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-Sat, 25 May 4:48:04 [CNN]:
It's National Wine Day. Here's some conversation-starters as you sip

-Sat, 25 May 3:02:51 [CNN]:
Washington Post: Giuliani recently met with former Ukrainian diplomat

-Sat, 25 May 2:50:36 [CNN]:
Flour sold at ALDI recalled after 17 people in 8 states get sick

-Sat, 25 May 2:36:00 [BBC]:
Four times more data breaches logged in UK

-Sat, 25 May 2:12:08 [Times]:
Judge Orders President Trump to Stop Building Border Wall With Emergency Money

-Sat, 25 May 2:09:28 [CNN]:
Federal judge blocks Trump from using Defense funds for parts of border wall

-Sat, 25 May 2:08:53 [CNN]:
READ: Federal judge's ruling blocking Trump from using Defense funds for parts of border wall

-Sat, 25 May 2:08:50 [Times]:
Why Is Trump Sending More Troops and Firepower to the Middle East? That’s Classified

-Sat, 25 May 2:06:40 [CNN]:
Colorado man accused of beating fiancée to death pleads not guilty

-Sat, 25 May 2:02:19 [Reuters]:
Trump says considering pardons for some U.S. soldiers accused of war crimes

-Sat, 25 May 2:01:06 [CNN]:
Ex-GOP congressman calls for impeachment, says Trump an 'illegitimate president'

-Sat, 25 May 1:43:13 [CNN]:
Navajo Code Talker, longtime New Mexico Sen. John Pinto dies at 94

-Sat, 25 May 1:35:50 [Reuters]:
Wall Street Weekahead: Trade protection doesn't have to exclude growth stocks

-Sat, 25 May 1:27:08 [CNN]:
Mother of student given free food tells newspaper her child is not needy

-Sat, 25 May 1:19:54 [Reuters]:
Wall Street week ahead: Trade protection doesn't have to exclude growth stocks

-Sat, 25 May 1:12:31 [BBC]:
Mumps - is it the forgotten disease?

-Sat, 25 May 1:07:44 [CNN]:
Opinion: How my son's college graduation changed my life forever

-Sat, 25 May 0:50:25 [CNN]:
Honor students complain of racial incidents at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts

-Sat, 25 May 0:42:04 [CNN]:
CBP identifies 10-year-old girl who died in US custody last year

-Sat, 25 May 0:37:02 [BBC]:
Week in pictures: 18-24 May 2019

-Sat, 25 May 0:24:47 [CNN]:
Anderson Cooper: This could be Trump's 2020 strategy

-Sat, 25 May 0:06:57 [CNN]:
Washington Post: Two prosecutors connected to Assange case were against espionage charges

-Sat, 25 May 0:06:50 [Reuters]:
Trump says to consider pardons for some U.S. soldiers accused of war crimes

-Sat, 25 May 0:05:49 [CNN]:
W. Kamau Bell: Washington is a tale of two cities

-Sat, 25 May 0:05:12 [BBC]:
Who gets to choose?

-Sat, 25 May 0:04:04 [BBC]:
South Wales Italian cafe to close after 84 years

-Fri, 24 May 23:53:32 [BBC]:
Togo slippery frog scientist wins award for conservation effort

-Fri, 24 May 23:51:00 [BBC]:
Spice Girls: What happened to Girl Power?

-Fri, 24 May 23:44:05 [BBC]:
Race to be new UK prime minister begins

-Fri, 24 May 23:34:55 [CNN]:
'Jeopardy!' champion James Holzhauer passes $2 million mark

-Fri, 24 May 23:32:45 [CNN]:
Farewell, infrastructure week

-Fri, 24 May 23:32:00 [CNN]:
Burnett: Trump doesn't want to hear these facts

-Fri, 24 May 23:31:16 [CNN]:
Three more guilty pleas in college admissions scandal

-Fri, 24 May 23:10:18 [CNN]:
A driver tried to jump a bridge opening in his car. Now two people are dead

-Fri, 24 May 22:59:34 [Reuters]:
Groups sue over Alabama abortion law; judge blocks Mississippi ban

-Fri, 24 May 22:48:41 [BBC]:
England Women must win World Cup to earn equal pay talks, says striker Kirby

-Fri, 24 May 22:35:37 [Reuters]:
Soccer: Holders U.S. shrug off weight of World Cup expectations

-Fri, 24 May 22:20:52 [Reuters]:
Musk's SpaceX raised over $1 billion in six months: filings

-Fri, 24 May 22:17:57 [Times]:
Federal Judge Temporarily Blocks Mississippi ‘Heartbeat’ Abortion Ban

-Fri, 24 May 22:09:00 [CNN]:
A 16-year-old's MAGA hat was blurred out of his high school yearbook

-Fri, 24 May 22:07:38 [Reuters]:
Defying Congress, Trump sets $8 billion-plus in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE

-Fri, 24 May 22:00:02 [BBC]:
The Papers: 'It all ends in tears' for PM May

-Fri, 24 May 21:57:20 [CNN]:
Another Trump immigration officials is out

-Fri, 24 May 21:48:13 [Times]:
Maine to Eliminate Non-Medical Exemptions for Vaccinations

-Fri, 24 May 21:48:02 [CNN]:
Trump declares emergency to expedite arms sales to Saudi Arabia and UAE

-Fri, 24 May 21:34:15 [CNN]:
Judith Kerr's light helped us understand the world's darkness

-Fri, 24 May 21:31:29 [Reuters]:
U.S. arms sales to Saudis, UAE, Jordan needed to deter Iran: Pompeo

-Fri, 24 May 21:31:22 [Reuters]:
UK's Rudd opts out of Conservative Party leadership race: Telegraph

-Fri, 24 May 21:30:32 [Times]:
The Quick Read About… the 5G War Is Upon Us

-Fri, 24 May 21:29:14 [Reuters]:
For Anderson family, an early bet on SMA gene therapy