-Fri, 30 Jul 22:01:52 [BBC]:
'Covid vaccine scammers nearly got me'

-Fri, 30 Jul 22:00:41 [BBC]:
Employee shortages: Where have all the workers gone?

-Fri, 30 Jul 21:02:35 [Times]:
‘Cube Crawls’ and ‘Frat Bro’ Culture: California’s Huge Activision Blizzard Lawsuit Alleges Another Toxic Workplace in the Video Game Industry

-Fri, 30 Jul 16:51:47 [The Independent]:
‘No jab no job’ policies set to spark deluge of employment tribunals, lawyers warn

-Fri, 30 Jul 11:31:24 [BBC]:
Eurozone out of recession after economy grows 2%

-Fri, 30 Jul 10:24:57 [Times]:
Biden’s Last-Ditch Effort to Stop Evictions Frustrates Allies

-Fri, 30 Jul 8:50:22 [BBC]:
British Airways owner IAG to ramp up flights

-Fri, 30 Jul 7:45:53 [Times]:
Amazon’s Sales Growth Slows as the Pandemic Shopping Surge Eases

-Fri, 30 Jul 4:23:05 [The Independent]:
Sensex opens flat as Asian markets tumble, FTSE 100 ends with gains

-Thu, 29 Jul 23:13:03 [BBC]:
'My bakery lets you take a bite out of celebs'

-Thu, 29 Jul 23:02:48 [BBC]:
"I was asked how often I use the toilet"

-Thu, 29 Jul 22:11:44 [Times]:
McDonald’s Announces New Meal Collab with Rapper Saweetie, Building on Wildly Successful Musician Collabs

-Thu, 29 Jul 21:41:36 [BBC]:
Amazon predicts slower sales growth as Covid boost eases

-Thu, 29 Jul 20:30:47 [The Independent]:
AstraZeneca may be done with vaccines. That’s sad but not surprising

-Thu, 29 Jul 19:53:39 [The Independent]:
What’s next for the US economy?

-Thu, 29 Jul 19:52:12 [BBC]:
Robinhood has a muted stock market debut

-Thu, 29 Jul 19:15:45 [BBC]:
Shareholder dissent grows over Morrison's takeover bid

-Thu, 29 Jul 18:16:25 [BBC]:
Bumble to give staff unlimited paid leave

-Thu, 29 Jul 15:24:25 [The Independent]:
Sunak’s stamp duty cut was a mistake, economists say

-Thu, 29 Jul 15:13:44 [The Independent]:
Number of people on furlough falls by 590,000 to lowest level since scheme opened

-Thu, 29 Jul 14:32:42 [The Independent]:
Sunak’s stamp duty cut was a mistake, economists say

-Thu, 29 Jul 14:18:30 [The Independent]:
‘Completely unacceptable’: Drug firm Advanz fined £100m for making thyroid drug unaffordable for NHS

-Thu, 29 Jul 13:19:42 [Times]:
‘I Will Cry When I Deliver That Last Yogurt.’ Small Ranch Owners Are Selling Their Herds For Lack of Water

-Thu, 29 Jul 13:06:03 [BBC]:
US economic growth 'disappoints' as Covid surges

-Thu, 29 Jul 12:59:36 [The Independent]:
Pingdemic hinders car production bounceback

-Thu, 29 Jul 12:46:15 [Times]:
Google’s Employee Vaccine Mandate Could Influence Other Companies to Do the Same

-Thu, 29 Jul 8:51:11 [The Independent]:
Toy maker Mattel warns of Christmas price rises due to Covid supply problems

-Thu, 29 Jul 8:06:42 [The Independent]:
Pingdemic hinders car production bounce back

-Thu, 29 Jul 7:08:47 [BBC]:
Drug firm fined for huge price rise that hit NHS

-Thu, 29 Jul 7:05:49 [BBC]:
Australia house prices soar at 'unsustainable' rate

-Thu, 29 Jul 5:03:23 [BBC]:
Uber slides over reports SoftBank selling 45 million shares

-Thu, 29 Jul 4:46:48 [The Independent]:
Sensex rises 250 points following revival in Asia and US Fed decision, FTSE 100 ends higher

-Wed, 28 Jul 23:12:10 [BBC]:
My Money: 'I had forgotten how it all adds up'

-Wed, 28 Jul 23:03:50 [BBC]:
Car production hit by 'pingdemic' and global chip shortage

-Wed, 28 Jul 23:03:30 [BBC]:
'We lost our life savings in a cryptocurrency scam'

-Wed, 28 Jul 23:03:02 [BBC]:
Covid: Furlough scheme set to wind down further

-Wed, 28 Jul 22:06:59 [BBC]:
Google workers will need Covid jabs to return to office

-Wed, 28 Jul 20:46:25 [BBC]:
Facebook warns growth set to slow 'significantly'

-Wed, 28 Jul 20:30:21 [The Independent]:
Living Wage Foundation rails against insecure work as Labour belatedly wakes up

-Wed, 28 Jul 19:22:01 [BBC]:
International cruises to restart from UK

-Wed, 28 Jul 18:24:35 [BBC]:
US economic recovery 'making progress', says Fed

-Wed, 28 Jul 14:56:19 [Times]:
Sponsor Gap Backs Simone Biles’ Decision to Pull Out of Competition at Olympics

-Wed, 28 Jul 10:16:12 [Times]:
Wu-Tang Album Owned by Shkreli Is Sold by U.S. Government

-Wed, 28 Jul 9:25:28 [The Independent]:
650,000 UK firms in ‘serious financial distress’ despite easing of restrictions, experts warn

-Wed, 28 Jul 9:24:19 [BBC]:
Housing market cools as stamp duty break withdrawn

-Wed, 28 Jul 7:46:48 [BBC]:
Cannabis part of the future says tobacco giant

-Wed, 28 Jul 4:56:51 [The Independent]:
Sensex down 300 points as Asian markets tumble, FTSE 100 dragged down by consumer stocks

-Tue, 27 Jul 21:13:17 [BBC]:
Tech giants' profits soar as pandemic boom continues

-Tue, 27 Jul 18:11:44 [BBC]:
Morrisons' shareholder will not back takeover bid

-Tue, 27 Jul 13:04:41 [Times]:
What Jeff Bezos’ Philanthropy Tells Us About His New Priorities—and What Change They May Bring