-Tue, 28 Sep 13:11:31 [Times]:
Reusable Packaging Is the Latest Eco-Friendly Trend. But Does It Actually Make a Difference?

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:13:01 [BBC]:
New 159 fraud hotline launched to counter threat

-Tue, 28 Sep 8:30:39 [BBC]:
Outlook bleak for drivers as petrol prices surge, says RAC

-Tue, 28 Sep 7:04:33 [The Independent]:
Fuel shortages – live: Health workers must be prioritised, No 10 told as army put on standby and prices soar

-Tue, 28 Sep 6:47:44 [BBC]:
Al Gore's firm buys £483m stake in Octopus Energy Group

-Tue, 28 Sep 3:27:10 [BBC]:
Goldman Sachs cuts China growth forecast over power outages

-Tue, 28 Sep 2:02:26 [The Independent]:
New ‘159’ scams hotline to protect consumers from rising bank payment fraud

-Tue, 28 Sep 1:26:36 [Times]:
You Might Not Be Getting That New Smartphone for Christmas Because of Power Cuts in China

-Mon, 27 Sep 23:52:39 [BBC]:
Ford announces $11.4bn investment in electric vehicle plants

-Mon, 27 Sep 23:21:34 [BBC]:
Green investing: How your savings can fight climate change

-Mon, 27 Sep 23:06:04 [BBC]:
Taliban: Afghanistan bank boss warns sector near collapse

-Mon, 27 Sep 23:03:06 [BBC]:
Homeworking helps careers, say majority of women

-Mon, 27 Sep 21:15:12 [Times]:
42% of Women Say They Have Consistently Felt Burned Out at Work in 2021

-Mon, 27 Sep 18:25:33 [The Independent]:
Pump prices soar to eight-year high amid fuel supply crisis

-Mon, 27 Sep 18:13:10 [Times]:
The Varsity Blues Trials Have Started. Here’s What’s Changed—And What Hasn’t—In College Sports Admissions

-Mon, 27 Sep 15:28:14 [The Independent]:
‘Not appealing at all’: Ex-lorry drivers unmoved by government pleas for them to return to work

-Mon, 27 Sep 14:32:16 [Times]:
Facebook-Owned Instagram ‘Pausing’ Development of Instagram Kids to Address Concerns

-Mon, 27 Sep 13:19:09 [The Independent]:
How and when will UK’s fuel crisis end?

-Mon, 27 Sep 12:48:52 [BBC]:
UK visa plan will not fix lorry crisis, says lorry giant

-Mon, 27 Sep 7:18:27 [BBC]:
Grant Thornton fined £4m for Patisserie Valerie scandal

-Mon, 27 Sep 7:03:11 [The Independent]:
Fuel crisis UK – live: Boris Johnson ‘considering’ using army to supply petrol as competition law suspended

-Mon, 27 Sep 6:15:24 [BBC]:
Aldi says it can weather the food shortage storm

-Mon, 27 Sep 1:23:38 [BBC]:
China Evergrande: What the company's debt crisis means for the world

-Mon, 27 Sep 1:12:27 [The Independent]:
Petrol crisis deepens as panic-buying leaves at least half of local stations out of supplies

-Mon, 27 Sep 0:32:58 [The Independent]:
Octopus to take on more than half a million Avro Energy customers after collapse

-Sun, 26 Sep 23:57:33 [BBC]:
Gas price crisis: Octopus ordered to take on Avro's customers

-Sun, 26 Sep 16:25:14 [The Independent]:
Petrol panic-buying leaves one third of garages empty, says BP

-Sun, 26 Sep 10:50:42 [Times]:
Making Meals From Mealworms Is ‘Part of the Answer’ to the Climate Crisis, the CEO of Ynsect Says

-Sun, 26 Sep 9:34:00 [BBC]:
Energy crisis not failure of regulation, says Ofgem boss

-Sun, 26 Sep 7:06:18 [The Independent]:
Supply chain crisis - live: Emergency visas ‘not enough’ to tackle shortages, amid panic-buying chaos at pumps

-Sat, 25 Sep 11:12:41 [The Independent]:
Panic-buyers exacerbating ‘temporary’ petrol supply crisis, says AA president

-Sat, 25 Sep 7:14:48 [The Independent]:
Fuel crisis UK- live: Forecourts ration petrol over panic buying amid fears Christmas supply chaos unavoidable

-Fri, 24 Sep 19:47:01 [BBC]:
Nike and Costco warn of product shortages and delays

-Fri, 24 Sep 13:59:18 [BBC]:
Airport arrivals hit by passport gate failure

-Fri, 24 Sep 12:43:56 [BBC]:
Petrol: Ministers to meet over supply problem

-Fri, 24 Sep 10:08:29 [Times]:
China Says All Cryptocurrency Transactions Are Illegal

-Fri, 24 Sep 9:57:05 [BBC]:
Thousands of energy customers facing bill shocks

-Fri, 24 Sep 9:39:47 [BBC]:
Gas price crisis: Shift focus to using less energy, says boss

-Fri, 24 Sep 7:00:53 [The Independent]:
Shoppers face empty shelves at Christmas without urgent solution to labour shortage, government warned

-Fri, 24 Sep 5:45:36 [BBC]:
Evergrande: Investors in the dark over $83m bond payment

-Thu, 23 Sep 23:02:53 [BBC]:
Restaurants set to be banned from withholding staff tips

-Thu, 23 Sep 17:10:11 [Times]:
Former U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis Testifies in Elizabeth Holmes Fraud Trial

-Thu, 23 Sep 15:43:17 [BBC]:
Theranos trial: Former US general 'amazed' by Elizabeth Holmes

-Thu, 23 Sep 15:14:30 [Times]:
EPA to Drastically Limit Hydrofluorocarbons Used in Refrigerators and Air Conditioners

-Thu, 23 Sep 14:54:23 [The Independent]:
How much more will consumers pay if their energy provider goes bust?

-Thu, 23 Sep 14:10:59 [BBC]:
Ministers prepare for worst in gas price crisis

-Thu, 23 Sep 13:10:34 [BBC]:
Advertising regulator to clampdown on greenwashing ads

-Thu, 23 Sep 11:30:05 [BBC]:
UK interest rates held at historic low

-Thu, 23 Sep 9:53:14 [BBC]:
Working from home: Staff abuse it, says City boss

-Thu, 23 Sep 6:58:30 [The Independent]:
Energy companies bust - live: Nearly 1.5m UK households affected, as ministers mull price cap increase