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-Mon, 19 Feb 2:03:23 [Reuters]:
Two-thirds of Australians want deputy PM to resign over sex scandal: poll

-Mon, 19 Feb 1:52:28 [Times]:
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Warns Iran to ‘Not Test Israel’s Resolve’

-Mon, 19 Feb 1:46:01 [BBC]:
The lesbian pioneers who fooled Spain's Catholic Church

-Mon, 19 Feb 1:37:36 [BBC]:
In Pictures: Life after Ebola

-Mon, 19 Feb 1:21:20 [Reuters]:
Little-known Venezuelan evangelical pastor launches presidential bid

-Mon, 19 Feb 0:37:55 [BBC]:
Israel-Poland spat: Swastikas drawn on Polish embassy in Tel Aviv

-Mon, 19 Feb 0:09:03 [Reuters]:
Oxfam says Haiti director admitted using prostitutes

-Sun, 18 Feb 23:22:18 [Reuters]:
Brazilian inmates riot, take hostages in Rio de Janeiro prison

-Sun, 18 Feb 22:43:00 [The Independent]:
Joe Biden says there is 'a real possibility he could run for president'

-Sun, 18 Feb 22:33:25 [Reuters]:
Sudan releases political prisoners from Khartoum jails

-Sun, 18 Feb 21:30:00 [The Independent]:
Florida school massacre survivors plan march on US cities over gun control

-Sun, 18 Feb 20:12:42 [Reuters]:
'Bad guy' Russia emerges as central player in Western diplomacy

-Sun, 18 Feb 20:11:21 [The Independent]:
Emma Gonzales: Student who survived Florida shooting hailed as hero for her impassioned speech at gun control rally

-Sun, 18 Feb 20:02:20 [The Independent]:
Teenage girls saved from Instagram sex traffic predator by vigilant airline staff

-Sun, 18 Feb 19:59:19 [The Independent]:
British woman investigated for Holocaust denial in Germany

-Sun, 18 Feb 19:52:27 [Reuters]:
Pakistan's Imran Khan ties knot to 'spiritual adviser' in third marriage

-Sun, 18 Feb 18:30:24 [The Independent]:
Florida shooting: As community tries to heal, students say they want theirs to be the last school massacre

-Sun, 18 Feb 18:23:54 [Reuters]:
Czech Social Democrats pick leader, bring viable government closer

-Sun, 18 Feb 17:30:33 [Reuters]:
Skiers caught in Swiss avalanche rescued: police

-Sun, 18 Feb 17:29:52 [Reuters]:
Hungary's Orban calls for global anti-migrant alliance with eye on 2018 elections

-Sun, 18 Feb 17:11:00 [The Independent]:
Trump claims he 'never said Russia did not meddle in the election' despite repeatedly casting doubt on Russia probe

-Sun, 18 Feb 16:36:52 [Reuters]:
Estonia calls for EU to spend more for defense in border states

-Sun, 18 Feb 16:27:30 [Reuters]:
Five killed in attack on church in Russia's Dagestan: agencies

-Sun, 18 Feb 16:23:02 [Reuters]:
Leading SPD mayors back coalition with Merkel, poll shows

-Sun, 18 Feb 16:21:32 [Reuters]:
Turkey denies allegation of chemical attack in Syria

-Sun, 18 Feb 16:21:16 [BBC]:
Zimbabwe opposition leader: Morgan Tsvangirai mourned in Harare

-Sun, 18 Feb 16:19:08 [Times]:
4 Dead in Russia Church Shooting

-Sun, 18 Feb 16:15:54 [The Independent]:
Ten hikers missing after avalanche in Swiss Alps

-Sun, 18 Feb 16:06:33 [Reuters]:
Swastikas, slurs daubed on Polish embassy in Tel Aviv

-Sun, 18 Feb 15:37:21 [Reuters]:
All 65 passengers, crew feared dead in Iranian plane crash

-Sun, 18 Feb 15:20:05 [Reuters]:
Exclusive: For now, U.S. wants Europeans just to commit to improve Iran deal

-Sun, 18 Feb 15:18:00 [The Independent]:
'Italians First': Anti-immigrant sentiment becomes focus as parties chase undecided voters ahead of country's election

-Sun, 18 Feb 15:11:14 [The Independent]:
Russian church shooting: Four people killed in Dagestan attack

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:52:54 [Reuters]:
Top German lawmaker in security row with Turkey at Munich meeting

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:50:25 [The Independent]:
Fire damages 1,300-year old monastery considered spiritual heart of Tibetan Buddhism

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:46:37 [The Independent]:
Two Palestinian teenagers killed by Israeli army fire in Gaza

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:45:50 [BBC]:
Latvian central bank boss detained by anti-corruption force

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:40:32 [The Independent]:
Benjamin Netanyahu waves 'drone debris' above his head as he warns Iran not to 'test Israel's resolve'

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:33:10 [The Independent]:
Benjamin Netanyahu attacks Polish PM for saying Jews were among perpetrators of the Holocaust

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:24:23 [The Independent]:
World Vision denies claims staff sexually exploited Haiti earthquake survivors

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:17:35 [BBC]:
Malaysia wishes wrong New Year with a barking rooster

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:13:00 [The Independent]:
These four countries have nearly eliminated gun deaths - here's what the US can learn

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:12:00 [The Independent]:
A top GOP donor says he won't write another check to Republicans until they support an assault weapons ban

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:04:14 [Reuters]:
Poland PM's comments on 'Jewish perpetrators' not Holocaust denial: government statement

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:02:21 [Reuters]:
Saudi Arabia welcomes push for U.N. action against Iran on missiles

-Sun, 18 Feb 13:00:00 [The Independent]:
Iran Aseman Airlines crash: Years of sanctions have left passengers with one of oldest air fleets in the world

-Sun, 18 Feb 12:50:22 [Reuters]:
Nigeria releases 475 Boko Haram suspects for rehabilitation

-Sun, 18 Feb 12:21:30 [BBC]:
Winter Olympics: Russian athlete suspected of failing doping test

-Sun, 18 Feb 12:05:22 [Reuters]:
Netanyahu says Israel could act against Iran's 'empire'

-Sun, 18 Feb 11:58:56 [Reuters]:
Second Afghan governor defies President Ghani