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-Fri, 24 May 22:35:33 [Reuters]:
Cannes prize for Brazilian movie sends message of hope, director says

-Fri, 24 May 20:03:42 [Times]:
The 10 Best Albums of 2019 (So Far)

-Fri, 24 May 20:02:04 [Times]:
The 10 Best Songs of 2019 (So Far)

-Fri, 24 May 19:27:09 [Reuters]:
'Off the scale' excitement for fans as Spice Girls reunion opens

-Fri, 24 May 18:48:43 [Reuters]:
On Cannes red carpet, 'go big' is this year's fashion buzzword

-Fri, 24 May 18:43:06 [CNN]:
17 summer movies to get excited about

-Fri, 24 May 17:42:06 [CNN]:
If you're up for it, it's completely worth rewatching all 15 seasons of 'ER'

-Fri, 24 May 17:17:04 [Reuters]:
Rocky star Stallone says he never expected to make it in movies

-Fri, 24 May 17:06:32 [CNN]:
Nickelodeon actor Michael D. Cohen reveals he transitioned

-Fri, 24 May 16:40:29 [BBC]:
Lewis Capaldi has the fastest-selling album of 2019 so far

-Fri, 24 May 16:33:53 [CNN]:
Kylie Jenner talks Jordyn Woods scandal in new show promo

-Fri, 24 May 16:26:56 [Reuters]:
Ohio House committee passes bill to save nuclear power plants

-Fri, 24 May 14:38:32 [Reuters]:
Tarantino is top dog at Cannes - at least in the pooch department

-Fri, 24 May 14:35:50 [Times]:
Harrison Ford Says He’s the Only One Who Gets to Play Indiana Jones: ‘When I’m Gone, He’s Gone’

-Fri, 24 May 13:42:45 [Reuters]:
'Good luck to the girls' says absent Posh as Spice Girls open reunion tour

-Fri, 24 May 13:28:57 [CNN]:
Adam Levine is leaving 'The Voice'

-Fri, 24 May 12:54:53 [CNN]:
Comedian Pete Holmes was a good Christian guy. Then his wife left him, and things got weird.

-Fri, 24 May 12:33:45 [CNN]:
'DWTS' pro Cheryl Burke marries Matthew Lawrence

-Fri, 24 May 11:46:41 [CNN]:
The Verve's Richard Ashcroft finally secures 'Bitter Sweet Symphony' royalties after Rolling Stones legal battle

-Fri, 24 May 11:19:28 [Reuters]:
Cannes critics let rip at Kechiche's three-hour twerk fest

-Fri, 24 May 9:37:28 [BBC]:
Roman Reigns: 'I was finally able to share this huge secret'

-Fri, 24 May 8:51:31 [BBC]:
Major UK festivals to go plastic-free

-Fri, 24 May 7:57:37 [Times]:
‘What Good Is Success If I Can’t Cause Good?’ Singer-Songwriter Jason Mraz Talks to TIME

-Fri, 24 May 3:10:31 [CNN]:
This is how Maisie Williams wishes 'Game of Thrones' had ended

-Fri, 24 May 2:44:33 [CNN]:
'Jeopardy James' is $9K shy of passing the $2 million mark

-Fri, 24 May 2:28:01 [CNN]:
Patrick Stewart returns as Jean-Luc in the new trailer for 'Star Trek: Picard'

-Fri, 24 May 2:17:14 [BBC]:
'Why can only guys make movies?'

-Fri, 24 May 0:49:40 [BBC]:
The Verve's Richard Ashcroft on the end of Bitter Sweet Symphony dispute

-Fri, 24 May 0:46:25 [Reuters]:
Harvey Weinstein and accusers reach tentative compensation deal: WSJ

-Thu, 23 May 23:24:20 [Reuters]:
Tom Jones, Mariah Carey amp up the glamor at Cannes fundraiser

-Thu, 23 May 23:12:06 [Reuters]:
Procrastinating genius: did da Vinci have attention disorder?

-Thu, 23 May 21:31:36 [Reuters]:
Tom Jones, Pamela Anderson crank up the glamor at Cannes fundraiser for AIDS

-Thu, 23 May 21:10:19 [Reuters]:
Sigourney Weaver marks 'Alien' anniversary: 'I thought it was a small movie'

-Thu, 23 May 21:03:56 [CNN]:
Jennifer Garner's guidelines to a good life include dressing like a mailbox

-Thu, 23 May 19:11:12 [CNN]:
Tiffany Haddish lands Eritrean citizenship

-Thu, 23 May 18:55:55 [BBC]:
BLACKPINK: Meet the K-pop superstars backstage at their first UK tour

-Thu, 23 May 18:47:25 [Times]:
Turns Out This Game of Thrones Character Was Originally Supposed to Survive Season 8

-Thu, 23 May 17:55:27 [Times]:
Was Aladdin Based on a Real Person? Here’s Why Scholars Are Starting to Think So

-Thu, 23 May 17:44:51 [CNN]:
After Jussie Smollett's charges were dropped, a judge sealed his case file. Now, it will be made public

-Thu, 23 May 17:44:35 [Times]:
The 10 Best Nonfiction Books of 2019 So Far

-Thu, 23 May 17:14:44 [CNN]:
Renee Zellweger drama 'What/If' is a just-decent proposal

-Thu, 23 May 16:46:56 [Times]:
The 11 Best Fiction Books of 2019 So Far

-Thu, 23 May 16:44:18 [BBC]:
Quentin Tarantino 'rejects hypothesis' on Margot Robbie

-Thu, 23 May 16:39:57 [BBC]:
The Bittersweet Symphony dispute is over

-Thu, 23 May 16:37:55 [Times]:
Booksmart Is the Perfect Coming-of-Age Story for Right Now

-Thu, 23 May 16:29:59 [Times]:
Cannes Review: Will Céline Sciamma’s Portrait of a Lady on Fire Be the Surprise Hit Out of Cannes?

-Thu, 23 May 16:23:35 [Reuters]:
Cannes darling Dolan says triumphs, mistakes have shaped him

-Thu, 23 May 16:04:45 [Reuters]:
The 1975, Mariah Carey and Dido honored at Ivor Novellos

-Thu, 23 May 15:38:36 [CNN]:
Tom Hanks was warned about 'Toy Story 4' ending

-Thu, 23 May 15:31:45 [Times]:
Halle Berry Gave Lena Waithe a Big Kiss For Luck on Her First Night Hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live!