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-Tue, 28 Sep 12:37:31 [CNN]:
Biden and Democrats face dual front battle and have only 48 hours left

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:31:14 [CNN]:
Oregon approves the nation's first new congressional map

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:30:02 [CNN]:
The energy crunch is roiling markets

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:23:44 [CNN]:
58,000 more marijuana convictions in LA County will be dismissed, DA says

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:21:19 [CNN]:
Russia reports its worst single-day Covid-19 death toll since start of pandemic

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:16:53 [CNN]:
Kyrie Irving: NBA star the latest to withhold vaccination status

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:16:22 [CNN]:
Opinion: Today's terrifying Covid misinformation has a complicated past

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:13:05 [CNN]:
Fact check: 3 times internal docs contradicted Facebook's public stance

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:05:39 [CNN]:
'World's best airline' for 2021 revealed

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:30:56 [CNN]:
Trump's spiteful support for Abrams over Kemp sparks midterms fear from Georgia Republicans

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:26:13 [CNN]:
Pfizer/BioNTech submit initial data on Covid-19 vaccine for people ages 5 to 11 to FDA

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:18:52 [CNN]:
China's growing power crunch threatens more global supply chain chaos

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:09:23 [CNN]:
NATO increases patrols near Kosovo-Serbia border blockage

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:04:55 [BBC]:
Llandudno goalkeeper Alan Camsell still playing at 88

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:00:52 [Times]:
What We Fear in the Wake of the Texas Abortion Law

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:48:43 [CNN]:
Simone Biles says she 'should have quit way before Tokyo'

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:39:09 [CNN]:
These are the best and worst ways to handle your anger, experts say

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:20:37 [CNN]:
Automakers' problems are much worse than we thought

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:20:19 [CNN]:
UEFA forced to drop disciplinary proceedings against remaining Super League clubs

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:02:27 [CNN]:
Analysis: Is the sun setting on daylight saving time?

-Tue, 28 Sep 9:43:44 [BBC]:
Paralympian Janice Moores gets podium moment 37 years later

-Tue, 28 Sep 9:28:59 [CNN]:
Recording of 'unheard' John Lennon song up for auction

-Tue, 28 Sep 9:03:57 [BBC]:
'This could easily be the most memorable London Marathon ever'

-Tue, 28 Sep 9:01:33 [CNN]:
Concerns about Delta transmission, overburdened hospitals and Covid-19 deaths drove recent rise in vaccinations, poll says

-Tue, 28 Sep 8:57:34 [CNN]:
Afghan women barred from teaching or attending Kabul University

-Tue, 28 Sep 8:37:51 [CNN]:
Three Polish regions repeal 'LGBT-free' declarations

-Tue, 28 Sep 8:35:42 [CNN]:
China has upgraded its best stealth fighter jet with domestic-made engines

-Tue, 28 Sep 8:12:05 [BBC]:
Dangerous levels of drugs in Glastonbury Festival river

-Tue, 28 Sep 8:03:55 [CNN]:
Internet goes dark for millions in Indian state's bid to stop exam cheats

-Tue, 28 Sep 7:40:28 [BBC]:
Simone Biles says she 'should have quit way before' Tokyo Olympic Games

-Tue, 28 Sep 7:39:09 [CNN]:
The FBI-led search for Gabby Petito's fiance is scaling back but becoming more targeted on intelligence, police say

-Tue, 28 Sep 7:02:19 [BBC]:
Injured Bale expected to miss Wales qualifiers

-Tue, 28 Sep 6:21:50 [BBC]:
'Family matters more than football' - Taylor retires after lengthy spells in quarantine

-Tue, 28 Sep 5:46:16 [CNN]:
People in the Northeast could prevent a Covid surge like the one in the South by following these measures, Fauci says

-Tue, 28 Sep 5:22:18 [CNN]:
New York prepares to deploy National Guard to plug health care worker shortages as vaccine mandate begins

-Tue, 28 Sep 5:10:52 [BBC]:
Three dads united by their daughters' suicides

-Tue, 28 Sep 5:09:12 [BBC]:
Heather Knight, Sophia Dunkley & Brunt v Verma - England women's stars of the summer

-Tue, 28 Sep 4:40:51 [CNN]:
Gen. Mark Milley is set to testify on the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, and that could open him up to questions about his time serving the ex-President

-Tue, 28 Sep 4:19:06 [CNN]:
R. Kelly victims react to verdict: 'I'm ready to start living my life free from fear,' one says

-Tue, 28 Sep 3:33:54 [CNN]:
Obama weighs in on spending bill stalemate

-Tue, 28 Sep 3:29:19 [CNN]:
Election official teams up with MyPillow CEO to push election lies

-Tue, 28 Sep 3:16:53 [CNN]:
Canada and China in heated spat at UN over allegations of hostage diplomacy

-Tue, 28 Sep 3:04:29 [CNN]:
Opinion: Mike Pence and Mitch McConnell have a Donald Trump problem

-Tue, 28 Sep 2:30:17 [CNN]:
Activision Blizzard says it will pay $18 million to settle harassment lawsuit

-Tue, 28 Sep 2:17:42 [CNN]:
A Florida woman is missing and a man police were looking for appears to have killed himself

-Tue, 28 Sep 2:12:32 [CNN]:
DHS whistleblower shares the 3 intel topics Trump admin covered up

-Tue, 28 Sep 2:08:22 [CNN]:
World's most dangerous bird raised by humans 18,000 years ago, study suggests

-Tue, 28 Sep 2:05:54 [CNN]:
Beck Bennett leaving 'Saturday Night Live'

-Tue, 28 Sep 1:45:19 [CNN]:
6-year-old girl's death at amusement park due to seat belt issues and inadequate staff training, government agency says

-Tue, 28 Sep 1:44:40 [CNN]:
South Korea's President Moon says it's time to consider a ban on eating dog meat