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-Tue, 14 Jul 12:00:45 [CNN]:
Montana entrepreneur who sparked controversy during Puerto Rico hurricane response wins $4M no-bid PPE contract

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:55:31 [CNN]:
California's new lockdown could be brutal for the economy

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:53:35 [CNN]:
Coronavirus cases soar by more than 1 million over 5 days

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:51:23 [CNN]:
JPMorgan's profit plunges 51% as economic uncertainty continues

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:45:39 [BBC]:
'More has to be done by people in power' - Wilder on racist abuse

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:44:05 [CNN]:
Heckler publicly shames Gov. DeSantis at press conference

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:39:44 [Times]:
Bowing to U.S. Pressure, U.K. Bans 5G Equipment From China’s Huawei Over Security Concerns

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:31:33 [CNN]:
Verizon's alternative to layoffs: Retraining 20,000 workers

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:24:04 [CNN]:
Korean Air matriarch receives suspended jail sentence for abusing domestic staff

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:07:10 [CNN]:
'Protest writing' gives students a chance to use their voice for change

-Tue, 14 Jul 11:00:25 [Times]:
The Supreme Court Tries to Settle the Religious Liberty Culture War

-Tue, 14 Jul 10:58:20 [BBC]:
GB Rio medallist Tinkler made formal complaint about 'experiences' as a gymnast

-Tue, 14 Jul 10:49:36 [CNN]:
Biden wades into Texas with first general election TV ad in state

-Tue, 14 Jul 10:48:11 [BBC]:
Why is Bale behaving like he is at Real Madrid?

-Tue, 14 Jul 10:18:26 [CNN]:
10-year-old killed and two teens injured in New Orleans shooting

-Tue, 14 Jul 10:16:50 [CNN]:
Primary elections and runoffs in Texas, Alabama and Maine: 9 things to watch in Tuesday's down-ballot races

-Tue, 14 Jul 10:16:27 [Times]:
Queen Did Not Know of Decision to Bring Down Australian Government in 1975, Long-Sealed Letters Show

-Tue, 14 Jul 10:08:18 [CNN]:
Son of Mali's president resigns parliament position amid calls for father's resignation

-Tue, 14 Jul 10:02:20 [BBC]:
Former GB cyclist Varnish loses employment tribunal appeal

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:40:14 [CNN]:
Face masks in shops to be compulsory in England, as experts warn of 120,000 winter deaths

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:33:18 [CNN]:
Working from home can soon mean working in Barbados for up to a year

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:22:58 [Times]:
Supreme Court Clears Way for First Execution of Federal Inmate Since 2003

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:19:51 [CNN]:
16 years old and stuck in solitary confinement 23 hours a day because of coronavirus

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:18:12 [CNN]:
China has just contained Covid-19. Now it's battling some of the worst floods in decades

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:16:44 [CNN]:
The psychology behind to-do lists and how they can make you feel less anxious

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:06:11 [CNN]:
Supreme Court rules federal execution can proceed for Daniel Lewis Lee

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:05:08 [Times]:
China Sanctions Lockheed Martin Over $620 Million Taiwan Missile Deal

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:04:01 [CNN]:
These seniors are turning to cutting edge technology to stay connected during the pandemic

-Tue, 14 Jul 9:03:14 [CNN]:
Xi critic allegedly fired from top university

-Tue, 14 Jul 8:44:46 [CNN]:
Ultrarunner runs almost 1,200 miles in record time, fueled by fast food and heavy metal

-Tue, 14 Jul 8:35:07 [CNN]:
Miami is now the virus epicenter, expert says

-Tue, 14 Jul 8:32:03 [CNN]:
Police investigate after video appears to show officer's knee on man's neck

-Tue, 14 Jul 8:29:39 [CNN]:
How the Hope Mars mission will make history

-Tue, 14 Jul 7:56:27 [CNN]:
3 Arizona teachers caught coronavirus but only 2 survived. This is what they want you to know

-Tue, 14 Jul 7:29:57 [CNN]:
The 'war on women' didn't stop when South Africa locked down

-Tue, 14 Jul 7:09:06 [Times]:
President Trump Is Working to Undermine Dr. Fauci Even as Coronavirus Cases Spike

-Tue, 14 Jul 6:47:00 [Times]:
The U.S. Rejected China’s Territorial Claims in the South China Sea. Beijing Says Washington Is ‘Stirring Up Tension’

-Tue, 14 Jul 6:30:04 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: Masks in shops, UK economy shrinks and winter wave

-Tue, 14 Jul 6:27:50 [CNN]:
El Paso Walmart shooter has mental disabilities and was in a psychotic state after the shooting, defense counsel says

-Tue, 14 Jul 6:27:12 [BBC]:
UK economy shrinks by one-fifth under lockdown

-Tue, 14 Jul 6:07:58 [BBC]:
'Wow, this is incredible'. From a kid with a dream to Olympic gold - Cooke's Beijing memories

-Tue, 14 Jul 6:05:12 [Times]:
President Trump’s Niece Can Publicize Tell-All Book About Him, Judge Rules

-Tue, 14 Jul 5:25:19 [CNN]:
Grant Imahara, host of 'MythBusters' and 'White Rabbit Project,' has died

-Tue, 14 Jul 5:19:13 [Times]:
After Redskins Name Change, Pressure Is Now on Cleveland Indians and Other Teams

-Tue, 14 Jul 4:39:39 [CNN]:
While Trump obsesses about his reelection hopes, state and local leaders are reversing state reopenings that he demanded

-Tue, 14 Jul 4:24:26 [CNN]:
43 new coronavirus cases have been linked to one large house party in Michigan

-Tue, 14 Jul 4:17:15 [CNN]:
The world's best vineyards for 2020 revealed

-Tue, 14 Jul 4:09:40 [CNN]:
Analysis: Coronavirus is shaping health care politics in 2020

-Tue, 14 Jul 4:07:50 [CNN]:
Hong Kong security law was only supposed to affect a handful of people. Now China says says 600,000 people may have broken it

-Tue, 14 Jul 4:06:20 [CNN]:
Here's what surprised this ESPN host about Redskins name change