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-Thu, 06 May 1:25:41 [BBC]:
Broadway tickets to go on sale for September reopening

-Wed, 05 May 22:36:31 [CNN]:
Meet the man behind some of the best questions on Twitter

-Wed, 05 May 19:30:51 [CNN]:
Glenn Close has a new album and a newfound appreciation for go-go music

-Wed, 05 May 16:15:12 [CNN]:
Nick Kamen, iconic Levi's model and Madonna protégé, dead at 59

-Wed, 05 May 16:07:28 [CNN]:
Kelly Osbourne and her sister don't talk

-Wed, 05 May 15:20:33 [CNN]:
Steven Soderbergh explains exactly why they switched up the Oscars ending

-Wed, 05 May 14:57:42 [Times]:
The Story Behind The Sons of Sam, Netflix’s True Crime Docuseries About David Berkowitz

-Wed, 05 May 14:31:24 [CNN]:
Emily will be more French in Season 2 of 'Emily in Paris'

-Wed, 05 May 14:27:34 [CNN]:
'Citizen Penn' displays the hard work behind Sean Penn's celebrity activism

-Wed, 05 May 13:52:51 [CNN]:
'Tiger King' star Carole Baskin launches cat-themed crypto coin

-Wed, 05 May 13:52:34 [CNN]:
Tallulah Willis is getting married

-Wed, 05 May 11:27:04 [BBC]:
Oscar and Grammy winners to be offered fast track UK visas

-Wed, 05 May 10:22:00 [CNN]:
Katherine Schwarzenegger says Chris Pratt is a 'super-supportive' husband

-Wed, 05 May 9:50:55 [BBC]:
Ant and Dec take aim at 'London-centric' television industry

-Wed, 05 May 8:05:43 [BBC]:
Jesy Nelson opens up about her decision to leave Little Mix

-Tue, 04 May 22:04:20 [CNN]:
Will Smith to get fit for YouTube series

-Tue, 04 May 18:35:16 [CNN]:
'Simpsons' producer Al Jean on new 'Star Wars'-inspired short and the 'Mandalorian' cameo you didn't see

-Tue, 04 May 17:49:41 [CNN]:
Sean Combs proves he has legally changed his name to 'Love'

-Tue, 04 May 16:35:28 [BBC]:
Meghan Markle writes children's book inspired by Harry and Archie

-Tue, 04 May 16:02:15 [CNN]:
The Weeknd plans to continue his Grammys boycott

-Tue, 04 May 15:38:28 [BBC]:
BBC publishes first register of external staff earnings

-Tue, 04 May 14:17:37 [CNN]:
Aidy Bryant explains the 'raw terror' of performing the Electric Slide alone

-Tue, 04 May 14:02:26 [CNN]:
Britney Spears slams documentaries made about her life

-Tue, 04 May 14:02:14 [CNN]:
Dr. Strange almost appeared in 'WandaVision' but then....

-Tue, 04 May 13:41:29 [CNN]:
'Star Wars: The Bad Batch' cooks up more animated action for May the 4th

-Tue, 04 May 13:39:42 [CNN]:
Reclusive 'Simpsons' writer John Swartzwelder gives first major interview

-Tue, 04 May 12:41:47 [CNN]:
May the 4th be with you and other pop culture holidays

-Tue, 04 May 9:39:20 [BBC]:
Golden Globes organisers propose 'transformational change roadmap'

-Tue, 04 May 9:33:11 [BBC]:
The Weeknd says he's still boycotting The Grammys despite rule changes

-Mon, 03 May 21:52:01 [CNN]:
Keegan-Michael Key among final 'SNL' hosts of the season

-Mon, 03 May 15:54:03 [CNN]:
'American Idol' features a Disney songbook night

-Mon, 03 May 14:37:24 [CNN]:
Alex Trebek's widow Jean on his philanthropy and legacy

-Mon, 03 May 14:22:29 [CNN]:
Billie Eilish on exploitation and not letting herself 'be owned anymore'

-Mon, 03 May 13:25:24 [CNN]:
Rebel Wilson got 'some bad news' and feels those struggling with fertility

-Mon, 03 May 11:00:33 [Times]:
Memoirist Alison Bechdel Is No Longer Trying to Outrun Death

-Mon, 03 May 10:59:35 [BBC]:
Line of Duty finale: Nigel Boyle reacts to his unmasking

-Sun, 02 May 23:57:00 [CNN]:
Billie Eilish shows off a new look on the cover of British Vogue

-Sun, 02 May 14:16:42 [CNN]:
Olympia Dukakis, Oscar-winning 'Moonstruck' actress, has died

-Sun, 02 May 8:33:16 [BBC]:
Covid: Liverpool to stage sold out Blossoms gig as trial for festival season

-Sat, 01 May 21:23:55 [CNN]:
Actress Esmé Bianco sues Marilyn Manson months after she accused him of sexual assault

-Sat, 01 May 20:06:57 [BBC]:
Olympia Dukakis: Moonstruck and Steel Magnolias star dies aged 89

-Sat, 01 May 13:23:29 [BBC]:
Noel Clarke: Report made to police after allegations against actor

-Sat, 01 May 10:34:39 [BBC]:
Clubbers' joy at returning to the dance floor in Liverpool

-Sat, 01 May 9:07:36 [CNN]:
Elliot Page tells Oprah that transition surgery was 'life-saving'

-Fri, 30 Apr 22:53:56 [BBC]:
Elliot Page on Oprah Winfrey: Transition surgery 'life-saving'

-Fri, 30 Apr 21:30:25 [BBC]:
Game of Thrones actress sues Marilyn Manson alleging abuse

-Fri, 30 Apr 18:41:21 [Times]:
Here Are the 12 New Books You Should Read in May

-Fri, 30 Apr 18:28:16 [BBC]:
Celebrated composer Anthony Payne dies

-Fri, 30 Apr 17:52:05 [Times]:
‘Some Seeds Are Being Planted.’ How Yasuke Paves a New Path for Black Creators in Anime

-Fri, 30 Apr 17:42:22 [Times]:
The True Story of Yasuke, the Legendary Black Samurai Behind Netflix’s New Anime Series