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-Tue, 04 Oct 22:23:27 [The Independent]:
Shocking moment Florida man uses his girlfriend’s kidnapped one-year-old as a shield when police corner him after chase

-Tue, 04 Oct 22:18:31 [The Independent]:
Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson pummels Alabama attorneys over ‘race blindness’ in major voting rights case

-Tue, 04 Oct 22:09:45 [The Independent]:
Advocates call on Biden to support Iran protests as vigil held outside White House

-Tue, 04 Oct 22:07:26 [The Independent]:
EXPLAINER: What's next in Musk's epic battle with Twitter?

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:54:44 [The Independent]:
John Fetterman mocks rival Dr Oz by likening him to Simpsons character

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:41:15 [The Independent]:
Self-proclaimed ‘socialist’ to ‘red pill’ anti-lockdown crusader: What are Elon Musk’s politics?

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:33:05 [BBC]:
Ukraine war: The families who made it through the new Iron Curtain

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:24:29 [The Independent]:
Democratic candidate goes viral for ad showing her giving birth

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:15:55 [The Independent]:
Lawyers: Arizona GOP chair pleaded Fifth to Jan. 6 panel

-Tue, 04 Oct 21:06:54 [The Independent]:
Nikolas Cruz faked extent of mental illness and cognitive issues: ‘He was clearly playing games’

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:59:21 [The Independent]:
Liz Cheney is sole Republican voice calling Trump out for ‘racist’ attack on Mitch McConnell’s wife Elaine Chao

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:58:11 [The Independent]:
Family of LAPD officer killed in training says colleagues beat him to death over rape investigation

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:56:10 [The Independent]:
Walker report puts abortion back at center of Georgia race

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:45:16 [The Independent]:
Jolie details Brad Pitt abuse allegations in court filing

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:41:07 [The Independent]:
Florida Gov Ron DeSantis claims ‘regime media’ wanted Hurricane Ian to hit Tampa

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:37:10 [BBC]:
Dutch town Bodegraven-Reeuwijk loses Twitter paedophilia rumour case

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:27:07 [The Independent]:
Senator Ron Johnson claims January 6 wasn’t ‘armed insurrection’ despite scores of guns at Capitol riot

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:26:47 [The Independent]:
Elon Musk Twitter deal - live: Tesla billionaire offers $44bn for company after previously backing out

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:20:56 [The Independent]:
Wisconsin Democrats put abortion in spotlight

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:15:56 [The Independent]:
Trump asks Supreme Court to stop FBI from using classified documents seized from Mar-a-Lago

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:12:07 [The Independent]:
Oath Keepers founder: Be 'ready to fight' after Trump loss

-Tue, 04 Oct 20:04:25 [The Independent]:
Justices mull latest challenge to landmark voting rights law

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:58:47 [The Independent]:
Trump asks Supreme Court to intervene in Mar-a-Lago dispute

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:51:31 [The Independent]:
American chess star accused of cheating by rival has likely done so in more than 100 games, report claims

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:46:18 [The Independent]:
Trump said his first attorney general was intellectually disabled, book says

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:35:46 [The Independent]:
What really happened when an armed John Fetterman detained an unarmed Black jogger in 2013?

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:23:56 [The Independent]:
Dr Oz refuses to comment on report his research killed more than 300 dogs as Fetterman calls him ‘puppy killer’

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:21:41 [The Independent]:
Trump news - live: Trump hails Herschel Walker ‘greatness’ as candidate flails amid abortion scandal

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:10:01 [The Independent]:
Estonian PM says West should heed, not appease Putin threats

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:05:16 [The Independent]:
Alex Jones says he may plead the fifth in Sandy Hook hoax trial because he’d get jailed for telling the truth

-Tue, 04 Oct 19:00:02 [The Independent]:
Trump backs Herschel Walker in abortion scandal: ‘He has true greatness in his future’

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:52:39 [BBC]:
Ukraine round-up: Inside liberated Lyman and Ukraine makes further ground against Russia

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:49:41 [The Independent]:
Police killed more people in past year than at any time in past decade, database says

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:40:38 [The Independent]:
Another shift for NH GOP Senate candidate on 2020 election

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:25:12 [The Independent]:
Kansas Digest, 1pm update

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:16:11 [The Independent]:
Biden to meet with DeSantis and tour hurricane damage in Florida on Wednesday

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:07:45 [The Independent]:
Secret Service agents spared charges in shooting death of 19-year-old at Peruvian embassy

-Tue, 04 Oct 18:03:50 [The Independent]:
Haiti at breaking point as economy tanks and violence soars

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:58:11 [The Independent]:
Biden reportedly says he’s running in 2024 after meeting with civil rights leaders

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:57:37 [BBC]:
Ukraine regains Kherson villages from Russians

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:51:50 [The Independent]:
Oath Keepers trial – live: FBI testifies as leader Stewart Rhodes and others face conspiracy charges

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:50:06 [The Independent]:
Oath Keepers trial – live: FBI testifies as leader Stewart Rhodes and others face conspiracy charges

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:49:06 [Times]:
Here Are the Favorites To Win the 2022 Nobel Peace Prize

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:47:09 [The Independent]:
Britain's Wallace calls Ukraine war a 'wakeup call' for NATO

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:47:01 [The Independent]:
Herschel Walker’s son lashes out and calls father a liar over denial he paid for abortion

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:31:00 [The Independent]:
Poll: Many pessimistic about improving standard of living

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:25:17 [The Independent]:
A timeline of billionaire Elon Musk's bid to control Twitter

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:17:57 [The Independent]:
Abortion rights a key issue in Arizona attorney general race

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:17:50 [The Independent]:
Air Canada condemned for claiming Covid restrictions on travel were ‘not justified by science’

-Tue, 04 Oct 17:12:57 [The Independent]:
Conservatives mock Biden for suggesting he was ‘raised’ in Puerto Rico community in Delaware