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-Sun, 23 Jul 1:51:15 [CNN]:
Calls for UN meeting as clashes continue in Jerusalem and West Bank

-Sun, 23 Jul 1:43:29 [Times]:
Hulk Actually Talks in the Psychedelic New Thor: Ragnarok Trailer

-Sun, 23 Jul 1:24:47 [Times]:
Captain Marvel Will Feature a Favorite Marvel Villain Opposite Brie Larson

-Sun, 23 Jul 1:19:47 [Reuters]:
Firefighters gain ground on Central California wildfire

-Sun, 23 Jul 1:11:50 [Reuters]:
Madrid asks anti-trust watchdog to probe Uber's new airport service

-Sun, 23 Jul 1:11:41 [CNN]:
Pence calls on GOP to 'step up to the plate' on health care bill

-Sun, 23 Jul 1:10:12 [Times]:
Michelle Pfeiffer and Laurence Fishburne Join Ant-Man and the Wasp

-Sun, 23 Jul 0:40:53 [Reuters]:
Hundreds of Islamic State corpses await repatriation from Libya

-Sun, 23 Jul 0:37:50 [Times]:
Westworld Unveils Riveting, Violent Season 2 Trailer

-Sun, 23 Jul 0:23:17 [Times]:
Evan Rachel Wood on the Moment She Knew Dolores Would Become Powerful on Westworld

-Sun, 23 Jul 0:14:30 [BBC]:
Ben Affleck denies Batman exit rumours

-Sun, 23 Jul 0:10:06 [BBC]:
James 'Ginger' Lacey: Battle of Britain pilot remembered

-Sun, 23 Jul 0:02:40 [BBC]:
Consultation on changing legal gender to be launched

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:59:14 [CNN]:
Chester Bennington's life may help male sex abuse victims

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:46:52 [Times]:
Westworld Will Only Last a ‘Little Longer’ Says Co-Creator

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:34:21 [Times]:
War With the Klingons Is Imminent in New Star Trek: Discovery Trailer

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:32:55 [BBC]:
Marian Hill: 'An Apple advert kick-started our career'

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:31:19 [BBC]:
Irish immigrant’s arrest highlights race's role in deportation

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:30:07 [Reuters]:
Tennis: Roddick reflects on career spent in vacuum of Big Four

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:24:31 [BBC]:
Six 'unpresidented' months - 42 to go

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:23:59 [CNN]:
President tweets about media and presidential pardons

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:21:13 [BBC]:
HMP Hewell: Security teams dealing with 'ongoing incident'

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:19:55 [BBC]:
Trying the Hadza hunter-gatherer berry and porcupine diet

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:15:14 [BBC]:
Princes tell documentary of 'fun' childhood with Diana

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:10:40 [Times]:
Barb Is Still Dead on Stranger Things. But She Showed Up at Comic-Con Anyway

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:07:33 [BBC]:
Generation Game to be brought back with Mel and Sue

-Sat, 22 Jul 23:01:07 [BBC]:
The papers: Princes' last Diana call and BBC pay row

-Sat, 22 Jul 22:56:58 [Times]:
Eleven Is Back in the Stranger Things Season 2 Trailer

-Sat, 22 Jul 22:33:48 [Times]:
What to Know About Justice League Villain Steppenwolf

-Sat, 22 Jul 21:54:29 [CNN]:
20,000 flock to Pokemon Go fest in Chicago

-Sat, 22 Jul 21:51:27 [Times]:
Justice League’s Ezra Miller Is Having Way More Fun Than Everyone Else at Comic-Con

-Sat, 22 Jul 21:43:34 [CNN]:
Poland passes bill to retire all Supreme Court judges in move seen as threat to democracy

-Sat, 22 Jul 20:50:57 [Times]:
Linkin Park Cancels Tour After Lead Singer’s Death

-Sat, 22 Jul 20:48:41 [CNN]:
'Wonder Woman' sequel is a go

-Sat, 22 Jul 20:40:21 [Times]:
Jason Momoa Just Revealed Who He’ll Fight in the Aquaman Movie

-Sat, 22 Jul 20:40:21 [Times]:
Jason Momoa Reveals He’ll Fight His Brother Ocean Master in Aquaman Movie

-Sat, 22 Jul 20:01:45 [Times]:
Lawmakers Agree on Sweeping Russia Sanctions Package

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:58:32 [Times]:
New Justice League Trailer Hints at Superman’s Return

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:58:32 [Times]:
New Justice League Trailer Hints at Superman’s Return

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:52:22 [CNN]:
German automaker cartel claims probed

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:51:19 [Times]:
Ben Affleck Shuts Down Rumors That He’s Leaving Batman

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:41:48 [Times]:
Harrison Ford Says He Plans to Reboot All His Franchises at Comic-Con

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:39:25 [CNN]:
What Brazil could teach US about Zika

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:30:17 [BBC]:
The Open 2017: Ricky Fowler, Rory McIlroy & Hideki Matsuyama in best shots for Day 3

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:29:19 [CNN]:
These poll numbers should make Democrats uneasy

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:25:51 [Times]:
Blade Runner 2049 Footage Connects Past and Future

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:25:12 [BBC]:
The Open 2017: Jordan Spieth leads by three shots heading into final round

-Sat, 22 Jul 19:06:06 [Times]:
First Footage of Steven Spielberg’s Ready Player One Includes Iron Giant, Delorean, Freddy Krueger

-Sat, 22 Jul 18:57:28 [Times]:
Anthony Scaramucci Deletes Old Trump Tweets to Avoid ‘Distraction’

-Sat, 22 Jul 18:40:33 [Reuters]:
NSA chief on Russia-U.S. cyber unit: Now is 'not the best time'