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-Thu, 20 Sep 6:24:21 [Times]:
Australian Football Club Apologizes After Players Wore Blackface While Dressing Up as Venus and Serena Williams

-Thu, 20 Sep 6:20:23 [CNN]:
Kids suffer from depression and PTSD

-Thu, 20 Sep 6:15:17 [Reuters]:
Fulfilling a dream, South Korea's Moon visits sacred North Korean mountain with Kim

-Thu, 20 Sep 6:12:31 [Times]:
The Senate Standoff: How Duterte’s Attempt to Arrest Another Critic Is Testing Philippine Democracy

-Thu, 20 Sep 5:54:08 [CNN]:
Jet Airways plane turns back after passengers suffer nose and ear bleeds

-Thu, 20 Sep 5:49:54 [Reuters]:
China plans import tariff cuts as soon as October: Bloomberg

-Thu, 20 Sep 5:35:32 [BBC]:
Man City 1-2 Lyon: City reduced to 'a barely recognisable rabble'

-Thu, 20 Sep 5:29:14 [BBC]:
Brexit: UK vs EU on the football pitch

-Thu, 20 Sep 5:16:49 [CNN]:
57 Detroit schools have high levels of lead and copper in drinking water

-Thu, 20 Sep 5:14:19 [BBC]:
News Daily: May's Brexit challenge and rail chaos blame

-Thu, 20 Sep 5:07:49 [CNN]:
Can design solve the world's plastic problem?

-Thu, 20 Sep 5:03:36 [CNN]:
Analysis: Kavanaugh case shows how little has changed

-Thu, 20 Sep 4:41:32 [Reuters]:
Dream comes true for South Korea's Moon: Trekking Mt Paektu with Kim Jong Un

-Thu, 20 Sep 4:37:44 [BBC]:
Brett Kavanaugh: Sexual assault accuser 'needs more time'

-Thu, 20 Sep 4:36:05 [Times]:
India Has Criminalized the Islamic Practice of ‘Instant Divorce’

-Thu, 20 Sep 4:27:48 [Reuters]:
Asian shares rise as investors reassess trade war impact

-Thu, 20 Sep 4:03:47 [Times]:
U.S. Passports Can’t Be Denied Over Refusal to Select a Gender, a Judge Has Ruled

-Thu, 20 Sep 3:47:48 [Times]:
At Least Three Dead in the Philippines After a Landslide Caused by Heavy Rains

-Thu, 20 Sep 3:41:57 [Reuters]:
Alibaba's Jack Ma says people should prepare for 20 years of China-U.S. trade war

-Thu, 20 Sep 3:35:48 [CNN]:
Landslide kills 4 in Philippines

-Thu, 20 Sep 3:34:39 [Reuters]:
Malaysian police say former PM Najib to face 21 more money laundering charges

-Thu, 20 Sep 3:24:15 [Times]:
Kim Jong Un and Moon Jae In Wrap Up Summit at North Korea’s Sacred Volcano

-Thu, 20 Sep 2:58:17 [Reuters]:
Senior Chinese diplomat says warmly welcomes inter-Korean summit

-Thu, 20 Sep 2:55:47 [Reuters]:
Alibaba's Jack Ma says U.S.-China trade war ends 1 million U.S. jobs promise: Xinhua

-Thu, 20 Sep 2:37:08 [Reuters]:
Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak to face 21 money laundering charges: police

-Thu, 20 Sep 2:36:27 [Times]:
Something Amiss? Cathay Pacific Misspelled Its Own Name on the Side of an Airplane

-Thu, 20 Sep 2:33:42 [CNN]:
Woolworths pulls needles from shelves after strawberry crisis

-Thu, 20 Sep 2:20:25 [CNN]:
Owner of 3D gun printing company accused of sexual assault of a child

-Thu, 20 Sep 2:19:24 [CNN]:
Jeffrey Toobin: If she won't testify, he gets confirmed

-Thu, 20 Sep 2:06:57 [Reuters]:
Volkswagen pulls out of Iran, according to U.S. official: Bloomberg

-Thu, 20 Sep 2:04:09 [Reuters]:
Volkswagen pulls out of Iran, according to U.S. official: Bloomberg

-Thu, 20 Sep 1:52:16 [BBC]:
Storm Ali: Clean-up begins after severe winds lash UK

-Thu, 20 Sep 1:44:47 [Reuters]:
New Mexico observatory closure stemmed from FBI child porn probe: documents

-Thu, 20 Sep 1:44:37 [CNN]:
Co-founder of Dance Theatre of Harlem dies

-Thu, 20 Sep 1:26:44 [Times]:
Bono Says Pope Francis Is ‘Aghast’ at Catholic Church Sex Abuse Scandals

-Thu, 20 Sep 1:22:48 [CNN]:
Cosby judge denies motion to recuse himself

-Thu, 20 Sep 1:08:32 [Reuters]:
'Water coming your way', Trump warns during hurricane tour

-Thu, 20 Sep 1:07:37 [CNN]:
Anderson Cooper fact-checks Trump's FBI claim

-Thu, 20 Sep 0:56:43 [Reuters]:
Asian markets follow global shares higher, trade war still in focus

-Thu, 20 Sep 0:44:53 [BBC]:
'We haven't had sex in three years'

-Thu, 20 Sep 0:40:56 [Times]:
Health and Human Services Department Says It Lost Track of 1,488 Migrant Children

-Thu, 20 Sep 0:40:51 [BBC]:
Top 10 tips for starting at university

-Thu, 20 Sep 0:27:47 [BBC]:
Bringing Shakespeare's neglected women out of the shadows

-Thu, 20 Sep 0:15:21 [Reuters]:
Britain's May appeals to EU leaders but no sign of Brexit deal

-Thu, 20 Sep 0:11:46 [Reuters]:
U.N. chief Guterres welcomes outcome of Koreas summit: spokesman

-Thu, 20 Sep 0:02:10 [Reuters]:
Trump defends Supreme Court nominee as accuser faces deadline

-Thu, 20 Sep 0:00:18 [CNN]:
Michael Flynn's sentencing is set for December

-Wed, 19 Sep 23:55:34 [Times]:
Christine Blasey Ford’s Lawyer Criticizes ‘Rush to a Hearing’ on Kavanaugh Accusations

-Wed, 19 Sep 23:42:30 [CNN]:
Trump touts North Korea gesture. Lawmakers warn of perils.

-Wed, 19 Sep 23:40:46 [CNN]:
McCaskill to vote no on Kavanaugh, cites dark money concerns