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-Mon, 28 Sep 17:37:16 [CNN]:
Trump in 2011 said lower-income Americans should have to pay taxes to 'be a part of the game' and said he paid 'a lot'

-Mon, 28 Sep 17:33:40 [BBC]:
Clubs to vote on how to end Premier League season if it is cut short by Covid-19

-Mon, 28 Sep 17:23:30 [CNN]:
Parents of Mexico's missing students remain hopeful, six years after their disappearance

-Mon, 28 Sep 17:20:11 [CNN]:
Here's how astronauts vote from space

-Mon, 28 Sep 17:15:33 [CNN]:
Beachgoers scramble as tornado moves up popular US beach

-Mon, 28 Sep 17:05:22 [CNN]:
Serena Williams begins search for record-equaling 24th Grand Slam

-Mon, 28 Sep 17:05:17 [CNN]:
Worldwide pandemic draining resources from Al-Hol camp

-Mon, 28 Sep 16:58:01 [CNN]:
Former Florida SCOTUS chief justice warns Trump poses 'grave' threat to democracy

-Mon, 28 Sep 16:57:03 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: Call for 'urgent review' of pub curfew and virus loans claimed by scam firms

-Mon, 28 Sep 16:51:26 [CNN]:
Harlow shuts down WH official: Stop attacking the press or this interview will end

-Mon, 28 Sep 16:07:32 [CNN]:
Analysis: There's a historic insurrection against Trump happening within the GOP

-Mon, 28 Sep 16:00:04 [Times]:
Voting by Mail Dates Back to America’s Earliest Years. Here’s How It’s Changed Over the Years

-Mon, 28 Sep 15:57:34 [CNN]:
A man covered his face with tattoos. He says it cost him his teaching job

-Mon, 28 Sep 15:26:07 [CNN]:
Mariah Carey reveals she once recorded an alternative album

-Mon, 28 Sep 15:22:38 [CNN]:
Biden campaign seizes on Trump tax report

-Mon, 28 Sep 15:12:06 [BBC]:
Williams overcomes slow start to beat Ahn

-Mon, 28 Sep 14:52:31 [CNN]:
Officer charged in connection to Breonna Taylor's killing expected to plead not guilty

-Mon, 28 Sep 14:44:10 [Times]:
How Amy Coney Barrett Could Alter the Future of the U.S.’s Climate Change Policy

-Mon, 28 Sep 14:15:03 [CNN]:
This designer will stop selling polo shirts associated with the 'Proud Boys'

-Mon, 28 Sep 14:11:45 [CNN]:
Analysis: Trump's taxes reveal why he really ran for president

-Mon, 28 Sep 13:28:34 [CNN]:
Taylor Swift tops Whitney Houston's record for most weeks at No. 1 on Billboard chart

-Mon, 28 Sep 13:28:30 [CNN]:
Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson endorses Biden for president

-Mon, 28 Sep 13:26:01 [CNN]:
'South Park' town showed up to watch the Denver Broncos game

-Mon, 28 Sep 13:13:37 [CNN]:
'Game of Thrones' stars reveal they are expecting their first child

-Mon, 28 Sep 12:42:54 [CNN]:
Washington Post: Trump considered daughter Ivanka as 2016 VP pick

-Mon, 28 Sep 12:03:32 [CNN]:
Trump's attempts to discredit Biden could come back to haunt him in first debate

-Mon, 28 Sep 11:58:46 [CNN]:
9 key takeaways about Trump Inc. from the New York Times report

-Mon, 28 Sep 11:42:50 [CNN]:
Paris Fashion Week strides on despite rising Covid-19 cases

-Mon, 28 Sep 11:36:31 [CNN]:
Another judge delivers blow to USPS, says changes put election mail 'at risk'

-Mon, 28 Sep 11:27:47 [CNN]:
Avlon: This is evidence of a broken system

-Mon, 28 Sep 11:15:46 [CNN]:
Chrissy Teigen hospitalized after suffering bleeding during latest pregnancy

-Mon, 28 Sep 11:04:37 [BBC]:
Justin Jefferson, Russell Wilson & Aaron Rodgers in NFL plays of the week

-Mon, 28 Sep 10:55:50 [BBC]:
Nagorno-Karabakh: What's behind the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict?

-Mon, 28 Sep 10:46:04 [CNN]:
Theme park operators fined $2.5 million for malfunction that killed four people

-Mon, 28 Sep 10:40:13 [CNN]:
Big Hit IPO makes BTS millionaires and their producer a billionaire

-Mon, 28 Sep 10:36:51 [CNN]:
Uber can continue operating in London, judge says

-Mon, 28 Sep 10:04:51 [CNN]:
The 10 Senate seats most likely to flip 5 weeks from Election Day

-Mon, 28 Sep 10:00:45 [Times]:
Exclusive: As States Prepared Mail-in Ballots, Postal Service Failed to Update at Least 1.8 Million Addresses

-Mon, 28 Sep 9:44:53 [CNN]:
Shares in Chinese chipmaker fall after reports that it could lose access to US technology

-Mon, 28 Sep 9:26:21 [CNN]:
Milan Fashion Week: Puppet models, aquatic escapism and the tentative return of runways

-Mon, 28 Sep 9:10:52 [BBC]:
Uber secures right to continue operating in London

-Mon, 28 Sep 8:16:56 [CNN]:
How parental self-care helps kids weather pandemic stress

-Mon, 28 Sep 8:11:22 [CNN]:
The holiday everyone needs right now is upon us: Fat Bear Week

-Mon, 28 Sep 7:45:28 [CNN]:
Anger erupts in American cities after charging decision in Breonna Taylor case

-Mon, 28 Sep 7:31:19 [CNN]:
Beijing to avoid frozen food from countries with major Covid-19 outbreaks

-Mon, 28 Sep 7:21:44 [CNN]:
Corovnavirus cases spike in New York

-Mon, 28 Sep 6:56:09 [CNN]:
2 new California wildfires burn nearly 10,000 acres in a day and force evacuations

-Mon, 28 Sep 6:13:40 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: Self-isolation crackdown, Wales lockdown and university latest

-Mon, 28 Sep 5:13:33 [BBC]:
Liverpool v Arsenal: Martin Keown's unusual analogy on Football Focus

-Mon, 28 Sep 5:06:11 [BBC]:
Andrew Flintoff discusses bulimia battle in BBC One documentary