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-Sun, 18 Apr 19:25:48 [BBC]:
Leicester City 1-0 Southampton: Kelechi Iheanacho earns Foxes first FA Cup final spot since 1969

-Sun, 18 Apr 19:03:30 [BBC]:
FA Cup: Kelechi Iheanacho slots Leicester ahead against Southampton

-Sun, 18 Apr 18:49:26 [CNN]:
Minnesota National Guard and police team shot at in a drive-by shooting, official says

-Sun, 18 Apr 18:43:45 [CNN]:
Plane crash-lands in ocean at Cocoa Beach Air Show

-Sun, 18 Apr 18:42:38 [CNN]:
Washington Post: Trump-installed NSA lawyer resigns after being on administrative leave for three months

-Sun, 18 Apr 18:41:21 [CNN]:
WWII era plane makes emergency landing near Florida beach

-Sun, 18 Apr 18:35:41 [CNN]:
Chicago Mayor Lightfoot under pressure to reform police amid outrage over Adam Toledo shooting

-Sun, 18 Apr 17:51:46 [CNN]:
Three people are dead amid an active shooter incident in Austin, Texas

-Sun, 18 Apr 17:27:46 [CNN]:
Fareed Zakaria weighs in on Biden's Afghanistan decision

-Sun, 18 Apr 17:06:51 [CNN]:
The realities of climate change are pushing big businesses to focus on sustainability

-Sun, 18 Apr 16:48:46 [CNN]:
Former Australian prime minister puts Rupert Murdoch on blast

-Sun, 18 Apr 16:30:34 [CNN]:
'Out of control' fire breaks out in Cape Town's Table Mountain National Park

-Sun, 18 Apr 16:22:12 [CNN]:
Bush calls on Congress to tone down 'harsh rhetoric' about immigration

-Sun, 18 Apr 16:20:54 [CNN]:
Blinken says it would be 'very hard' to meet 62,500 refugee cap this fiscal year

-Sun, 18 Apr 16:18:16 [BBC]:
Arsenal hit 10 and West Ham score 11 in Women's FA Cup fourth-round goal feast

-Sun, 18 Apr 16:08:57 [CNN]:
At least 97 injured in Egypt as train derails

-Sun, 18 Apr 16:02:54 [Times]:
Teen Wanted on Murder Warrant in Nebraska Mall Shooting

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:54:26 [BBC]:
European Super League: Uefa furious at 11 major clubs signing up to breakaway plans

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:53:19 [CNN]:
This skateboard star is a 6-year-old girl who rides ramps twice her size

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:52:49 [Times]:
Dr. Fauci Says He Expects J&J Vaccine to Resume This Week

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:48:19 [CNN]:
Analysis: Biden's infrastructure plan could leave too many women behind

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:46:23 [CNN]:
Analysis: Floyd's death did not spark a racial reckoning

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:42:43 [CNN]:
Bitcoin suffers flash crash following week of crypto hype

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:38:51 [Times]:
Alexei Navalny’s Team Calls Protests Amid Reports of His Failing Health

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:24:31 [BBC]:
Verstappen wins Emilia Romagna GP as Hamilton recovers

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:16:41 [CNN]:
Younger Americans are least likely to vaccinate

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:15:01 [CNN]:
Boehner: 'Republicans have to go back to being Republicans'

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:05:23 [Times]:
I’m Awash In Pandemic-Fueled Gratitude and Taking a Solitary Cross-Country Road Trip

-Sun, 18 Apr 14:37:59 [BBC]:
Late Nketiah goal denies Fulham vital win at Arsenal

-Sun, 18 Apr 14:25:43 [CNN]:
'Quite frustrating': Dr. Fauci on GOP vaccine hesitancy

-Sun, 18 Apr 14:08:02 [CNN]:
Fauci on gun violence: 'How can you say that's not a public health issue?'

-Sun, 18 Apr 14:06:40 [CNN]:
Opinion: Where hate finds safe harbor, accountability is the answer

-Sun, 18 Apr 14:00:50 [CNN]:
National security adviser says White House is looking at options if Navalny dies in Russian custody

-Sun, 18 Apr 14:00:45 [Times]:
FedEx Shooter Legally Bought Guns Used in Indianapolis Shooting: Police

-Sun, 18 Apr 13:34:04 [CNN]:
'I can't answer that': GOP congressman discusses gun policy

-Sun, 18 Apr 13:33:03 [CNN]:
Navalny's life is Putin's 'personal' responsibility, say Russian politicians

-Sun, 18 Apr 13:26:56 [CNN]:
The 19-year-old shooter bought two weapons used in the recent killings legally last year despite FBI concerns

-Sun, 18 Apr 13:03:36 [CNN]:
John Kerry's 'full speed' mission to restore American leadership on the climate crisis

-Sun, 18 Apr 12:30:35 [CNN]:
Wall Street just showed the Reddit crowd how to really make money

-Sun, 18 Apr 12:29:29 [CNN]:
Is this goodbye? Teammates line up for photos with Messi

-Sun, 18 Apr 12:28:04 [CNN]:
What to expect at Apple's 'Spring loaded' event

-Sun, 18 Apr 12:16:15 [CNN]:
Non-socially distanced music festival to be trialed

-Sun, 18 Apr 12:11:37 [CNN]:
How the Trump era made redistricting more complicated

-Sun, 18 Apr 12:09:25 [CNN]:
Afghanistan withdrawal will likely dismantle a CIA intelligence network built up over 20 years

-Sun, 18 Apr 12:05:48 [CNN]:
Opinion: Joe Biden's audacious gambles

-Sun, 18 Apr 11:32:58 [CNN]:
The monarchy will look different now that Philip has gone

-Sun, 18 Apr 11:06:59 [CNN]:
The latest on the coronavirus pandemic and vaccines

-Sun, 18 Apr 10:50:18 [Times]:
The Metaverse Is Coming. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang on the Fusion of Virtual and Physical Worlds

-Sun, 18 Apr 10:41:26 [CNN]:
Why Americans lack adequate access to fertility treatments

-Sun, 18 Apr 10:31:03 [BBC]:
MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers' Mookie Betts makes diving catch to beat San Diego Padres