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-Wed, 23 Aug 20:58:12 [The Independent]:
Trump calls for unity one day after angry 75-minute rant at Arizona rally

-Wed, 23 Aug 20:51:00 [The Independent]:
Trump's top spiritual adviser says opposing him is 'fighting against the hand of God'

-Wed, 23 Aug 20:50:44 [Reuters]:
Poland asks EU to drop legal case against Warsaw over migrant quotas

-Wed, 23 Aug 20:28:03 [Reuters]:
Rotterdam mayor: bus with Spanish license plates found outside canceled concert

-Wed, 23 Aug 20:24:00 [The Independent]:
Top Rabbis cancel annual call with Trump over his Charlottesville response

-Wed, 23 Aug 19:56:00 [The Independent]:
Rotterdam incident: Rock concert 'evacuated by police' due to terror threat

-Wed, 23 Aug 19:49:42 [Times]:
Concert in the Netherlands Canceled Due to ‘Terror Threat’

-Wed, 23 Aug 19:48:33 [BBC]:
Venezuela ex-prosecutor: I have proof of Maduro corruption

-Wed, 23 Aug 19:42:15 [Reuters]:
Canada frets over possible huge surge in asylum-seekers: sources

-Wed, 23 Aug 19:11:57 [The Independent]:
Francesco Mazzei: Top London chef exports anti-food-waste campaign to his native Italy

-Wed, 23 Aug 19:05:27 [Reuters]:
Iraqi forces make gains in Islamic State stronghold of Tal Afar

-Wed, 23 Aug 18:49:54 [Reuters]:
Venezuela ex-prosecutor says she has evidence of Maduro corruption

-Wed, 23 Aug 18:45:50 [BBC]:
Why Sardinia's tourists taking sand as souvenir face fine

-Wed, 23 Aug 18:30:07 [Reuters]:
Brazil's Lula says party may field someone else in 2018

-Wed, 23 Aug 18:08:25 [The Independent]:
Police find remains of autistic girl in a pit after she left adoptive parents to live with birth mother

-Wed, 23 Aug 18:05:10 [The Independent]:
Notorious Confederate submarine that sank Union ship was destroyed by its own torpedo, engineer discovers

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:47:19 [CNN]:
Trump's wall: Mexico out! Government shutdown in!

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:39:54 [Times]:
U.S. Warns Cancun Travelers of Rise in Homicides at Resorts

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:33:08 [Reuters]:
Two killed in clashes in Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:30:02 [CNN]:
Details about N. Korea's missile program revealed

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:29:00 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump's approval rating reaches new low after Charlottesville response

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:28:39 [Reuters]:
Pick your kingmaker: small parties loom large in Norway's election

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:24:00 [The Independent]:
Man who lost wedding ring in sea finds after it washes up on beach a year later

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:16:31 [The Independent]:
North Korean images appear to show two new missile designs

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:16:00 [The Independent]:
UK accused of trapping refugees in warzone after Boris Johnson vows to stop 'illegal migrants' crossing Med

-Wed, 23 Aug 17:01:00 [The Independent]:
Schumer warns Trump over his threat to shutdown the government over funding for his wall

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:59:00 [The Independent]:
Woman spots missing husband in car park 10 years after he disappeared

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:50:35 [Times]:
‘She Gave Voice to the Weak.’ What to Know About Slain Journalist Kim Wall

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:50:00 [Reuters]:
Boat sinks carrying 70 passengers in Brazil, at least seven dead

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:45:23 [CNN]:
Former Russian envoy downplays Trump campaign contacts

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:45:10 [CNN]:
South Africa's rhino horn auction underway

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:38:35 [Reuters]:
Manchester airport pipe bomb plotter sentenced to 18 years

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:33:58 [CNN]:
Trump playing 'bad cop' in NAFTA negotiations

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:25:07 [Reuters]:
Trump plans to meet scandal-hit Malaysian leader in September: official

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:25:00 [The Independent]:
Barcelona attack: Real suicide vest found in exploded safehouse in Alcanar, say Catalan police

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:22:00 [The Independent]:
Democrats in fight to block Trump agriculture nominee who called climate change science 'junk'

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:14:36 [Reuters]:
Guatemala president to seek removal of U.N.-backed anti-graft chief: sources

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:06:41 [CNN]:
Beijing's 'lawfare' against dissent in Hong Kong unites fractious opposition

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:03:35 [BBC]:
Cat and mouse

-Wed, 23 Aug 16:02:02 [CNN]:
Jared Kushner won't find his job in Israel easy

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:55:04 [Reuters]:
Libyan troops killed by suspected Islamic State militants: spokesman

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:51:00 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump's former spokeswoman claims slavery is 'good history' in Confederate statue debate

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:49:27 [BBC]:
Thailand charges dropped against BBC reporter

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:46:00 [The Independent]:
Top science adviser to Trump resigns over his Charlottesville response with letter containing secret message

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:43:24 [The Independent]:
World powerlifting medallist killed in brutal Russian street fight

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:37:00 [The Independent]:
Syrian civilian death toll mounts as Isis comes under increased pressure on all sides

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:35:42 [Reuters]:
Romanian president opposes plans for judicial overhaul

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:35:12 [Reuters]:
Pope due to visit Myanmar, Bangladesh, before Christmas: source

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:34:33 [The Independent]:
German supermarket empties shelves of foreign-made goods to make a point about racism

-Wed, 23 Aug 15:06:00 [The Independent]:
Man takes to streets with sign telling beggars to 'get a job'