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-Wed, 23 Aug 15:26:59 [CNN]:
Mel B walks off 'America's Got Talent'

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:23:56 [BBC]:
Labour MP faces backlash over women-only carriages idea

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:16:58 [Times]:
These Unsuspecting Beachgoers Have the Best Reactions to a Surprise Low-Flying Plane

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:13:12 [CNN]:
Mariah Carey has 'always had low self-esteem'

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:12:10 [Times]:
Trevor Noah Says Donald Trump’s Afghanistan War Strategy is Like His Position on Nazis: ‘Unclear.’

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:11:22 [Times]:
This Baby Was Born on the Day of the Solar Eclipse. And She Has the Perfect Name

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:00:16 [Times]:
Here’s Your First Look at Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:59:42 [Times]:
How to Deal With a Rude Seat Recliner on a Plane, According to an Etiquette Expert

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:57:52 [Reuters]:
Trump must be respected as U.S. president, says Germany's Merkel

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:54:21 [BBC]:
Challenge Cup: Hull FC v Wigan Warriors - Tomkins determined to smile

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:53:51 [CNN]:
Catholic priest reveals KKK past, takes leave

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:52:59 [Reuters]:
First lady thanks Chelsea Clinton for defending Barron Trump

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:50:55 [Times]:
Your Cell Phone Is 10 Times Dirtier Than a Toilet Seat. Here’s What to Do About It

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:41:39 [BBC]:
Cyclist guilty over pedestrian's death

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:39:09 [BBC]:
AB de Villiers steps down as South Africa's ODI captain

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:36:54 [Times]:
President Trump Speaks to American Veterans After Wild Phoenix Rally

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:34:12 [CNN]:
Cops question teen for dancing Macarena

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:28:16 [Times]:
Here’s What Worries Parents As Kids Head Back to School

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:27:03 [Times]:
‘My Skin Crawled.’ Hillary Clinton Describes Tense Moment During Debate With Donald Trump

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:18:18 [Times]:
Tammy Zywicki Left for College 25 Years Ago. She Was Found Murdered Days Later

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:14:49 [CNN]:
This bill could turn your city into the Wild West

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:14:15 [Reuters]:
Barcelona balances security and freedom after deadly attacks

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:09:15 [CNN]:
Former Russian ambassador to US Kislyak downplays Trump relationship

-Wed, 23 Aug 14:01:54 [BBC]:
Hatti Archer: GB steeplechaser feels 'cheated' despite silver medal upgrade

-Wed, 23 Aug 13:52:17 [CNN]:
Netflix's 'Death Note' delivers ho-hum horror

-Wed, 23 Aug 13:51:09 [CNN]:
$700M Powerball drawing could set a record

-Wed, 23 Aug 13:49:07 [CNN]:
City finds fabric to cover Confederate statues

-Wed, 23 Aug 13:43:32 [Reuters]:
Britain sets out plans to break free of European Court after Brexit

-Wed, 23 Aug 13:35:30 [CNN]:
President spent 77 minutes at his campaign rally to deliver fact-free retellings of recent historical events

-Wed, 23 Aug 13:30:58 [Times]:
President Trump Ranted For 77 Minutes in Phoenix. Here’s What He Said

-Wed, 23 Aug 13:12:03 [CNN]:
Where are monuments to Confederate general who favored unity after war

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:59:28 [CNN]:
Don't plan anything important for 2 p.m.

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:56:58 [Times]:
‘Tear It Down.’ 3 Arrested as Hundreds Protest Confederate Monument at UNC

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:54:56 [CNN]:
Shailene Woodley may run for office

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:49:18 [CNN]:
When Russia bugged the US State Department

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:47:02 [Times]:
The Morning Brief: Trump’s Phoenix Rally, Kyrie Irving and Powerball

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:46:32 [Times]:
President Trump Teases He’ll Still Pardon Controversial Sheriff Joe Arpaio

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:33:59 [CNN]:
Governor invokes rarely used law as he halts execution

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:28:10 [Times]:
Watch Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner Crush Carpool Karaoke Like Only the Stark Sisters Can

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:13:17 [CNN]:
Udall: It's time to outlaw lunch shaming

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:02:48 [CNN]:
Trump voter: Charlottesville was a setup

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:01:16 [CNN]:
A guide to New York's Central Park

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:00:14 [BBC]:
Philippe Coutinho: Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp says relationship is '100% OK'

-Wed, 23 Aug 12:00:00 [Times]:
You Asked: Are Airport Body Scanners Safe?

-Wed, 23 Aug 11:58:58 [CNN]:
Hillary Clinton: My 'skin crawled' when Trump stood behind me at debate

-Wed, 23 Aug 11:35:11 [CNN]:
Psaki: Trump can stay sane for about 24 hours

-Wed, 23 Aug 11:27:41 [Reuters]:
Drowning in debt, Connecticut faces budget crunch

-Wed, 23 Aug 11:25:11 [BBC]:
England captain Hunter: We've achieved what we set out to do - another World Cup final

-Wed, 23 Aug 11:20:37 [CNN]:
Prince Harry: They took photos as Diana was dying

-Wed, 23 Aug 11:13:25 [CNN]:
Cuomo, panelist clash over Trump speech