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-Tue, 28 Mar 3:38:01 [Reuters]:
Chaebol reform at forefront of South Korea presidential campaign - again

-Tue, 28 Mar 3:34:59 [Reuters]:
Hardline Hindu priest a handful for Modi in heartland Indian state

-Tue, 28 Mar 3:27:38 [BBC]:
New York's Fearless Girl statue to stay on till March 2018

-Tue, 28 Mar 3:11:39 [Times]:
North Korea Has Carried Out Another Rocket Engine Test, U.S. Officials Say

-Tue, 28 Mar 2:59:49 [BBC]:
Cyclone Debbie: Town of Ayr in Queensland 'in lock-down'

-Tue, 28 Mar 2:53:59 [Times]:
Residents Told to Stay Indoors as Powerful Cyclone Debbie Makes Landfall in Australia’s Northeast

-Tue, 28 Mar 2:44:55 [Reuters]:
Thousands take shelter as Cyclone Debbie lashes Australian coastal resorts

-Tue, 28 Mar 2:16:39 [Times]:
‘We Have to Be Realistic’: Nuclear Powers Sit Out U.N. Talks Aimed at Banning Nuclear Weapons

-Tue, 28 Mar 0:56:53 [Reuters]:
Australia cancels vote on extradition treaty with China

-Tue, 28 Mar 0:19:35 [BBC]:
Mexico governor says Chihuahua too weak to fight cartels

-Tue, 28 Mar 0:03:18 [Reuters]:
China can deploy warplanes on artificial islands any time: think tank

-Mon, 27 Mar 23:33:29 [BBC]:
'Anti-Romeo' squads

-Mon, 27 Mar 23:30:01 [BBC]:
Scale of Mosul civilian deaths alarms Amnesty International

-Mon, 27 Mar 23:24:10 [Reuters]:
Montenegro NATO accession clears hurdle in U.S. Senate

-Mon, 27 Mar 23:18:50 [Reuters]:
North Korea tests rocket engine: U.S. officials

-Mon, 27 Mar 23:03:07 [Reuters]:
South Africa's Gordhan ordered home from London ahead of Gupta court case

-Mon, 27 Mar 22:59:14 [Reuters]:
War crime probes will hinder Sri Lanka's reconciliation: ex-defense secretary

-Mon, 27 Mar 22:47:17 [Reuters]:
U.S. weighs bigger role in Yemen's war, boosting aid to allies

-Mon, 27 Mar 22:29:10 [Times]:
Mother of London Attacker Has ‘Shed Many Tears’ For Her Son’s Victims

-Mon, 27 Mar 22:12:43 [Reuters]:
Tillerson will not meet Turkey opposition in Ankara visit this week

-Mon, 27 Mar 21:48:25 [The Independent]:
Civilians in western Mosul are being shot at by Isis and Iraqi forces alike

-Mon, 27 Mar 21:37:26 [Reuters]:
Brazil suspends three more meat plants in bribery scandal

-Mon, 27 Mar 21:35:47 [The Independent]:
Syria: Final evacuation of Homs begins under close Russian supervision

-Mon, 27 Mar 20:35:38 [Reuters]:
Bomb factories, village command posts: Islamic State's rural fight

-Mon, 27 Mar 20:24:46 [Reuters]:
Venezuela seeks to stymie OAS meeting, vows 'severe' response

-Mon, 27 Mar 20:01:35 [BBC]:
Brazil tribe gets compensation for plane crash over Amazon forest

-Mon, 27 Mar 19:47:00 [The Independent]:
Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer calls for removal of head of House Intelligence Committee Devin Nunes

-Mon, 27 Mar 19:38:45 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump's approval ratings crash to record low after Obamacare fiasco

-Mon, 27 Mar 19:28:10 [CNN]:
100+ bodies pulled from site of coalition airstrike

-Mon, 27 Mar 19:26:03 [Reuters]:
Qatar Airways chief says laptop ban not designed to hurt Gulf carriers

-Mon, 27 Mar 19:23:41 [BBC]:
Huge gold coin worth $1m stolen from museum

-Mon, 27 Mar 19:16:42 [BBC]:
Erin McPike: The only journalist on Rex Tillerson's Asia trip

-Mon, 27 Mar 19:12:17 [CNN]:
U.S.: 'We want to return Mosul in one piece'

-Mon, 27 Mar 18:56:55 [Reuters]:
After civilians killed in Mosul, Pentagon denies loosening rules in fight vs IS

-Mon, 27 Mar 18:42:44 [CNN]:
A 200-lb gold coin that's worth more than $1 million is stolen

-Mon, 27 Mar 18:32:00 [The Independent]:
'My wounds still hurt and I am very afraid': Yemen's civil war in the words of its forgotten children

-Mon, 27 Mar 18:16:57 [Times]:
Behind the Striking Viral Photo From the Russian Protests

-Mon, 27 Mar 18:13:47 [CNN]:
Why are Russians protesting with ducks and sneakers?

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:59:29 [CNN]:
The Trump stock market rally is under siege

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:58:28 [Times]:
Canada Is Going to Legalize Marijuana in 2018

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:50:57 [The Independent]:
Woman stabbed 32 times by abusive partner marries paramedic who saved her life

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:44:00 [The Independent]:
US sanctuary cities that protect illegal immigrants 'cannot continue', says Trump's Attorney General Jeff Sessions

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:38:01 [Reuters]:
Britain reopens privacy debate after attack, presses tech firms

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:33:28 [Reuters]:
At least 11 dead in suicide bombing and gun attack in southern Yemen

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:25:05 [Reuters]:
Iran's Rouhani seeks deals with new friend Russia

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:23:00 [The Independent]:
Fetty Wap rival accused of robbing rapper arrested for aggravated assault

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:11:29 [The Independent]:
Nato to spend £2.6 billion on satellites, cyber security and drones

-Mon, 27 Mar 17:10:46 [BBC]:
Canada to legalise marijuana 'by 2018'

-Mon, 27 Mar 16:54:44 [CNN]:
Hero politician speaks out about London attack

-Mon, 27 Mar 16:36:28 [Times]:
British Official: ‘No Evidence’ London Attacker Had Terror Ties