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-Sun, 18 Aug 10:33:10 [Reuters]:
Islamic state claims responsibility for wedding suicide attack in Kabul

-Sun, 18 Aug 10:00:02 [CNN]:
One Republican's quest to stave off joining the 'Texodus'

-Sun, 18 Aug 9:56:44 [Reuters]:
Gibraltar says leaked Brexit warnings out of date and wrong

-Sun, 18 Aug 9:47:31 [CNN]:
A man is arrested after expressing interest in committing a mass shooting, FBI says

-Sun, 18 Aug 9:22:08 [Reuters]:
UK minister dismisses 'scaremongering' over leaked Brexit report

-Sun, 18 Aug 9:19:33 [Reuters]:
Tens of thousands of Hong Kongers join anti-government rally

-Sun, 18 Aug 9:10:55 [BBC]:
Archie Bruce: Batley Bulldogs player found dead in hotel after debut against Toulouse

-Sun, 18 Aug 9:03:23 [Reuters]:
U.S. and UK presence in Gulf brings insecurity: Iran Revolutionary Guards navy chief

-Sun, 18 Aug 9:00:48 [BBC]:
Three dead & ex-Celtic player Izaguirre injured in Honduras derby riot

-Sun, 18 Aug 8:51:26 [Reuters]:
Russia says no plans to install new missiles unless U.S. deploys them

-Sun, 18 Aug 8:46:03 [Reuters]:
UK faces food, fuel and drugs shortages in no-deal Brexit: Sunday Times, citing official documents

-Sun, 18 Aug 8:33:52 [Times]:
Hong Kong Protests Show Little Sign of Flagging as Large Crowds Rally for Democracy

-Sun, 18 Aug 7:51:13 [Reuters]:
Thousands of Hong Kongers brave rain to join anti-government rally

-Sun, 18 Aug 7:31:42 [BBC]:
Three dead & ex-Celtic player Izaguirre injured in Honduras derby riot

-Sun, 18 Aug 7:13:47 [CNN]:
A woman woke up to a stranger assaulting her in 1983. DNA finally led to an arrest

-Sun, 18 Aug 6:56:30 [Reuters]:
India reimposes movement curbs on parts of Kashmir's main city after clashes

-Sun, 18 Aug 6:31:50 [Reuters]:
Peace with whom? After blast, enraged Afghans question talks

-Sun, 18 Aug 6:31:17 [Reuters]:
Afghan president says Taliban can't escape blame for deadly bombing

-Sun, 18 Aug 6:10:28 [BBC]:
Jihadi Jack: IS recruit Jack Letts 'loses UK citizenship'

-Sun, 18 Aug 5:50:45 [CNN]:
A father is charged after 12-year-old girl hits a man and a dog with an SUV, killing them

-Sun, 18 Aug 5:26:32 [CNN]:
From Greenland to West Antarctica, Earth's enormous masses of ice are disappearing fast.

-Sun, 18 Aug 5:20:16 [Reuters]:
Hong Kong braces for mass anti-government rally

-Sun, 18 Aug 5:10:26 [CNN]:
NASCAR gives free tickets to first responders of Dale Earnhardt's plane crash

-Sun, 18 Aug 4:34:37 [Reuters]:
Afghan wedding suicide blast kills 63, amid hopes for talks

-Sun, 18 Aug 4:09:47 [BBC]:
Michael Brown regrets 'stupid' £2.4m Lib Dem donation

-Sun, 18 Aug 4:05:15 [Reuters]:
Afghan wedding suicide blast kills 63, wounds 182: ministry

-Sun, 18 Aug 3:43:39 [Reuters]:
Toll from suicide blast at Afghan wedding 63 dead and 182 hurt: ministry

-Sun, 18 Aug 1:31:01 [CNN]:
He spends half his $1,300 monthly salary on rent. He's fighting for a fairer Hong Kong

-Sun, 18 Aug 1:18:11 [CNN]:
At town hall, Rep. Steve King defends comments on abortion, rape and incest

-Sun, 18 Aug 0:37:04 [CNN]:
Pilot radioed he was having trouble before crash that killed himself and TV anchor

-Sat, 17 Aug 23:56:58 [CNN]:
Greenland has long been a bargaining chip between the US and Denmark

-Sat, 17 Aug 23:28:10 [BBC]:
Man City boss Guardiola 'accepts' VAR after goal overruled

-Sat, 17 Aug 23:27:15 [Reuters]:
Police make arrests as right-wing, anti-fascist groups rally in Portland

-Sat, 17 Aug 23:20:58 [CNN]:
NYT: Obama told Biden he didn't have to run in 2020

-Sat, 17 Aug 23:20:07 [BBC]:
The Papers: PM 'takes fight to EU' while Corbyn pleads with MPs

-Sat, 17 Aug 23:11:12 [Reuters]:
Argentina Treasury minister resigns, says 'significant renewal' needed amid economic crisis

-Sat, 17 Aug 22:58:26 [Reuters]:
UK faces food, fuel and drugs shortages in no-deal Brexit: Times, citing official documents

-Sat, 17 Aug 22:57:52 [BBC]:
Can Tottenham challenge Manchester City in the Premier League this year?

-Sat, 17 Aug 22:53:46 [CNN]:
Opinion: Trump, the divider, unites Denmark against sale of Greenland

-Sat, 17 Aug 22:47:05 [BBC]:
Match of the Day: Handball rule is ridiculous - Danny Murphy

-Sat, 17 Aug 22:30:52 [CNN]:
CNN reporter to rally leader: I don't understand why you're here

-Sat, 17 Aug 22:16:07 [Reuters]:
UK parliament cannot stop Brexit, Johnson to tell Macron and Merkel

-Sat, 17 Aug 22:00:08 [CNN]:
'Mommy can't do this for much longer': Waiting for a liver transplant, she prepares her family for the worst

-Sat, 17 Aug 21:40:22 [CNN]:
Andrew Cuomo: Domestic terrorists should face up to life without parole

-Sat, 17 Aug 21:36:52 [Times]:
Dozens Dead or Hurt in Wedding Suicide Bombing in Afghanistan Capital

-Sat, 17 Aug 21:14:01 [CNN]:
Eagles lure 40-year-old QB out of retirement

-Sat, 17 Aug 21:07:14 [Times]:
Trump Administration Asks Supreme Court to Permit Employment Discrimination Against Transgender Workers

-Sat, 17 Aug 21:05:12 [Reuters]:
Johnson to tell France and Germany that UK parliament cannot stop Brexit: Telegraph

-Sat, 17 Aug 21:02:09 [CNN]:
Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson comes out as gay

-Sat, 17 Aug 20:39:08 [CNN]:
Attempted murder charges filed against man accused of shooting 6 Philadelphia cops