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-Sat, 19 Jan 21:59:11 [CNN]:
Nobles: Trump tries to get back on offense

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:57:49 [Times]:
President Trump Offers Protection to ‘Dreamers’ If Democrats Fund Border Wall

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:53:47 [CNN]:
4 boys charged with rape of a juvenile

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:48:36 [Times]:
Kentucky Teens Wearing ‘MAGA’ Hats Taunt Indigenous Peoples March Participants in Viral Video

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:32:45 [Reuters]:
Trump proposes wall-for-DACA in bid to end shutdown

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:28:47 [Times]:
Women’s March Returns to D.C., Still Sending Messages of Defiance to the White House

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:22:48 [Reuters]:
Mexico fuel pipeline blast kills 66, witnesses describe horror

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:17:23 [CNN]:
Participants reveal why they rallied across the nation

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:16:36 [CNN]:
Police investigating suspected car bomb in Northern Ireland

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:01:14 [Reuters]:
Top Democrat dismisses wall-for-DACA offer expected from Trump

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:59:14 [CNN]:
California needs to save us from this Trump rollback

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:45:31 [Reuters]:
House Speaker Pelosi rejects Trump plan to reopen government

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:30:09 [Reuters]:
Talks to end Los Angeles teachers strike enter third day

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:28:24 [BBC]:
Ticket resale company 'determined to sit outside the law'

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:25:25 [BBC]:
England lose to South Africa in Quad Series

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:16:06 [Reuters]:
Democratic senator dismisses wall-for-DACA offer expected from Trump

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:13:43 [Reuters]:
Winter storm to hit U.S. northeast with up to two feet of snow

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:11:34 [CNN]:
US military says airstrike kills more than 50 terrorists in Somalia

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:44:27 [Reuters]:
Clashes break out in France as 'yellow vests' stage latest protest

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:35:27 [Reuters]:
Mexico fuel pipeline blast kills 66, president defends response

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:34:04 [BBC]:
Arsenal 2-0 Chelsea: Alexandre Lacazette and Laurent Koscielny score in important win

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:31:12 [Reuters]:
Trump to target shutdown with immigration offer, still demands wall money: source

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:26:21 [Times]:
52 al-Shabab Extremists Killed in U.S. Airstrike in Somalia

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:12:54 [CNN]:
Ocasio-Cortez: Being polite not the same as being quiet

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:03:04 [Reuters]:
Women protest in hundreds of U.S. cities for third straight year

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:00:44 [Times]:
How These Never-Before-Published Photos of Martin Luther King Jr. Were Discovered Decades After They Were Taken

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:47:38 [Times]:
President Trump Is Expected to Announce DACA Protections in Exchange for Border Wall Funding to End Shutdown

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:42:56 [CNN]:
Champion US figure skater dies after being suspended

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:11:26 [CNN]:
Analysis: The 'zombified' state of British politics, explained

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:09:46 [Times]:
President Trump Says Relations With North Korea ‘Are Going Very Well’

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:51:12 [Times]:
Survivors Say 177 Migrants Are Missing After a Boat Capsized Near Libya

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:38:59 [Reuters]:
Women march in hundreds of U.S. cities for third straight year

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:21:33 [BBC]:
Prince Philip seen behind the wheel two days after crash

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:17:52 [Times]:
President Trump Praises Robert Mueller for Disputing BuzzFeed Report

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:13:59 [BBC]:
Pogba & Rashford give Solskjaer seventh straight Man Utd win

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:13:18 [Reuters]:
Trump to offer shutdown-ending immigration deal, still wants wall money: source

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:08:48 [BBC]:
Liverpool survive Palace scare to move seven points clear

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:08:16 [Times]:
George W. Bush Calls for an End to Government Shutdown With a Secret Service Pizza Delivery

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:00:24 [Times]:
The Striking Contradictions of Richard Nixon’s Inauguration 50 Years Ago, as Observed by Hunter S. Thompson

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:51:58 [Times]:
Laquan McDonald’s Family Says Chicago Police Officer’s Sentencing Was a ‘Slap in the Face’

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:48:35 [BBC]:
O'Sullivan beats Ding to reach 13th Masters final

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:47:41 [CNN]:
10 womens march nyc 0119

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:32:13 [Reuters]:
Scuffles break out as 'yellow vests' march in Paris in latest protest

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:08:38 [Reuters]:
Trump to propose immigration compromise to end shutdown: source

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:05:57 [Times]:
Winter Storm Causes Hundreds of Flight Cancellations in Chicago

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:04:51 [Reuters]:
Trump says deal 'could very well happen' with China

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:03:38 [CNN]:
Women's marches kick off with focus on 2020 and progressive policies

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:03:19 [CNN]:
Smerconish: Everyone's BS alarm should've been blinking red

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:58:52 [Reuters]:
Trump says grateful to Mueller for BuzzFeed statement

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:58:26 [Times]:
A Fireball Erupted From an Illegal Pipeline Killing at Least 66 People in Mexico