-Mon, 24 Sep 16:16:29 [Reuters]:
Michael Kors set to snap up Italy's Versace: sources

-Mon, 24 Sep 16:14:04 [Reuters]:
Wall Street drops on trade worries, Rosenstein news

-Mon, 24 Sep 16:03:18 [BBC]:
WH Smith halts Debenhams gift card sales

-Mon, 24 Sep 16:00:09 [Reuters]:
Stock markets fall on trade war pessimism, oil rallies

-Mon, 24 Sep 15:35:15 [CNN]:
Time is running out for Sears, CEO warns

-Mon, 24 Sep 15:35:00 [The Independent]:
Barclays chairman's PPI comments show why regulators can't afford to ease up on banks

-Mon, 24 Sep 15:00:02 [Reuters]:
S&P hits session low on report Rosenstein resigns

-Mon, 24 Sep 14:49:51 [CNN]:
Michael Kors could buy Versace in $2 billion deal

-Mon, 24 Sep 14:48:42 [Reuters]:
Wall Street's S&P communication sector starts with a whimper

-Mon, 24 Sep 14:37:33 [CNN]:
How a Romanian refugee-turned-CEO found the American Dream

-Mon, 24 Sep 14:28:24 [Reuters]:
Sirius XM to buy Pandora in $3.5 billion streaming push

-Mon, 24 Sep 14:27:00 [Reuters]:
Wall Street lower as industrials, tech fall on trade woes

-Mon, 24 Sep 14:16:21 [Reuters]:
Sky's shares jump after Comcast wins auction with big bet

-Mon, 24 Sep 13:55:58 [BBC]:
Oil jumps as Opec keeps output steady

-Mon, 24 Sep 13:35:11 [Reuters]:
Wall Street opens lower on trade woes, tech drop

-Mon, 24 Sep 13:14:25 [Reuters]:
Wall Street to open lower on trade woes; S&P sector reshuffle in focus

-Mon, 24 Sep 13:09:51 [Reuters]:
T-Mobile revamps prepaid brand to spruce up image

-Mon, 24 Sep 13:06:42 [Reuters]:
Apple, Salesforce team up to bring Siri to more business apps

-Mon, 24 Sep 13:06:00 [The Independent]:
Michael Kors to buy Versace, reports say

-Mon, 24 Sep 13:04:54 [Reuters]:
Uber's strongest growth comes in depressed Argentina -- minus commissions

-Mon, 24 Sep 13:01:37 [Reuters]:
Michael Kors snaps up Italy's Versace: sources

-Mon, 24 Sep 12:43:55 [CNN]:
Weight Watchers is changing its name to WW

-Mon, 24 Sep 12:37:31 [Reuters]:
Symantec ends accounting probe without major revision to results

-Mon, 24 Sep 12:34:40 [Reuters]:
Iran says oil to rise as Saudi, Russia do 'little and late'

-Mon, 24 Sep 12:24:38 [The Independent]:
State school students underrepresented in top UK graduate schemes, report finds

-Mon, 24 Sep 12:22:00 [The Independent]:
Michael Kors to buy Versace, reports say

-Mon, 24 Sep 12:03:41 [Reuters]:
SiriusXM to buy Pandora in $3.5 billion streaming push

-Mon, 24 Sep 11:59:06 [Times]:
Sirius to Acquire Pandora in $3.5 Billion Online Radio Deal

-Mon, 24 Sep 11:52:19 [Times]:
Michael Kors Is Close to Buying Versace for $2 Billion

-Mon, 24 Sep 11:40:00 [The Independent]:
Major gas discovery off coast of Scotland

-Mon, 24 Sep 11:39:37 [Reuters]:
European markets dip as trade war pessimism weighs again

-Mon, 24 Sep 11:26:28 [CNN]:
SiriusXM is buying Pandora in $3.5 billion deal

-Mon, 24 Sep 11:04:51 [BBC]:
Weight Watchers slims down in rebrand

-Mon, 24 Sep 11:04:48 [Reuters]:
A close-up of Wall Street's new S&P 500 communication services sector

-Mon, 24 Sep 11:00:00 [The Independent]:
Sky share price jumps as investors welcome Comcast's winning takeover bid

-Mon, 24 Sep 10:30:17 [Reuters]:
Volvo halts Iran truck assembly due to U.S. sanctions

-Mon, 24 Sep 10:22:13 [Reuters]:
Michael Kors to take control of Italy's Versace: sources

-Mon, 24 Sep 10:07:43 [BBC]:
Barrick and Randgold to create world's biggest miner

-Mon, 24 Sep 9:50:00 [The Independent]:
Tory Brexiteers are peddling another fantasy with their Canada deal idea

-Mon, 24 Sep 9:39:01 [Reuters]:
Canada's Barrick Gold to buy Randgold Resources in $18.3 billion deal

-Mon, 24 Sep 9:34:12 [Reuters]:
Sky's shares jump after Comcast wins auction with knockout blow

-Mon, 24 Sep 9:31:27 [Reuters]:
Danske Bank board close to appointing new CEO: Finans

-Mon, 24 Sep 9:27:56 [Reuters]:
European markets dip as trade war, Brexit pessimism weigh

-Mon, 24 Sep 9:15:30 [CNN]:
Barrick is buying Randgold to create the world's top gold miner

-Mon, 24 Sep 9:06:25 [Reuters]:
China says U.S. trying to force it to submit on trade as new tariffs kick in

-Mon, 24 Sep 8:57:55 [CNN]:
Sky shareholders cheer; Trade war escalates; Huge gold deal

-Mon, 24 Sep 8:32:00 [The Independent]:
Labour's plans to give workers more shares in companies would lead to lower pay and productivity, CBI warns

-Mon, 24 Sep 8:09:26 [Reuters]:
Singapore fines Grab and Uber, imposes measures to open up market

-Mon, 24 Sep 7:41:00 [The Independent]:
Randgold and Barrick agree $18bn deal to create world's biggest gold miner

-Mon, 24 Sep 7:39:37 [CNN]:
Sky shareholders cheer Comcast's $40 billion knockout bid