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-Sun, 18 Apr 16:08:57 [CNN]:
At least 97 injured in Egypt as train derails

-Sun, 18 Apr 16:00:59 [BBC]:
ICYMI: Underwater tango, a cosmo-panda and happy penguins

-Sun, 18 Apr 15:38:51 [Times]:
Alexei Navalny’s Team Calls Protests Amid Reports of His Failing Health

-Sun, 18 Apr 13:33:03 [CNN]:
Navalny's life is Putin's 'personal' responsibility, say Russian politicians

-Sun, 18 Apr 12:09:25 [CNN]:
Afghanistan withdrawal will likely dismantle a CIA intelligence network built up over 20 years

-Sun, 18 Apr 11:40:36 [BBC]:
Plane ditches in ocean during Florida airshow

-Sun, 18 Apr 5:13:39 [CNN]:
US and China agree to cooperate on climate change after talks in Shanghai

-Sun, 18 Apr 3:44:14 [BBC]:
China and US pledge climate change commitment

-Sat, 17 Apr 23:03:20 [BBC]:
These teenage climate activists are pushing for change in Australia

-Sat, 17 Apr 22:14:54 [BBC]:
Liam Scarlett: Former Royal Ballet choreographer dies at 35

-Sat, 17 Apr 16:42:01 [BBC]:
Iran nuclear: State TV names suspect in Natanz attack

-Sat, 17 Apr 16:03:22 [CNN]:
CNN anchor: We saw a Queen grieving

-Sat, 17 Apr 14:33:23 [Times]:
Queen Sits Alone at Funeral for Prince Philip to Set Example

-Sat, 17 Apr 13:01:50 [Times]:
Angelina Jolie Talks to Elif Shafak About Why Men Need to Be Engaged in the Fight for Women’s Rights

-Sat, 17 Apr 9:41:47 [CNN]:
Brazil asks women 'if possible' to delay pregnancy over Covid variants

-Sat, 17 Apr 8:50:31 [BBC]:
Philippines: Giant clam shells worth $25m seized in raid

-Sat, 17 Apr 8:04:32 [CNN]:
UK prepares for funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, longtime consort of Queen Elizabeth II

-Sat, 17 Apr 5:23:17 [CNN]:
Myanmar releases prisoners for New Year, though likely not dissidents

-Sat, 17 Apr 3:04:39 [BBC]:
Brazil 'needs $10bn to reach zero emissions' says minister

-Fri, 16 Apr 23:23:00 [BBC]:
Hijab regulations: Two women's experience

-Fri, 16 Apr 23:22:11 [BBC]:
Nepal fires: 'We saw huge flames coming towards our garden’

-Fri, 16 Apr 23:21:36 [BBC]:
On the front line in eastern Ukraine

-Fri, 16 Apr 22:51:24 [CNN]:
Cuba's Raul Castro steps down, ending the era of his famous clan at the country's helm

-Fri, 16 Apr 20:01:16 [BBC]:
Covid: Michelin-starred Amsterdam restaurant's €20 takeaway burgers

-Fri, 16 Apr 19:54:25 [BBC]:
Biden keeps historically low Trump era cap on refugees

-Fri, 16 Apr 17:52:17 [BBC]:
Breonna Taylor: Publisher refuses to distribute police officer's book

-Fri, 16 Apr 16:00:14 [Times]:
Where Prince Philip’s Funeral Fits Into Royal History

-Fri, 16 Apr 15:09:21 [CNN]:
France outlaws sex with children aged under 15

-Fri, 16 Apr 11:00:30 [Times]:
The Unexpected Ways Climate Change is Reshaping College Education

-Fri, 16 Apr 10:40:22 [BBC]:
Indianapolis mass shooting: 'Emotions are very high' after shooting at FedEx facility

-Fri, 16 Apr 10:19:38 [BBC]:
TB Joshua: YouTube deletes Nigerian preacher's account over gay cure claim

-Fri, 16 Apr 10:03:58 [CNN]:
How to watch Prince Philip's funeral

-Fri, 16 Apr 10:00:52 [Times]:
Afghan Interpreters Risked Their Lives to Help the U.S. We Must Not Abandon Them

-Fri, 16 Apr 9:56:15 [CNN]:
Hong Kong court jails Jimmy Lai and other prominent activists for 8 to 18 months over 2019 protest

-Fri, 16 Apr 9:50:08 [Times]:
Hong Kong Democracy Leaders Given Jail Terms Amid Crackdown

-Fri, 16 Apr 9:25:02 [CNN]:
Remembering the royal romance of Prince Philip and the Queen

-Fri, 16 Apr 8:48:30 [BBC]:
Hong Kong: Jimmy Lai sentenced to one year for pro-democracy protests

-Fri, 16 Apr 6:28:32 [CNN]:
Eyewitnesses recount bloody crackdown in Bago, Myanmar

-Fri, 16 Apr 6:00:33 [BBC]:
Titanic: Searching for the 'missing' Chinese survivors

-Fri, 16 Apr 5:48:42 [CNN]:
These countries simply don't have enough other options to drop vaccines like AstraZeneca and J&J

-Fri, 16 Apr 5:18:51 [CNN]:
Analysis: A political scandal is swirling in Britain. But Boris Johnson is unlikely to drain the swamp

-Fri, 16 Apr 3:46:40 [Times]:
Biden Will Meet Japan’s Yoshihide Suga in His First In-Person Meeting With a Foreign Leader. Here’s What to Know

-Thu, 15 Apr 23:37:45 [BBC]:
India's desperate Covid-19 patients turn to black market for drugs

-Thu, 15 Apr 23:14:30 [BBC]:
Jimmy Lai: The Hong Kong billionaire risking it all by speaking out

-Thu, 15 Apr 20:28:17 [CNN]:
BBC received more than 100,000 complaints over coverage of Prince Philip's death

-Thu, 15 Apr 19:54:12 [BBC]:
Human cells grown in monkey embryos spark ethical debate

-Thu, 15 Apr 19:37:44 [Times]:
Why the U.S. and China Should Collaborate in Space

-Thu, 15 Apr 18:07:22 [BBC]:
Mosul landmark mosque to be rebuilt by Egyptian architects

-Thu, 15 Apr 17:36:35 [CNN]:
4 men burned alive, 2 others hanged in South Africa

-Thu, 15 Apr 17:30:09 [BBC]:
Daunte Wright: 'One of those kids everybody looked up to'