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-Sat, 19 Jan 22:00:47 [Reuters]:
U.S. says its air strike kills 52 militants who attacked Somali base

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:39:35 [Reuters]:
Iran denies ties to Afghan held in Germany for spying

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:33:00 [The Independent]:
Trump shutdown announcement: President offers Daca extensions for undocumented migrants in exchange for border wall funding

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:22:48 [Reuters]:
Mexico fuel pipeline blast kills 66, witnesses describe horror

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:16:04 [Reuters]:
Some 170 migrants missing in two Mediterranean incidents

-Sat, 19 Jan 21:07:12 [Reuters]:
Northern Irish police report suspected car bomb in Londonderry

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:20:15 [Reuters]:
More than 10,000 protest in Belgrade against Serbian president

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:05:16 [The Independent]:
US weather: Major snowstorm expected to bring 'blizzard-like' conditions across nation and two feet of snow to New England

-Sat, 19 Jan 20:04:50 [Reuters]:
Cuba, Colombia face standoff over extradition request for ELN rebels

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:44:27 [Reuters]:
Clashes break out in France as 'yellow vests' stage latest protest

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:43:55 [CNN]:
Salah scores his 50th English Premier League goal

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:39:37 [Reuters]:
Bolivia bus crash kills 22, injures 37

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:38:23 [BBC]:
Pawel Adamowicz: Mourners gather for mayor's funeral

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:35:27 [Reuters]:
Mexico fuel pipeline blast kills 66, president defends response

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:26:33 [CNN]:
Ferrari signs Michael Schumacher's son

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:26:21 [Times]:
52 al-Shabab Extremists Killed in U.S. Airstrike in Somalia

-Sat, 19 Jan 19:20:16 [Reuters]:
Rohingya insurgents attack police in western Myanmar, wounding six: state TV

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:56:45 [Reuters]:
U.S. military says 52 militants killed in Somalia air strike

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:44:00 [The Independent]:
Gdansk archbishop calls for unity as thousands gather for funeral of murdered mayor Pawel Adamowicz

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:31:28 [Reuters]:
News photographer killed in Tripoli clashes

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:23:27 [The Independent]:
E-cigarettes could be banned in US, FDA says

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:09:46 [Times]:
President Trump Says Relations With North Korea ‘Are Going Very Well’

-Sat, 19 Jan 18:05:16 [BBC]:
An alpaca walks into a French opticians...

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:51:12 [Times]:
Survivors Say 177 Migrants Are Missing After a Boat Capsized Near Libya

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:48:54 [The Independent]:
Modi protest: Hundreds of thousands of Indians take to streets to oppose prime minister

-Sat, 19 Jan 17:10:17 [The Independent]:
Prison officer who put wheelchair-bound man in headlock fired

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:58:13 [The Independent]:
Pilot charged over naked hotel room display says he didn't think people could see him

-Sat, 19 Jan 16:32:13 [Reuters]:
Scuffles break out as 'yellow vests' march in Paris in latest protest

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:58:26 [Times]:
A Fireball Erupted From an Illegal Pipeline Killing at Least 66 People in Mexico

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:54:07 [Reuters]:
'We have had enough' say Hungarians rallying against PM Orban

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:50:05 [Reuters]:
Bulgaria charges six after terrorism financing arrests

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:39:24 [Times]:
Even Roger Federer Needed His Security Pass at the Australian Open

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:35:18 [Times]:
‘Yellow Vest’ Protestors March for 10th Week Despite President Macron’s Efforts

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:28:10 [CNN]:
Crystal Palace to shelter homeless at Selhurst Park stadium

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:25:16 [CNN]:
Austria continues domination of skiing's fastest race

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:16:54 [The Independent]:
'None of the revolution's ideals have been achieved': Eight years later, Tunisia reflects on the Arab Spring

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:13:21 [Reuters]:
Spanish rescuers start drilling to reach boy trapped in well

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:12:17 [Reuters]:
Merkel eyes closer cooperation in EU defense systems

-Sat, 19 Jan 15:06:24 [Reuters]:
Trump says U.S. 'made a lot of progress' with North Korea

-Sat, 19 Jan 14:44:38 [CNN]:
Company honors six killed employees

-Sat, 19 Jan 14:36:26 [CNN]:
Brexit: MPs in plot to take control

-Sat, 19 Jan 14:27:59 [CNN]:
At least 66 killed after illegal taps in pipe

-Sat, 19 Jan 14:25:10 [Reuters]:
Italy's Salvini wants to work with France to capture 'assassins' hiding there

-Sat, 19 Jan 14:20:21 [BBC]:
US shutdown: George W Bush gives pizza to security team

-Sat, 19 Jan 14:20:09 [Reuters]:
Around 117 migrants unaccounted for after dinghy sinks off Libyan coast

-Sat, 19 Jan 14:10:35 [Reuters]:
Death toll from Mexico fuel pipeline blast rises to 66

-Sat, 19 Jan 14:02:35 [CNN]:
Winter storm threatens 115 million people

-Sat, 19 Jan 13:59:34 [Reuters]:
Mexico pipeline blast killed 66 people: state governor

-Sat, 19 Jan 13:44:18 [The Independent]:
El Chapo's secret escape tunnel under bath revealed in police video of raid

-Sat, 19 Jan 13:41:45 [The Independent]:
Mexico pipeline explosion kills at least 21 and injures 71