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-Sun, 19 Nov 15:50:32 [Times]:
‘SNL’ Targets Alum Al Franken Amid Sexual Misconduct Allegations

-Sun, 19 Nov 15:34:30 [Reuters]:
Israeli police resume interview of Netanyahu in corruption probe

-Sun, 19 Nov 15:15:51 [Times]:
At Least 15 Die in Stampede for Food Aid in Morocco

-Sun, 19 Nov 15:12:59 [CNN]:
Collins: Moore's denials aren't convincing

-Sun, 19 Nov 15:08:56 [Reuters]:
Lebanon's Hariri to visit Egypt on Monday: leader in Future Movement

-Sun, 19 Nov 15:05:02 [BBC]:
Chris Coleman: Sunderland name ex-Wales boss as manager

-Sun, 19 Nov 14:51:39 [CNN]:
What Trump won't tweet: 4 reasons for a free press

-Sun, 19 Nov 14:13:25 [CNN]:
Georgia Dome set for implosion

-Sun, 19 Nov 13:50:48 [Times]:
Zimbabwe Ruling Party Fires Robert Mugabe as Leader

-Sun, 19 Nov 13:49:32 [Reuters]:
Mugabe given until noon Monday to quit as President of Zimbabwe

-Sun, 19 Nov 13:34:19 [Reuters]:
German parties at 'pain threshold' on immigration in coalition talks

-Sun, 19 Nov 13:33:41 [CNN]:
New Orleans elects first woman mayor

-Sun, 19 Nov 13:33:00 [Reuters]:
Bangladesh says it's in talks with Myanmar on Rohingya repatriation deal

-Sun, 19 Nov 13:00:03 [Reuters]:
Satellite signals give hope to search for missing Argentine submarine

-Sun, 19 Nov 12:53:41 [CNN]:
'Miracle worker' a step closer to sainthood

-Sun, 19 Nov 12:32:08 [Reuters]:
Syrian army, allies take back Albu Kamal from Islamic State

-Sun, 19 Nov 12:24:38 [BBC]:
Tommy Fleetwood beats Justin Rose to Race to Dubai crown

-Sun, 19 Nov 12:23:00 [BBC]:
Bristol sailor dies in Clipper Round the World Race

-Sun, 19 Nov 12:18:43 [Reuters]:
Zimbabwe's ruling party expels Mugabe: war vets head

-Sun, 19 Nov 11:50:26 [Reuters]:
Mugabe fired as ruling party leader: ZANU-PF sources

-Sun, 19 Nov 11:39:17 [BBC]:
Ashes: Australia 'see things they like' in England - Darren Lehmann

-Sun, 19 Nov 11:14:15 [BBC]:
Doddie Weir delivers the match ball with his sons to an emotional Murrayfield

-Sun, 19 Nov 11:11:44 [Reuters]:
Battered GE shares lure some buyers but worst may not be over

-Sun, 19 Nov 10:53:33 [BBC]:
Budget 2017: Plans to build 300,000 homes a year

-Sun, 19 Nov 10:18:03 [CNN]:
Missing navy sub tried contacting bases

-Sun, 19 Nov 9:29:05 [BBC]:
Blue Planet 2: How plastic is killing our sea creatures

-Sun, 19 Nov 9:10:29 [CNN]:
How it feels to be a Zimbabwean today

-Sun, 19 Nov 9:09:15 [BBC]:
Hockey World League Final: England lose narrowly to Argentina

-Sun, 19 Nov 8:54:52 [Reuters]:
Zimbabwe's ruling party to expel Mugabe, war vets head says

-Sun, 19 Nov 8:26:33 [Reuters]:
Defiant Hun Sen tells U.S. to cut all aid to Cambodia

-Sun, 19 Nov 8:21:10 [Reuters]:
Zimbabwe ruling party to kick out Mugabe today: war vets leader

-Sun, 19 Nov 8:13:24 [BBC]:
Rugby League World Cup: England 30-6 Papua New Guinea

-Sun, 19 Nov 8:00:56 [BBC]:
Lamborghini for a Pope and other stories you may have missed

-Sun, 19 Nov 8:00:11 [Reuters]:
U.S. nuclear general says would resist 'illegal' Trump strike order

-Sun, 19 Nov 7:43:05 [CNN]:
'SNL' begs 'Come Back Barack' in ballad

-Sun, 19 Nov 7:42:18 [CNN]:
Zimbabwe's ruling party to discuss firing Mugabe, source says

-Sun, 19 Nov 7:16:23 [BBC]:
David Cassidy: Ex-Partridge Family star suffers organ failure

-Sun, 19 Nov 6:33:34 [BBC]:
Women's Ashes: England beat Australia in T20 dead rubber

-Sun, 19 Nov 6:23:25 [CNN]:
'SNL' takes on Senator -- and former 'SNL' performer --Al Franken

-Sun, 19 Nov 3:00:05 [CNN]:
Argentina: Missing sub called out 7 times

-Sun, 19 Nov 2:55:17 [CNN]:
Sarah Silverman responds to Louis C.K.

-Sun, 19 Nov 2:32:58 [CNN]:
Can anyone stop Trump from ordering a nuclear strike?

-Sun, 19 Nov 1:50:27 [CNN]:
Clinton on Trump tweet: He's obsessed

-Sun, 19 Nov 1:18:12 [CNN]:
General: I'd push back against 'illegal' nuclear strike order

-Sun, 19 Nov 1:13:59 [BBC]:
'A stranger ruined my life and wants to stab me'

-Sun, 19 Nov 1:04:32 [CNN]:
The week in politics

-Sun, 19 Nov 0:41:23 [CNN]:
Why I'm marching for Puerto Rico

-Sun, 19 Nov 0:33:14 [BBC]:
Newspaper headlines: Budget boost for driverless cars and NHS

-Sun, 19 Nov 0:17:39 [BBC]:
Bosnia's silent killer: The coal industry

-Sun, 19 Nov 0:15:17 [BBC]:
'Crying every day': Haitians could be sent home under Trump