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-Tue, 11 Aug 23:21:13 [The Independent]:
Kamala Harris vs Mike Pence: How the vice-presidential candidates measure up

-Tue, 11 Aug 23:09:13 [BBC]:
Dwayne 'the Rock' Johnson is highest-earning male actor

-Tue, 11 Aug 23:08:38 [The Independent]:
'I am too tired to carry on': Desperate asylum seekers threaten to jump overboard if stopped from crossing Channel

-Tue, 11 Aug 23:03:39 [BBC]:
How Ebola prepared one doctor for Covid-19

-Tue, 11 Aug 22:28:47 [The Independent]:
'Top cop' on climate: How will former AG Kamala Harris fight the crisis as VP?

-Tue, 11 Aug 22:10:43 [The Independent]:
What is Trump's $400 employment benefit and when will it start?

-Tue, 11 Aug 22:10:37 [The Independent]:
Will Kamala Harris be America's first black, female president?

-Tue, 11 Aug 21:43:35 [The Independent]:
QAnon supporter could become Republican candidate in tight Georgia race

-Tue, 11 Aug 21:35:15 [The Independent]:
'You're pathetic': Backlash at Trump campaign for attack ad on Kamala Harris minutes after nomination

-Tue, 11 Aug 21:25:00 [The Independent]:
'Let's go win this thing': Obama and Sanders lead reaction to Kamala Harris VP announcement, as NAACP brands it 'defining moment in US history'

-Tue, 11 Aug 21:20:32 [The Independent]:
Trump has narcissistic personality disorder, says leading psychoanalyst

-Tue, 11 Aug 21:11:49 [The Independent]:
Why Kamala Harris' historic nomination could make crucial difference for Joe Biden's election campaign

-Tue, 11 Aug 21:08:00 [The Independent]:
How Kamala Harris' close friendship with Joe Biden's son Beau paved the way to VP choice

-Tue, 11 Aug 20:54:13 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: Cases surge as France goes 'wrong way'

-Tue, 11 Aug 20:38:06 [The Independent]:
Thomas Gilmer: GOP candidate drops out of primary after being arrested for assault hours ahead of vote

-Tue, 11 Aug 20:31:00 [The Independent]:
Kamala Harris news β€” live: Obama declares 'good day' for America and Trump lashes out as Biden picks first black woman to be VP candidate

-Tue, 11 Aug 20:29:23 [The Independent]:
Democrats ask FBI to probe Trump call with donor Sheldon Adelson to see if 'bribe' was offered

-Tue, 11 Aug 20:24:42 [The Independent]:
'I refuse to let him be a convicted felon at 8': Mother of special needs boy handcuffed by police files lawsuit

-Tue, 11 Aug 20:21:00 [The Independent]:
Trump news - live: President's campaign claims Biden choosing 'radical mob' with moderate Kamala Harris despite having donated to her past campaigns himself

-Tue, 11 Aug 20:18:46 [The Independent]:
Senator Martha McSally attacks Mark Kelly over 'blatantly sexist' marketing campaign

-Tue, 11 Aug 20:08:58 [The Independent]:
Video of Portland 'Bible burning' seized on by Trump allies alleged to be Russian disinformation scam

-Tue, 11 Aug 20:02:00 [The Independent]:
Man caught on camera erasing little girl's Black Lives Matter chalk drawings

-Tue, 11 Aug 19:56:33 [The Independent]:
Stephanie Byers: Kansas could elect its first transgender lawmaker

-Tue, 11 Aug 19:07:52 [The Independent]:
Karen Bass: How lesser known representative defended her past with Cuba to earn potential vice president nod

-Tue, 11 Aug 18:59:14 [Times]:
β€˜It Smells Like Despair.’ A Diary of Life Inside Beirut After a Deadly Explosion

-Tue, 11 Aug 18:56:05 [BBC]:
Final Blockbuster to open for summer sleepover

-Tue, 11 Aug 18:48:00 [The Independent]:
Turmp claims college football players wouldn't die of coronavirus as Big Ten postpones season

-Tue, 11 Aug 18:28:52 [The Independent]:
BLM activists march in support of protesters arrested overnight in Chicago

-Tue, 11 Aug 17:14:08 [The Independent]:
Susan Rice: The foreign policy expert whose role in Benghazi attacks may come back to haunt Biden campaign

-Tue, 11 Aug 17:10:38 [BBC]:
The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air to be rebooted as gritty drama

-Tue, 11 Aug 17:03:46 [The Independent]:
'The man in this house doesn't give a damn if you lose yours': Trump blasted over evictions by Lincoln Project ad

-Tue, 11 Aug 16:51:32 [The Independent]:
DNC: Michelle Obama expected to bring ratings with Democratic convention keynote speech

-Tue, 11 Aug 16:48:00 [The Independent]:
The seven years of neglect, and 13 minutes of choas, that destroyed Beirut

-Tue, 11 Aug 16:45:15 [The Independent]:
Trump claims he would have beaten George Washington in election while bragging about non-existent poll numbers

-Tue, 11 Aug 16:36:00 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Florida sees highest daily Covid death toll record with total of 542,792 cases

-Tue, 11 Aug 16:31:31 [The Independent]:
Trump's ex-FDA chief says he 'wouldn't take' Russia's reported Covid-19 vaccine

-Tue, 11 Aug 16:00:39 [The Independent]:
'Reckless, foolish, and unethical': Experts raise concern after Putin claims Russia has world's first coronavirus vaccine

-Tue, 11 Aug 15:31:00 [The Independent]:
Why the resignation of Lebanon's entire government is unlikely to change anything

-Tue, 11 Aug 15:19:00 [The Independent]:
Biden VP: Kamala Harris chosen as Democrat's 2020 election running mate

-Tue, 11 Aug 15:16:35 [The Independent]:
'Our laws do not convict loss of pregnancy': California AG leads calls to free woman charged with murder after delivering stillborn

-Tue, 11 Aug 15:12:06 [The Independent]:
Man charged with burning cross and displaying swastika to intimidate neighbour

-Tue, 11 Aug 15:05:48 [The Independent]:
Kellyanne Conway blames White House shooting on people 'losing it' over four more years of Trump

-Tue, 11 Aug 14:26:21 [The Independent]:
Trump and Pelosi haven't talked for 10 months, as coronavirus continues ravaging US

-Tue, 11 Aug 13:58:15 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus tracked: It took six months to reach 10m cases, but just six more weeks to reach 20m

-Tue, 11 Aug 13:54:32 [The Independent]:
Kamala Harris: Former prosecutor who skewered Biden in the debates built her career on being first

-Tue, 11 Aug 13:53:44 [The Independent]:
'Take a deep breath': Winner of 2020 presidential race may not be announced on election night, warns commissioner

-Tue, 11 Aug 13:38:01 [CNN]:
Belarus opposition leader flees the country

-Tue, 11 Aug 13:38:00 [The Independent]:
Reddit down: Site failing to load subreddits and posts, company says

-Tue, 11 Aug 13:34:09 [The Independent]:
Trump promotes book of ex-aide who was fired after saying the president thought his daughter Tiffany was overweight

-Tue, 11 Aug 13:30:35 [The Independent]:
Biden VP decision imminent