-Mon, 28 Sep 15:07:03 [The Independent]:
Caesar’s Palace owner in advanced talks to buy British bookmaker William Hill for £2.9bn

-Mon, 28 Sep 14:38:56 [BBC]:
Asda: Blackburn brothers edge ahead in race to buy supermarket

-Mon, 28 Sep 13:24:15 [The Independent]:
Aldi to offer online shopping and create 4,000 new jobs

-Mon, 28 Sep 9:31:13 [The Independent]:
Uber to continue operating in London after winning court appeal

-Mon, 28 Sep 8:17:39 [BBC]:
William Hill: Caesars Palace-owner in 'advanced' talks over £2.9bn offer

-Mon, 28 Sep 6:20:49 [BBC]:
Aldi looks at online move as shopping habits change

-Mon, 28 Sep 1:06:26 [BBC]:
TikTok: US judge halts app store ban

-Mon, 28 Sep 1:02:39 [Times]:
TikTok Gets Reprieve in U.S. as Judge Temporarily Blocks Trump’s App Store Ban

-Sun, 27 Sep 23:14:07 [BBC]:
High Street hopefuls: The people opening new shops

-Sun, 27 Sep 23:01:00 [The Independent]:
Is it time to talk about who pays for the pandemic?

-Sun, 27 Sep 12:03:12 [The Independent]:
WOW Tech is the sex-toy company trying to make the earth move: ‘You don’t have to be ashamed’

-Sun, 27 Sep 10:50:44 [Times]:
Sherrilyn Ifill, President of the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, on the Battle Over RBG’s Seat and Making Every Vote Count

-Sat, 26 Sep 23:46:11 [BBC]:
Brexit trade talks: Deal can and must be made, says CBI boss

-Fri, 25 Sep 23:01:00 [The Independent]:
The flaws in Rishi Sunak’s furlough scheme replacement

-Fri, 25 Sep 21:32:15 [BBC]:
Singapore in world first for facial verification

-Fri, 25 Sep 21:23:28 [BBC]:
Thomas Cook staff: Redundant twice in a year

-Fri, 25 Sep 19:24:41 [The Independent]:
UK national debt soars £36bn in August as cost of coronavirus support mounts

-Fri, 25 Sep 17:02:43 [The Independent]:
UK car production plunges 44% as industry reels from effects of pandemic and Brexit

-Fri, 25 Sep 15:11:05 [BBC]:
William Hill: Takeover battle looms for UK bookmaker

-Fri, 25 Sep 13:22:03 [The Independent]:
No-deal Brexit will lead to £1.3 billion a year rise in food and drink tariffs

-Fri, 25 Sep 12:22:56 [The Independent]:
Boohoo ignored issues at factories, guilty of 'many failures', review finds

-Fri, 25 Sep 10:05:48 [The Independent]:
Next boss Lord Wolfson warns thousands of traditional retail jobs ‘unviable’ after pandemic

-Fri, 25 Sep 8:33:39 [BBC]:
Job Support Scheme will make 'zero difference' to restaurants

-Fri, 25 Sep 5:57:29 [BBC]:
Ford Bridgend closure: 'Journey into the unknown'

-Fri, 25 Sep 1:17:02 [BBC]:
Harley-Davidson to exit world's biggest bike market

-Thu, 24 Sep 23:57:12 [BBC]:
'Shop early for Christmas or risk losing out'

-Thu, 24 Sep 23:56:23 [BBC]:
Shoppers could pay more after no-deal Brexit

-Thu, 24 Sep 23:18:54 [The Independent]:
Former boss of Cambridge Analytica banned from being company director over 'shady political services'

-Thu, 24 Sep 23:01:00 [The Independent]:
How a four-day week could boost the economy after coronavirus

-Thu, 24 Sep 23:00:00 [The Independent]:
Cineworld’s woes point to an unhappy ending for cinema chains

-Thu, 24 Sep 17:25:44 [The Independent]:
Pay rises ‘plummet’ to lowest levels in a decade

-Thu, 24 Sep 15:55:06 [The Independent]:
Zhong Shanshan: China's new richest person is bottled water tycoon and vaccine investor

-Thu, 24 Sep 15:29:54 [BBC]:
Rishi Sunak defends emergency jobs scheme

-Thu, 24 Sep 14:40:59 [The Independent]:
‘We’re being suffocated by the government’: Rishi Sunak’s job support measures not enough, say businesses

-Thu, 24 Sep 13:09:09 [The Independent]:
The big hole in Rishi Sunak’s Job Support Scheme

-Thu, 24 Sep 12:08:40 [BBC]:
Rishi Sunak's post-furlough plan: At-a-glance

-Thu, 24 Sep 11:27:09 [BBC]:
Rishi Sunak: VAT cut to be extended for hospitality sector

-Thu, 24 Sep 11:01:13 [BBC]:
Fraudsters 'caught me in a spider's web'

-Thu, 24 Sep 10:53:45 [The Independent]:
Cineworld raises doubts about its future after £1.3bn loss during lockdown

-Thu, 24 Sep 8:51:09 [BBC]:
China’s new richest person is a bottled water tycoon

-Thu, 24 Sep 8:04:22 [BBC]:
Cineworld swings to huge loss after virus closures

-Thu, 24 Sep 2:14:00 [BBC]:
Trump: Major carmakers sue US government over China tax

-Wed, 23 Sep 23:42:21 [BBC]:
Wells Fargo's Charles Scharf apologises over race comments

-Wed, 23 Sep 23:23:11 [The Independent]:
Rishi Sunak must decide how to protect jobs now – or risk losing his superstar status

-Wed, 23 Sep 23:12:29 [BBC]:
'My bank is shutting my account because of Brexit'

-Wed, 23 Sep 23:12:13 [BBC]:
Brexit: Seven things changing in January and others that remain unresolved

-Wed, 23 Sep 23:12:02 [BBC]:
Brexit: Why is it so hard to reach a deal?

-Wed, 23 Sep 23:11:41 [BBC]:
Top food brands lack green packaging, says Which?

-Wed, 23 Sep 23:11:26 [BBC]:
Many firms 'have not considered Brexit effect'

-Wed, 23 Sep 23:00:00 [The Independent]:
‘We’re giving classic cars a heart transplant’