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-Mon, 11 Dec 20:30:12 [Reuters]:
'Shape of Water' leads Globes nominees; risk-takers rewarded

-Mon, 11 Dec 19:28:47 [Times]:
Kumail Nanjiani’s Twitter Account Had the Best Reaction to the Golden Globe Nominations

-Mon, 11 Dec 18:32:24 [Reuters]:
Chef Batali exits company, TV show after sex harassment accusations

-Mon, 11 Dec 17:57:43 [Reuters]:
Female directors snubbed, Plummer surprises at Golden Globe nominations

-Mon, 11 Dec 17:16:48 [CNN]:
No crystal ball for murky Oscar race

-Mon, 11 Dec 16:38:14 [CNN]:
'This Is Us,' 'The Good Doctor' among broadcast TV's Golden Globes nominees

-Mon, 11 Dec 16:38:14 [CNN]:
Nominees react to Golden Globes nods

-Mon, 11 Dec 16:37:18 [Times]:
Netflix Just Trolled a Bunch of People for Obsessively Watching Their New Christmas Movie

-Mon, 11 Dec 16:27:45 [Reuters]:
'Shape of Water' leads wide ranging Golden Globe nominations

-Mon, 11 Dec 15:59:40 [Times]:
The Simpsons Just Addressed One of Your Most Burning Questions Ever

-Mon, 11 Dec 15:43:05 [CNN]:
Mario Batali steps away from business, TV show amid sexual misconduct allegations

-Mon, 11 Dec 15:43:00 [Times]:
Here’s How Long You Might Have to Wait for the Next Season of Stranger Things

-Mon, 11 Dec 15:30:38 [Times]:
The Rolling Stones Are Making $10 Million a Night

-Mon, 11 Dec 15:22:13 [CNN]:
'All the Money in the World,' movie that replaced Spacey, scores 3 Globe nominations

-Mon, 11 Dec 15:16:53 [BBC]:
Golden Globes: Full list of nominees

-Mon, 11 Dec 15:12:42 [Times]:
Justin Bieber’s Mom Has the Sweetest Things to Say About Her ‘Special Bond’ With Selena Gomez

-Mon, 11 Dec 14:50:59 [Reuters]:
Ancient Roman Pantheon to start charging entry fee in 2018

-Mon, 11 Dec 14:31:31 [Reuters]:
Fantasy romance 'Shape of Water' leads 2018 Golden Globe nods

-Mon, 11 Dec 14:12:05 [CNN]:
Verizon will stream NFL games on any network next year

-Mon, 11 Dec 13:57:50 [CNN]:
Golden Globe nominations 2018: The list

-Mon, 11 Dec 13:55:13 [Reuters]:
'Shape of Water' leads 2018 Golden Globe nominations

-Mon, 11 Dec 12:50:54 [CNN]:
Golden Globes: Will your top films and TV shows make the cut?

-Mon, 11 Dec 12:03:30 [BBC]:
Golden Globe nominations set to be revealed

-Mon, 11 Dec 11:48:25 [Times]:
Here Are the 2018 Golden Globes Nominees

-Mon, 11 Dec 11:22:17 [CNN]:
Saudi Arabia lifts 35-year ban on movie theaters

-Mon, 11 Dec 8:01:17 [Reuters]:
Princes William and Harry announce sculptor for new Diana statue

-Mon, 11 Dec 7:40:04 [CNN]:
Queens of the Stone Age frontman 'truly sorry' for kicking photographer

-Mon, 11 Dec 5:28:08 [Times]:
The Walking Dead Just Sealed the Fate of One of Its Most Important Characters

-Mon, 11 Dec 4:12:12 [CNN]:
'Walking Dead' sets stage for key death

-Mon, 11 Dec 3:20:46 [Times]:
‘They Say I Have No Friends.’ Celebrities Rally Around a Bullied Student After His Emotional Video Went Viral

-Mon, 11 Dec 2:26:15 [Times]:
Comedian Hannibal Buress Was Arrested for Disorderly Intoxication in Miami

-Mon, 11 Dec 0:13:01 [Reuters]:
Palace releases new portrait of Britain's Prince Philip

-Mon, 11 Dec 0:13:01 [Reuters]:
Palace releases new portrait of Britain's Prince Philip

-Sun, 10 Dec 23:51:56 [CNN]:
Sirius XM faces celebrity backlash after Steve Bannon rejoins radio show

-Sun, 10 Dec 19:41:59 [Times]:
Coco Tops Box Office Again Before Star Wars Hits

-Sun, 10 Dec 17:44:26 [Reuters]:
Singer Neil Young's model trains fetch nearly $300,000 at auction

-Sun, 10 Dec 16:32:50 [Reuters]:
Box Office: 'Coco' Wins as 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Waits in the Wings

-Sun, 10 Dec 15:26:50 [Times]:
SNL Takes Shots at Donald Trump, Roy Moore and Al Franken in Cold Open

-Sun, 10 Dec 14:58:50 [Times]:
British Celebrity Publicist Max Clifford Dies While Serving Sex Crimes Sentence

-Sun, 10 Dec 13:31:50 [Reuters]:
Former British celebrity publicist Max Clifford dies in prison

-Sun, 10 Dec 12:44:05 [BBC]:
Max Clifford obituary: The publicist who became notorious

-Sun, 10 Dec 8:44:51 [Reuters]:
'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' premieres with tribute to late Carrie Fisher

-Sun, 10 Dec 0:18:31 [BBC]:
Paddington 2: The challenges of making the film

-Sun, 10 Dec 0:09:18 [BBC]:
Art from inside Guantanamo Bay's prison

-Sat, 09 Dec 23:57:04 [Reuters]:
Egypt reveals artifacts, mummy from tombs in ancient city of Luxor

-Sat, 09 Dec 21:39:57 [Times]:
‘You Don’t Need to Feel Alone.’ Actress Jana Kramer Opens Up About Her Miscarriage

-Sat, 09 Dec 17:14:25 [BBC]:
All aboard for Hollywood premiere

-Sat, 09 Dec 15:07:42 [CNN]:
'Jumanji' draws new players into the game

-Sat, 09 Dec 13:08:43 [BBC]:
Liam Payne and Camila Cabello will host Christmas Day shows on Radio 1

-Sat, 09 Dec 12:56:19 [CNN]:
Chance the Rapper acts as weatherman on live TV