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-Tue, 19 Sep 22:00:19 [Reuters]:
Senate panel cancels interview with Trump lawyer, asks him to open hearing

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:48:08 [Reuters]:
Dozens dead as major earthquake strikes near Mexico City

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:45:38 [Times]:
Video Footage Shows Chaos and Destruction Following Deadly Mexico City Earthquake

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:42:11 [CNN]:
What cybercriminals do with stolen SS numbers

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:42:04 [Times]:
These Are 40 of the Most Terrifying Words in Donald Trump’s U.N. Address

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:30:53 [Reuters]:
Hurricane Maria bears down on St. Croix, Puerto Rico after trashing Dominica

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:30:29 [Times]:
Why We Need to Protect Maternal Health During the Refugee Crisis

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:29:59 [CNN]:
Thousands flee as buildings sway

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:26:17 [Times]:
What Do Hurricane Categories Actually Mean?

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:24:38 [Times]:
No, the World Is Not Going to End This Weekend

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:19:51 [CNN]:
WWI German U-boat found off Belgian coast

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:18:06 [CNN]:
Governor: Trump-ites are cave dwellers

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:12:42 [CNN]:
How 'Whose streets? Our streets!' has been co-opted

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:11:55 [CNN]:
Melinda Gates: VC industry needs to clean up act

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:10:05 [Reuters]:
Major earthquake hits near Mexico City, dozens dead

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:07:43 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Trump administration prepares to ease export rules for U.S. guns

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:58:49 [Reuters]:
Mexico quake kills at least 42 in Morelos state, 5 in Mexico state

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:42:33 [Times]:
Major Earthquake for Mexico City Falls on Anniversary of Catastrophic 1985 Quake

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:40:29 [Times]:
White Man Arrested in ‘Cold, Calculated’ Killings of 2 Black Men

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:39:53 [CNN]:
Trump tweets: God bless people of Mexico City

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:39:26 [BBC]:
Leicester City 2-0 Liverpool

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:37:20 [Times]:
New Study Links Playing Youth Football to Later Brain Damage

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:29:44 [Times]:
Republican Senator Endorses Carbon Tax to Fight Climate Change

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:27:37 [BBC]:
Parsons Green bombing: Third arrest over Tube attack

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:22:56 [Reuters]:
If threatened, U.S. will 'totally destroy' North Korea, Trump vows

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:17:38 [CNN]:
Congressmen arrested in immigration protest outside Trump Tower

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:16:23 [CNN]:
Witness: Rumble kept increasing

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:14:18 [CNN]:
Students help refugees with ride-share rickshaws

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:13:40 [Times]:
This Is the Most Popular Hotel on TripAdvisor

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:12:52 [Reuters]:
Senate panel seeks open session with Trump lawyer after canceling interview

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:05:39 [Times]:
Donald Trump Isn’t the First to Call a North Korean Leader ‘Rocket Man’

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:04:36 [Times]:
You Might Not Want to Sit Next to Jennifer Lawrence on a Plane

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:00:24 [BBC]:
England women 6-0 Russia women

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:55:35 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Trump using campaign, RNC funds to pay legal bills from Russia probe

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:53:46 [CNN]:
Puerto Rico had half as many people the last time it faced a hurricane this bad

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:51:58 [Times]:
Arya and Sansa Can’t Stop Goofing Off in These Hilarious Game of Thrones Outtakes

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:50:27 [CNN]:
'Rocket man': awkward Dad Trump tries to be cool

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:47:41 [Times]:
Cornell University Investigating Beating of Black Student as Possible Hate Crime

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:46:41 [Times]:
Mother Arrested After Her Baby Suffocates While Sleeping Next to Her in Bed

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:45:29 [CNN]:
Santorum: Rand Paul is wrong on health care bill

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:44:45 [Times]:
This Quora Answer Is the Perfect Metaphor for White Privilege

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:44:19 [Times]:
Russian Helicopter Appears to Accidentally Fire Rockets Near Bystander

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:43:03 [CNN]:
'SNL' is staying live coast to coast this season

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:39:18 [CNN]:
St. Louis protests show the sickness and the cure

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:39:18 [Times]:
The Story Behind the Truman Quote in President Trump’s U.N. Speech

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:27:51 [Reuters]:
Hurricane Maria targets St. Croix and Puerto Rico after ripping up Dominica

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:26:06 [BBC]:
England v West Indies: Jonny Bairstow makes century in Old Trafford win

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:21:48 [Times]:
Court: White Supremacist Church Shooter Can’t Fire His Jewish and Indian Lawyers

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:20:44 [CNN]:
Trump's threats, themes don't add up

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:20:34 [CNN]:
Tensions in St. Louis: How did we get here?