World News

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:31:47 [Reuters]:
Pentagon chief open to military adjustments to support North Korea diplomacy

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:28:33 [Reuters]:
UK PM Johnson promises to end 'unbearable' uncertainty around Brexit

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:28:07 [Times]:
Countries Are Falling Far Short on Action to Tackle Climate Change As Fossil Fuel Use Increases, Says Energy Report

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:07:01 [Reuters]:
Emariti soldier in Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen killed in Najran: WAM

-Wed, 13 Nov 19:05:07 [The Independent]:
Ruth Bader Ginsburg misses Supreme Court hearings due to illness

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:38:56 [The Independent]:
Russia is trying to legalise African 'blood diamonds'

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:29:57 [Reuters]:
Two Namibian ministers quit in bribery scandal involving Icelandic fishing firm

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:25:00 [Reuters]:
North Korea warns of retaliation against U.S-South Korea military drills

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:23:55 [Reuters]:
Venice still waiting for Moses to hold back the seas

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:13:25 [Reuters]:
Brazil's Bolsonaro vows order after Guaido backers enter Venezuelan embassy

-Wed, 13 Nov 18:12:04 [Reuters]:
Iran says fugitive businessman charged with corruption returns home

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:57:40 [Reuters]:
As U.S.-Turkey meeting begins, Trump praises relation with Erdogan

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:56:43 [The Independent]:
Netanyahu's gamble with Gaza may save his political career but spark a complex drawn-out conflict, experts warn

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:37:29 [Reuters]:
Bolivia's new leader seeks quick vote, foes plan disruptions

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:36:54 [Reuters]:
Tunisia's parliament picks moderate Islamist party leader as speaker

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:34:00 [Reuters]:
Afghan prisoner swap for American, Australian did not occur: diplomat

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:32:10 [Reuters]:
Car bomb explosion kills seven in Afghan capital

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:19:41 [Reuters]:
U.S. adds companies to economic blacklist for providing WMD activity support in Syria

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:19:00 [The Independent]:
Rodney Reed pleads for support a week from execution as petition for new trial nears 3 million

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:16:20 [Times]:
U.S. Vineyards Caught in the Crossfire of Trump’s Trade War Struggle to Sell Wine in China

-Wed, 13 Nov 17:06:45 [The Independent]:
'I'm horrified, I'm appalled': Kellyanne Conway's lawyer husband tears into Donald Trump over impeachment hearings

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:54:46 [Reuters]:
Cirque de Soleil founder Guy Laliberté in custody for growing cannabis in French Polynesia

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:52:03 [Times]:
‘This Revolution Has Raised the Bar.’ How Lebanon’s Protests Have Created a Surprising Space for LGBT Rights

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:48:31 [CNN]:
Man dies in Venice's worst floods for 50 years

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:46:09 [Reuters]:
Spain's prosecutor asks court to put former BBVA chairman 'FG' under investigation

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:44:31 [CNN]:
Israel's military campaign against Islamic Jihad enters second day

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:37:00 [The Independent]:
Trump overheard on phone asking about 'investigations' with ambassador in Ukraine restaurant, impeachment hearing told

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:33:33 [Reuters]:
Twelve killed in Slovakia bus crash

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:30:14 [The Independent]:
Beaches in France closed after large packages of cocaine washing up attract fortune hunters

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:23:59 [Reuters]:
Moldova leader nominates former finance minister as PM candidate

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:21:15 [The Independent]:
'Isis leader who beheaded imam and ordered dozens of killings' on trial in Hungary

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:16:38 [Reuters]:
'Plan B': Pakistan anti-government protesters leave capital to block roads countrywide

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:11:00 [The Independent]:
Trump impeachment hearings live stream: Watch the first public inquiry

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:02:57 [The Independent]:
Slovakia's deadliest road accident in a decade leaves 13 dead

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:01:47 [The Independent]:
Trump impeachment hearings: White House releases 'swamp' video defending president as public inquiry begins

-Wed, 13 Nov 16:01:39 [Reuters]:
ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: A storm in the British prime minister's teacup

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:56:58 [Reuters]:
Poland seizes two for plotting Breivik-style attacks on Muslims

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:53:01 [The Independent]:
Iraqi crackdown on protests enters sinister phase of disappearances and espionage

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:50:10 [Reuters]:
Czech-Chinese ties hit new bump as university shuts center

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:48:42 [Reuters]:
Lebanon slides deeper into turmoil, no sign of new government

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:45:53 [The Independent]:
Greta Thunberg says Trump's 'extreme' climate change denial is helping environmental movement

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:38:33 [Reuters]:
U.S. to reevaluate South Sudan ties after unity government deadline passes

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:33:34 [BBC]:
New Zealand to hold referendum on euthanasia

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:28:57 [The Independent]:
Saudi Arabia deems feminism and homosexuality forms of 'extremism' in government video

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:27:40 [The Independent]:
Uganda charges 67 after raid on gay bar

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:23:04 [Reuters]:
Bolsonaro and Xi cheer strong and growing Brazil-China relations

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:21:31 [Reuters]:
UK Labour's Corbyn: IS leader Baghdadi better captured alive

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:17:42 [Reuters]:
Sweden detains Iranian on suspicion of murder in Iran in 1988

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:13:36 [Reuters]:
Spain opens door to 31 exhumations in the Valley of the Fallen mausoleum

-Wed, 13 Nov 15:11:17 [BBC]:
Pregnant firefighter says she'll continue to do her job