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-Wed, 26 Apr 5:58:53 [Reuters]:
Serena says accidentally spilled news of her pregnancy

-Wed, 26 Apr 5:34:37 [BBC]:
BBC News Daily: Your morning briefing

-Wed, 26 Apr 5:31:50 [Times]:
The U.S. Will Launch a Missile Test on Wednesday Amid North Korea Tensions

-Wed, 26 Apr 5:16:31 [Reuters]:
Tyson Foods eyes higher wages as U.S. labor market tightens

-Wed, 26 Apr 5:10:54 [CNN]:
Dating site leads to ISIS nightmare

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:40:03 [Reuters]:
Thai police to review procedures for taking down content after Facebook killing

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:33:01 [Times]:
RuPaul Would Love Viola Davis to Be a Drag Race Guest Judge

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:29:15 [Times]:
See the Biggest Moments From the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:28:00 [Times]:
Two Years After the Devastating Earthquake, Nepal’s Women Have Become Easy Prey for Traffickers

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:26:40 [CNN]:
Jenner: I can't be seen in public with Trump

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:24:37 [Times]:
Watch the 2017 TIME 100 Gala in Less Than 4 Minutes

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:18:57 [Times]:
Ava DuVernay Discusses the Viral Lupita Nyong’o-Rihanna Movie Idea: ‘Anything Is Possible’

-Wed, 26 Apr 4:16:25 [Times]:
Watch Viola Davis’ Powerful Toast at the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:50:29 [CNN]:
US destroyer forced to alter course by Iranian vessel

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:48:15 [Reuters]:
Eighth time lucky: NASA launches super balloon to collect near space data

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:45:44 [Times]:
Watch John Legend’s Dazzling Performance at the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:35:31 [Times]:
Watch Ava DuVernay Deliver a Touching Tribute to Her Aunt at the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:31:50 [CNN]:
Parts of US anti-missile system moved to South Korean site

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:23:40 [Times]:
Google Doodle Marks the Cassini Spacecraft’s Final Exploration of Saturn and Its Rings

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:18:59 [BBC]:
United Airlines reviews giant bunny death

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:11:53 [Times]:
Preet Bharara on Why He’s Still Figuring Out His Next Career Move

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:08:18 [Times]:
Syrian Civil Defense Leader Raed Saleh at the TIME 100 Gala: ‘We’re Happy to Be That Hope’

-Wed, 26 Apr 3:04:59 [Times]:
Turkey Bombed U.S. Allies in Syria and Iraq. Washington Is ‘Very Concerned’

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:59:57 [Reuters]:
Lawyer for ex-NFL star Hernandez denies letter mentioned prison lover

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:53:22 [CNN]:
Republicans aim to revive health care with new amendment

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:50:21 [Times]:
5 Questions Congress Needs to Answer to Avoid a Government Shutdown

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:48:35 [Times]:
Watch Bernard J. Tyson’s Toast Paying Tribute to His Father at the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:48:14 [CNN]:
Group won't host Ann Coulter, but she still plans to speak

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:36:03 [Times]:
White House Outlines ‘Trump Doctrine’ as President Nears 100-Day Mark

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:35:34 [Times]:
Watch George Church’s Moving Toast at the 2017 TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:28:25 [CNN]:
Caitlyn Jenner: 'I would seriously look at a run' for office

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:25:36 [BBC]:
Violence injury treatment 'fall' for England and Wales

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:25:07 [Times]:
How Chess Helped the Washington Attorney General File the First Lawsuit Against Trump’s Travel Ban

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:24:27 [CNN]:
Why hasn't North Korea conducted its sixth nuclear test?

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:07:04 [CNN]:
Sandberg on husband's death

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:05:27 [CNN]:
Sandberg on husband's sudden death: 'I couldn't breathe'

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:03:45 [Times]:
Sarah Paulson Is Totally Down to Play a Royal. But It’s Not Princess Diana

-Wed, 26 Apr 2:02:44 [BBC]:
La La Land Day is declared in Los Angeles

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:56:10 [Times]:
Marine Le Pen Calls French Election a ‘Revolt’ Against the Elite

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:55:59 [CNN]:
Mulvaney: Trump open to bill without wall fund

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:43:13 [Times]:
The Arms Race on the Korean Peninsula Continues as Seoul Rolls Out U.S. Missiles

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:37:32 [Times]:
Watch Demi Lovato’s High-Energy Performance at the TIME 100 Gala

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:25:20 [CNN]:
Budget battle: Border wall money out, Obamacare fight on

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:24:25 [CNN]:
Rep.: No question Flynn broke law

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:24:20 [Times]:
Viola Davis on Why She’s Telling Her Daughter to Stop Apologizing: ‘We Need to Step Into Our Power’

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:14:39 [BBC]:
Would visiting Parliament inspire you to vote?

-Wed, 26 Apr 1:03:55 [Reuters]:
Trump administration to review dozens of U.S. national monuments

-Wed, 26 Apr 0:55:23 [Reuters]:
Trump tax plan will sharply slash corporate tax rates

-Wed, 26 Apr 0:55:09 [Times]:
Man Arrested in Wife’s Murder After Fitbit Data Pokes Holes in His Alibi

-Wed, 26 Apr 0:52:07 [CNN]:
Internet makes fun of Trump's executive orders