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-Tue, 19 Sep 21:51:43 [The Independent]:
Venezuela's president says Donald Trump is 'the new Hitler'

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:48:08 [Reuters]:
Dozens dead as major earthquake strikes near Mexico City

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:12:38 [Reuters]:
Qatar emir again urges dialogue, Trump says dispute to be resolved quickly

-Tue, 19 Sep 21:10:05 [Reuters]:
Major earthquake hits near Mexico City, dozens dead

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:42:27 [Reuters]:
British police arrest third man in London tube attack investigation

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:39:00 [The Independent]:
Mexico City earthquake: At least 47 people reported dead after disaster

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:38:00 [The Independent]:
Mexico City earthquake: People trapped as fires break out across capital after huge tremors

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:37:39 [Reuters]:
Major earthquake hits near Mexico City, at least four dead

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:34:48 [BBC]:
Russian army rocket 'hits spectators'

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:22:56 [Reuters]:
If threatened, U.S. will 'totally destroy' North Korea, Trump vows

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:16:00 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump responds to Mexico City earthquake: 'We are with you'

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:15:46 [Reuters]:
French Socialist party puts its historic building for sale

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:13:00 [The Independent]:
Top Republican Lindsey Graham says he is working with Steve 'Darth Vader' Bannon on Obamacare repeal

-Tue, 19 Sep 20:06:57 [Reuters]:
Turkish newspaper staff remanded in custody over coup attempt links: CNN Turk

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:31:00 [The Independent]:
Mexico City earthquake: Powerful 7.4 magnitude tremors hit Mexican capital

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:14:00 [The Independent]:
Mexico earthquake live updates: Buildings collapse after 7.1 magnitude tremors rock capital

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:05:59 [BBC]:
Why are there so many hurricanes?

-Tue, 19 Sep 19:05:00 [Reuters]:
Turkey's Erdogan says Kurdish independence vote risks regional crisis

-Tue, 19 Sep 18:51:00 [The Independent]:
White Louisiana man to be charged with murder of two black men in 'possible hate crime'

-Tue, 19 Sep 18:47:00 [The Independent]:
Emma Kelty death: British kayaker 'murdered' in Brazil during solo Amazon trip

-Tue, 19 Sep 18:42:29 [Reuters]:
Strong 7.4 quake hits Mexico on anniversary of deadly 1985 tremor

-Tue, 19 Sep 18:37:00 [The Independent]:
Republicans' last ditch effort to repeal Obamacare begins to gain momentum

-Tue, 19 Sep 18:33:59 [The Independent]:
Aung San Suu Kyi asked if she has become an 'apologist' for ethnic cleansing amid Rohingya Muslim crisis

-Tue, 19 Sep 18:30:59 [Reuters]:
Qatar's emir renews call for dialogue over Gulf crisis

-Tue, 19 Sep 18:26:52 [Reuters]:
Iran says Trump's U.N. remarks 'shameless, ignorant': Fars news agency

-Tue, 19 Sep 18:20:06 [The Independent]:
Denmark to give £37m to women's charities affected by Trump's global abortion funding ban

-Tue, 19 Sep 18:08:07 [Reuters]:
Trump vows if threatened to 'totally destroy' North Korea

-Tue, 19 Sep 17:54:00 [The Independent]:
Paris agreement: Macron says climate deal will not be renegotiated despite Trump's demands

-Tue, 19 Sep 17:46:00 [The Independent]:
Hurricane Maria barrels toward Puerto Rico after leaving a path of devastation in Dominica

-Tue, 19 Sep 17:39:44 [The Independent]:
Diplomats couldn't hide their anger at Donald Trump's UN speech

-Tue, 19 Sep 17:20:54 [Reuters]:
Israel shoots down Iranian-made drone over Syrian frontier: military

-Tue, 19 Sep 17:18:44 [Reuters]:
Merkel dismisses hecklers as polls point to fourth term

-Tue, 19 Sep 17:06:48 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump's UN speech: read it in full

-Tue, 19 Sep 17:00:01 [Reuters]:
Britain, Saudi Arabia sign military cooperation deal: state media

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:50:43 [Reuters]:
Hamas asks Abbas to lift Gaza sanctions after disbanding shadow government

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:45:45 [CNN]:
Hurricane Maria barrels toward Puerto Rico after crippling Dominica

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:42:00 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump's America First doctrine will destroy the United Nations

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:41:16 [Reuters]:
Brazil's new top prosecutor reshuffles 'Car Wash' investigation team

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:38:00 [The Independent]:
Nurse caught giving middle finger to newborn baby in Snapchat post

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:35:58 [CNN]:
German police arrest three suspected ISIS militants

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:32:44 [Reuters]:
Rohingya Muslims trapped after Myanmar violence told to stay put

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:28:00 [The Independent]:
Pro-Putin forces drive convoy with 'Big Russia' sign through Belarus capital

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:26:03 [The Independent]:
Trump White House 'suppressed' report showing economic benefits of admitting refugees

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:20:00 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump attacks UN human rights council for including human rights abusers – like US ally Saudi Arabia

-Tue, 19 Sep 16:16:00 [The Independent]:
Tens of millions of Americans do not believe Muslims and atheists have First Amendment rights, study finds

-Tue, 19 Sep 15:49:46 [Reuters]:
Turkey not in direct talks for return of intelligence officers from Iraq: minister

-Tue, 19 Sep 15:45:42 [Reuters]:
Trump says if threatened, U.S. will 'totally destroy' North Korea

-Tue, 19 Sep 15:44:23 [Reuters]:
Cuba delays municipal elections due to Irma devastation

-Tue, 19 Sep 15:40:06 [BBC]:
Melania Trump in legal row with English-language school

-Tue, 19 Sep 15:39:00 [The Independent]:
Turkey drops theory of evolution from national curriculum as children go back to school