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-Sun, 26 Jun 6:27:18 [The Independent]:
Putin promises to arm Belarus with Russian nuclear-capable missiles

-Sun, 26 Jun 6:15:38 [The Independent]:
EXPLAINER: Why Germany is pushing for a 'climate club'

-Sun, 26 Jun 4:07:44 [The Independent]:
Senate confirmed justices to end Roe. How will voters react?

-Sun, 26 Jun 4:04:47 [The Independent]:
Biden, G-7 leaders huddle on energy, inflation, Ukraine war

-Sun, 26 Jun 3:15:35 [The Independent]:
Rep. Mary Miller calls Roe decision 'victory for white life'

-Sun, 26 Jun 1:18:01 [The Independent]:
Temp worker charged with murder after shooting at Illinois auto parts facility kills one, injures two

-Sat, 25 Jun 22:11:31 [The Independent]:
Elizabeth Warren and Tina Smith call on Biden to declare public health emergency to protect abortion access

-Sat, 25 Jun 22:03:18 [The Independent]:
Appointments cancelled, clinics closed and fury in the streets: Americans wake up to a new reality as abortion rights disappear overnight

-Sat, 25 Jun 21:49:08 [BBC]:
Russia promises Belarus Iskander-M nuclear-capable missiles

-Sat, 25 Jun 21:13:58 [The Independent]:
Dueling narratives of Arizona protests ended with tear gas

-Sat, 25 Jun 21:13:01 [The Independent]:
AOC questions legitimacy of Supreme Court and calls Biden ‘historically weak’ on abortion

-Sat, 25 Jun 20:50:31 [The Independent]:
West Virginia helicopter crash victims identified

-Sat, 25 Jun 20:15:37 [The Independent]:
She worked in family planning on the day Roe v Wade passed. Fifty years later, she’s fighting for abortion rights again

-Sat, 25 Jun 20:00:20 [The Independent]:
Secretary of State says US will continue to advocate for reproductive health around the world, even as rights curtailed at home

-Sat, 25 Jun 19:38:21 [The Independent]:
European mayors duped into call with impostor posing as Kyiv mayor Klistschko

-Sat, 25 Jun 19:24:56 [The Independent]:
Trudeau: US abortion ruling could mean loss of other rights

-Sat, 25 Jun 19:24:20 [The Independent]:
Alaska Supreme Court ruling keeps Sweeney off House ballot

-Sat, 25 Jun 19:09:23 [The Independent]:
Utah Republican apologises for saying she trusts women to ‘control intake of semen’ to prevent pregnancy

-Sat, 25 Jun 18:37:22 [The Independent]:
Pictured: Norway terror suspect charged with killing two people at gay bar in Oslo

-Sat, 25 Jun 18:35:34 [The Independent]:
Maternal mortality rates in the US outpace other industrialised nations. It’s about to get worse

-Sat, 25 Jun 17:35:01 [The Independent]:
Air Canada admits mistake after retired British couple were removed from plane by armed police

-Sat, 25 Jun 17:09:18 [The Independent]:
‘Roe is on the ballot’: Can Democrats fire up their base on abortion rights or is it too late?

-Sat, 25 Jun 16:59:54 [The Independent]:
Biden ‘does not agree with’ expanding US Supreme Court, according to White House press secretary

-Sat, 25 Jun 16:56:47 [The Independent]:
Planned Parenthood says ‘help is available’ to women in states where abortion has been outlawed

-Sat, 25 Jun 16:54:02 [The Independent]:
Supreme Court-Abortion, ADVISORY

-Sat, 25 Jun 16:49:48 [The Independent]:
Justices' past abortion views, in their own words and votes

-Sat, 25 Jun 16:48:27 [The Independent]:
What GOP-named justices had said about Roe to Senate panel

-Sat, 25 Jun 16:45:51 [The Independent]:
‘Q’ returns with first new post in 18 months for far-right QAnon conspiracy theorists

-Sat, 25 Jun 16:39:03 [The Independent]:
Wisconsin's Evers looks for boost from anger over abortion

-Sat, 25 Jun 16:17:25 [The Independent]:
'Mitt Romney Republican' is now a potent GOP primary attack

-Sat, 25 Jun 16:16:50 [The Independent]:
Briton, 25, killed in Spain falling from notorious ‘Devil’s Pass’ mountain

-Sat, 25 Jun 15:43:00 [The Independent]:
‘Without Roe, parts of US will look like Central America’ say activists in nations where abortion is entirely illegal

-Sat, 25 Jun 15:30:00 [BBC]:
Severodonetsk: Russia has full control of eastern city, Ukraine says

-Sat, 25 Jun 15:13:33 [The Independent]:
European mayors duped into calls with fake Kyiv mayor

-Sat, 25 Jun 15:09:16 [Times]:
Gunman Kills 2 During Oslo Pride Festival in Suspected ‘Terror Act’

-Sat, 25 Jun 14:44:46 [The Independent]:
Supreme Court conservatives flex muscle in sweeping rulings

-Sat, 25 Jun 14:39:10 [BBC]:
Afghanistan earthquake: hospital struggles to help survivors

-Sat, 25 Jun 14:26:13 [The Independent]:
First picture of boy, 5, who died after mother left him in hot car on 38C day

-Sat, 25 Jun 14:19:20 [The Independent]:
Biden's mission in Europe: Shore up alliance against Russia

-Sat, 25 Jun 13:42:36 [The Independent]:
Oslo shooting suspect charged with terrorism as two killed and 20 injured in ‘hate crime’

-Sat, 25 Jun 13:06:14 [The Independent]:
Joe Biden signs landmark gun safety bill into law, saying it will ‘save a lot of lives’

-Sat, 25 Jun 13:00:07 [The Independent]:
Abortion ruling thrusts companies into divisive arena

-Sat, 25 Jun 12:47:28 [The Independent]:
Biden signs landmark gun measure, says 'lives will be saved'

-Sat, 25 Jun 12:08:34 [The Independent]:
Abortion rights protester hit by truck as tensions rise over Roe v Wade

-Sat, 25 Jun 12:07:20 [The Independent]:
Roe protest disrupts last hours of 2022 Arizona Legislature

-Sat, 25 Jun 11:52:53 [The Independent]:
Russian aggression in Ukraine forcing NATO to ‘look again’ at boosting military capability

-Sat, 25 Jun 11:18:54 [The Independent]:
Egypt’s president holds talks with visiting Qatari emir

-Sat, 25 Jun 10:30:05 [The Independent]:
Vladimir Putin ally warns London ‘will be bombed first’ if World War 3 breaks out

-Sat, 25 Jun 10:12:03 [The Independent]:
Why did Vladimir Putin invade Ukraine? The conflict explained

-Sat, 25 Jun 10:09:56 [The Independent]:
Abortion clinics are already closing in the US hours after Roe v Wade overturned