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-Wed, 21 Oct 12:02:46 [Times]:
The Nigerian Army Reportedly Opened Fire on Peaceful Protesters. Here’s What to Know

-Wed, 21 Oct 11:47:03 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Brazil to use Chinese vaccine

-Wed, 21 Oct 11:35:44 [The Independent]:
Family of nine in China dies after eating pot of noodles

-Wed, 21 Oct 11:22:35 [The Independent]:
Girl killed by monkeys who chased her off roof in India

-Wed, 21 Oct 11:14:12 [The Independent]:
Nigeria: What is SARS and why are people protesting against police?

-Wed, 21 Oct 11:01:34 [BBC]:
Cocaine worth $500m found hidden in charcoal shipment

-Wed, 21 Oct 10:51:15 [The Independent]:
South Korean authorities downplay vaccine fears after nine people die following flu shots

-Wed, 21 Oct 10:42:33 [The Independent]:
Punishment for child sex abuse and pornography toughened in Germany

-Wed, 21 Oct 9:59:44 [Times]:
Family of Slain Journalist Jamal Khashoggi Sues Saudi Crown Prince Over His Death

-Wed, 21 Oct 9:48:02 [The Independent]:
Nigeria shootings - live: Police impose curfew in Lagos after protesters fired at

-Wed, 21 Oct 9:14:54 [The Independent]:
End SARS: Rihanna says her 'heart is broken for Nigeria' after reports police opened fire on protesters

-Wed, 21 Oct 8:59:34 [The Independent]:
India returns captured Chinese soldier who ‘strayed’ across border

-Wed, 21 Oct 8:59:03 [The Independent]:
Australian writer detained in Beijing told supporter he was a former Chinese spy

-Wed, 21 Oct 8:47:30 [BBC]:
Mysterious Berlin attack targets 70 museum artefacts

-Wed, 21 Oct 8:43:44 [BBC]:
Iceland PM keeps her cool as earthquake disrupts interview

-Wed, 21 Oct 8:06:01 [The Independent]:
At least 15 killed after stampede breaks out among Afghans jostling for visas

-Wed, 21 Oct 7:53:14 [BBC]:
Breonna Taylor: Grand jury 'not given chance to bring homicide charges'

-Wed, 21 Oct 7:35:02 [The Independent]:
Protesters ‘shot dead' in Lagos as Nigerian army opens fire on anti-police brutality rally

-Wed, 21 Oct 6:42:45 [The Independent]:
Chinese ship captain charged with killing 'Somali pirates' after video appears on YouTube

-Wed, 21 Oct 6:41:03 [CNN]:
More than 100 dead as Vietnam reels from 'worst floods in decades'

-Wed, 21 Oct 6:33:25 [The Independent]:
Australian watchdog considers its own Google antitrust case

-Wed, 21 Oct 5:41:40 [CNN]:
China says environment still grim despite 5 years of progress

-Wed, 21 Oct 5:04:51 [The Independent]:
Hathras gang rape: Doctor who contradicted Indian police over forensic evidence is sacked by hospital

-Wed, 21 Oct 4:29:27 [The Independent]:
5 takeaways from the government's lawsuit against Google

-Wed, 21 Oct 4:18:24 [CNN]:
India is facing a double health threat this winter: pollution and the pandemic

-Wed, 21 Oct 4:01:27 [CNN]:
Pollution and Covid-19: Delhi hit by 'double whammy'

-Wed, 21 Oct 1:32:19 [CNN]:
Eyewitnesses say Nigerian forces opened fire on protesters in Lagos

-Wed, 21 Oct 0:47:50 [The Independent]:
New Zealand records nearly a dozen new Covid-19 cases after eliminating virus — twice

-Wed, 21 Oct 0:18:06 [BBC]:
Covid: China's Sinovac vaccine to be included in Brazil immunisation plan

-Wed, 21 Oct 0:08:34 [The Independent]:
Parents of 545 children separated by Trump administration at Mexico border can't be found, lawyers say

-Wed, 21 Oct 0:05:46 [BBC]:
Philippine boxing legend Manny Pacquiao swaps punching for payments

-Tue, 20 Oct 23:24:18 [BBC]:
Covid: How to protest during a global pandemic

-Tue, 20 Oct 23:13:25 [CNN]:
Impossible is working on a plant-based milk for people who hate plant-based milks

-Tue, 20 Oct 22:21:23 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: 'I just wish my parents were still here'

-Tue, 20 Oct 22:01:01 [Times]:
UK Plans ‘Challenge Trials,’ Which Will Intentionally Give People COVID-19 to Test Vaccines

-Tue, 20 Oct 20:54:19 [The Independent]:
Ivanka Trump mocked for saying she's been using pandemic to learn guitar, as eight million fall into poverty

-Tue, 20 Oct 20:35:49 [CNN]:
Earthquake interrupts Iceland PM's interview

-Tue, 20 Oct 20:07:13 [The Independent]:
Jamal Khashoggi: Family of slain Saudi journalist sues Saudi Crown Prince

-Tue, 20 Oct 19:58:25 [The Independent]:
Trump administration set to sign declaration aimed at restricting abortion

-Tue, 20 Oct 19:47:06 [The Independent]:
‘This is not a game’: Glee actor Amber Riley claims Trump supporter spat on car

-Tue, 20 Oct 19:30:50 [The Independent]:
Vaccine scientist says next few months may be 'one of the darkest chapters in modern American history'

-Tue, 20 Oct 19:24:51 [BBC]:
Jamal Khashoggi: Journalist's fiancee sues Saudi crown prince

-Tue, 20 Oct 19:15:05 [Times]:
European Museums Keep Talking About Repatriating Colonial Objects. African Artists and Curators Have Ideas on How to Actually Make It Happen

-Tue, 20 Oct 19:03:22 [The Independent]:
‘Tampering with our democracy will not be tolerated’: California ballot drop box set on fire in suspected arson attack

-Tue, 20 Oct 18:29:17 [The Independent]:
Family of slain Saudi journalist sues Saudi Crown Prince

-Tue, 20 Oct 18:03:02 [The Independent]:
More than 200 Australians in hotel quarantine to be urgently screened for HIV after authorities admit to mixing up blood test devices

-Tue, 20 Oct 17:53:00 [Times]:
The Far-Left Wins Back Power in Bolivia. What Does That Mean for the Country’s Future?

-Tue, 20 Oct 17:52:04 [The Independent]:
Hundreds of Chinese fishing vessels ‘target’ Galapagos Islands

-Tue, 20 Oct 17:30:43 [CNN]:
This car just smashed through speed records at 316 mph

-Tue, 20 Oct 17:21:24 [BBC]:
The Countdown: Tiffany Trump trends and two rivals show love