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-Fri, 28 Jul 16:33:13 [The Independent]:
White House Comms Director Anthony Scaramucci appears unaware of basic rules about speaking to journalists

-Fri, 28 Jul 16:30:34 [The Independent]:
Indian politicians consider universal basic income following successful trials

-Fri, 28 Jul 16:30:17 [The Independent]:
Rod Stewart donates thousands to families of disabled children to help protest against US healthcare cuts

-Fri, 28 Jul 16:29:47 [Reuters]:
Moldova president sees move towards Russia-led trade union in 2017

-Fri, 28 Jul 16:20:00 [The Independent]:
North Korea launches missile, reports Japanese media

-Fri, 28 Jul 16:13:59 [Reuters]:
After deadly UK fire, 82 tower blocks found to have unsafe cladding: government

-Fri, 28 Jul 16:13:25 [The Independent]:
Withholding sex from husbands is 'psychological abuse', claims Malaysian MP

-Fri, 28 Jul 16:07:32 [The Independent]:
Hollywood 'turned a blind eye' to the Nazis, says Kelsey Grammer

-Fri, 28 Jul 15:52:00 [The Independent]:
Lebanon-born Australian MP blocked from entering US despite having same visa as colleagues who got in

-Fri, 28 Jul 15:46:19 [Times]:
North Korea Has Fired Another Ballistic Missile

-Fri, 28 Jul 15:42:13 [The Independent]:
Man 'murders his wife and tries to throw her body off cruise ship because she would not stop laughing at him'

-Fri, 28 Jul 15:30:37 [Reuters]:
North Korea apparently fires missile: Japan's NHK

-Fri, 28 Jul 15:29:00 [The Independent]:
Hamburg attack: One dead and several injured after stabbing in Barmbek supermarket

-Fri, 28 Jul 15:21:08 [Times]:
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Steps Down After Disqualification From Court

-Fri, 28 Jul 15:03:22 [Reuters]:
Alleged bitcoin fraud 'mastermind' sought by U.S. held in Greek prison

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:58:30 [Reuters]:
Venezuela opposition to block streets as assembly vote looms

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:57:51 [The Independent]:
High school student who was killed in Ohio State Fair accident had joined US Marines a week before

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:46:27 [Times]:
Knife Attack at Supermarket in Germany Leaves 1 Dead

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:41:00 [The Independent]:
US Marine dog who served three tours in Afghanistan gets hero's farewell after contracting cancer

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:38:51 [Reuters]:
Turkey detains soccer player in post-coup crackdown: media

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:32:57 [Reuters]:
One dead in knife attack in Hamburg supermarket, motive unclear

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:29:10 [BBC]:
One dead in Hamburg supermarket attack

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:15:17 [The Independent]:
Afghan women launch social media campaign to fight for their identities

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:07:00 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump rails against government checks and balances after defeat for Obamacare repeal in Senate

-Fri, 28 Jul 14:03:52 [The Independent]:
Pakistani police arrest village council who 'ordered rape of girl as revenge for brother's crime'

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:56:07 [Reuters]:
Britain ends electronics cabin ban on some flights from Turkey

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:52:00 [The Independent]:
Seamstress from abruptly bankrupt bridal store reunites brides with wedding gowns

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:39:33 [BBC]:
Iranians said duped by 'Workmen Needed' film poster

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:32:58 [The Independent]:
Tunisia: 'Landmark' new law gives women protection from rape and domestic violence

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:29:00 [The Independent]:
Fiat Chrysler Reverses Opposition to EVs, to Begin Producing Electric Maserati

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:22:26 [Reuters]:
Ex-Greek minister guilty of money laundering in Siemens scandal

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:22:00 [The Independent]:
Meg Whitman Flatly Says She's 'Not Going Anywhere,' Won't Be Uber's CEO

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:19:21 [Reuters]:
South Sudan army captures rebel-held town near Ethiopia border

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:14:56 [The Independent]:
Muslim men sue employer after claiming they were forced to choose between their religion and their jobs

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:13:47 [The Independent]:
Israel risks igniting 'religious war' over Jerusalem security measures, warns head of Arab League

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:03:00 [The Independent]:
This Explains Amazon's Big Second-Quarter Profit Slump

-Fri, 28 Jul 13:02:00 [The Independent]:
Don't Buy the Hype, Twitter Isn't Dead Yet; AT&T, Verizon Prove Their Worth

-Fri, 28 Jul 12:59:46 [Reuters]:
Jordanian protesters at Israeli embassy call for ending peace treaty

-Fri, 28 Jul 12:55:22 [Reuters]:
Arab states to meet in Bahrain on Saturday to discuss Qatar

-Fri, 28 Jul 12:54:00 [The Independent]:
White House alters Scaramucci press briefing transcript to make Trump's golf more impressive

-Fri, 28 Jul 12:22:07 [The Independent]:
Trump to call for 10,000 more ICE officers in Friday speech on immigration

-Fri, 28 Jul 12:20:06 [Reuters]:
Brexit web tangled by spats over when to leave, Irish border

-Fri, 28 Jul 12:01:43 [BBC]:
Gulnara Karimova, Uzbekistan ex-leader's daughter, 'detained'

-Fri, 28 Jul 11:55:04 [The Independent]:
Women raped daily by Isis are so damaged they are falling into deep sleeps and not getting up

-Fri, 28 Jul 11:44:36 [Reuters]:
Vietnam says others should respect its right to drill for South China Sea oil

-Fri, 28 Jul 11:40:08 [BBC]:
Gay 'dad dating' game is a surprise hit

-Fri, 28 Jul 11:39:28 [Reuters]:
British 'Spiderman' sentenced in massive German router attack

-Fri, 28 Jul 11:33:04 [Reuters]:
Detained Myanmar journalists defiant at 'unlawful association' trial

-Fri, 28 Jul 11:29:54 [Reuters]:
U.S. to be forced to cut 'hundreds' of diplomatic staff in Russia: Ifx

-Fri, 28 Jul 11:26:00 [The Independent]:
Intel Blows Away Estimates -- Here Are 11 Photos Revealing How Company Is Shaping the Future