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-Fri, 16 Nov 19:57:51 [The Independent]:
Selfie saves man from potential life sentence after ex-girlfriend falsely accuses him of violent attack

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:49:22 [The Independent]:
Nancy Pelosi allies ready to battle Democrats opposing her bid to become Speaker

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:38:47 [BBC]:
California wildfires: Air quality rated 'world's worst'

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:30:32 [Reuters]:
U.S. top diplomat thanks North Korea, Sweden for working to secure American's release

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:27:30 [Reuters]:
Brazil markets cheered by pro-business make-up of Bolsonaro team

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:18:59 [BBC]:
Panda enjoys the first snow of the season in Washington DC

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:16:14 [Reuters]:
Merkel tells people of Chemnitz: Don't let haters set the agenda

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:06:06 [BBC]:
Police dance delights Russian viewers

-Fri, 16 Nov 19:03:50 [Times]:
They Fled the Nazis as Children. Now They Want Their Adopted Homeland to Welcome Other Refugees Too

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:51:56 [Reuters]:
Twelve Congolese soldiers killed in clashes this week in Ebola-hit east

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:46:52 [The Independent]:
Indonesian teacher sentenced to six months in prison after documenting sexual harassment

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:43:29 [The Independent]:
US weather: Camel spotted on side of highway during snow storm in Pennsylvania

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:37:00 [Reuters]:
Ireland has no plans to prepare infrastructure for hard border: foreign minister

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:31:55 [The Independent]:
Man accused of 'killing ex-girlfriend and eating her body parts' found competent to stand trial

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:31:52 [BBC]:
Students say Dartmouth ignored professor 'predator club'

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:29:35 [BBC]:
Zimbabwe bus: At least 42 killed in suspected gas explosion

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:19:50 [Reuters]:
Brexit reversed: What is the path back from Brexit?

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:18:18 [Reuters]:
Twelve Congolese soldiers killed in clashes in Ebola-hit east

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:14:38 [The Independent]:
Velvet Revolution: Czechs and Slovaks celebrate anniversary of fall of communism and triumph of Vaclav Havel

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:14:31 [Reuters]:
Maltese PM says ready to quit if implicated in probe into mystery firm

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:10:03 [BBC]:
Jamal Khashoggi: Symbolic funeral services for murdered journalist

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:08:43 [Reuters]:
UK PM May defends Brexit deal as opponents plot no-confidence vote

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:05:10 [Reuters]:
Migrants in Tijuana feel squeeze from both sides of U.S. border

-Fri, 16 Nov 18:02:00 [The Independent]:
El Chapo trial: 6 things we've learnt so far from the dramatic Joaquín Guzman hearing

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:51:40 [Reuters]:
EU states offer Britain 'ambitious' ties after Brexit, but no frictionless trade

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:50:42 [The Independent]:
China and Russia's climate plans could push global temperature rises above 5C, new study warns

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:46:20 [The Independent]:
Journalist's 'creep shot' photo of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez sparks major backlash online

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:20:30 [The Independent]:
Brazil's foreign minister says climate change is a 'Marxist plot'

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:16:30 [Reuters]:
Bottles, chili paste thrown as Sri Lanka parliament descends into farce

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:11:16 [Reuters]:
Irish PM says hard border highly likely without Brexit deal

-Fri, 16 Nov 17:08:07 [Reuters]:
Turkey sentences six people to life in prison for Istanbul airport attack: state news agency

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:57:15 [Reuters]:
Canada's Trudeau uses Trump card to attack main political rival

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:55:55 [Reuters]:
Sri Lanka president rejects Rajapaksa no-confidence vote: lawmaker

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:46:33 [The Independent]:
US 'might lose' war against China or Russia, report to Congress says

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:42:57 [The Independent]:
Denmark's largest online retailer bans Nazi-themed Christmas decorations because they 'may seem offensive'

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:24:30 [Reuters]:
At least 42 feared dead as flames gut bus in Zimbabwe

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:23:32 [Reuters]:
UK PM May must weigh parliamentary procedure carefully before big EU vote -committee

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:23:17 [Reuters]:
Bemused EU eyes options for British Brexit meltdown

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:20:57 [Reuters]:
May's Brexit deal sparks defiance and divisions in unionist Belfast

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:16:54 [The Independent]:
Thieves steal rare and valuable animal skeletons dating back to 1880 from Sydney University

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:15:05 [Reuters]:
Bullfight tax row splits Portugal's ruling Socialists

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:14:52 [The Independent]:
UN removes experts from Hungary after they are 'illegally denied access to migrant camp'

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:10:36 [Reuters]:
EU alarmed by Turkish arrest of academics, activists

-Fri, 16 Nov 16:05:54 [Times]:
What to Know About Tanzania’s Anti-LGBT Crackdown

-Fri, 16 Nov 15:54:09 [BBC]:
Trump ordered to allow CNN journalist Jim Acosta back

-Fri, 16 Nov 15:46:00 [The Independent]:
Netanyahu under mounting pressure as key coalition partner reportedly calls for early elections

-Fri, 16 Nov 15:42:00 [The Independent]:
Brexit: 'No question' of further negotiations if Theresa May's deal rejected, says Merkel

-Fri, 16 Nov 15:39:56 [Reuters]:
Saudi Arabia defies U.S. pressure to end Qatar row after Khashoggi killing

-Fri, 16 Nov 15:33:17 [Reuters]:
UK PM May defends Brexit deal as opponents plot no-confidence vote

-Fri, 16 Nov 15:32:56 [Reuters]:
Agreed Brexit deal is only way to avoid hard border: Irish PM