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-Thu, 19 Oct 21:35:04 [BBC]:
Rhys Webb 'heartbroken' over Wales policy, but will not renege on Toulon move

-Thu, 19 Oct 21:28:31 [CNN]:
Where is the leader of ISIS?

-Thu, 19 Oct 21:15:07 [BBC]:
London Eye lit up to mark Diwali for first time

-Thu, 19 Oct 20:41:11 [Times]:
‘It Stuns Me.’ Trump’s Chief of Staff Accuses Democratic Congresswoman of Politicizing Solider’s Death

-Thu, 19 Oct 20:25:26 [Times]:
‘We Don’t Want Your Nazi Hate.’ Protesters Drown Out Richard Spencer’s University of Florida Speech

-Thu, 19 Oct 20:11:04 [CNN]:
Gold Star mom: Someone else should make condolence calls

-Thu, 19 Oct 20:04:51 [CNN]:
1 in 9 men have oral HPV, but we can fix this

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:58:08 [CNN]:
Russian TV network bucks DOJ request to register as a foreign agent

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:50:21 [CNN]:
White House chief of staff says he advised President on what to say and was 'stunned' by the criticism

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:45:45 [Times]:
Twisted Sister’s Dee Snider Is Not Here for the Non-Rock Fans in Band T-Shirts

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:41:55 [CNN]:
John Kelly: 'Broken-hearted' over lawmaker's actions

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:38:07 [BBC]:
Eni Aluko: Lee Kendall investigated over behaviour towards striker

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:36:26 [Times]:
There Will Soon Be a Target in All 50 States

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:33:41 [CNN]:
Blac Chyna sues Kardashian family for 'slut shaming' her

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:32:50 [CNN]:
Trump pick for environmental post called belief in global warming a 'kind of paganism'

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:28:16 [Reuters]:
Bush takes veiled swipe at Trump, slams 'bullying and prejudice'

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:27:40 [CNN]:
Expert: Water from a polluted Puerto Rico site 'safe to drink'

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:24:05 [Times]:
Here’s Your First Look at Margot Robbie as Tonya Harding in the I, Tonya Trailer

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:24:02 [CNN]:
Bush just laid a major smackdown on Trumpism

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:21:57 [Reuters]:
Putin dials up anti-U.S. rhetoric, keeps mum on re-election

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:20:31 [Times]:
‘Bigotry Seems Emboldened.’ Read George W. Bush’s Speech Attacking Nationalism in Politics

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:19:48 [Reuters]:
Germany says worried about new generation of Islamic State recruits

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:17:26 [Times]:
The Story of Leonardo DiCaprio’s Hocus Pocus Audition Is Everything You Want It to Be

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:12:29 [Reuters]:
Putin dials ups anti-U.S. rhetoric, keeps mum on re-election

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:08:17 [BBC]:
Crvena Zvezda 0-1 Arsenal

-Thu, 19 Oct 19:08:12 [Times]:
President Trump Gave Himself a ‘10’ for His Response to Puerto Rico

-Thu, 19 Oct 18:50:52 [Reuters]:
U.S. envoy Haley: Russia interference in elections is 'warfare'

-Thu, 19 Oct 18:43:07 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: New data shows race disparities in Canada's bail system

-Thu, 19 Oct 18:28:12 [Times]:
‘No Way for a Person to Live.’ Sex Trafficking Victim Speaks Out After Her Rescue

-Thu, 19 Oct 18:23:24 [CNN]:
Concerns raised over Trump interviews

-Thu, 19 Oct 18:16:34 [Reuters]:
Protesters denounce white nationalist's speech at Florida university

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:53:38 [Times]:
The CIA Fired a Dog Because Sniffing Bombs Just Wasn’t Her True Calling

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:50:57 [Reuters]:
Leaders of Venezuela's bruised opposition to travel abroad to denounce 'voting fraud'

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:45:11 [Times]:
‘We Are Not Alone’: Ellen DeGeneres Shares Inspiring ‘Me Too’ Message

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:33:39 [Reuters]:
Senate heads for vote crucial to Trump's tax reform plan

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:29:28 [CNN]:
No, Melania Trump does not have a body double

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:27:48 [CNN]:
Trump puts Puerto Rico governor on the spot

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:26:40 [Times]:
How to View Uranus Without a Telescope as It Nears Earth Tonight

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:20:07 [Times]:
The FDA Just Approved a New Way of Fighting Cancer Using Personalized Gene Therapy

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:19:05 [Reuters]:
Maltese journalist probably killed by remotely detonated bomb, government says

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:13:12 [Times]:
How Do You Exercise in Space?

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:04:54 [Times]:
Kids Are Spending More Time On Mobile Devices Than Ever Before

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:03:25 [CNN]:
Obama letters from 1980s to be made available

-Thu, 19 Oct 17:01:33 [CNN]:
Google exec: Our society is in real jeopardy

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:53:21 [Times]:
Taylor Swift Just Teased Her New Song. Here’s What to Know.

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:45:21 [CNN]:
Car runs over, pins skateboarding teen

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:33:40 [Times]:
Doing This for 30 Minutes a Day Can Help You Live Longer

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:29:17 [BBC]:
Tom Hanks: The film industry will have to change

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:27:31 [CNN]:
Bush: White supremacy is 'blasphemy'

-Thu, 19 Oct 16:26:02 [Times]:
This Is the Happiest City in the U.S.