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-Fri, 19 Jul 9:52:47 [Reuters]:
Merkel says she is working very well with SPD interim leadership

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:49:23 [CNN]:
Police identify suspect at center of Japan's worst mass killing in decades

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:45:46 [Reuters]:
Japan says Korea must rebuild trust to facilitate talks on trade

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:44:49 [Reuters]:
Spiral stairs, no sprinklers may have contributed to deadly Japan fire

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:43:59 [Reuters]:
South African corruption inquiry adjourned to try to convince Zuma to testify further

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:43:00 [Reuters]:
South Africa's graft watchdog says Ramaphosa deliberately misled parliament

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:40:04 [Reuters]:
Iran's Guards say they will release images to disprove U.S. claim that drone shot down

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:39:11 [Reuters]:
Merkel: Concerned about Gulf, should use every opportunity for diplomacy

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:30:42 [Reuters]:
After shaking episodes, Germany's Merkel says she is fit for work

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:29:46 [Reuters]:
Japanese minister admonishes South Korea's envoy as dispute escalates

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:28:13 [Reuters]:
Iran rejects Trump report that U.S. Navy downed 'provocative' drone

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:26:31 [Reuters]:
Merkel: Britain will remain partner even if it is no longer EU member

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:20:33 [BBC]:
Kyoto Animation fire: Police name suspect after studio blaze

-Fri, 19 Jul 9:08:47 [Reuters]:
Factbox: Will Spain's Sanchez stay on as prime minister?

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:56:23 [Reuters]:
From beer to pens, South Koreans boycott Japanese brands as diplomatic row intensifies

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:51:55 [Reuters]:
Russian tainted oil suspect seeking political asylum in Lithuania

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:47:46 [Reuters]:
New Zealand's Ardern flies commercial after snag hits air force plane

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:46:15 [CNN]:
Man self-immolated at Japanese Embassy

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:44:30 [Reuters]:
Japan arson suspect identified after blaze kills 33: NHK

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:39:37 [Reuters]:
South Africa's Zuma will not participate further in corruption inquiry: lawyer

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:36:26 [Reuters]:
Dutch state partly liable for Srebrenica deaths: Supreme Court

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:30:31 [Reuters]:
Kyoto arson attack building had no sprinklers or indoor hydrants: official

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:14:36 [Reuters]:
Japanese minister admonishes South Korea's envoy as row deepens

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:12:44 [Reuters]:
Pakistan PM to meet Trump hoping to mend fences, attract investment

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:09:02 [Reuters]:
China takes 'compulsory measures' against Australian writer: ministry

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:04:56 [The Independent]:
Clip of Trump admitting kissing TV host on lips before allowing her to film him partying with billionaire paedophile Epstein resurfaces

-Fri, 19 Jul 8:01:24 [Reuters]:
Suspected arsonist believed his novel was stolen by Japanese studio: media

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:59:24 [The Independent]:
Pastor accused of sexually assaulting parishioners said he was 'sucking' demons out of them

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:58:27 [Reuters]:
Vehicles plow into crowd at UK car club meet injuring 17

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:46:08 [Times]:
Japan Is Among the World’s Safest Countries, Though It Has a Grisly Record of Mass Violence

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:40:17 [Reuters]:
UK's Johnson will resist calls for Brexit delay, lawmaker Rees-Mogg says

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:35:07 [The Independent]:
Iran denies president's claim US shot down its drone as Hope Hicks asked to clarify testimony on porn star hush money payments

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:22:46 [Reuters]:
South African soldiers deployed in Cape Town to help fight gangs

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:21:34 [The Independent]:
Kyoto Animation fire: Suspect behind arson attack that killed 33 'believed studio had stolen his idea for novel'

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:21:00 [The Independent]:
Kyoto Animation fire: Suspect behind arson attack that killed 33 'believed studio had stolen his idea for novel'

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:16:54 [Reuters]:
Allies play hard to get on U.S. proposal to protect oil shipping lanes

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:11:18 [BBC]:
ASAP Rocky: Swedish jail requests more time to investigate assault

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:10:31 [Reuters]:
Indonesia suggests barter to help cover cost of jet project with South Korea

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:07:04 [Times]:
A South Korean Man Died After Setting Himself on Fire Outside the Japanese Embassy

-Fri, 19 Jul 7:05:23 [Reuters]:
Two killings symbolize reach of Kashmir conflict as death toll surges

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:59:35 [Reuters]:
Vietnam says preserved corpse of Ho Chi Minh in great condition

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:53:24 [Times]:
Iran Denies the U.S. Destroyed a Drone in the Strait of Hormuz

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:42:55 [Reuters]:
Iran military says all its drones have returned safely to base: report

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:41:52 [Reuters]:
Japan, South Korea dispute over history, trade deepens as man dies of immolation

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:40:51 [Reuters]:
South Korea deputy advisor Kim says Japan's export curbs violate international law

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:35:31 [Reuters]:
Italy's Di Maio calls for meeting with Salvini in peace offering

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:31:05 [Reuters]:
South Africa's Zuma due back at corruption inquiry after adjournment

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:18:00 [The Independent]:
South Korean man dies after setting himself on fire outside Japanese embassy

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:17:09 [BBC]:
India floods force tired tigress to take a nap in bed

-Fri, 19 Jul 6:05:05 [Reuters]:
Talks between Venezuela government and opposition continuing, says mediator Norway