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-Sat, 04 Mar 13:19:26 [The Independent]:
Andrew Tate’s team claims he has a ‘dark spot, most likely a tumour’ on his lungs

-Sat, 04 Mar 13:17:22 [The Independent]:
Ukraine-Russia news – latest: Fighting continues in Bakhmut as Lavrov laughed at

-Sat, 04 Mar 12:40:21 [The Independent]:
Three bodies, 1,700 acres and a whole lot of hogs: Inside Alex Murdaugh’s $4m Moselle estate

-Sat, 04 Mar 9:59:16 [The Independent]:
Ukraine-Russia news – latest: Putin’s forces pound last routes out of Bakhmut

-Sat, 04 Mar 9:59:02 [The Independent]:
Audience in Delhi openly laughs as Lavrov says Ukraine war ‘launched against’ Russia

-Sat, 04 Mar 8:15:24 [The Independent]:
AP News Digest 3:15 a.m.

-Sat, 04 Mar 7:52:37 [The Independent]:
Ukraine ally Kallas fights for reelection in Estonia vote

-Sat, 04 Mar 5:47:10 [The Independent]:
Ohio derailment tests Sen. Brown's push to buck Dem defeats

-Sat, 04 Mar 5:40:57 [The Independent]:
Texas congressman's breaks with GOP could lead to censure

-Sat, 04 Mar 5:29:51 [The Independent]:
Paid express lanes grow more popular in once-reluctant South

-Sat, 04 Mar 1:29:48 [The Independent]:
Accusations against relatives a blow to Colombian president

-Sat, 04 Mar 1:10:39 [The Independent]:
Alex Murdaugh’s new mugshot released after double life sentencing for murder of wife and son

-Sat, 04 Mar 0:56:57 [The Independent]:
Alex Murdaugh’s attorneys say son Buster’s pleas wouldn’t have made difference in double life sentencing

-Sat, 04 Mar 0:56:09 [The Independent]:
South Carolina woman arrested for allegedly taking abortion pill to end 2021 pregnancy

-Sat, 04 Mar 0:51:02 [The Independent]:
Alex Murdaugh trial — live: Defence explains why Buster didn’t plead for leniency in father’s sentencing

-Sat, 04 Mar 0:50:33 [The Independent]:
Florida Republicans want bloggers who write about DeSantis to register with the state

-Fri, 03 Mar 23:58:36 [The Independent]:
CPAC 2023 – live: Don Jr attacks Fetterman as Trump releases song with January 6 defendants

-Fri, 03 Mar 23:51:53 [The Independent]:
Parents’ anger after mentally ill daughter froze to death on street following early dismissal from ER

-Fri, 03 Mar 23:26:49 [The Independent]:
CPAC offers a platform for an avalanche of anti-trans attacks

-Fri, 03 Mar 23:21:48 [The Independent]:
Georgia votes down rich Atlanta suburb’s attempt to secede

-Fri, 03 Mar 23:12:34 [The Independent]:
CPAC’s sea of empty seats: Trumpworld celebs address half-empty ballroom as mainstream Republicans shy away

-Fri, 03 Mar 23:10:48 [The Independent]:
Family discovered son had been shot dead by police in news report

-Fri, 03 Mar 23:08:29 [The Independent]:
Don Jr rants at ‘woke’ bank after his business account abruptly shuttered

-Fri, 03 Mar 22:29:14 [The Independent]:
‘Cult mom’ Lori Vallow will face trial separately from her husband Chad Daybell over children’s murders

-Fri, 03 Mar 22:26:49 [The Independent]:
DC conflict reflects wider efforts undermining local control

-Fri, 03 Mar 22:23:37 [The Independent]:
Pompeo, Haley take veiled jabs at Trump in CPAC remarks

-Fri, 03 Mar 22:16:32 [The Independent]:
‘Seriously. This is real’: Trump’s new song with insurrection ‘prison choir’ mocked

-Fri, 03 Mar 21:53:48 [The Independent]:
Marjorie Taylor Greene prompts CPAC crowd to boo Zelensky

-Fri, 03 Mar 21:42:44 [The Independent]:
Top antibiotic expert nearly died from cut while gardening

-Fri, 03 Mar 21:22:47 [The Independent]:
Reporter behind viral Eli Lilly parody account peels back curtain on ‘stupid little tweet’ that helped trigger insulin price cap

-Fri, 03 Mar 21:22:11 [The Independent]:
We asked conservatives at CPAC what ‘woke’ means. Their replies were revealing

-Fri, 03 Mar 21:05:13 [The Independent]:
Family of Shanquella Robinson demand action from DC officials four months after mystery death in Mexico

-Fri, 03 Mar 20:54:41 [The Independent]:
Biden has skin cancer lesion removed, White House says

-Fri, 03 Mar 20:50:06 [The Independent]:
Nigel Farage on Boris saying ‘f*** the Americans’: ‘Biden hasn’t exactly been friendly to the UK’

-Fri, 03 Mar 20:47:19 [The Independent]:
Trump and ‘J6 Prison Choir’ release a song together as Capitol rioters get a platform at CPAC

-Fri, 03 Mar 20:32:19 [The Independent]:
New this week: Miley Cyrus, 'Luther' and Oscars viewing

-Fri, 03 Mar 20:14:14 [The Independent]:
Man ordered to jail in Jewish Michigan threats case

-Fri, 03 Mar 19:47:35 [The Independent]:
Exclusive: Senior Republican tries to wriggle out of Beau Biden row after comments cause backlash

-Fri, 03 Mar 19:32:14 [The Independent]:
Cousin Eddie who shot Alex Murdaugh in the head in botched hitman plot reacts to guilty verdict

-Fri, 03 Mar 19:24:30 [The Independent]:
Pompeo tells CPAC not to look to ‘celebrity’ candidates with ‘fragile egos’ in rebuke to Trump

-Fri, 03 Mar 19:23:31 [The Independent]:
Dog reunited with family after 17 days stranded in Big Bear during California storms

-Fri, 03 Mar 19:16:32 [The Independent]:
Greece train crash funerals begin as 57 victims identified

-Fri, 03 Mar 19:04:47 [The Independent]:
Nikki Haley declares ‘wokeness is a virus more dangerous than any pandemic’ as she bashes Don Lemon

-Fri, 03 Mar 18:54:25 [The Independent]:
Kimberly Guilfoyle met by half empty auditorium at CPAC

-Fri, 03 Mar 18:42:40 [The Independent]:
Bakhmut pounded by Russian forces and ‘pincers are closing’ on city, says Putin’s war chief

-Fri, 03 Mar 18:39:10 [The Independent]:
His brother was kidnapped and murdered by the Russians, his mother left to die. Now he wants answers

-Fri, 03 Mar 18:34:44 [The Independent]:
AOC boasts she was right after Amazon ceases building HQ2 in Washington DC

-Fri, 03 Mar 18:34:21 [The Independent]:
Alex Murdaugh to appeal guilty verdict as defence continues to gripe about case after sentencing

-Fri, 03 Mar 18:32:26 [The Independent]:
Thrash metal band member shot dead alongside son and father-in-law in horror mass murder-suicide by wife

-Fri, 03 Mar 18:31:54 [The Independent]:
Don Jr goes on Fetterman rant at CPAC: ‘Pennsylvania managed to elect a vegetable’