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-Thu, 06 May 6:06:11 [BBC]:
SpaceX Starship prototype makes clean landing

-Thu, 06 May 5:52:28 [The Independent]:
DC police officer slams ‘disgraceful’ political indifference in wake of 6 January Capitol riot

-Thu, 06 May 5:05:19 [The Independent]:
Caitlyn Jenner to critics: 'I move on' she says in interview

-Thu, 06 May 4:44:41 [BBC]:
Philippines' Duterte apologises for taking unapproved China jab

-Thu, 06 May 4:10:56 [The Independent]:
Liz Cheney clings to GOP post as Trump endorses replacement

-Thu, 06 May 4:05:12 [The Independent]:
Republicans promote pandemic relief they voted against

-Thu, 06 May 3:54:42 [BBC]:
South Africa: ANC in power struggle over corruption allegations

-Thu, 06 May 2:32:40 [Times]:
A Jury in Rome Has Convicted Two Young Americans of Slaying a Police Officer

-Thu, 06 May 2:30:30 [CNN]:
Analysis: Iron ore is saving Australia's trade with China. How long can it last?

-Thu, 06 May 2:05:02 [The Independent]:
Caitlyn Jenner touches on trans issues, immigration in first interview since announcing run for governor

-Thu, 06 May 1:29:32 [The Independent]:
US Justice Department worried about Arizona Senate recount

-Thu, 06 May 1:27:37 [The Independent]:
‘I am all for the wall’: Caitlyn Jenner details immigration agenda in California governor bid

-Thu, 06 May 1:07:10 [CNN]:
The best route to ending the humanitarian disaster in Yemen

-Thu, 06 May 0:25:40 [The Independent]:
Liz Cheney takes aim at Trump and McCarthy in new op-ed, as ex-president endorses Stefanik to replace her

-Wed, 05 May 23:54:42 [The Independent]:
Ivanka Trump gets second Covid vaccine shot

-Wed, 05 May 23:42:00 [BBC]:
US secretary of state warns on Russia and China

-Wed, 05 May 23:41:18 [The Independent]:
South Carolina lawmakers vote to add firing squad to execution methods

-Wed, 05 May 23:41:01 [The Independent]:
Covid vaccine patent waiver: Who it impacts and what happens next

-Wed, 05 May 23:22:03 [The Independent]:
Florida inquiry clears Bloomberg over felons voting case

-Wed, 05 May 23:13:12 [The Independent]:
EXPLAINER: No evidence '3/5 compromise' aimed to end slavery

-Wed, 05 May 23:05:37 [CNN]:
Intel report: Afghan women's rights at risk with US withdrawl

-Wed, 05 May 22:55:57 [The Independent]:
EMB 23.30: Pfizer vaccine ‘95% effective against coronavirus,’ real-world data from Israel shows

-Wed, 05 May 22:52:44 [The Independent]:
Two American tourists get life in prison for murder of policeman in Rome

-Wed, 05 May 22:47:26 [The Independent]:
G7 foreign ministers call on China to ‘respect human rights’ in muted censure

-Wed, 05 May 22:24:21 [The Independent]:
Democrats revise voting bill, but Senate obstacles remain

-Wed, 05 May 21:55:12 [The Independent]:
Astrophysicist says there is only ‘one in several billion’ chance Chinese rocket will hit you

-Wed, 05 May 21:48:58 [The Independent]:
Let’s vaccinate the world’: Reaction to ‘monumental moment’ in fight against Covid as US supports vaccine IP waiver

-Wed, 05 May 21:38:46 [The Independent]:
US top diplomat Blinken in Ukraine for talks with president

-Wed, 05 May 21:16:46 [The Independent]:
Husband who made tearful appeal over missing wife arrested for her murder

-Wed, 05 May 21:04:14 [The Independent]:
Trump may have already broken rules governing his own social media ‘platform’

-Wed, 05 May 20:56:50 [The Independent]:
More than 186,200 restaurants and bars applied for Covid relief in first two days of program

-Wed, 05 May 20:49:11 [The Independent]:
Animal rights groups hit out at Republican campaigning with bear: ‘It’s unfortunate and shameful’

-Wed, 05 May 20:44:29 [The Independent]:
911 call reveals moments before Zulu ‘prince’ shot dead by Hawaii police

-Wed, 05 May 20:35:41 [The Independent]:
Texas Republicans pushing abortion ban after 6 weeks

-Wed, 05 May 20:34:00 [The Independent]:
Atlanta reinstates officer who fatally shot Rayshard Brooks, Black man who was running away from police

-Wed, 05 May 20:30:00 [The Independent]:
Turkey is treating lawyers like terrorists and throwing them in prison

-Wed, 05 May 20:28:16 [The Independent]:
Caitlyn Jenner doing first sit-down interview of campaign

-Wed, 05 May 20:23:37 [The Independent]:
Ant named ‘they’ to recognise gender diversity

-Wed, 05 May 20:22:24 [The Independent]:
Coronavirus: Canada becomes first country to approve Pfizer vaccine for children

-Wed, 05 May 20:13:12 [The Independent]:
Man arrested for attacking two Asian women in their 60s with a cinder block at liquor store

-Wed, 05 May 20:09:27 [The Independent]:
G7: Britain to grant EU ambassador full diplomatic status after protracted row

-Wed, 05 May 20:06:00 [The Independent]:
AOC uses ‘ogre’ emojis to troll Cruz over Trump meeting: ‘Nothing like reminiscing about attempted coups’

-Wed, 05 May 19:57:13 [The Independent]:
Snapchat can be sued over death of teens in speeding car wreck, court rules

-Wed, 05 May 19:56:19 [The Independent]:
Shares in major pharma companies fall in wake of US decision on vaccine IP

-Wed, 05 May 19:50:42 [The Independent]:
Fox News host talks back to sixth grader who criticises Trump: ‘I find that hard to believe’

-Wed, 05 May 19:45:21 [The Independent]:
Free baseball, beer and cash: Should people be bribed to get Covid vaccinations?

-Wed, 05 May 19:33:40 [The Independent]:
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-Wed, 05 May 19:25:02 [The Independent]:
US announces support for patent waiver on Covid vaccines

-Wed, 05 May 19:13:22 [The Independent]:
Biden lays into GOP opposition and Trump tax cuts as he says Republicans in midst of ‘mini-revolution’

-Wed, 05 May 19:09:38 [The Independent]:
4-year-old boy bought thousands of dollars worth of popsicles using his mother’s Amazon account