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-Fri, 20 Apr 10:32:12 [Reuters]:
Facebook to roll out political ad feature in time for German state vote

-Fri, 20 Apr 10:29:57 [The Independent]:
Grandmother who 'killed husband and then murdered her lookalike' arrested in Texas after nationwide manhunt

-Fri, 20 Apr 10:09:58 [The Independent]:
Joe Biden honours 'hero' student who was shot twice while stopping a rape at a party

-Fri, 20 Apr 10:03:11 [Reuters]:
German prosecutors investigate official for approving false asylum claims

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:59:55 [Reuters]:
Insurgents south of Syrian capital surrender, says state TV

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:57:18 [Reuters]:
India police probe Twitter claim over fire at Rohingya camp

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:53:33 [Reuters]:
Kremlin: U.S. is making it hard for Aeroflot crews to get visas

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:49:56 [BBC]:
Why a coat worn to meet the Queen makes New Zealand swell with pride

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:47:00 [The Independent]:
AI researchers earning over $1m at non-profit organisations

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:38:17 [Reuters]:
Hungary PM aide says will not seek job in new government: media

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:30:29 [Reuters]:
Teary-eyed, hundreds search through rubble in devastated Philippines city

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:29:12 [The Independent]:
Syria returns Legion d'honneur to France because Assad will not wear award of 'slave country' to US

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:18:32 [BBC]:
Prince's original recording of Nothing Compares 2 U is finally released

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:16:23 [The Independent]:
Mount Io: Japan volcano erupts for first time in 250 years

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:09:00 [The Independent]:
Telegram ban in Russia takes down Amazon, Google, Fifa, Spotify, Nintendo, Twitch and more

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:05:44 [Reuters]:
North Korean official to hold talks in Russia on labor migrants: RIA

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:04:57 [The Independent]:
Trump takes first step in aggressive effort to drill for oil in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

-Fri, 20 Apr 9:02:44 [CNN]:
7 things to know before the opening bell

-Fri, 20 Apr 8:45:42 [Reuters]:
Myanmar policeman describes 'trap' to arrest Reuters reporter

-Fri, 20 Apr 8:39:51 [Reuters]:
Britain says would strongly support Zimbabwe's re-entry to Commonwealth

-Fri, 20 Apr 8:37:35 [Reuters]:
Strong lead for Irish abortion reform despite slip in support

-Fri, 20 Apr 8:26:25 [Reuters]:
China says had 'professional' encounter with Australian warships in South China Sea

-Fri, 20 Apr 8:12:30 [Reuters]:
Syrian army bombards south Damascus enclave

-Fri, 20 Apr 7:52:29 [Reuters]:
Russia: U.S. strikes remove moral hurdles for S-300 missiles for Assad - RIA

-Fri, 20 Apr 7:51:08 [Reuters]:
Austria says will bar Turkish politicians from campaigning on its soil

-Fri, 20 Apr 7:43:48 [The Independent]:
Thousands evacuated after World War Two bomb found near Berlin's central rail station

-Fri, 20 Apr 7:12:37 [Times]:
Indonesia’s Aceh Lashes Unwed Couples and Prostitutes In What Could be the Province’s Last Public Caning

-Fri, 20 Apr 7:11:34 [BBC]:
Comey memos detailing conversations of Trump meetings published

-Fri, 20 Apr 7:06:26 [Reuters]:
Israel drops leaflets warning Gazans not to approach border

-Fri, 20 Apr 6:56:03 [Reuters]:
Basque separatist group ETA apologizes to victims ahead of dissolution

-Fri, 20 Apr 6:44:06 [Reuters]:
Syrian army bombards Yarmouk camp, war monitor says

-Fri, 20 Apr 6:41:26 [Reuters]:
Russia says will not offer to host Trump meeting with North Korea's Kim: RIA

-Fri, 20 Apr 6:32:29 [Reuters]:
Russia says no reason not to supply S-300 missiles to Assad

-Fri, 20 Apr 6:29:18 [Reuters]:
Russia says Trump invited Putin to U.S. during phone call

-Fri, 20 Apr 6:21:27 [Reuters]:
EU's Barnier says still some 25 percent of work to do on Brexit

-Fri, 20 Apr 6:17:38 [Reuters]:
Hungary PM Orban says expects ongoing fight over migration

-Fri, 20 Apr 5:57:29 [Reuters]:
Woman dies in fire at care home in northeast London

-Fri, 20 Apr 5:30:03 [Reuters]:
French police evacuate occupied Paris university site

-Fri, 20 Apr 5:20:12 [Reuters]:
China air force goads Taiwan with Hokkien-language video

-Fri, 20 Apr 5:11:22 [Reuters]:
Woman dead in Chingford fire: London Fire Brigade

-Fri, 20 Apr 4:58:23 [Times]:
A Militant Linked to the 9/11 Attacks Has Been Captured by U.S.-Backed Forces in Syria

-Fri, 20 Apr 4:05:58 [BBC]:
Do you know how to wear an oxygen mask?

-Fri, 20 Apr 3:52:21 [BBC]:
Syria returns Legion d'honneur award to France

-Fri, 20 Apr 3:29:54 [Times]:
Swaziland’s King Declares His Country Will Now be Called the Kingdom of eSwatini

-Fri, 20 Apr 2:54:18 [Reuters]:
Some 50 members of migrant caravan reach Mexico, U.S. border

-Fri, 20 Apr 2:45:41 [Reuters]:
'No job, no money': Life in Vietnam for immigrants deported by U.S.

-Fri, 20 Apr 2:12:00 [The Independent]:
Comey memos released: key takeaways from former FBI chief's talks with Donald Trump

-Fri, 20 Apr 2:00:01 [Reuters]:
Fire dancers hope to keep flame alive during Boracay closure

-Fri, 20 Apr 1:42:13 [Reuters]:
Philippines decries European Parliament's 'interference'

-Fri, 20 Apr 1:39:54 [Times]:
North Korea Drops Withdrawal of U.S. Troops as a Condition of Nuclear Disarmament