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-Tue, 28 Mar 3:06:23 [CNN]:
'Bates Motel' slashes into 'Psycho' in final season

-Tue, 28 Mar 0:33:42 [BBC]:
The man who breathed life into Broadway

-Mon, 27 Mar 22:28:00 [CNN]:
We all know why the right is angry at Tomi Lahren

-Mon, 27 Mar 21:33:40 [CNN]:
Conservative media at a crossroads early in Trump era

-Mon, 27 Mar 21:32:09 [CNN]:
How 'Bones' bred a new generation of female scientists

-Mon, 27 Mar 20:30:10 [Times]:
Dad’s Punishment for His Son’s Bad Grades Was Very Public and Hilarious

-Mon, 27 Mar 20:13:39 [Times]:
Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong on Trump: the ‘Harry Potter Generation’ Will Defeat Evil

-Mon, 27 Mar 18:36:44 [Times]:
‘He Terrifies Politicians and This Is Joy to Behold.’ Watch Sex Pistols’ Johnny Rotten Defend Trump

-Mon, 27 Mar 18:18:26 [CNN]:
What the 'Eden' reality contestants missed in a year

-Mon, 27 Mar 18:10:49 [Reuters]:
Viacom names former Fox studio head to run Paramount

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:51:05 [Times]:
Adele Admits She Might Not ‘Ever Tour Again’ and Fans Freak Out

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:41:58 [Reuters]:
Paris exhibition highlights Picasso's passion for distant cultures

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:26:55 [Times]:
Tom Hanks Is Expertly Trolling Woody Harrelson

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:17:55 [CNN]:
Randy Travis gives health update, says he's doing 'good'

-Mon, 27 Mar 16:04:34 [Reuters]:
Drake ends Sheeran's Billboard 200 reign, smashes streaming record

-Mon, 27 Mar 15:25:18 [Times]:
The ‘Final Fantasy XV’ Update Finally Addresses Fan Grievances

-Mon, 27 Mar 15:21:00 [The Independent]:
Sales of art supplies are up because people are making so many anti-Donald Trump posters

-Mon, 27 Mar 15:06:22 [BBC]:
Gary Barlow lands role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

-Mon, 27 Mar 14:52:55 [Times]:
J.K. Rowling Just Explained Why Trump or Jared Kushner Wouldn’t Have Been Slytherins

-Mon, 27 Mar 14:32:28 [Reuters]:
Music on the metro - Moscow commuters enjoy live performances

-Mon, 27 Mar 14:21:32 [Reuters]:
Gold coin worth $4 million stolen from Berlin museum

-Mon, 27 Mar 14:09:58 [BBC]:
Let there be neon light: Tate Britain unveils 'drawing in space'

-Mon, 27 Mar 13:56:50 [CNN]:
Is Huck really dead on 'Scandal?'

-Mon, 27 Mar 13:45:02 [Times]:
Harrison Ford Called Himself a ‘Schmuck’ After a Controversial Airplane Landing

-Mon, 27 Mar 13:09:40 [BBC]:
Red Nose Day: Ofcom considering investigation into show

-Mon, 27 Mar 12:26:20 [BBC]:
J.K. Rowling and Ian McKellen feature in Hull portrait exhibition

-Mon, 27 Mar 12:15:18 [BBC]:
David Storey: Booker Prize-winning author dies at 83

-Mon, 27 Mar 11:52:17 [BBC]:
Tate Modern drew record visitor numbers in 2016

-Mon, 27 Mar 11:49:10 [CNN]:
Kim Kardashian West wants another baby

-Mon, 27 Mar 11:06:04 [The Independent]:
Imagine Moscow at the Design Museum: How humanity scaled down its ambitions

-Mon, 27 Mar 10:37:28 [BBC]:
Orange is the New Black: Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli tie the knot

-Mon, 27 Mar 8:27:50 [BBC]:
Antonio Banderas: I had a heart attack

-Mon, 27 Mar 8:06:17 [BBC]:
Police 696 forms are 'targeting grime acts'

-Mon, 27 Mar 7:13:00 [The Independent]:
'Fearless Girl' statue facing down Charging Bull of Wall Street in New York to stay until 2018

-Mon, 27 Mar 4:24:26 [BBC]:
Form 696: Concern over 'racist' police form to be raised

-Mon, 27 Mar 2:03:54 [Times]:
Daryl Comes Face-to-Face With an Unwelcome Visitor in The Walking Dead

-Sun, 26 Mar 22:51:13 [CNN]:
Couple who met on set of 'Orange Is The New Black' gets married

-Sun, 26 Mar 19:10:14 [Times]:
The Fell In Love on the Set of Orange Is the New Black. And Now They’re Married

-Sun, 26 Mar 17:55:36 [Reuters]:
Box Office: 'Beauty and the Beast' dazzles again, 'Power Rangers' off to solid start

-Sun, 26 Mar 17:00:40 [Times]:
Beauty and the Beast Has Another Enchanting Weekend at the Box Office

-Sun, 26 Mar 14:41:08 [Times]:
Antonio Banderas: My Heart Attack Wasn’t That ‘Dramatic’

-Sun, 26 Mar 12:36:45 [BBC]:
Harry Styles hints solo music could be out in April

-Sun, 26 Mar 12:03:04 [CNN]:
Mindy Kaling disses Sen. Cory Booker and gets a dinner date

-Sun, 26 Mar 3:58:22 [Reuters]:
Carrie Fisher, Debbie Reynolds lauded at public memorial service

-Sun, 26 Mar 3:21:04 [CNN]:
Melissa McCarthy on how Sean Spicer parody came to be

-Sun, 26 Mar 1:51:02 [BBC]:
Entertainment news round-up: 19-25 March

-Sun, 26 Mar 0:40:12 [BBC]:
Line of Duty: All you need to know to get up to speed for series four

-Sun, 26 Mar 0:19:09 [BBC]:
Canadian composer turns Pink Floyd's The Wall into an opera

-Sat, 25 Mar 22:37:32 [CNN]:
Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds celebrated at public memorial

-Sat, 25 Mar 18:42:00 [Times]:
Bill Maher Says President Trump’s Health Care Plan Was ‘Always Bait and Switch’