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-Sun, 22 Sep 4:38:03 [Reuters]:
Hong Kong riot police move to curb airport protest after violent clashes

-Sun, 22 Sep 3:39:33 [BBC]:
Democrat 2020 candidates turn up for Iowa Steak Fry

-Sun, 22 Sep 3:39:20 [Reuters]:
Saudi Arabia tells Japan's biggest refiner about possible shipment change: Nikkei

-Sun, 22 Sep 1:31:54 [CNN]:
South Korea's young men are fighting against feminism

-Sun, 22 Sep 1:25:32 [Reuters]:
Hong Kong braces for airport protest after night of violent clashes

-Sun, 22 Sep 0:32:03 [Reuters]:
Colombia's Duque seeks international sanctions on Venezuela to protect region

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:54:35 [Reuters]:
U.S., Honduras discuss temporary work opportunities for Hondurans

-Sat, 21 Sep 23:00:56 [BBC]:
Warli tribe: 'We are India's soul, don't kill us'

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:47:06 [Reuters]:
Lorena weakens to a tropical storm as it nears mainland Mexico

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:19:58 [The Independent]:
Iran vows 'destruction of any aggressor' as US moves troops to Saudi Arabia

-Sat, 21 Sep 21:18:14 [Reuters]:
Paris draws new climate rally; police vie with 'yellow vests', 'black blocs'

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:48:23 [The Independent]:
Junko Tabei: Google Doodle celebrates first woman to reach summit of Mount Everest

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:37:55 [CNN]:
Dozens injured in Albania earthquake

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:15:19 [Reuters]:
UK Conservatives hold significant lead over Labour: poll

-Sat, 21 Sep 20:04:41 [Times]:
British and French Climate Activists Step Up Protests

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:35:41 [Reuters]:
Ethiopia says it detains suspected Islamist militants planning attacks

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:32:52 [The Independent]:
Violence erupts in Paris as police clash with anarchists who hijacked climate protest

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:28:00 [Reuters]:
Stacks of cash shown at trial of Sudan's toppled leader Bashir

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:21:50 [Reuters]:
Biden urges investigation into Trump Ukraine call

-Sat, 21 Sep 19:16:19 [The Independent]:
Joe Biden says Trump 'deserves to be investigated' over Ukraine scandal: 'He knows I'll beat him like a drum'

-Sat, 21 Sep 18:25:20 [The Independent]:
Democrat Cory Booker's struggling White House bid doomed 'without immediate fundraising surge'

-Sat, 21 Sep 18:15:17 [Times]:
Paris Police Repeatedly Tear Gas Anti-Fuel Tax Protesters

-Sat, 21 Sep 18:02:43 [BBC]:
Man drowns during underwater marriage proposal on Tanzania trip

-Sat, 21 Sep 17:25:04 [Reuters]:
After strikes, youth climate activists keep pressure on leaders

-Sat, 21 Sep 17:00:35 [Reuters]:
Islamic State claims responsibility for Iraq bus bombing that killed 12

-Sat, 21 Sep 16:50:42 [Reuters]:
Magnitude 5.6 earthquake rocks buildings in Albania

-Sat, 21 Sep 16:48:03 [Reuters]:
Hong Kong protests turn to violent clashes in multiple towns

-Sat, 21 Sep 16:45:14 [Reuters]:
Hurricane Lorena races north after skirting Mexico's Los Cabos resort

-Sat, 21 Sep 16:42:50 [Reuters]:
Canada's Trudeau loses a little ground in first polls since blackface scandal

-Sat, 21 Sep 16:34:19 [Reuters]:
Hurricane Lorena races north after skirting Mexico's ritzy Los Cabos

-Sat, 21 Sep 16:18:25 [The Independent]:
Hong Kong protests: Demonstrators throw molotov cocktails amid clashes with police

-Sat, 21 Sep 16:16:05 [Reuters]:
Saudi Arabia to wait for investigation before responding to attacks: minister

-Sat, 21 Sep 16:07:58 [BBC]:
Operation Market Garden: WW2 veteran, 97, parachutes again over Arnhem

-Sat, 21 Sep 15:44:58 [CNN]:
Petrol bombs, tear gas used in Hong Kong protests

-Sat, 21 Sep 15:31:41 [BBC]:
Saudi Arabia vows to respond to oil attacks with 'necessary measures'

-Sat, 21 Sep 15:22:12 [Times]:
Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Says It’s Ready for ‘Any Scenario’ Amid U.S. Tensions

-Sat, 21 Sep 15:10:57 [Reuters]:
French police break up 'yellow vest' and 'black bloc' protests in Paris

-Sat, 21 Sep 14:46:55 [Reuters]:
Greek police arrest suspect in 1985 TWA aircraft hijacking

-Sat, 21 Sep 14:43:25 [Reuters]:
Magnitude 5.6 earthquake strikes west of Albanian capital: USGS

-Sat, 21 Sep 14:42:20 [Reuters]:
Hong Kong protests turn to violent clashes in two towns

-Sat, 21 Sep 14:41:24 [Reuters]:
UK Labour government would abolish 'non-domiciled' status in first budget

-Sat, 21 Sep 14:35:14 [Reuters]:
Italy's Conte calls on Delta to commit more to Alitalia

-Sat, 21 Sep 14:32:12 [Reuters]:
Saudi says it will respond appropriately if probe confirms Iran's role in attacks

-Sat, 21 Sep 14:16:50 [Reuters]:
Iranian held by Somali pirates since 2015 freed

-Sat, 21 Sep 13:56:47 [BBC]:
Meteor lights up parts of Australian sky

-Sat, 21 Sep 13:39:14 [Reuters]:
Turkey is prepared for possible Syria border operation, Erdogan says

-Sat, 21 Sep 13:36:31 [Reuters]:
Dozens detained in Kazakhstan at anti-China protests

-Sat, 21 Sep 13:19:03 [Reuters]:
A bridge too far: Dutch and British commemorate Operation Market Garden

-Sat, 21 Sep 13:15:00 [The Independent]:
Battle of Arnhem: parachutes float from the sky to mark 75th anniversary of mission to end Second World War

-Sat, 21 Sep 13:12:31 [Reuters]:
China's Pacific influence grows as it signs up new friend in Solomon Islands