-Sat, 18 Aug 18:03:19 [CNN]:
Relax, binge watchers. Netflix is not adding commercials

-Sat, 18 Aug 16:05:10 [CNN]:
Twitter's Jack Dorsey: 'We are not' discriminating against any political viewpoint

-Sat, 18 Aug 13:06:04 [Reuters]:
VW's CEO was told about emissions software months before scandal: Der Spiegel

-Sat, 18 Aug 11:19:17 [The Independent]:
Venezuela: How the most oil rich nation on earth was brought to the brink of collapse

-Sat, 18 Aug 8:34:35 [Reuters]:
China's Geely in deal to let Malaysia's Proton tap new-energy, other vehicle tech in global push

-Sat, 18 Aug 1:36:47 [Reuters]:
Chinese internet stock sell-off may shake faith in FANGs

-Fri, 17 Aug 23:02:34 [The Independent]:
Santander and Nationwide rated best student bank account providers by Which?

-Fri, 17 Aug 22:23:20 [CNN]:
Alex Jones, InfoWars accused of destroying evidence related to Sandy Hook suit

-Fri, 17 Aug 22:06:48 [Reuters]:
Walmart asks some beauty suppliers to consider sourcing outside of China

-Fri, 17 Aug 21:54:39 [Reuters]:
Turkey's lira falls 3 percent, Trump won't take pastor's detention 'sitting down'

-Fri, 17 Aug 21:33:32 [Reuters]:
Thyssenkrupp's interim chairman says structure is not sacrosanct: Focus

-Fri, 17 Aug 21:29:21 [CNN]:
HUD hits Facebook with housing discrimination complaint

-Fri, 17 Aug 21:28:27 [Reuters]:
Venezuelans rush to shop, fill tanks before monetary overhaul

-Fri, 17 Aug 21:17:00 [Reuters]:
Moody's downgrades Turkey to Ba3, assigns negative outlook

-Fri, 17 Aug 21:01:16 [BBC]:
Students risk overdraft debt spiral

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:45:35 [Reuters]:
Wall Street rises on upbeat trade news

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:36:25 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger - sources

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:29:07 [Reuters]:
Turkey's lira weakens 4 percent, Trump says won't take pastor's detention 'sitting down'

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:28:16 [Reuters]:
S&P lowers Turkey's credit rating deeper into junk territory

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:17:24 [Reuters]:
Venezuelans rush to shops before monetary overhaul

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:09:05 [Reuters]:
Musk's tunnel-boring firm seeks U.S. tariff exemption for Chinese parts

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:06:37 [Reuters]:
Wall Street rises on trade talk optimism

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:00:44 [Reuters]:
Tesla stock sinks after Musk gives tearful NYT interview

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:00:05 [Reuters]:
SEC moves to ease information disclosure requirements

-Fri, 17 Aug 20:00:05 [Reuters]:
Trump asks SEC to mull half-year corporate filings

-Fri, 17 Aug 19:59:34 [Reuters]:
Oil rises in session, but has weekly loss on trade worries

-Fri, 17 Aug 19:41:01 [Reuters]:
Trump asks US SEC to mull half-year corporate filings

-Fri, 17 Aug 19:32:14 [Reuters]:
SEC says it continues to study frequency of company reporting

-Fri, 17 Aug 19:29:23 [Reuters]:
Wall Street jumps on news of trade progress

-Fri, 17 Aug 19:21:34 [Reuters]:
Brazil's Marfrig to sell U.S. unit to Tyson for $2.5 billion: sources

-Fri, 17 Aug 19:01:15 [Reuters]:
Kill quarterly reporting? Some investors ring alarm bells

-Fri, 17 Aug 18:49:26 [Reuters]:
Global stocks edge higher as Turkey worries offset U.S.-China trade talks

-Fri, 17 Aug 18:38:50 [Reuters]:
Wall Street surges on news of trade progress

-Fri, 17 Aug 18:34:28 [The Independent]:
Nearly 80% of new diesel cars still pollute beyond legal limits, tests reveal

-Fri, 17 Aug 18:10:50 [Reuters]:
Goldman faces U.K. probe over reporting practices: Bloomberg

-Fri, 17 Aug 17:31:07 [Reuters]:
Nasdaq hit as chip stocks fall; defensive sectors prop up Dow, S&P

-Fri, 17 Aug 17:19:40 [Reuters]:
Investors query funding costs at a private Tesla

-Fri, 17 Aug 17:17:18 [Reuters]:
Trump backs CEOs, proposes easing corporate reporting rules

-Fri, 17 Aug 16:48:09 [Reuters]:
Tesla sinks after Musk opens up about going private tweet in NYT interview

-Fri, 17 Aug 16:44:30 [CNN]:
Brian Klass: Trump is inflicting long-term damage on 'political culture'

-Fri, 17 Aug 16:37:30 [Reuters]:
It will be tough for Trump's SEC to overhaul reporting rules

-Fri, 17 Aug 16:22:08 [CNN]:
How Trump could ruin Elon Musk's plan to take Tesla private

-Fri, 17 Aug 16:03:10 [Reuters]:
U.S. value stocks capitalize on 'FANG' stumbles, with room to run

-Fri, 17 Aug 16:00:45 [CNN]:
Amazon could be coming to a movie theater near you

-Fri, 17 Aug 15:59:21 [Reuters]:
Oil rises but set for weekly loss on concerns over trade row

-Fri, 17 Aug 15:58:28 [Reuters]:
Trump asks SEC to consider switch to half-year corporate filings

-Fri, 17 Aug 15:58:13 [Reuters]:
Brazil's Marfrig to sell U.S. unit to Tyson for $2.5 billion, sources say

-Fri, 17 Aug 15:57:42 [Reuters]:
Nasdaq drops as chipmakers lead a slide in tech stocks

-Fri, 17 Aug 15:51:55 [CNN]:
Tesla's stock falls sharply after Elon Musk's tearful interview

-Fri, 17 Aug 15:24:02 [BBC]:
Trump calls for end to quarterly reporting