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-Sun, 05 Apr 14:32:06 [Times]:
Pope Celebrates Palm Sunday Service Without the Public in St. Peter’s Basilica

-Sun, 05 Apr 14:21:33 [Reuters]:
Brazilians don't want Bolsonaro to resign amid coronavirus outbreak: poll

-Sun, 05 Apr 14:06:12 [Times]:
Queen Elizabeth II: History Will Remember Your Actions in the COVID-19 Pandemic

-Sun, 05 Apr 14:02:45 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Turkey denies it seized ventilators destined for Spain amid epidemic of medical piracy

-Sun, 05 Apr 14:02:22 [Reuters]:
Coronavirus cases in Austria still rising but figures 'hopeful': minister

-Sun, 05 Apr 14:02:00 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus patients in Kentucky forced to wear ankle tags after refusing to self-isolate

-Sun, 05 Apr 13:52:42 [Reuters]:
UK coronavirus death toll rises by 621 to 4,934

-Sun, 05 Apr 13:37:51 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Joe Biden says Democrats could hold 'virtual' convention to pick presidential nominee

-Sun, 05 Apr 13:20:46 [Reuters]:
Singapore reports record new cases, quarantines 20,000 migrant workers

-Sun, 05 Apr 13:16:00 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Trump's former economic adviser says US facing 'Great Depression scenario'

-Sun, 05 Apr 13:12:37 [Reuters]:
Ethiopia reports its first death of a COVID-19 patient

-Sun, 05 Apr 12:41:12 [Reuters]:
Albania's coronavirus cases surge for third day in row

-Sun, 05 Apr 12:39:33 [Reuters]:
Coronavirus deaths in Netherlands rise by 115 to 1,766

-Sun, 05 Apr 12:34:27 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Planned $1 billion U.S. aid cut would hit Afghan security force funds

-Sun, 05 Apr 12:16:49 [Reuters]:
It's April in Paris, but French told to stay indoors

-Sun, 05 Apr 12:13:33 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Spain 'starting to see light at end of the tunnel' as daily death toll falls for third consecutive day

-Sun, 05 Apr 12:12:44 [Reuters]:
Olive branches handed out on Palm Sunday in near-deserted Jerusalem

-Sun, 05 Apr 12:09:21 [Reuters]:
As COVID-19 deaths steady, Italy's health minister eyes next phase

-Sun, 05 Apr 12:06:03 [Reuters]:
Spain's coronavirus death toll rises by 674 but pace keeps slowing

-Sun, 05 Apr 12:04:22 [Reuters]:
Singapore reports 120 new coronavirus cases in record daily jump

-Sun, 05 Apr 11:57:32 [BBC]:
Five shot dead in Russia for 'talking loudly'

-Sun, 05 Apr 11:43:27 [Reuters]:
Pope opens Holy Week amid pandemic; says now is the time to serve

-Sun, 05 Apr 11:29:03 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Africa faces 'complete collapse of economies and livelihoods' if spread is not controlled, UN warns

-Sun, 05 Apr 11:19:25 [Reuters]:
Germany reports third straight drop in daily rate of new coronavirus infections

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:58:22 [Reuters]:
South Sudan confirms first case of coronavirus

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:57:06 [Reuters]:
Malaysia intercepts boat ferrying 202 suspected Rohingya

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:33:40 [Reuters]:
Lebanese stranded abroad by coronavirus outbreak return home

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:31:00 [The Independent]:
'We could be very near the apex': New York sees drop in coronavirus deaths for first time

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:29:24 [Reuters]:
Iran's deaths from coronavirus reach 3,603: health ministry

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:23:58 [BBC]:
Somali outrage at rape of girls aged three and four

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:16:02 [Reuters]:
Factbox: Latest on the spread of the coronavirus around the world

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:13:23 [Reuters]:
Swiss coronavirus death toll rises by 19 to 559, cases top 21,000

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:13:12 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: Planned $1 billion U.S. aid cut would hit Afghan security force funds: sources

-Sun, 05 Apr 10:05:33 [Reuters]:
India curbs diagnostic testing kit exports as virus spreads

-Sun, 05 Apr 9:56:18 [Reuters]:
Spain's coronavirus death toll rises by 674 to 12,418

-Sun, 05 Apr 9:52:36 [The Independent]:
Trump condemns ship's captain who wrote scathing letter demanding crew's safety amid coronavirus outbreak

-Sun, 05 Apr 9:44:31 [Reuters]:
UK coronavirus deaths could reach 7,000 to 20,000: Ferguson

-Sun, 05 Apr 9:27:29 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Greece places second refugee camp into lockdown after migrant tests positive for Covid-19

-Sun, 05 Apr 9:27:11 [Reuters]:
Yemen's warring parties accuse each other of attacking pipeline

-Sun, 05 Apr 8:36:29 [BBC]:
Coronavirus: Australia launches criminal investigation into Ruby Princess

-Sun, 05 Apr 8:35:33 [Reuters]:
Greece quarantines second migrant camp after COVID-19 case confirmed

-Sun, 05 Apr 8:21:58 [Reuters]:
British health minister denies clash with finance chief over lockdown strategy

-Sun, 05 Apr 8:08:11 [Reuters]:
Death at home: the unseen toll of Italy's coronavirus crisis

-Sun, 05 Apr 7:44:12 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Trump says teenage son Barron 'isn't as happy as he could be' as quarantine frustrations hit White House

-Sun, 05 Apr 7:42:45 [Reuters]:
Australia upbeat over slowing coronavirus spread, urges vigilance

-Sun, 05 Apr 7:41:05 [Reuters]:
Iran's Rouhani says low-risk economic activities to resume from April 11 amid coronavirus

-Sun, 05 Apr 7:33:55 [Reuters]:
Houthis accused of attacking oil pumping station in Yemen's Ma'rib: SPA

-Sun, 05 Apr 6:45:27 [Reuters]:
Yemen's Saudi-aligned government says Houthis attacked oil pipeline pumping station in Ma'rib: Saudi Press Agency

-Sun, 05 Apr 6:05:55 [Reuters]:
Greece quarantines second camp after coronavirus case confirmed

-Sun, 05 Apr 6:00:00 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus news – live: 'Quite unbelievable' that Britons continue to break lockdown rules, says Hancock as Queen set to address nation tonight