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-Sun, 28 May 2:07:58 [BBC]:
Don't look back in anger: Music helps Manchester remember, and forget

-Sun, 28 May 0:20:59 [BBC]:
Sigrid: Attacking pop from left-of-centre

-Sat, 27 May 20:05:15 [Reuters]:
Southern rock music star Gregg Allman dead at 69

-Sat, 27 May 19:59:23 [CNN]:
Musical legend Gregg Allman dies at 69

-Sat, 27 May 19:50:01 [Times]:
Allman Brothers Singer and Music Legend Gregg Allman Dies

-Sat, 27 May 19:50:01 [Times]:
Allman Brothers Singer and Music Legend Greg Allman Dies

-Sat, 27 May 18:02:20 [Reuters]:
Iranian film "A Man of Integrity" wins 'Certain Regard' competition at Cannes

-Sat, 27 May 15:03:23 [Reuters]:
Polanski's return to female psycho-drama divides Cannes critics

-Sat, 27 May 14:47:11 [Reuters]:
Joaquin Phoenix bludgeons Cannes with Lynne Ramsay hit man thriller

-Sat, 27 May 8:19:28 [BBC]:
Paul Leith: The illustrator the internet forgot

-Fri, 26 May 23:26:47 [Reuters]:
Actors Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor separate after 18 years

-Fri, 26 May 23:17:31 [BBC]:
Entertainment news round-up: 21-27 May

-Fri, 26 May 23:14:37 [BBC]:
Baywatch: Amazing or awful?

-Fri, 26 May 22:48:00 [Reuters]:
Brad Pitt, Courtney Love among mourners at Chris Cornell funeral

-Fri, 26 May 21:08:23 [CNN]:
Sean Hannity hangs on to sponsors after controversial week

-Fri, 26 May 20:59:56 [CNN]:
Treasury secretary's fiancée to resign from Hollywood CEO job after senator's criticism

-Fri, 26 May 20:27:56 [Reuters]:
Security tight for 'Wonder Woman' movie premiere in Hollywood

-Fri, 26 May 20:00:32 [CNN]:
Yahoo's top editor leaving after Verizon sale

-Fri, 26 May 18:48:13 [Reuters]:
Ariana Grande to hold concert in Manchester for bombing victims

-Fri, 26 May 18:46:07 [CNN]:
'Love Actually' sequel is giving us all the feels

-Fri, 26 May 18:43:39 [Times]:
Ariana Grande Says She’ll Return to Manchester to Hold a Benefit Concert

-Fri, 26 May 18:36:14 [CNN]:
Ariana Grande announces Manchester benefit concert

-Fri, 26 May 18:20:58 [CNN]:
James Cameron on Disney's Pandora and why the 'Avatar' sequels are talking so long

-Fri, 26 May 17:20:58 [Reuters]:
Liam Gallagher will donate Manchester show profits to bombing victims

-Fri, 26 May 17:10:17 [CNN]:
Sarah Silverman: If 'you're not political, you're complicit in the insanity'

-Fri, 26 May 17:03:25 [Times]:
Two Wonder Women Just Combined Superpowers in the Mightiest Photo

-Fri, 26 May 17:01:17 [Reuters]:
French director Ozon plays with psycho-sexual thriller genre at Cannes

-Fri, 26 May 16:12:19 [CNN]:
Chris Cornell's close friends remember his final days

-Fri, 26 May 16:05:09 [Times]:
Why ‘Far Cry 5’ Will Be (Much) More Than Meets the Eye

-Fri, 26 May 15:56:41 [Times]:
A More Fraught Cannes, Inside the Screening Rooms and Out

-Fri, 26 May 15:43:05 [CNN]:
First look inside Disney's new 'Avatar -- World of Pandora'

-Fri, 26 May 14:50:02 [CNN]:
Watch epic 'Plinko' win

-Fri, 26 May 14:17:27 [CNN]:
'Still Star-Crossed' picks up where Romeo and Juliet left off

-Fri, 26 May 14:11:52 [CNN]:
Brad Pitt's 'War Machine' fizzles on Netflix

-Fri, 26 May 13:32:39 [CNN]:
Niall Horan is down for One Direction reunion

-Fri, 26 May 12:14:32 [BBC]:
7 times Katie Hopkins hit the headlines

-Fri, 26 May 12:10:07 [BBC]:
Light festival dazzles visitors in Sydney

-Fri, 26 May 11:24:19 [CNN]:
'Wonder Woman' women-only screenings cause uproar

-Fri, 26 May 11:05:02 [BBC]:
Mario Testino auctions off his private collection

-Fri, 26 May 11:00:08 [Times]:
Best Movies of 2017 So Far

-Fri, 26 May 11:00:04 [Times]:
Best Podcast Episodes of 2017 So Far

-Fri, 26 May 10:33:28 [Reuters]:
Bidding for Beckham: soccer star among lots at Cannes AIDS auction

-Fri, 26 May 9:20:55 [BBC]:
Katie Hopkins to leave LBC 'immediately'

-Fri, 26 May 9:18:07 [BBC]:
Ariana Grande back in top 40 with One Last Time

-Fri, 26 May 9:13:30 [BBC]:
Disney's Bob Iger says the film hack threat was a hoax

-Fri, 26 May 8:45:37 [Reuters]:
Diane Kruger plays agony of terrorism victim in German-language movie

-Fri, 26 May 7:50:16 [BBC]:
Mario Testino to display 'precious' art pieces

-Fri, 26 May 6:22:31 [CNN]:
'Veep' cast on their least favorite nicknames

-Fri, 26 May 5:04:26 [CNN]:
Wonder Woman World Premiere

-Fri, 26 May 0:48:40 [CNN]:
ATX brings Hollywood to heart of Texas