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-Mon, 16 Jul 1:44:25 [Times]:
Chicago Police Release Video Showing a Man Killed in Chase Was Armed

-Mon, 16 Jul 1:32:06 [Times]:
With Flags, Song and Pride, France Celebrates a Unifying World Cup Victory

-Mon, 16 Jul 1:09:05 [Reuters]:
Trump and Putin to hold first summit talks as twitchy West looks on

-Mon, 16 Jul 0:51:14 [Reuters]:
Asian shares edge lower as investors await China data

-Mon, 16 Jul 0:45:22 [CNN]:
NYT: Russian intel agency named in Mueller indictment is suspected in UK poisonings

-Mon, 16 Jul 0:28:30 [BBC]:
Love Island: Does the show have a race, age and body diversity problem?

-Sun, 15 Jul 23:59:41 [CNN]:
Elon Musk makes unfounded accusation against Thai cave rescuer

-Sun, 15 Jul 23:51:27 [BBC]:
'It is the only chance parents get to have a break'

-Sun, 15 Jul 23:25:43 [CNN]:
Five miners die in fire in copper mine

-Sun, 15 Jul 23:15:00 [BBC]:
World Cup Catch-up: France toast Croatia & party like it's 1998

-Sun, 15 Jul 23:14:01 [Reuters]:
Parliament vote to reveal extent of anger over May's Brexit plan

-Sun, 15 Jul 23:04:39 [CNN]:
Analysis: This will be the most surreal US-Russia summit

-Sun, 15 Jul 22:59:13 [Reuters]:
French police clash with unruly fans, clear Champs Elysees

-Sun, 15 Jul 22:56:32 [CNN]:
Trump was reportedly enraged by Putin's video showing missiles striking Florida

-Sun, 15 Jul 22:44:06 [CNN]:
FBI employees' support for their leadership drops, survey shows

-Sun, 15 Jul 22:43:23 [Reuters]:
Chicago police release video of shooting that sparked violent protests

-Sun, 15 Jul 22:33:50 [CNN]:
Feds try to clarify child reunification plan

-Sun, 15 Jul 22:03:08 [Times]:
Prince Louis’s Official Royal Christening Photos Are Here and They’re Just As Adorable As Expected

-Sun, 15 Jul 22:00:50 [Reuters]:
Pakistan opens terrorism investigation against ex-PM's party 10 days before election

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:52:06 [CNN]:
France's World Cup win is a victory for immigrants everywhere

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:43:11 [BBC]:
Lift-off for Scotland: Sutherland to host first UK spaceport

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:42:12 [CNN]:
Senator: Putin will take advantage of Trump

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:40:00 [CNN]:
Watch fans celebrate France's victory

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:38:57 [CNN]:
US and allies are discussing evacuating rescue group from Syria

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:32:21 [Reuters]:
Suspect dead, three officers wounded in Kansas City shootouts

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:23:45 [CNN]:
Murder suspect killed, 3 officers wounded in Kansas City gunfight

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:22:48 [CNN]:
Pussy Riot claims responsibility for interrupting World Cup final

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:14:27 [BBC]:
World Cup 2018: The bizarre trophy presentation caps tournament

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:10:07 [CNN]:
Harry and Meghan receive surprise gift

-Sun, 15 Jul 21:00:06 [Times]:
Elon Musk Calls a Diver That Rescued Thai Soccer Team a ‘Pedo’ on Twitter

-Sun, 15 Jul 20:57:11 [BBC]:
World Cup 2018: A classic final to cap an epic World Cup

-Sun, 15 Jul 20:36:19 [Reuters]:
Syrian state media: Israeli rockets strike military position near Aleppo

-Sun, 15 Jul 20:28:04 [Times]:
Report: Suspect Who Shot 3 Kansas City Police Officers Killed

-Sun, 15 Jul 20:24:45 [Reuters]:
Mental strength paid off for France, says Deschamps

-Sun, 15 Jul 20:13:33 [BBC]:
World Cup 2018: Surprise! Didier Deschamps news conference interrupted by jubilant France players

-Sun, 15 Jul 20:09:42 [Reuters]:
Nearly-man Anderson takes another giant stride on major stage

-Sun, 15 Jul 20:01:53 [Reuters]:
France lifts second World Cup after classic final

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:57:16 [Reuters]:
Factbox: FIFA awards for 2018 World Cup

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:54:49 [Reuters]:
All Kurdish YPG have left Syria's Manbij: local militia

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:50:39 [CNN]:
Police officer, bystander fatally shot near Boston

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:42:56 [Reuters]:
Croatia player ratings in the World Cup final

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:40:52 [Reuters]:
France player ratings in the World Cup final

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:36:48 [CNN]:
Opinion: Putin wants to pull a fast one on Trump

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:24:43 [Reuters]:
After turbulent times, Djokovic is flying high again

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:21:00 [BBC]:
World Cup 2018: The final that had everything

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:17:16 [CNN]:
The last time France won, he was their captain. Now he's their coach.

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:15:35 [CNN]:
Protests followed Trump all weekend

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:12:34 [CNN]:
Chicago man killed by police ID'd after a night of protests

-Sun, 15 Jul 19:08:24 [CNN]:
Opinion: Americans are paying for Trump to promote his golf courses

-Sun, 15 Jul 18:55:09 [Reuters]:
France coach, players and President Macron react to World Cup victory