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-Wed, 13 Nov 19:28:07 [Times]:
Countries Are Falling Far Short on Action to Tackle Climate Change As Fossil Fuel Use Increases, Says Energy Report

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:21:19 [Reuters]:
Fed chief Powell pushes back on negative interest rates

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:17:06 [CNN]:
Toobin calls this testimony moment a 'bombshell' revelation

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:14:43 [CNN]:
Americans now have a record $14 trillion in debt

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:12:27 [Reuters]:
Jury hears closing arguments in trial of Trump adviser Roger Stone

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:12:14 [Reuters]:
Google Pay to offer checking accounts through Citi, Stanford Federal next year

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:11:44 [Times]:
U.S.-Employed Chinese Citizen Pleads Guilty to Theft of Trade Secrets

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:10:00 [CNN]:
Republicans shrug off impeachment hearings as 'boring'

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:09:04 [CNN]:
Former test administrator pleads guilty in college admissions scandal

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:06:22 [CNN]:
Watch Nunes' full opening statement

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:55:08 [BBC]:
Venice floods: The tourist landmarks hit

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:54:19 [CNN]:
How a chance meeting landed this Nigerian developer his dream job

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:49:28 [CNN]:
Trump is a victim of his own impulses

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:46:58 [Reuters]:
'Ultimate judge will be the American people': Quotes, reaction to Trump impeachment hearing

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:42:20 [Reuters]:
Top Senate Republican says quick move to dismiss impeachment charges would likely fail

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:38:53 [CNN]:
Opinion: Warren's Medicare for All plan won't raise taxes on middle class, economist says

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:36:29 [BBC]:
ATP Finals: Rafael Nadal saves a match point to beat Daniil Medvedev

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:33:52 [Reuters]:
Facebook removes 3.2 billion fake accounts, millions of child abuse posts

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:33:41 [CNN]:
The morning before his family vacation, a firefighter died saving his comrades

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:31:33 [Reuters]:
Disney+ streaming exceeds expectations with 10 million sign-ups, shares surge

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:28:48 [Reuters]:
Wall Street higher as Fed's Powell says economy in 'good shape'

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:25:00 [Reuters]:
North Korea warns of retaliation against U.S-South Korea military drills

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:21:20 [CNN]:
Astros accused of stealing team signs

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:20:47 [CNN]:
Taylor: An 'irregular channel' existed with Ukraine

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:17:01 [Times]:
Trump Administration Proposes Tougher Rules on Work Permits for Asylum-Seekers

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:16:21 [CNN]:
Google will soon offer checking accounts

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:10:29 [CNN]:
Watch Kristen Bell and Jimmy Fallon's epic Disney duet

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:08:58 [Reuters]:
Trump prioritized Biden investigation over Ukraine aid, witness tells impeachment probe

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:08:08 [Reuters]:
Trump cared more about 'investigations' than Ukraine, impeachment witness says

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:05:10 [CNN]:
Every 15 minutes, someone in the US dies of a drug-resistant superbug

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:58:49 [BBC]:
'I wouldn't imagine that Sterling is hugely enthusiastic about me'

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:56:00 [CNN]:
3 fraternity deaths at 3 schools in a week draw renewed scrutiny on Greek life

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:51:16 [Reuters]:
Facebook adds Instagram data to content moderation transparency report

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:39:47 [Reuters]:
U.S. Supreme Court weighs Comcast appeal in Byron Allen racial bias lawsuit

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:34:40 [Reuters]:
Facebook removed 2.5 million posts related to suicide, self-injury during third quarter

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:34:25 [CNN]:
Minecraft fans, the wait is over: Minecraft Earth is finally here

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:32:14 [Reuters]:
'Two channels of U.S. policymaking': Quotes, reaction to Trump impeachment hearing

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:32:10 [Reuters]:
Car bomb explosion kills seven in Afghan capital

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:30:08 [CNN]:
Federal judge presses DOJ to release Mueller interview summaries in CNN lawsuit

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:29:25 [Reuters]:
Bolivia's new leader seeks quick vote, foes plan disruptions

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:27:51 [CNN]:
Harry Styles announces 2020 tour

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:20:41 [Reuters]:
Wall Street edges higher as Fed's Powell testifies before Congress

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:19:59 [CNN]:
Rare Disney memorabilia to be auctioned off

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:19:41 [Reuters]:
U.S. adds companies to economic blacklist for providing WMD activity support in Syria

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:16:20 [Times]:
U.S. Vineyards Caught in the Crossfire of Trump’s Trade War Struggle to Sell Wine in China

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:14:46 [Reuters]:
U.S. inflation firms on rising healthcare, energy costs

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:12:11 [CNN]:
A caretaker told police a 4-year-old fell out a window. Then, doctors found burn marks and homemade stitches

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:07:49 [CNN]:
This smart lock lets Walmart deliver groceries inside your home -- no key needed

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:06:19 [Reuters]:
U.S. proposes denying work permits to asylum seekers who enter illegally

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:04:24 [Reuters]:
Global shares, bond yields slip on sour trade deal sentiment