-Wed, 17 Oct 13:38:26 [Reuters]:
Musk to buy $20 million in Tesla stock

-Wed, 17 Oct 13:37:00 [Reuters]:
Wall St. dips at open; Fed minutes awaited

-Wed, 17 Oct 13:23:55 [Reuters]:
Danske Bank forced to resume CEO search after regulator's rejection

-Wed, 17 Oct 13:22:13 [Reuters]:
Netflix shares jump as Wall Street applauds record subscriber growth

-Wed, 17 Oct 13:16:13 [Reuters]:
Musk to purchase Tesla stock worth $20 mln

-Wed, 17 Oct 13:14:13 [Reuters]:
U.S. housing starts, building permits fall in September

-Wed, 17 Oct 13:13:09 [Reuters]:
U.S. frees Prudential Financial from more rigorous Fed oversight

-Wed, 17 Oct 13:11:15 [Reuters]:
Rising rates knock U.S. mortgage activity to lowest since 2014: MBA

-Wed, 17 Oct 13:07:33 [Reuters]:
Wall St. set to drop at open after strong rally; Fed minutes awaited

-Wed, 17 Oct 12:56:32 [Reuters]:
U.S. removes 'systemic' oversight from Prudential Financial

-Wed, 17 Oct 12:46:55 [Reuters]:
World stock recovery loses steam as European auto sector takes beating

-Wed, 17 Oct 12:40:35 [Reuters]:
U.S. housing starts fall more than expected in September

-Wed, 17 Oct 12:33:29 [Reuters]:
Netflix: Top analyst downgrades citing limited margin expansion

-Wed, 17 Oct 12:26:46 [BBC]:
Google unshackles Android-device firms

-Wed, 17 Oct 12:11:21 [Reuters]:
Stock futures cool after strong rally; Fed minutes awaited

-Wed, 17 Oct 11:59:00 [Reuters]:
Siemens may have to share big Iraq power contract with GE - Financial Times

-Wed, 17 Oct 11:56:00 [The Independent]:
Chancellor must call time on cruel benefits freeze costing hard up families £580 each

-Wed, 17 Oct 11:56:00 [The Independent]:
Chancellor must call time on cruel benefits freeze costing hard up families £580 each

-Wed, 17 Oct 11:47:31 [Reuters]:
Boeing signs maintenance deals with El Al Airlines, Lufthansa

-Wed, 17 Oct 11:26:29 [Reuters]:
Timeline: Regulator rejects Danske Bank's choice for chief executive

-Wed, 17 Oct 11:11:37 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Express Scripts covers Amgen, Lilly migraine therapies, excludes Teva drug

-Wed, 17 Oct 11:02:54 [Reuters]:
Netflix shares jump after record subscriber growth

-Wed, 17 Oct 10:44:10 [Reuters]:
Sprint sells mobile advertising unit to InMobi

-Wed, 17 Oct 10:36:00 [Reuters]:
Factbox: Potential candidates to become Danske Bank's next CEO

-Wed, 17 Oct 10:25:25 [Reuters]:
Tesla secures Shanghai site for $2 billion China Gigafactory

-Wed, 17 Oct 10:22:59 [Reuters]:
Weaker China demand, regulation spell tough quarter for Europe's auto stocks: Goldman Sachs

-Wed, 17 Oct 10:04:00 [The Independent]:
Netflix a Wall Street darling again as it confounds its own pessimistic forecasts

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:52:39 [Reuters]:
Tesla secures Shanghai site for China Gigafactory

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:45:00 [The Independent]:
Asos sales and profits soar as online fashion retailer leaves high street rivals behind

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:43:58 [Reuters]:
Danske Bank ditches CEO candidate after regulator rejection

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:37:00 [The Independent]:
UK inflation in September falls unexpectedly, sending pound sterling tumbling

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:21:13 [Reuters]:
Tesla signs agreement in Shanghai for gigafactory site

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:18:32 [Reuters]:
Iran calls U.S. efforts to cut its oil exports to zero 'political bluff'

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:08:55 [Reuters]:
Hard Brexit could ground Ryanair planes for three weeks: CEO

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:08:08 [Reuters]:
SocGen CEO cancels attendance at Saudi Arabia investment conference

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:03:51 [Reuters]:
World stocks extend rise after blockbuster U.S. earnings

-Wed, 17 Oct 9:00:34 [Reuters]:
Danske Bank ditches CEO candidate after regulator questions experience

-Wed, 17 Oct 8:52:00 [The Independent]:
Flybe profits hit by higher fuel prices and weaker pound

-Wed, 17 Oct 8:18:30 [Reuters]:
Ryanair CEO says sees no growth in Germany in 2019

-Wed, 17 Oct 7:43:57 [BBC]:
Flybe shares sink on profit warning

-Wed, 17 Oct 7:41:20 [BBC]:
Canada cashes in on legal cannabis

-Wed, 17 Oct 7:40:00 [The Independent]:
Netflix shares soar after subscriber growth surges at a record rate

-Wed, 17 Oct 7:25:23 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Don't mention the oil price - U.S. legal threat prompts change at OPEC

-Wed, 17 Oct 7:05:27 [BBC]:
Asos still in fashion as profits and sales keep soaring

-Wed, 17 Oct 6:43:48 [Reuters]:
Trump administration says to open trade talks with EU, UK, Japan

-Wed, 17 Oct 6:10:04 [Reuters]:
VW, FCA and Renault lead emissions-driven European sales slump

-Wed, 17 Oct 5:58:11 [Reuters]:
Fujifilm wins appeal in battle with Xerox over aborted merger

-Wed, 17 Oct 5:47:04 [Reuters]:
Search engine Baidu becomes first China firm to join U.S. AI ethics group

-Wed, 17 Oct 5:16:33 [Reuters]:
Asia shares echo Wall Street cheer, China more muted

-Wed, 17 Oct 4:50:47 [Reuters]:
China's Zhoushan city woos Exxon Mobil for a $7 billion ethylene plant