstein film project

-Thu, 19 Oct 13:06:21 [Times]:
Philip Pullman Has Made a Career Building New Worlds. He’s Not Done Yet

-Thu, 19 Oct 12:54:46 [CNN]:
'Jane' a glowing tribute to Goodall's remarkable life

-Thu, 19 Oct 12:13:57 [CNN]:
'Only the Brave' harrowing true tale of firefighters

-Thu, 19 Oct 12:10:31 [Times]:
Jake Tapper Fires Back After Bill O’Reilly Calls His Ratings ‘Low as You Can Go’

-Thu, 19 Oct 12:00:14 [BBC]:
Michelle Williams was suicidal in Destiny's Child

-Thu, 19 Oct 11:49:01 [BBC]:
Channing Tatum pulls Weinstein Company sexual abuse film

-Thu, 19 Oct 11:39:25 [BBC]:
Is Jennifer Lawrence's nude line-up common practice?

-Thu, 19 Oct 11:13:59 [BBC]:
Pussycat Dolls deny prostitution claims

-Thu, 19 Oct 9:10:28 [BBC]:
Ed Sheeran wants 'to get back from injuries' which have stopped him playing live

-Thu, 19 Oct 9:01:21 [Reuters]:
With the crazy 'Italics', Asterix returns for 37th adventure

-Thu, 19 Oct 8:28:03 [BBC]:
Have the Manics made their final album?

-Thu, 19 Oct 5:54:29 [BBC]:
Tom Karen: Meet the man who designed the 70s

-Thu, 19 Oct 5:47:33 [Times]:
Chelsea Handler Is Dropping Her Late-Night Show to Focus on Political Activism

-Thu, 19 Oct 0:06:40 [Reuters]:
Ed Sheeran 'bruised and broken' after accident, tour uncertain

-Wed, 18 Oct 23:00:01 [Times]:
Philip Pullman on His New Trilogy, His Influences and the Upcoming His Dark Materials TV Show

-Wed, 18 Oct 22:54:56 [CNN]:
Chelsea Handler won't do another season of 'Chelsea' for Netflix

-Wed, 18 Oct 22:34:05 [Reuters]:
U.S. appeals court rejects Cosby accuser's bid to revive defamation suit

-Wed, 18 Oct 21:38:45 [CNN]:
The NFL can't seem to shake a season of sluggish ratings

-Wed, 18 Oct 21:09:13 [BBC]:
Controversial sculpture rejected by Louvre museum

-Wed, 18 Oct 20:41:38 [CNN]:
In attempt to sow fear, Russian trolls paid for self defense classes for African Americans

-Wed, 18 Oct 20:27:12 [Times]:
Watch Justin Trudeau Break Down Remembering Gord Downie: ‘Gord Was My Friend’

-Wed, 18 Oct 18:49:50 [CNN]:
Billy Joel expecting third child