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-Fri, 21 Jan 16:31:16 [The Independent]:
Florida man fights off bear in dramatic video

-Fri, 21 Jan 16:25:42 [The Independent]:
Trump White House records are now in the hands of Jan 6 committee

-Fri, 21 Jan 16:19:46 [The Independent]:
Chile's incoming cabinet: Women, youth and a nod to markets

-Fri, 21 Jan 16:05:51 [The Independent]:
Children among ‘more than 70 killed’ in Yemen airstrikes

-Fri, 21 Jan 15:56:01 [The Independent]:
Kyle Rittenhouse wants gun he used to shoot dead two protesters and wound a third

-Fri, 21 Jan 15:37:17 [The Independent]:
Doctors successfully separate conjoined Chicago twins in ‘superhero’ procedure

-Fri, 21 Jan 15:35:08 [The Independent]:
Mother accused of leaving children home alone to go to Florida with boyfriend

-Fri, 21 Jan 15:30:10 [The Independent]:
Old ghosts and new realities push Bosnia-Herzegovina back to the brink

-Fri, 21 Jan 15:25:15 [The Independent]:
Meat Loaf: Singer’s off-on friendship with the Trumps as ex-president insists ‘we loved him’

-Fri, 21 Jan 14:58:02 [The Independent]:
Why does Russia want to block Ukraine from joining Nato?

-Fri, 21 Jan 14:53:01 [The Independent]:
French cannibal who ate victim with white beans attacks again after escape from custody

-Fri, 21 Jan 14:50:08 [The Independent]:
Investigation under way after woman’s body found outside home in Donegal

-Fri, 21 Jan 14:45:47 [The Independent]:
Security scanners across Europe tied to China government military

-Fri, 21 Jan 14:39:02 [The Independent]:
Thais snap up crocodile meat as the price of pork rises

-Fri, 21 Jan 14:28:21 [The Independent]:
What are the charges against the three officers on federal trial over George Floyd’s death?

-Fri, 21 Jan 14:26:36 [The Independent]:
Where was Jared? Five intriguing takeaways from the Jan 6 committee - Ivanka Trump development

-Fri, 21 Jan 13:49:05 [The Independent]:
Isis gunmen launch major attacks in Iraq and Syria

-Fri, 21 Jan 13:35:17 [The Independent]:
As 2024 nears, Pence to speak at SC pregnancy center dinner

-Fri, 21 Jan 13:34:43 [The Independent]:
Popular pacifier recalled over choking hazard

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:59:03 [The Independent]:
Ukraine: US and Russia hold ‘constructive’ talks in Geneva but war fears remain

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:58:44 [The Independent]:
US charges Belarus officials with piracy over forced landing of Ryanair plane

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:50:25 [The Independent]:
US father shoots and kills 8-year-old daughter ‘while teaching her about gun safety’

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:47:11 [The Independent]:
Fatal motorcycle crash covered live by local news network leaves anchor stunned

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:41:29 [The Independent]:
Influencer pilot accused of crashing his plane on purpose in California for attention

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:41:06 [The Independent]:
Lauren Boebert asks Jewish group visiting Capitol if they’re on ‘reconnaissance’

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:37:37 [The Independent]:
‘I think there will be a war’: Ukrainians wait for worst as eleventh-hour talks start

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:36:35 [The Independent]:
White House mocked for Tom Hanks cameo that ‘The Simpsons’ predicted

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:32:35 [The Independent]:
Four, including a baby and a teen, found frozen to death on Canada-Minnesota border

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:26:41 [The Independent]:
Intel building $20B Ohio chip facility amid global shortage

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:17:00 [The Independent]:
Taoiseach hails EU’s role in bringing peace to Ireland

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:16:21 [BBC]:
Hong Kong: Secret rescue network to evade hamster Covid cull

-Fri, 21 Jan 12:07:51 [The Independent]:
Rare elephant twins born in Kenyan national park for first time in more than a decade

-Fri, 21 Jan 10:51:33 [The Independent]:
At least 17 dead after huge road explosion in western Ghana

-Fri, 21 Jan 9:22:24 [The Independent]:
Why would Russia invade Ukraine?

-Fri, 21 Jan 9:18:15 [The Independent]:
International plant poacher who travelled to America 50 times ‘to steal succulents’ is jailed in the US

-Fri, 21 Jan 9:08:26 [BBC]:
American Airlines plane turns around mid-flight over mask row

-Fri, 21 Jan 8:51:04 [The Independent]:
124 snakes found with body of dead man in Maryland home

-Fri, 21 Jan 8:50:19 [The Independent]:
Ukraine-Russia crisis - latest: Putin raises invasion fears with troop deployment as US holds talks in Geneva

-Fri, 21 Jan 8:39:42 [The Independent]:
Top US, Russia diplomats as Ukraine future teeters on brink

-Fri, 21 Jan 8:19:07 [The Independent]:
Rudy Giuliani oversaw state effort to send fake electors to declare Trump victory in 2020, report says

-Fri, 21 Jan 7:30:10 [The Independent]:
AP News Digest 3:50 am

-Fri, 21 Jan 7:23:45 [The Independent]:
Italy's next moral compass? Berlusconi, 85, eyes presidency

-Fri, 21 Jan 6:49:12 [BBC]:
Tonga: International aid efforts ramp up for tsunami-hit nation

-Fri, 21 Jan 6:16:03 [The Independent]:
Israeli general turned lawmaker emerges as settler critic

-Fri, 21 Jan 6:14:12 [The Independent]:
Son kills himself over guilt after fearing he may have exposed father to Covid, says mother

-Fri, 21 Jan 5:45:53 [The Independent]:
UN chief: World worse now due to COVID, climate, conflict

-Fri, 21 Jan 5:32:25 [The Independent]:
Preteens may be vaxed without parents under California bill

-Fri, 21 Jan 5:16:37 [The Independent]:
Year 2: Biden plans more public outreach, less legislating

-Fri, 21 Jan 5:07:52 [The Independent]:
'Minor incursion' by Russia could complicate West's response

-Fri, 21 Jan 5:03:05 [The Independent]:
Biden-Kishida talks to touch on North Korea, China