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-Fri, 17 Jan 22:57:33 [CNN]:
'Avenue 5' takes viewers on a satirical flight aboard a space-faring cruise ship

-Fri, 17 Jan 22:30:45 [CNN]:
'Little Fires Everywhere' trailer is ablaze with star power

-Fri, 17 Jan 22:13:13 [Times]:
Christopher Tolkien, Son of Lord of the Rings Creator, Dies at 95

-Fri, 17 Jan 21:58:54 [CNN]:
Tyler Perry knows which part of 'A Fall From Grace' will have you yelling

-Fri, 17 Jan 21:47:31 [Reuters]:
Weinstein jury seated after prosecutors accuse defense of excluding white women

-Fri, 17 Jan 21:37:14 [Reuters]:
Elegant Kim Jones collection stars on Dior menswear runway

-Fri, 17 Jan 21:29:23 [Times]:
People Have Invented More Than 200 Gender-Neutral Pronouns. Here’s Why ‘They’ Is Here to Stay

-Fri, 17 Jan 20:46:14 [Times]:
The 5 Best Songs of the Week, from Halsey to BTS

-Fri, 17 Jan 19:08:10 [Times]:
The 12 Best Curb Your Enthusiasm Cameos of All Time

-Fri, 17 Jan 18:24:41 [CNN]:
Hulu drops first trailer for Hillary Clinton docuseries

-Fri, 17 Jan 18:19:13 [CNN]:
Ariana Grande sued for copyright infringement over '7 Rings'

-Fri, 17 Jan 17:58:29 [Reuters]:
Netflix opens Paris office, plans new French-language series

-Fri, 17 Jan 17:48:05 [Times]:
Jury of 7 Men and 5 Women Chosen for Harvey Weinstein Rape Trial

-Fri, 17 Jan 17:38:38 [CNN]:
Dwayne Johnson posts touching tribute to his late father

-Fri, 17 Jan 17:17:34 [Reuters]:
Italy confirms long-lost Klimt painting hidden in wall is authentic

-Fri, 17 Jan 17:12:49 [Times]:
This Looks Like the Right Guy to Softly Cradle Baby Yoda in His Arms

-Fri, 17 Jan 16:06:13 [Reuters]:
Netflix opens new Paris office, plans 20 French-language series

-Fri, 17 Jan 15:33:21 [Reuters]:
Days before Grammys, academy shakes up leadership over 'allegation of misconduct'

-Fri, 17 Jan 15:01:23 [CNN]:
Mac Miller's family releases 'Circles'

-Fri, 17 Jan 14:29:12 [CNN]:
Eminem's new video for 'Darkness' is a stark call for gun control

-Fri, 17 Jan 14:06:41 [BBC]:
Mac Miller sounds 'at peace' on posthumous album

-Fri, 17 Jan 13:17:33 [Reuters]:
Pan-African exhibition seeks to herald continent's art scene

-Fri, 17 Jan 13:05:55 [Reuters]:
Art lovers face Louvre lock-out as staff join pension strike

-Fri, 17 Jan 11:14:54 [BBC]:
Derek Fowlds: Yes Minister and Heartbeat dies aged 82

-Fri, 17 Jan 10:04:25 [BBC]:
Eminem criticised for lyric about bomb at Ariana Grande gig

-Fri, 17 Jan 9:43:53 [Times]:
Eminem Drops Surprise Album and Advocates for Gun Control in New Music Video

-Fri, 17 Jan 8:56:41 [Times]:
Ivanka Trump’s Sister-in-Law Karlie Kloss Says She Voted Against Trump in 2016 and Will Again in 2020

-Fri, 17 Jan 8:41:45 [BBC]:
Grammy Awards president Deborah Dugan removed 10 days before ceremony

-Fri, 17 Jan 5:14:07 [Reuters]:
Recording Academy puts chief executive on leave days ahead of Grammys

-Fri, 17 Jan 5:01:33 [Times]:
Mac Miller’s Posthumous Album Circles Is a Heartbreaking Plea For Inner Peace

-Fri, 17 Jan 4:21:58 [BBC]:
Actor Laurence Fox's Question Time clash over Meghan

-Fri, 17 Jan 3:14:56 [CNN]:
'Better Call Saul' is calling it quits with Season 6

-Fri, 17 Jan 0:35:31 [Times]:
NBC’s Peacock Streaming Service to Take a Different Approach From Its Rivals: Free Content

-Fri, 17 Jan 0:11:03 [CNN]:
'Watchmen' likely to end after producer Damon Lindelof passes on more

-Thu, 16 Jan 22:51:30 [Reuters]:
Judge in Weinstein rape trial says case is not a 'referendum' on #MeToo movement

-Thu, 16 Jan 21:34:00 [Times]:
HBO’s Avenue 5 Transports Veep Creator Armando Iannucci’s Dark, Profane Humor to Outer Space

-Thu, 16 Jan 21:25:52 [BBC]:
Mistaken identity: 'You called the wrong Robert Shapiro'...

-Thu, 16 Jan 19:20:40 [CNN]:
'Little America' brings a warm look at immigrant stories to Apple TV+

-Thu, 16 Jan 19:07:47 [Reuters]:
Judge in Weinstein rape trial says case not a 'referendum' on #MeToo movement

-Thu, 16 Jan 17:55:58 [CNN]:
Female 007 ruled out by James Bond producer

-Thu, 16 Jan 17:45:32 [BBC]:
Actor Stephen Graham vows to help under-represented film and TV talent

-Thu, 16 Jan 16:58:40 [Reuters]:
Banker fined $58 million for smuggling Picasso painting out of Spain

-Thu, 16 Jan 16:58:39 [Reuters]:
French prosecutors charge filmmaker Ruggia with sexual assault of minor

-Thu, 16 Jan 16:28:54 [CNN]:
Awkwafina is conducting the New York City Subway's 7 train

-Thu, 16 Jan 15:20:12 [CNN]:
Bon Jovi announces new album and summer tour with Bryan Adams

-Thu, 16 Jan 15:14:07 [CNN]:
Jennifer Garner shows us all how to properly freak out on a rollercoaster

-Thu, 16 Jan 14:50:11 [CNN]:
'Dolittle' somehow turns talking to animals into a colossal bore

-Thu, 16 Jan 14:26:10 [CNN]:
Demi Lovato will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl

-Thu, 16 Jan 13:36:05 [Reuters]:
James Bond producer rules out female 007: Variety

-Thu, 16 Jan 13:03:44 [CNN]:
Wendy Williams apologizes for Joaquin Phoenix 'cleft lip' comments