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-Sat, 25 May 4:00:57 [BBC]:
At least 25 dead in clashes at Venezuelan prison

-Sat, 25 May 3:05:33 [Reuters]:
North Korean missile test violated U.N. resolution, says Bolton

-Sat, 25 May 2:08:50 [Times]:
Why Is Trump Sending More Troops and Firepower to the Middle East? That’s Classified

-Sat, 25 May 2:08:15 [Reuters]:
U.S. National Security Adviser Bolton says North Korean missile tests violate U.N. resolution

-Sat, 25 May 1:58:38 [Reuters]:
Honduran anti-graft mission investigates ex-president over drug money

-Fri, 24 May 23:41:34 [Reuters]:
Honduran anti-graft mission probes ex-president over drug money

-Fri, 24 May 23:36:49 [BBC]:
ICYMI: Gardening goats and cute tiger cubs

-Fri, 24 May 23:16:20 [BBC]:
Why Charlie Brooker says the news is copying Black Mirror

-Fri, 24 May 22:59:32 [The Independent]:
Defrocked Catholic priest from 'Spotlight' faces second prison sentence

-Fri, 24 May 22:26:59 [The Independent]:
Florida state Representative says God has told him to rewrite abortion bill with no exceptions

-Fri, 24 May 22:16:35 [Reuters]:
Twenty-nine detainees killed in Venezuela police station cellblock riot

-Fri, 24 May 22:11:33 [Reuters]:
Qatar says economic conditions for Israeli-Palestinian peace require 'fair political solutions'

-Fri, 24 May 22:07:38 [Reuters]:
Defying Congress, Trump sets $8 billion-plus in weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, UAE

-Fri, 24 May 21:58:00 [BBC]:
Jayme Closs case: Man gets life for murder and kidnapping

-Fri, 24 May 21:46:16 [BBC]:
Trump to clear $8bn Saudi weapons sale over Iran tensions

-Fri, 24 May 21:31:29 [Reuters]:
U.S. arms sales to Saudis, UAE, Jordan needed to deter Iran: Pompeo

-Fri, 24 May 21:31:22 [Reuters]:
UK's Rudd opts out of Conservative Party leadership race: Telegraph

-Fri, 24 May 21:30:32 [Times]:
The Quick Read About… the 5G War Is Upon Us

-Fri, 24 May 21:15:00 [The Independent]:
Trump deploys 1,500 soldiers to Middle East after insisting more troops were unnecessary

-Fri, 24 May 20:50:07 [Reuters]:
Sudan protest groups calls for strike starting next Tuesday

-Fri, 24 May 20:47:28 [Reuters]:
Yemen president slams U.N. envoy's handling of war in letter to secretary-general

-Fri, 24 May 20:39:33 [Reuters]:
UK health minister Matt Hancock to launch PM bid on Saturday: Daily Mail

-Fri, 24 May 20:38:36 [The Independent]:
Gay man takes Russia to Europe's rights court over Chechnya LGBT+ attacks

-Fri, 24 May 20:14:44 [Reuters]:
French police hunt suitcase bomber after blast in Lyon

-Fri, 24 May 20:10:54 [Reuters]:
U.S. deploys more troops to Middle East, blames Iran for tanker attacks

-Fri, 24 May 20:08:33 [Reuters]:
Iraqi protesters urge Baghdad to stay out of U.S.-Iran showdown

-Fri, 24 May 20:06:45 [Times]:
23 Inmates Killed in Venezuelan Prison Uprising, Says Rights Group

-Fri, 24 May 19:56:35 [The Independent]:
Four climbers die on Everest as record numbers crowd route to summit

-Fri, 24 May 19:53:27 [The Independent]:
Bobby Joe Long: Serial killer and rapist who terrorised Florida executed

-Fri, 24 May 19:50:53 [Reuters]:
Defying Congress, Trump sets massive arms sales to Saudis, UAE

-Fri, 24 May 19:20:48 [Reuters]:
Brazil economy minister threatens to quit if pension reform diluted: report

-Fri, 24 May 19:00:10 [Times]:
Senators Say the Trump Administration Will Use an ‘Emergency Declaration’ to Sell Arms to Saudi Arabia

-Fri, 24 May 18:56:16 [The Independent]:
Disney World employee arrested for 'attempting to have sex with 8-year-old girl'

-Fri, 24 May 18:46:02 [Reuters]:
U.S. deploys 1,500 troops to Middle East, blames Iran for tanker attacks

-Fri, 24 May 18:40:20 [BBC]:
Boston museum sorry for racist 'no watermelons' remark

-Fri, 24 May 18:37:54 [Reuters]:
Pompeo to meet with Merkel next week at start of Europe visit

-Fri, 24 May 18:37:37 [The Independent]:
Trump memo: Former intelligence officials and Democrats attack president's 'un-American' security instructions

-Fri, 24 May 18:22:30 [Times]:
U.S. Blames Iran For Recent Tanker Bombings Near the U.A.E. and Iraq Rocket Attack

-Fri, 24 May 18:16:27 [The Independent]:
AOC films first Washington DC tornado warning: 'The climate crisis is real y'all'

-Fri, 24 May 18:14:29 [Reuters]:
Defying Congress, Trump sets big arms sales to Saudis, UAE

-Fri, 24 May 17:55:34 [The Independent]:
North Korea blames 'dishonest' US for breakdown in nuclear talks

-Fri, 24 May 17:50:02 [Times]:
Theresa May Quoted a Humanitarian in Her Resignation Speech. A Child He Saved From Nazis Says That Was an Insult

-Fri, 24 May 17:46:11 [The Independent]:
Kenya refuses to overturn ban on gay sex

-Fri, 24 May 17:33:12 [Reuters]:
Pentagon accuses Iran's Revolutionary Guards over tanker attacks

-Fri, 24 May 17:33:09 [Reuters]:
North Korea warns U.S. nuclear talks will never resume without 'new calculation'

-Fri, 24 May 17:25:58 [Reuters]:
Russia could take new U.S. troop deployment to U.N. security council: lawmaker

-Fri, 24 May 17:13:45 [Times]:
Students From 1,600 Cities Just Walked Out of School to Protest Climate Change. It Could Be Greta Thunberg’s Biggest Strike Yet

-Fri, 24 May 16:58:39 [BBC]:
Trump: US to send 1,500 extra troops to Middle East

-Fri, 24 May 16:51:44 [BBC]:
India college fire kills at least 17 students

-Fri, 24 May 16:42:58 [Times]:
I’ve Reported on Modi for Over a Decade. His Hindu Nationalist Ideas Will Be Even More Dangerous Now