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-Thu, 21 Jun 19:58:18 [Times]:
‘There Is No Way We Can Turn Back.’ Why Thousands of Refugees Will Keep Coming to America Despite Trump’s Crackdown

-Thu, 21 Jun 19:42:36 [Reuters]:
Slovak police charge ex-minister over claims against CME TV station

-Thu, 21 Jun 19:41:21 [The Independent]:
Scott Pruitt spent more than $4m on his security detail, report reveals

-Thu, 21 Jun 19:38:16 [Reuters]:
Survivors report 220 migrants drown off Libya in last days: UNHCR

-Thu, 21 Jun 19:31:03 [Reuters]:
East Libyan forces reclaim key oil ports

-Thu, 21 Jun 19:30:34 [The Independent]:
Children claim they were beaten and kept naked in concrete cells at Virginia immigration detention centre

-Thu, 21 Jun 19:24:32 [The Independent]:
More Americans believe immigration is good for the country than ever before

-Thu, 21 Jun 19:00:26 [Reuters]:
Turkish court rules to keep Amnesty official in jail

-Thu, 21 Jun 18:30:04 [Reuters]:
Romanian ruling party leader sentenced, thousands rally

-Thu, 21 Jun 18:28:18 [Reuters]:
Trump's foreign policy will make Europe stronger, U.S. official says

-Thu, 21 Jun 18:05:50 [Reuters]:
France's Macron warns of populism "leprosy," Italy hits back

-Thu, 21 Jun 18:04:19 [The Independent]:
Majority of people living in democracies don't believe governments work in their interests

-Thu, 21 Jun 18:02:41 [Reuters]:
Algerian prime minister urges Bouteflika to seek fifth term

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:59:09 [Reuters]:
Turkish opposition plans half a million election vote monitors

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:57:44 [The Independent]:
Baseball mascot shoots hot dog at woman's face at Philadelphia Phillies game

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:54:40 [Reuters]:
Turkish court rules to keep Amnesty official in jail: Amnesty

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:52:23 [Reuters]:
Belgian industrialist Empain dead: Belgian media

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:48:57 [Reuters]:
Trump: North Korea blowing up test sites, 'total denuclearization...has already started'

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:48:55 [BBC]:
'Wolf pack' jailed for sex attack released by Spanish court

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:47:34 [Reuters]:
Stop prosecuting Jehovah's Witnesses in Russia: Kremlin advisers

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:45:57 [The Independent]:
Melania Trump makes surprise visit to US-Mexico border immigration detention centre

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:34:57 [The Independent]:
Intel CEO Brian Krzanich resigns over 'consensual relationship with employee'

-Thu, 21 Jun 17:22:53 [Reuters]:
Italy and Germany clash as migration rows split EU

-Thu, 21 Jun 16:45:05 [Reuters]:
'Wolf Pack' sex abuse culprits freed on bail in Spain

-Thu, 21 Jun 16:40:11 [Reuters]:
Anti-immigrant eastern EU states defiant as they boycott summit

-Thu, 21 Jun 16:31:27 [The Independent]:
Brexit: Irish prime minister rejects Theresa May's customs back-stop plan

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:59:49 [Reuters]:
Romania's ruling party leader sentenced, due to appeal

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:58:46 [Reuters]:
East Libyan forces advance to retake oil ports

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:56:08 [The Independent]:
Saudi Arabian royal family pilot arrested for theft in US

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:55:21 [Reuters]:
400 flown from James Bond mountain after Swiss cable car breaks down

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:50:30 [The Independent]:
Supreme Court rules states can force online shoppers to pay sales tax, in landmark decision

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:48:00 [The Independent]:
Time Magazine cover shows Trump looking down on crying migrant toddler

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:46:36 [CNN]:
He's helped 33,000 families get to their kids' cancer treatments

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:45:24 [Reuters]:
IAEA labs do the meticulous, unsung work behind nuclear inspections

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:35:55 [Reuters]:
East Libya forces claim control of Es Sider, Ras Lanuf oil ports

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:35:30 [The Independent]:
Stephen Miller: Who is the Trump adviser credited with crafting the president's 'zero tolerance' immigration policies?

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:30:49 [Reuters]:
Italy and Germany clash as migration cuts to the core of EU unity

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:27:00 [The Independent]:
Priest slaps baby during baptism as shocked congregation looks on

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:24:24 [Reuters]:
Pope, in Geneva, urges Christians to break down their barriers

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:20:18 [The Independent]:
Police smash car window to free bear trapped inside in California

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:20:09 [Reuters]:
In Turkey's pious heartland, faith in Erdogan trumps economy worries

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:19:04 [The Independent]:
International Day of Yoga: India's Narendra Modi leads 50,000 in dawn exercises

-Thu, 21 Jun 15:14:00 [The Independent]:
Questions raised over Trump's quick-fix end to separating migrant families as republicans struggle to pass bill

-Thu, 21 Jun 14:56:55 [Reuters]:
U.N.'s Zeid says Hungary's new laws are 'blatantly xenophobic'

-Thu, 21 Jun 14:45:07 [Reuters]:
UN rights experts urge Egypt to free couple unlawfully detained

-Thu, 21 Jun 14:35:55 [Reuters]:
ICC gives Myanmar deadline over Rohingya case jurisdiction

-Thu, 21 Jun 14:25:34 [The Independent]:
Anders Breivik: Norwegian mass murderer loses human rights appeal against prison conditions

-Thu, 21 Jun 14:22:00 [The Independent]:
911 call made by teenage daughter of Turpin family reveals alleged abuse at California home

-Thu, 21 Jun 14:19:04 [The Independent]:
Japanese officials issue apology on national TV over worker who left desk 3 minutes early to buy lunch

-Thu, 21 Jun 14:11:00 [The Independent]:
XXXtentacion murder: 22-year-old man 'arrested by Florida police over fatal shooting of US rapper'