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-Thu, 18 Jan 0:06:16 [BBC]:
UK pledges extra £44m for Channel border security

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:46:10 [CNN]:
Opinion: Love and Washington don't mix

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:36:04 [BBC]:
Newspaper headlines: 'Le stitch-up' at Calais and PFI deals criticised

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:28:39 [Times]:
YouTube Is Taking Down ‘Tide Pod Challenge’ Videos

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:28:18 [CNN]:
Bannon's appearance reveals WH effort to restrict testimony

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:24:33 [CNN]:
Report: Bannon had a 'slip-up' before panel

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:17:14 [Times]:
What Donald Trump’s Mental Health Exam Doesn’t Tell Us

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:10:52 [CNN]:
VA apologizes after surgery that allegedly left scalpel inside veteran for years

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:10:43 [Times]:
‘Close the Deal.’ Congress Wants President Trump to Be Decisive on Immigration

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:09:00 [Times]:
‘It’s Actually a Nightmare.’ Mother Warns Others After 10-Year-Old Suddenly Dies From Flu

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:06:08 [Times]:
How a Protest by Roman Women Helped Change an Ancient Law

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:05:30 [CNN]:
Under Trump, can we trust the government's terrorism data?

-Wed, 17 Jan 23:01:18 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Trump accuses Russia of helping North Korea evade sanctions; says U.S. needs more missile defense

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:47:17 [CNN]:
White House chief of staff tells Democrats he worked to change the President's stance on immigration

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:38:58 [CNN]:
Trump on shutdown talks: 'Working on it'

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:37:35 [BBC]:
FA Cup 2018: VAR system a shambles - Shearer

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:30:27 [BBC]:
Australian Open 2018: Laura Robson suggests renaming Margaret Court Arena

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:27:48 [CNN]:
The Constitution has stopped Trump -- so far

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:26:52 [Times]:
North Korea Aligning With South Korea for the Winter Olympics Is Already Causing Controversy

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:21:04 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Trump vows to campaign intensively for Republicans, may avoid primaries

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:17:23 [BBC]:
FA Cup 'What a moment' Lewis' late leveller for Norwich at Chelsea

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:17:04 [CNN]:
Republican calls short-term spending bill a 'crap sandwich'

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:14:49 [Times]:
These Actors All Worked With Woody Allen. Now They Regret It and Support Dylan Farrow

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:14:19 [Times]:
Barack Obama Gave Michelle Obama a Romantic Surprise for Her 54th Birthday

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:05:40 [Times]:
You Can’t Use Google’s New Selfie Art App in These States

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:02:21 [CNN]:
Teen killed in courtroom shooting

-Wed, 17 Jan 22:00:01 [Times]:
Nintendo’s Newest Products Are Switch Accessories You Can Build Yourself

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:53:40 [Times]:
4 Simple Ways to Protect Your Child From the Flu

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:52:20 [CNN]:
A Dreamer solution both parties can agree on

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:47:38 [BBC]:
Wigan Athletic 3-0 Bournemouth

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:40:15 [BBC]:
Australian Open 2018: Johanna Konta to face Bernarda Pera on day four

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:40:08 [CNN]:
Neighbor: We tried to talk to the kids once. They froze.

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:39:36 [CNN]:
Victims of long-term captivity often rebound

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:34:25 [Times]:
How the Government Shutdown Fight Could Stall a Program That Gives Millions of Children Health Insurance

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:30:16 [Times]:
Plucky Dog Hitchhikes 900 Miles After Its Family Left for Vacation

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:28:40 [CNN]:
American businesses can't find workers

-Wed, 17 Jan 21:15:22 [Times]:
Former High School Classmate Charged With Murder of UPenn Student

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:59:37 [CNN]:
Opinion: Is California horror house society's fault?

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:57:02 [Times]:
The Aziz Ansari Allegation Has People Talking About ‘Affirmative Consent.’ What’s That?

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:56:19 [Times]:
Twitter Will Alert Users Who May Have Seen Russian-Linked Posts

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:50:28 [Reuters]:
Snowstorm, deep freeze leaves four dead in U.S. South

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:45:28 [Times]:
McKayla Maroney Won’t Be Fined for Speaking Out About Sexual Abuse, USA Gymnastics Says

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:44:21 [Times]:
Ann Curry’s Complex Relationship With Matt Lauer and the Today Show

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:42:29 [Times]:
President Trump’s First Year Was an Affront to Civil Rights

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:42:07 [Times]:
4 Places to Visit in Japan Before Everyone Else Does

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:38:44 [Times]:
The 9 Absolute Weirdest Gadgets We Saw at CES This Year

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:36:59 [CNN]:
PANETTA: World needs to know that Trump is not who we are

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:24:06 [CNN]:
McConnell: Unclear what Trump wants

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:21:35 [Times]:
How Fire and Fury Author Michael Wolff Got Into Donald Trump’s White House

-Wed, 17 Jan 20:18:49 [Times]:
Who Will Represent Kim Jong Un at the Olympic Games?