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-Sun, 28 May 1:49:09 [Reuters]:
Canada opposition picks young social conservative to take on Trudeau

-Sun, 28 May 0:48:33 [Reuters]:
North Korea leader Kim guides test of new anti-aircraft weapon

-Sun, 28 May 0:16:46 [Reuters]:
Australian drug convict Schapelle Corby returns home from Bali

-Sat, 27 May 23:35:51 [BBC]:
All at sea

-Sat, 27 May 23:30:53 [BBC]:
Urban farmers

-Sat, 27 May 23:11:41 [BBC]:
Kidnapped and enslaved in a forest for three years

-Sat, 27 May 23:06:41 [BBC]:
Medical research centre frozen in time

-Sat, 27 May 22:55:51 [BBC]:
Uber CEO Kalanick's mother dies in boat accident

-Sat, 27 May 22:35:00 [The Independent]:
Portland attack: Police probe 'hate speech rant' of double murder suspect

-Sat, 27 May 22:07:08 [The Independent]:
Several teachers disciplined after student given 'most likely to become a terrorist' award

-Sat, 27 May 22:06:17 [Reuters]:
Morocco authorities arrest 20 after clashes in north - agency

-Sat, 27 May 22:04:54 [The Independent]:
Mother charged with involuntary manslaughter after accidentally smothering son as she slept

-Sat, 27 May 22:01:10 [BBC]:
Portland deaths: Son who died trying to stop Muslim abuse 'a hero'

-Sat, 27 May 21:53:38 [Reuters]:
Libyan Islamist group Ansar al-Sharia says it is dissolving

-Sat, 27 May 21:37:00 [The Independent]:
Scientists explain what will happen if Donald Trump pulls out of Paris climate change agreement

-Sat, 27 May 21:25:16 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump returns home after first foreign trip to a cloud of scandal

-Sat, 27 May 21:24:11 [The Independent]:
'My family are in pieces in the street': Father who saw wife and son killed tells of horror attempting to flee Mosul

-Sat, 27 May 20:57:31 [Reuters]:
UK police issue photo of Manchester attacker, believe bomb made in city apartment

-Sat, 27 May 20:30:00 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump looks to contain damage from latest Jared Kushner Russia revelations

-Sat, 27 May 19:59:58 [Reuters]:
Tomb of French national hero General de Gaulle vandalized

-Sat, 27 May 19:53:54 [Reuters]:
South African president Zuma facing no confidence vote in ANC - News24 website

-Sat, 27 May 19:42:17 [Reuters]:
Somali court sentences 5 insurgents to death for attempted bombings

-Sat, 27 May 18:36:08 [The Independent]:
Texas Governor Greg Abbot sparks criticism for joke about shooting a journalist

-Sat, 27 May 18:32:42 [The Independent]:
Controversy over Melania Trump jacket worth nearly average American's income

-Sat, 27 May 18:15:33 [Reuters]:
UK PM May's lead narrows after Manchester attack - new polls show

-Sat, 27 May 18:00:20 [Times]:
Iran’s Supreme Leader Says Saudi Arabia Is a ‘Cow Being Milked’ by U.S.

-Sat, 27 May 17:48:47 [BBC]:
Philippines' Duterte under fire for second rape joke

-Sat, 27 May 17:39:20 [Times]:
‘Star Wars’ Actor John Boyega Among Hundreds Evacuated From London’s Old Vic Theatre

-Sat, 27 May 17:18:52 [Reuters]:
British PM May's lead falls to 12 percentage points from 18: ComRes poll

-Sat, 27 May 17:14:23 [Times]:
Donald Trump Says Decision on Paris Agreement Coming ‘Next Week’

-Sat, 27 May 17:00:06 [Reuters]:
Iran's Rouhani calls for better Gulf ties in call with Qatar Emir

-Sat, 27 May 16:31:54 [Reuters]:
UK PM May's lead narrows to 10 percentage points: Opinium poll

-Sat, 27 May 16:03:55 [Reuters]:
Trump ends nine-day overseas trip with a flourish as trouble looms at home

-Sat, 27 May 15:53:42 [Times]:
All British Airways Flights From Heathrow and Gatwick Canceled Due to Global IT Failure

-Sat, 27 May 15:37:11 [Times]:
Hundreds Evacuated at London’s Old Vic Theatre

-Sat, 27 May 15:35:16 [The Independent]:
Senator Tim Kaine's son charged with alleged disruption for protesting against pro-Trump rally

-Sat, 27 May 15:09:12 [Reuters]:
Pakistan reopens Afghanistan border crossing after deadly exchange

-Sat, 27 May 15:04:00 [The Independent]:
Manchester and Egypt attacks steel our resolve to crush terrorists and drive them out of this earth, says Trump

-Sat, 27 May 14:57:32 [BBC]:
Iraq starts new assault on Islamic State group in Mosul

-Sat, 27 May 14:49:21 [The Independent]:
Protesters crash funeral for Coptic Christians killed by Isis in Egypt shooting

-Sat, 27 May 14:44:44 [BBC]:
Egypt Coptic Christians: IS claims attack

-Sat, 27 May 14:27:24 [Reuters]:
Rights group calls on Myanmar to probe alleged military abuse after beatings video emerges

-Sat, 27 May 14:21:01 [Times]:
Suicide Car Bomb Kills at Least 18 in Afghanistan

-Sat, 27 May 14:19:01 [The Independent]:
Black Lives Matter movement awarded Sydney Peace Prize

-Sat, 27 May 14:18:34 [Reuters]:
Sri Lanka seeks international help after deadly flooding, landslides

-Sat, 27 May 14:07:20 [BBC]:
Schapelle Corby: Drug trafficker deported from Bali

-Sat, 27 May 13:51:19 [Times]:
British Airways Cancels Flights After Global Computer Outage

-Sat, 27 May 13:42:28 [Reuters]:
India's Muslim meat traders plan legal action over new rules

-Sat, 27 May 13:30:29 [BBC]:
BA delays: 'Absolute chaos' at Heathrow

-Sat, 27 May 13:25:33 [BBC]:
Sri Lanka floods: Nearly 500,000 displaced as death toll rises