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-Tue, 04 Oct 21:46:15 [CNN]:
Here's who made Fortune's Most Powerful Women in Business list for 2022

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:32:37 [CNN]:
US Navy's latest and most advanced aircraft carrier deploys for first time

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:28:49 [Times]:
Country Radio Still Won’t Play Loretta Lynn’s “The Pill”

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:11:14 [CNN]:
US women's national soccer team captain says players are 'angry' and want immediate changes following misconduct investigation

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:05:31 [BBC]:
Liz Truss's speech: PM to say disruption will be worth it for growth

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:03:16 [BBC]:
Eintracht Frankfurt 0-0 Tottenham Hotspur: Spurs unable to take their chances in goalless draw

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:58:40 [Times]:
5 Governors’ Races That Will Define the Midterms and Trump’s Hold on the GOP

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:52:56 [Times]:
Trump Asks Supreme Court to Intervene in Mar-a-Lago Dispute

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:15:52 [Times]:
The Overlooked History of a Student Uprising That Helped Institutionalize Black Studies in the U.S.

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:02:33 [CNN]:
Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen have hired divorce attorneys, source

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:43:31 [CNN]:
'Crazy Rich Asians' actress opens up about alleged sexual harassment

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:40:06 [Times]:
What Happened When the Anonymous Gamer Dream Revealed His Face After Years of Streaming

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:19:22 [CNN]:
How GOP states will get billions of dollars from the climate bill their party voted 'no' on

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:07:42 [BBC]:
Mermaids trustee quits over paedophile-group links

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:59:10 [CNN]:
Waiting for a better time to buy a car? Keep waiting

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:58:02 [CNN]:
NASA and SpaceX to send first Native American woman to orbit

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:38:14 [Times]:
Judge Throws Out Charges Against 7 People Accused in Flint Water Crisis

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:28:23 [BBC]:
Men's Shed group unite to rebuild after arson attack

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:06:28 [Times]:
Where Abortion Is Literally on the Ballot in 2022

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:59:34 [CNN]:
Asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs also triggered a global tsunami

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:55:21 [CNN]:
Biden's student loan forgiveness application is coming soon. What you need to know

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:52:58 [CNN]:
Australian brand Zimmermann makes its Paris Fashion Week debut

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:49:15 [BBC]:
BBC names inaugural Green Sport Award winners

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:48:27 [BBC]:
Kwasi Kwarteng's fiscal plan really will be published early

-Tue, 04 Oct 16:51:08 [Times]:
Elon Musk Reportedly Proposes Going Through With Twitter Deal

-Tue, 04 Oct 16:47:10 [CNN]:
Ukraine is hitting Russia hard in the regions Moscow is trying to seize

-Tue, 04 Oct 16:44:53 [CNN]:
Twitter stock surges on report Elon Musk again proposes buying the company at full price

-Tue, 04 Oct 16:30:46 [BBC]:
Twitter shares halted after report Elon Musk deal to go ahead

-Tue, 04 Oct 16:22:32 [CNN]:
Analysis: GOP senator's answer on Trump's racist reference to Elaine Chao is baffling

-Tue, 04 Oct 16:21:21 [BBC]:
Ryder Cup: Europe captain Luke Donald says next year's tournament can 'unify' golf

-Tue, 04 Oct 15:20:00 [CNN]:
Loretta Lynn, coal miner's daughter turned forthright country queen, dies at 90

-Tue, 04 Oct 15:04:18 [BBC]:
Just Fine gives King Charles III first winner at Leicester

-Tue, 04 Oct 15:02:20 [CNN]:
Analysis: Republicans hold a near-historic lead on a key midterm indicator

-Tue, 04 Oct 15:01:26 [BBC]:
Jonny Bairstow wins Cricket Writers' Club Bob Willis Trophy

-Tue, 04 Oct 14:54:45 [CNN]:
Apple is one step closer to being forced to ditch its Lightning charger in Europe

-Tue, 04 Oct 14:51:39 [CNN]:
UK Prime Minister Liz Truss must make the speech of her life to turn her fortunes around

-Tue, 04 Oct 14:50:26 [Times]:
LeBron James Could Take Pickleball—Yes, Pickleball—to the Next Level

-Tue, 04 Oct 14:43:04 [Times]:
Elon Musk Sets Off Uproar in Ukraine by Tweeting His ‘Peace’ Plan

-Tue, 04 Oct 14:22:49 [CNN]:
Winner of fishing tournament rocked by cheating scandal hopes alleged cheaters 'get the max' penalty

-Tue, 04 Oct 14:15:18 [CNN]:
The Try Guys say they will remove Ned Fulmer from future videos

-Tue, 04 Oct 14:00:26 [CNN]:
Most of Bangladesh left without power after national grid failure

-Tue, 04 Oct 13:58:05 [CNN]:
Russian journalist who protested on live television escapes house arrest

-Tue, 04 Oct 13:47:23 [Times]:
Report: Herschel Walker, Who Opposes Abortion Rights, Paid for Girlfriend’s Abortion

-Tue, 04 Oct 13:37:34 [Times]:
Why Everyone Keeps Underestimating Bolsonaro’s Election Chances in Brazil

-Tue, 04 Oct 13:33:51 [CNN]:
Dow set to rally more than 1,000 points in two days as fear begins to fade

-Tue, 04 Oct 13:12:35 [Times]:
Why I Stopped Posting Photos of My Kid on Social Media

-Tue, 04 Oct 13:06:26 [BBC]:
I won't let my abusive dad win any more - Alex Scott

-Tue, 04 Oct 13:03:43 [BBC]:
Bernie Ecclestone to face trial in October 2023 over alleged fraud

-Tue, 04 Oct 12:54:41 [CNN]:
Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker visit 'DWTS' to cheer on Charli D'Amelio

-Tue, 04 Oct 12:51:53 [BBC]:
Alex Scott on the abuse she says she endured at the hands of her father