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-Fri, 16 Nov 19:43:35 [Times]:
President Trump Says He’ll Name Andrew Wheeler Permanent Head of EPA

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:40:24 [Times]:
Ron Galimore, USA Gymnastics COO Tied to Sexual Abuse Scandal, Resigns

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:34:57 [Reuters]:
House Republican to subpoena ex-FBI director Comey, former AG Lynch

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:32:02 [CNN]:
Trump bestows Medals of Freedom on Elvis, Scalia and others

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:28:57 [Reuters]:
California state senator says 'too soon' to speculate about utility legislation

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:15:23 [Reuters]:
Trump: Russia probe investigators' questions were easy to answer

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:13:41 [Times]:
Is Nancy Pelosi’s Fight to Become Speaker Again a Referendum on Gender?

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:08:47 [CNN]:
Bankrupt Sears wants to give executives $19 million in bonuses

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:07:52 [CNN]:
Monopoly for Millennials is not about real estate because 'you can't afford it anyway,' Hasbro says

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:03:50 [Times]:
They Fled the Nazis as Children. Now They Want Their Adopted Homeland to Welcome Other Refugees Too

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:03:10 [Reuters]:
'I brace myself': anxious search for the missing in California fire

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:58:32 [Times]:
President Trump Honored a GOP Megadonor. Here’s Why Some Republicans Are Worried

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:48:12 [Reuters]:
Supreme Court to hear census citizenship question dispute

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:47:00 [CNN]:
Trump says he's answered questions, isn't 'agitated' by probe

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:46:40 [CNN]:
Trump on China: 'Can't have trade that's meant for stupid people'

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:44:56 [CNN]:
My beautiful sister wanted to star in Broadway musicals. Now I'm grieving her death and hoping others don't also die of opioid addiction

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:44:52 [Times]:
President Trump Addresses Jim Acosta Ruling: ‘People Have to Behave’

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:42:26 [CNN]:
Firm that worked for Facebook tried to plant story alleging liberal bias at Apple News

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:41:50 [Reuters]:
Russians impersonating U.S. State Department aide in hacking campaign: researchers

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:40:47 [Times]:
It’s Going to Take More Than Background Checks and AR-15 Bans to Stop Mass Shootings

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:37:00 [Reuters]:
Ireland has no plans to prepare infrastructure for hard border: foreign minister

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:34:28 [Reuters]:
Still counting: Uncalled U.S. federal and state elections

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:32:47 [Reuters]:
Trump says he finished his written answers in Russia probe

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:30:36 [Reuters]:
Trump says China wants trade deal, U.S. may not impose more tariffs

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:27:25 [CNN]:
Trump: I wrote answers to Mueller's questions

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:20:48 [CNN]:
Jewish woman wins court fight to be able to sue Neo-Nazi publisher

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:19:50 [Reuters]:
Brexit reversed: What is the path back from Brexit?

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:14:51 [Times]:
President Trump Says He’s Answered Robert Mueller’s Written Questions — But Hasn’t Submitted Them Yet

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:08:36 [CNN]:
More testimony of bloodshed and bribes seems certain in 'El Chapo' trial

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:07:51 [CNN]:
Trump responds to judge's CNN ruling

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:07:49 [CNN]:
Fact-checking Trump's anti-Mueller tweet-storm

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:05:10 [Reuters]:
Migrants in Tijuana feel squeeze from both sides of U.S. border

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:53:20 [BBC]:
Reality Check: Brexit withdrawal agreement - what it all means

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:52:50 [Times]:
Florida Begins Hand Recount in Closely Watched U.S. Senate Race

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:51:40 [Reuters]:
EU states offer Britain 'ambitious' ties after Brexit, but no frictionless trade

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:50:22 [Reuters]:
Trump says he has finished answers to special counsel's questions

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:43:55 [Reuters]:
Families anxious to learn fate of hundreds missing in California fire

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:42:12 [Times]:
People Say It’s Boring to Talk About A Dream You Had. Here’s Why You Should Do It Anyway

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:39:06 [BBC]:
What does the Brexit draft document really mean?

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:39:02 [Reuters]:
VW embarks on $50 billion electrification plan

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:36:59 [CNN]:
11th child dies in adenovirus outbreak in New Jersey

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:36:56 [Reuters]:
Tight Senate race in Florida hangs on hand recount of ballots

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:31:16 [CNN]:
'Dogs' is a feel-good tale about BFFs with tails

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:29:13 [CNN]:
Cindy McCain on Trump: We don't need 'negative Nancy'

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:26:23 [BBC]:
EastEnders goes Disney for Children in Need

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:19:26 [Times]:
White House Says It Will ‘Temporarily Reinstate’ Jim Acosta’s Press Pass After Judge’s Ruling

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:14:57 [CNN]:
The 1 thing that drives Trump totally crazy about the Mueller investigation

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:11:16 [Reuters]:
Irish PM says hard border highly likely without Brexit deal

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:08:35 [CNN]:
Bill Nelson suffers court setbacks as Florida hand recount continues

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:05:21 [Times]:
Here’s How Much Your Thanksgiving Dinner Will Probably Cost This Year