-Mon, 23 Sep 10:42:05 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Ceconomy eyes deal with heirs of Media Markt founder - sources

-Mon, 23 Sep 10:37:00 [Reuters]:
German state of Hesse says it will support Condor's quest for bridging loan

-Mon, 23 Sep 10:37:00 [Reuters]:
Thomas Cook's collapse strands about 50,000 in Greece, hotels fret

-Mon, 23 Sep 10:29:02 [Reuters]:
Oil falls below $64 as source says Saudis near full output restart

-Mon, 23 Sep 10:24:33 [Reuters]:
Macron says Saudi attacks do not help prospects for a Trump-Rouhani meeting

-Mon, 23 Sep 10:21:07 [Reuters]:
Vivendi keeps Mediaset stake, prepares to step up legal fight: sources

-Mon, 23 Sep 10:11:37 [Reuters]:
At shuttered Ohio plant, workers still hope for new GM vehicle

-Mon, 23 Sep 10:06:46 [Reuters]:
Huawei CFO's arrest at airport to be focus of Vancouver hearing

-Mon, 23 Sep 9:41:30 [Reuters]:
Factbox: European reaction to Thomas Cook bankruptcy

-Mon, 23 Sep 9:37:34 [Reuters]:
Thomas Cook's Condor says it has 240,000 customers currently abroad

-Mon, 23 Sep 9:34:44 [Reuters]:
Cyprus says 15,000 Thomas Cook customers stranded on island

-Mon, 23 Sep 9:29:24 [Reuters]:
Oil edges further above $64 on doubts over Saudi supply

-Mon, 23 Sep 9:13:05 [Reuters]:
Thomas Cook collapses: Why and what happens now?

-Mon, 23 Sep 9:12:14 [Reuters]:
Factbox: 'Nightmare, nightmare' - tourists stranded after Thomas Cook collapses

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:59:41 [Reuters]:
Thomas Cook's Condor to continue operations, seeks bridging loan from Germany

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:57:35 [Reuters]:
Stocks fall as PMI surveys disappoint, oil gains more than 1%

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:51:42 [Reuters]:
Turkey could lose up to 700,000 tourists annually after Thomas Cook collapse: hotel federation

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:50:50 [Reuters]:
Thomas Cook says some 140,000 people traveling with its German subsidiaries

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:48:14 [Reuters]:
46 flights operated by Thomas Cook in Spain canceled: Airport operator AENA

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:47:00 [The Independent]:
Brexit is hurting the UK's productivity – and wages with it

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:45:02 [Reuters]:
Germany Lufthansa not interested in Thomas Cook bid: Die Welt

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:29:48 [Reuters]:
Saga securing alternative flights for customers hit by Thomas Cook collapse

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:29:48 [Reuters]:
Thomas Cook's collapse strands about 50,000 in Greece, official says

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:24:20 [Reuters]:
BNP's prime brokerage deal with Deutsche may transfer up to 1,000 staff

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:10:20 [Reuters]:
Thomas Cook's Condor still flying, no need for German repatriation mission: spokesman

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:03:36 [Reuters]:
Thomas Cook collapse boosts rival holiday companies, budget airlines

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:03:29 [Reuters]:
British travel firm Thomas Cook collapses, leaving hundreds of thousands stranded

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:02:55 [Reuters]:
Turkey to support local companies hit by Thomas Cook; 21K customers in country

-Mon, 23 Sep 8:01:18 [Reuters]:
Vivendi holds onto Mediaset stake as withdrawal right deadline expires: sources

-Mon, 23 Sep 7:42:09 [Reuters]:
Factbox: Lessors scramble to recover dozens of jets from Thomas Cook

-Mon, 23 Sep 7:34:10 [Reuters]:
Labour's McDonnell says Thomas Cook bosses should pay back bonuses

-Mon, 23 Sep 7:22:00 [The Independent]:
Business news live: Eurozone recession draws nearer as German private sector shrinks for first time since 2013

-Mon, 23 Sep 7:11:53 [Reuters]:
Travel firm Thomas Cook's collapse strands about 50,000 in Greece: Greek government official

-Mon, 23 Sep 7:01:18 [Reuters]:
Asian shares ease on geopolitical tensions, oil up 1%

-Mon, 23 Sep 6:58:49 [Reuters]:
Travel operator TUI, airlines shares seen boosted by Thomas Cook collapse

-Mon, 23 Sep 6:37:42 [Reuters]:
Thomas Cook's Condor will continue operations, seeks bridging loan

-Mon, 23 Sep 6:37:01 [Reuters]:
Government should have saved travel firm Thomas Cook - UK Labour Party

-Mon, 23 Sep 6:34:08 [Reuters]:
Malindo Air says data leak caused by ex-staffers at contractor firm

-Mon, 23 Sep 6:33:00 [The Independent]:
UK wages flatline as robots take office jobs, pushing skilled workers into low-paid roles

-Mon, 23 Sep 6:23:52 [Reuters]:
Holiday provider On The Beach flags costs from Thomas Cook collapse

-Mon, 23 Sep 6:22:15 [Reuters]:
Airlines ask Hong Kong to waive airport fees as demand drops: letter

-Mon, 23 Sep 6:06:57 [BBC]:
Thomas Cook collapse: Customers react to cancelled holidays

-Mon, 23 Sep 6:03:45 [Reuters]:
Hundreds of thousands stranded as British travel firm Thomas Cook collapses

-Mon, 23 Sep 5:52:08 [Times]:
Longstanding Tour Company Thomas Cook Collapses With Global Bookings Canceled

-Mon, 23 Sep 5:34:53 [Reuters]:
Oil gains more than 1% on Saudi supply doubts, Mideast tensions

-Mon, 23 Sep 5:29:54 [BBC]:
Thomas Cook collapses: Chief executive apologises

-Mon, 23 Sep 5:22:00 [Reuters]:
Like fine whisky, Texan oil exporters tout unblended crude

-Mon, 23 Sep 5:03:19 [Reuters]:
UK PM Johnson questions whether Thomas Cook bosses 'properly incentivized'

-Mon, 23 Sep 4:17:25 [Reuters]:
Factbox: Key dates in the history of tour company Thomas Cook

-Mon, 23 Sep 3:58:27 [Reuters]:
Asian shares dip on geopolitical tensions, oil up 1%