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-Sat, 18 Jan 22:25:24 [Reuters]:
UK PM Johnson to impose new restrictions on low-skilled migrants post-Brexit: Telegraph

-Sat, 18 Jan 22:11:23 [Reuters]:
Canada's government to help Newfoundland dig out after massive blizzard

-Sat, 18 Jan 21:25:59 [Reuters]:
Sixty killed in Houthi attack on camp in Yemen's Marib: Saudi state TV

-Sat, 18 Jan 20:50:00 [Reuters]:
Factbox - Britain's retiring royals: who are Harry and Meghan?

-Sat, 18 Jan 20:50:00 [Reuters]:
Factbox: Queen Elizabeth's statement on Harry and Meghan's future

-Sat, 18 Jan 20:50:00 [Reuters]:
UK's Harry and Meghan to drop titles and retire as working royals

-Sat, 18 Jan 20:38:23 [Reuters]:
Despite shake-up, Putin rejects idea of Soviet-style leaders for life

-Sat, 18 Jan 20:35:29 [Reuters]:
Forty killed in Houthi attack on camp in Yemen's Marib: Saudi state TV

-Sat, 18 Jan 20:09:20 [Reuters]:
Scores wounded as security forces, protesters clash in Beirut

-Sat, 18 Jan 19:59:13 [Reuters]:
U.S. sanctions Iranian commander over Mahshahr killings

-Sat, 18 Jan 19:42:40 [Reuters]:
32 killed in Houthi attack on camp in Yemen's Marib: Saudi state TV

-Sat, 18 Jan 19:36:00 [The Independent]:
US National Archives forced to apologise for blurring anti-Trump rally signs

-Sat, 18 Jan 19:32:37 [Times]:
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Will No Longer Use Their HRH titles and Will Stop Receiving Public Funds for Royal Duties

-Sat, 18 Jan 19:24:13 [BBC]:
Lebanon protests: Anti-government protesters clash with police

-Sat, 18 Jan 18:55:38 [Reuters]:
Dozens injured as security forces clash with protesters in Beirut

-Sat, 18 Jan 18:08:03 [Reuters]:
Ten charred bodies found in vehicle in violence-plagued Mexican state

-Sat, 18 Jan 17:43:35 [The Independent]:
Waymo commits to more safety-drivers for its 'driverless' cars

-Sat, 18 Jan 17:25:16 [Reuters]:
Facebook apologizes after vulgar translation of Chinese leader's name

-Sat, 18 Jan 17:14:42 [The Independent]:
Teachers sue after Delta Air Lines plane dumps fuel on schools

-Sat, 18 Jan 17:10:08 [Reuters]:
Brazilian tribes back manifesto to save Amazon habitat from Bolsonaro

-Sat, 18 Jan 17:08:14 [The Independent]:
Roberto Alvim: Brazil culture minister sacked over speech which echoed Nazi propagandist Joseph Goebbels

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:57:34 [The Independent]:
Bill Maher says US on path to 'civil war' if Democrats fail to bridge divide with Trump supporters

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:57:16 [The Independent]:
Facebook must hand over mishandled data from thousands of apps, says US judge

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:54:04 [CNN]:
Protests turn violent in streets of Beirut, Lebanon

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:50:29 [Reuters]:
Brief scuffles at Guatemala-Mexico border as migrants try to cross

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:48:28 [Reuters]:
Beirut protest camp ablaze as security forces, protesters clash

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:46:44 [Reuters]:
Paris Opera musicians serenade public in pensions protest

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:27:58 [Reuters]:
Trump gives dramatic account of Soleimani's last minutes before death: CNN

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:27:22 [The Independent]:
Keane Mulready-Woods murder: Police warn against sharing film purporting to show killing of beheaded teenager

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:24:06 [The Independent]:
Anti-Trump slogans blurred out from photo in US National Archives

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:17:19 [Reuters]:
Lebanon security forces face off against protesters near parliament building

-Sat, 18 Jan 16:02:59 [Reuters]:
Airport, businesses still closed after blizzard hits Canada's Newfoundland

-Sat, 18 Jan 15:56:00 [The Independent]:
Missing Polish farmer was eaten by his own pigs, officials say

-Sat, 18 Jan 15:41:08 [The Independent]:
Iran plane crash: Tehran to send black boxes back to Ukraine, says local media

-Sat, 18 Jan 15:39:43 [The Independent]:
'They will take your guns away': Trump tweets support for pro-gun activists ahead of rally set to be attended by neo-Nazis

-Sat, 18 Jan 15:38:09 [BBC]:
Ghassan Salamé: UN Libya envoy says foreign intervention must end

-Sat, 18 Jan 15:27:45 [Reuters]:
Iran to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian plane to Ukraine

-Sat, 18 Jan 15:05:25 [Times]:
China Reports 4 More Cases in Viral Pneumonia Outbreak

-Sat, 18 Jan 14:40:33 [CNN]:
Police called to guard Macron during protests

-Sat, 18 Jan 14:09:14 [Reuters]:
Iran is sending black boxes of downed plane to Ukraine: aviation official

-Sat, 18 Jan 14:07:38 [BBC]:
Delta Air Lines sued by California teachers over fuel dump

-Sat, 18 Jan 14:01:30 [Reuters]:
U.N. envoy hopes for, but cannot predict, speedy reopening of Libya oil ports

-Sat, 18 Jan 13:58:46 [CNN]:
1,723 people likely infected by mystery virus

-Sat, 18 Jan 13:43:46 [Reuters]:
Black boxes of shot-down Ukrainian airliner will be sent to Ukraine: Iranian news agency

-Sat, 18 Jan 13:40:11 [Reuters]:
Iceland’s Samherji exiting Namibia following bribery scandal

-Sat, 18 Jan 13:28:24 [Reuters]:
Car bomb attack wounds Turkish contractors, police near Somali capital

-Sat, 18 Jan 13:25:28 [BBC]:
Rain brings bushfire relief to parts of Australia

-Sat, 18 Jan 13:25:00 [The Independent]:
Trump administration mocked for launching woodland camouflage Space Force uniform

-Sat, 18 Jan 12:59:44 [The Independent]:
Australia wildfires: Koala pictured 'grieving' over dead friend

-Sat, 18 Jan 12:44:26 [The Independent]:
Trump considering changing law that bans US companies from bribing foreign officials for business