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-Sun, 22 Sep 4:38:03 [Reuters]:
Hong Kong riot police move to curb airport protest after violent clashes

-Sun, 22 Sep 4:31:29 [CNN]:
Trump-Modi bromance reignited at Texas rally

-Sun, 22 Sep 4:21:40 [CNN]:
It's Banned Books Week. Here are the 11 most challenged books last year

-Sun, 22 Sep 4:20:27 [CNN]:
The Amazon burns. But another part of Brazil is being destroyed faster

-Sun, 22 Sep 4:19:23 [CNN]:
'Friends' 25th anniversary: 10 big stars who made guest appearances on the hit sitcom

-Sun, 22 Sep 4:13:38 [CNN]:
3 things to watch for this NFL Sunday

-Sun, 22 Sep 4:09:53 [CNN]:
In this crippled part of the Bahamas, US medics smell more bodies than they find

-Sun, 22 Sep 4:04:52 [CNN]:
Sure, black people can be racist, too

-Sun, 22 Sep 3:47:16 [BBC]:
Thomas Cook set for last-ditch rescue talks

-Sun, 22 Sep 3:39:20 [Reuters]:
Saudi Arabia tells Japan's biggest refiner about possible shipment change: Nikkei

-Sun, 22 Sep 1:31:54 [CNN]:
South Korea's young men are fighting against feminism

-Sun, 22 Sep 1:25:32 [Reuters]:
Hong Kong braces for airport protest after night of violent clashes

-Sun, 22 Sep 1:07:21 [BBC]:
Yemen: UN welcomes Houthi offer to end Saudi Arabia attacks

-Sun, 22 Sep 0:32:03 [Reuters]:
Colombia's Duque seeks international sanctions on Venezuela to protect region

-Sun, 22 Sep 0:24:58 [CNN]:
Elizabeth Warren masters the art of the 'selfie line'

-Sun, 22 Sep 0:22:40 [BBC]:
Andrew Fisher: Jeremy Corbyn's senior aide to quit

-Sun, 22 Sep 0:06:55 [CNN]:
Elizabeth Warren surges and Joe Biden fades in close Iowa race, new poll shows

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:57:37 [Reuters]:
Stealth bomber for Area 51 crowd? U.S. military unit apologizes for tweet

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:46:01 [BBC]:
The Scottish model whose career took off at 60

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:43:08 [BBC]:
Slough skate park stabbing: Boy, 15, killed

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:32:21 [BBC]:
Peaky Blinders: Take a tour of museum filming location

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:27:22 [CNN]:
Cities across the world flash the Bat Signal

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:17:22 [Reuters]:
U.S. Democratic presidential hopefuls vie to wow voters at Iowa steak fry

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:17:16 [BBC]:
Celery Juice: The big problem with a viral Instagram 'cure'

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:12:45 [BBC]:
Radiohead's Thom Yorke tells of 'hard time' after ex-partner's death

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:12:32 [CNN]:
Judge recommends landlord pay $17,000 for threatening to call ICE on tenant

-Sat, 21 Sep 22:55:21 [CNN]:
An autistic student needed a quiet place to work. His desk was put in a bathroom stall

-Sat, 21 Sep 22:53:15 [BBC]:
The Papers: Corbyn's key aide 'walks out'

-Sat, 21 Sep 22:45:58 [CNN]:
Ba-de-ya! Los Angeles declares September 21 'Earth, Wind & Fire Day'

-Sat, 21 Sep 22:27:48 [CNN]:
Chinese 'spy trains' are not a credible threat

-Sat, 21 Sep 22:10:13 [CNN]:
Rutgers football player punches his own quarterback in the face during TD celebration

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:54:16 [CNN]:
Zelensky could win big by gambling on Trump

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:49:05 [CNN]:
'Immaculate Reception' picked as best play in NFL history

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:41:07 [CNN]:
Analysis: Ukraine's President was elected on a promise to get rid of corruption

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:33:17 [BBC]:
Labour pledges to replace Ofsted with own inspection system

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:18:14 [Reuters]:
Paris draws new climate rally; police vie with 'yellow vests', 'black blocs'

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:08:50 [CNN]:
Outfielder decapitates fan's beer can pyramid

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:06:37 [Times]:
FBI, Police Face Spike in Active Shooter Tips Following Mass Shootings

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:54:26 [BBC]:
Granada 2-0 Barcelona: Hosts stun champions to move top of La Liga

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:52:29 [CNN]:
Opinion: Trump and Modi are two sides of the same coin

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:45:54 [BBC]:
T20 Blast: Essex Eagles win final thanks to Simon Harmer's four

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:37:47 [CNN]:
2020 Democratic hopefuls dance their way into Iowa Steak Fry

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:19:28 [CNN]:
He proposed to her underwater, then failed to return to the surface

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:04:41 [Times]:
British and French Climate Activists Step Up Protests

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:57:05 [CNN]:
Dozens hurt in earthquake in Albania

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:54:01 [BBC]:
Man City 8-0 Watford: Pep Guardiola's side silence critics in emphatic style

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:36:53 [CNN]:
The 2020 candidate and former vice president and angrily calls on Congress to investigate the President's contact with Ukraine's leader

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:21:50 [Reuters]:
Biden urges investigation into Trump Ukraine call

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:06:04 [CNN]:
Cory Booker: I won't continue campaign if we fail to do this

-Sat, 21 Sep 18:44:50 [CNN]:
President ordered to testify in trial over 2015 protest outside Trump Tower