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-Sat, 16 Jan 5:44:27 [The Independent]:
India starts world's largest COVID-19 vaccination drive

-Sat, 16 Jan 1:06:06 [The Independent]:
Two in five Covid patients in Brazilian hospitals die, study finds

-Sat, 16 Jan 0:35:35 [BBC]:
Ethiopia's Oromia conflict: Why a teacher was killed 'execution-style'

-Sat, 16 Jan 0:17:43 [BBC]:
Brexit: End to Gibraltar land border prompts joy and trepidation

-Sat, 16 Jan 0:09:46 [BBC]:
US Election 2020: What do countries around the world want from Joe Biden?

-Sat, 16 Jan 0:07:52 [BBC]:
Martin Luther King Jr: New documentary on FBI surveillance

-Sat, 16 Jan 0:01:55 [BBC]:
Project 17: One girl's quest for clean water in Rwanda

-Fri, 15 Jan 23:18:18 [The Independent]:
Ice cream tests positive for coronavirus in China

-Fri, 15 Jan 22:44:21 [The Independent]:
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell brings notes to White House that suggest calling for ‘martial law if necessary’

-Fri, 15 Jan 22:39:18 [The Independent]:
Pfizer to limit vaccine deliveries temporarily to Europe

-Fri, 15 Jan 22:27:17 [BBC]:
WhatsApp changes: Signal messaging platform stops working as downloads surge

-Fri, 15 Jan 21:27:32 [The Independent]:
Amtrak CEO asks Congress to expand TSA’s ‘No Fly List’ to rail passengers

-Fri, 15 Jan 21:20:14 [The Independent]:
New York City will run out of coronavirus vaccine by next week, Mayor Bill de Blasio says

-Fri, 15 Jan 21:17:09 [BBC]:
Tennis stars' arrival angers stranded Australians

-Fri, 15 Jan 21:16:05 [BBC]:
Champion golfer Ángel Cabrera 'arrested in Brazil' over alleged assault

-Fri, 15 Jan 20:16:50 [The Independent]:
Anger in states over pace of COVID-19 vaccine allotments

-Fri, 15 Jan 19:56:50 [CNN]:
Dozens killed, some decapitated, in suspected rebel attack in the Democratic Republic of Congo

-Fri, 15 Jan 19:12:57 [The Independent]:
Ex-foreign correspondent reflects on risks for US reporters

-Fri, 15 Jan 18:38:48 [Times]:
2 Million People Have Died From COVID-19 Worldwide

-Fri, 15 Jan 18:33:55 [The Independent]:
Violent force used three times more often against leftwing protests by US police, new stats show

-Fri, 15 Jan 18:20:36 [The Independent]:
Contagious UK coronavirus strain will be widespread in US by March, experts claim

-Fri, 15 Jan 18:13:25 [The Independent]:
Covid global death toll tops two million, Johns Hopkins data shows

-Fri, 15 Jan 17:47:34 [The Independent]:
Inauguration Week 2020: A day by day guide to events

-Fri, 15 Jan 17:26:47 [Times]:
She Helped Launch Yemen’s Revolution. 10 Years On, Tawakkol Karman Still Believes Change Is Possible

-Fri, 15 Jan 16:59:03 [The Independent]:
Don’t go sledging in grounds of Nazi Buchenwald camp, visitors warned

-Fri, 15 Jan 16:22:49 [CNN]:
Dutch government resigns over child welfare fraud scandal

-Fri, 15 Jan 16:19:53 [The Independent]:
Dutch government resigns over childcare scandal

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:58:30 [The Independent]:
“I decided to step up”: The Pakistan woman who volunteered to help Covid victims

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:41:20 [The Independent]:
‘Kill him with his own gun’: Police officers reveal what it was like to face MAGA mob

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:32:34 [The Independent]:
Palm Beach County sends warning letter to Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club after video shows maskless crowd

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:32:03 [Times]:
Israel Is Leading the World in COVID-19 Vaccination. But Palestinians Aren’t on the List

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:27:38 [The Independent]:
Uganda opposition leader says military has seized his house

-Fri, 15 Jan 15:03:52 [The Independent]:
Paradise lost: How a Mexican party resort is facing environmental disaster

-Fri, 15 Jan 14:50:12 [The Independent]:
Cherry blossoms are blooming earlier and earlier in Tokyo due to warmer winters

-Fri, 15 Jan 14:50:09 [The Independent]:
Turkish leader defiant on Russian system but wants US jets

-Fri, 15 Jan 14:43:15 [The Independent]:
Deliveroo driver who refused to deliver to Jewish customers jailed for four months in France

-Fri, 15 Jan 14:34:36 [The Independent]:
Pakistan government urged to act over online hate campaign directed at Independent and BBC journalists

-Fri, 15 Jan 14:33:35 [CNN]:
Ugandan presidential candidate says his home is 'under siege'

-Fri, 15 Jan 14:06:31 [The Independent]:
Lockerbie bomber family loses appeal to overturn conviction

-Fri, 15 Jan 13:58:25 [The Independent]:
Top Indian news anchor says she’s victim of Harvard University phishing scam

-Fri, 15 Jan 13:47:27 [The Independent]:
Ex lover of former King Juan Carlos tells court her life was threatened by Spanish spy

-Fri, 15 Jan 13:38:01 [The Independent]:
Greatest religious gathering on Earth goes ahead in India with 700,000 Hindus attending despite raging pandemic

-Fri, 15 Jan 12:39:47 [The Independent]:
‘Joe the Pigeon’ is spared over ‘fake leg tag’

-Fri, 15 Jan 12:37:41 [The Independent]:
What is impeachment and what does it mean for Trump?

-Fri, 15 Jan 12:37:18 [BBC]:
German sports doctor jailed over blood doping scandal

-Fri, 15 Jan 12:10:13 [The Independent]:
Egyptian judge overturns acquittal of two women jailed for posting ‘indecent’ TikTok videos

-Fri, 15 Jan 12:07:11 [The Independent]:
The Sudanese tradition of whipping in wedding ceremonies stands the test of time

-Fri, 15 Jan 12:01:46 [The Independent]:
North Korea unveils new submarine-launched missiles in huge military parade

-Fri, 15 Jan 11:49:08 [BBC]:
Uganda elections 2021: Museveni takes early lead as Bobi Wine cries foul

-Fri, 15 Jan 11:46:02 [BBC]:
Nazi Buchenwald camp no place for sledging, authorities warn