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-Tue, 28 Sep 12:54:12 [The Independent]:
Belarus leader announces vote on a new constitution in 2022

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:49:57 [The Independent]:
South Dakota governor slams media after probe into daughter’s certification

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:37:20 [The Independent]:
Biden promised a departure from Trump-era immigration policy. On the ground, it’s more of the same

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:34:41 [The Independent]:
Greyhound to pay out more than $2m for allowing border agents to carry out immigration raids on its buses

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:34:18 [BBC]:
Australian researchers uncover fossil of new eagle species

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:20:43 [BBC]:
Blast tears through Gothenburg apartment block, injuring 16

-Tue, 28 Sep 12:14:30 [The Independent]:
German election: Scholz prepares ground for ‘traffic light coalition’, inviting Greens and FDP to talks

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:51:39 [The Independent]:
US siblings barred from leaving China for three years return home after Huawei executive deal

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:44:04 [The Independent]:
Canadian miners trapped 1km underground forced to undergo gruelling 10-hour climb to freedom

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:34:08 [The Independent]:
Gabby Petito news – latest: Family hold press conference as new Brian Laundrie witness ‘saw him drinking’

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:33:27 [The Independent]:
Obama defends his presidential library from criticism it ‘gentrifies’ Chicago’s South Side

-Tue, 28 Sep 11:14:28 [The Independent]:
Russia may open probe into ‘possible US meddling,’ in election says security chief Medvedev

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:49:06 [The Independent]:
Moab police chief takes leave of absence amid anger over Petito body-cam stop

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:27:58 [The Independent]:
Polish ministers accused of Islamophobia over intensive smear campaign against migrants

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:19:13 [CNN]:
Haiti's unelected leader says he understands US migrant deportations and says elections will be pushed back

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:16:48 [The Independent]:
France: Man who threw egg at Macron in psychiatric treatment

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:06:51 [The Independent]:
Macron wants Europeans to boost defense, be 'respected'

-Tue, 28 Sep 10:00:12 [The Independent]:
Jan. 6 trials slowed by mounting evidence in US Capitol riot

-Tue, 28 Sep 9:30:49 [The Independent]:
Simone Biles says she’s under pressure to over-achieve as a Black athlete

-Tue, 28 Sep 9:22:25 [The Independent]:
Biden nominates 9 candidates for federal prosecutor posts

-Tue, 28 Sep 9:00:03 [The Independent]:
Germany has never before had a transgender woman MP. Now it has two

-Tue, 28 Sep 8:37:51 [CNN]:
3 Polish regions repeal 'LGBT-free' motions

-Tue, 28 Sep 8:17:32 [BBC]:
Trapped Canadian miners in 10-hour escape climb

-Tue, 28 Sep 8:03:55 [CNN]:
Internet goes dark for millions in Indian state's bid to stop exam cheats

-Tue, 28 Sep 7:38:43 [The Independent]:
AP News Digest 3:40 am

-Tue, 28 Sep 7:31:07 [The Independent]:
Anger in Brazil after Bolsonaro’s wife gets vaccine on New York UN trip despite his anti-vax rhetoric

-Tue, 28 Sep 7:19:27 [The Independent]:
Gothenburg explosion: 25 in hospital after blast at residential building in Sweden

-Tue, 28 Sep 7:08:55 [The Independent]:
Sexism row in Italy after bronze statue of scantily-clad woman unveiled by group of men

-Tue, 28 Sep 6:11:06 [The Independent]:
Dubai to find out if pandemic-delayed Expo 2020 will pay off

-Tue, 28 Sep 5:53:29 [The Independent]:
Marine jailed after attacking Pentagon in viral video over Afghanistan withdrawal

-Tue, 28 Sep 5:47:19 [The Independent]:
Republican accuses pro-Israel group of ‘foreign interference in our elections’ after Iron Dome criticism

-Tue, 28 Sep 5:28:05 [The Independent]:
Brian Laundrie’s parents claim speculation they helped son escape is ‘just wrong’ as Dog the Bounty Hunter accuses them with ‘new tip’

-Tue, 28 Sep 5:25:58 [The Independent]:
McAuliffe, Youngkin to meet for debate in northern Virginia

-Tue, 28 Sep 5:11:57 [The Independent]:
Maryland newspaper gunman who killed 5 to be sentenced

-Tue, 28 Sep 4:13:06 [The Independent]:
Pentagon leaders to face Congress on Afghan pullout decision

-Tue, 28 Sep 4:12:07 [The Independent]:
EXPLAINER: What's behind all the drama in Congress?

-Tue, 28 Sep 4:10:56 [The Independent]:
GOP blocks bill to keep government going; new try ahead

-Tue, 28 Sep 3:44:14 [The Independent]:
After 5 years, Obamas to break ground on Presidential Center

-Tue, 28 Sep 3:21:29 [BBC]:
Female Afghan judges hunted by the murderers they convicted

-Tue, 28 Sep 1:45:47 [CNN]:
South Korea's President Moon says it's time to consider a ban on eating dog meat

-Tue, 28 Sep 1:12:45 [The Independent]:
Woman arrested for throwing fire bombs at buddhist temple

-Tue, 28 Sep 1:03:02 [The Independent]:
‘You gotta go’: Woman orders sea lion off boat after it jumps out of water as killer whales circle

-Tue, 28 Sep 1:02:22 [The Independent]:
La Palma: Volcano roars back to life and begins ejecting lava again as hundreds confined to homes

-Tue, 28 Sep 1:02:11 [BBC]:
North Korea fires projectile, says South's military

-Tue, 28 Sep 1:00:40 [CNN]:
She took part in one of the most secretive missions of the Afghan evacuation

-Tue, 28 Sep 0:57:03 [Times]:
Washington’s Release of Meng Wanzhou Caps Two Weeks of Diplomatic Moves on China

-Tue, 28 Sep 0:17:58 [The Independent]:
Security stepped up for Dutch PM Mark Rutte over concerns of drug gang threat

-Tue, 28 Sep 0:17:42 [CNN]:
North Korea launches unidentified projectile, says South Korea's Joint Chiefs of Staff

-Tue, 28 Sep 0:08:52 [BBC]:
Three Polish regions scrap anti-LGBT resolutions

-Mon, 27 Sep 23:40:18 [The Independent]:
Campaigners criticise Norway over ‘inexcusable’ killing of hundreds of whales