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-Wed, 19 Sep 21:56:24 [Reuters]:
Brazil's Bolsonaro camp at odds over reviving loathed tax

-Wed, 19 Sep 21:53:41 [Reuters]:
Don't rip Britain apart, May appeals to fellow EU leaders on Brexit

-Wed, 19 Sep 21:35:54 [Reuters]:
May urges fellow EU leaders to drop 'unacceptable' Brexit demands

-Wed, 19 Sep 21:33:27 [Reuters]:
In Brexit bid, Britain's May pledges to help EU tackle people smugglers

-Wed, 19 Sep 20:44:05 [The Independent]:
Trump visits North Carolina after Hurricane Florence: 'We're ready to do whatever we have to'

-Wed, 19 Sep 20:43:36 [Reuters]:
Israel to present findings in Moscow over downing of Russian plane

-Wed, 19 Sep 20:33:02 [Reuters]:
Colombia's coca cultivation hits record in 2017: U.N.

-Wed, 19 Sep 20:29:07 [Reuters]:
Mexico holds minute of silence, sounds alarm to remember 2017 quakes

-Wed, 19 Sep 20:25:03 [BBC]:
Officials watch as fiery cyclone grows over 200 ft high

-Wed, 19 Sep 20:18:22 [Reuters]:
Conservative rebels to set out rival Brexit plan soon, ex-Brexit minister says

-Wed, 19 Sep 20:06:11 [Reuters]:
Brexit progress elusive as sides ask each other for help

-Wed, 19 Sep 20:03:41 [Reuters]:
U.S. ready to restart talks with North Korea, seeks denuclearization by 2021

-Wed, 19 Sep 19:55:18 [Reuters]:
Zimbabwe president reshuffles top ranks of civil service

-Wed, 19 Sep 19:53:00 [The Independent]:
Yemen crisis: Five million children at risk of starvation, Save the Children warns

-Wed, 19 Sep 19:49:12 [Reuters]:
Israeli airforce chief to present findings of Syria incident: Israeli military

-Wed, 19 Sep 19:20:09 [Reuters]:
Kabila candidate faces divided challenge in Congo presidential poll

-Wed, 19 Sep 19:10:57 [Reuters]:
Germany approves arms sale to Saudi after Yemen war ban promise

-Wed, 19 Sep 19:02:43 [Reuters]:
Two people taken ill in Salisbury restaurant now discharged: UK police

-Wed, 19 Sep 19:01:37 [Reuters]:
U.S. ready to restart talks with North Korea immediately: Pompeo

-Wed, 19 Sep 19:00:18 [Reuters]:
Britain's Brexit proposals imperfect but credible, Raab says

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:57:55 [Reuters]:
Irish PM says no progress in Brexit talks on border issue

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:57:43 [BBC]:
Will peace follow South Korean President's Pyongyang trip?

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:55:06 [Reuters]:
Pompeo says North Korean nuclear talks to end by 2021

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:49:39 [The Independent]:
Celia Barquin Arozamena: Man accused of murdering female golf star had 'urge to rape and kill a woman'

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:43:51 [Reuters]:
May and other EU leaders ask each other for Brexit help

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:42:21 [Reuters]:
Hezbollah leader Nasrallah says group will stay in Syria until further notice

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:37:21 [Reuters]:
Trump enthusiastic at North Korea missile pledge, others doubtful

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:34:00 [The Independent]:
Flood frequency of world's largest river has increased fivefold, study finds

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:24:41 [Reuters]:
Polish PM says had 'good' meeting with Supreme Court head

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:24:24 [Times]:
The Frightening Lesson Hurricane Maria Taught the World About the Politics of Climate Change

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:20:35 [Reuters]:
EU's Juncker says Brexit deal still 'far away'

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:10:18 [Reuters]:
U.S. seeking to negotiate a treaty with Iran

-Wed, 19 Sep 18:01:51 [Reuters]:
U2's Bono and Pope discuss Irish sexual abuse crisis

-Wed, 19 Sep 17:52:02 [Reuters]:
Germany's Merkel hopes for respectful Brexit, close ties

-Wed, 19 Sep 17:37:00 [The Independent]:
Haider al-Abadi is losing his grip on power - but it will likely mean little change for Iraq's government

-Wed, 19 Sep 17:36:43 [The Independent]:
Here's a list of items in the latest North and South Korea peace agreement

-Wed, 19 Sep 17:34:42 [The Independent]:
Obama refugee director attacks Trump administration's record low cap: 'People will die'

-Wed, 19 Sep 17:27:07 [Reuters]:
May, at summit, urges EU to 'evolve' Brexit position

-Wed, 19 Sep 17:20:19 [Reuters]:
Islamist militants adapted after losses: U.S. State Dept.

-Wed, 19 Sep 17:15:30 [Reuters]:
Slovenia PM: chance of autumn Brexit deal if Britain backs it

-Wed, 19 Sep 17:13:29 [Reuters]:
Highlights: EU leaders' comments ahead of summit in Austria

-Wed, 19 Sep 17:00:21 [Times]:
Nick McDonell Counts the Innocent Lives Lost in the Post-9/11 Wars

-Wed, 19 Sep 16:58:05 [Reuters]:
Austrian EU presidency proposes special Brexit summit in November

-Wed, 19 Sep 16:50:35 [CNN]:
Top EU official warns that there are huge hurdles for the UK to conquer before a divorce agreement is reached

-Wed, 19 Sep 16:46:38 [Reuters]:
Bulgaria pledges solidarity with Hungary in rights standoff with EU

-Wed, 19 Sep 16:29:11 [The Independent]:
Foreign Office advises dual UK-Iranian nationals against all but 'essential' travel to Iran

-Wed, 19 Sep 16:24:37 [Reuters]:
Russian official calls for rare vote re-run over fraud in Far East

-Wed, 19 Sep 16:18:24 [The Independent]:
Logan Circle stabbing: Manhunt for three suspects after woman killed in Washington

-Wed, 19 Sep 16:15:00 [The Independent]:
Middleton shooting: Active shooter reported in Wisconsin with 'multiple gunmen'

-Wed, 19 Sep 16:10:35 [Reuters]:
EU must end migration 'blame game': Tusk