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-Tue, 17 Oct 11:20:01 [The Independent]:
Raqqa: Isis completely driven out of Syria 'capital' by US-backed forces

-Tue, 17 Oct 11:08:02 [The Independent]:
Austrian government hangs in balance as far-right battles social democrats for second place

-Tue, 17 Oct 10:54:22 [Reuters]:
Russian opposition leader's fraud conviction arbitrary, Europe's top rights court says

-Tue, 17 Oct 10:52:08 [Reuters]:
Iraqi forces seize more territory in advance against Kurds

-Tue, 17 Oct 10:29:50 [Reuters]:
Islamic State defeated in their Syrian capital Raqqa

-Tue, 17 Oct 10:29:15 [Reuters]:
Taliban attacks kill at least 61 across Afghanistan

-Tue, 17 Oct 10:24:35 [Reuters]:
Somalia calls for blood donations after bombing, Turkey sends doctors

-Tue, 17 Oct 10:15:00 [The Independent]:
Spanish military jet crashes outside Madrid, killing pilot

-Tue, 17 Oct 10:06:28 [Reuters]:
As China's leaders gather, market reform hopes fade

-Tue, 17 Oct 9:56:11 [Reuters]:
Islamic State cleared from Syria's Raqqa: monitoring group

-Tue, 17 Oct 9:55:34 [Reuters]:
Maltese journalist's son says she was murdered for exposing corruption

-Tue, 17 Oct 9:51:49 [Reuters]:
UK hate crimes surge on Brexit and militant attacks

-Tue, 17 Oct 9:38:17 [Reuters]:
Inspection battle threatens Egypt's wheat supply

-Tue, 17 Oct 9:30:57 [Reuters]:
U.N. urges Bangladesh to move Rohingya refugees stranded at border

-Tue, 17 Oct 9:20:36 [Reuters]:
Islamic State in Raqqa mounts last stand

-Tue, 17 Oct 9:19:09 [Reuters]:
South Africa's Zuma appoints new energy minister in cabinet reshuffle

-Tue, 17 Oct 9:14:44 [The Independent]:
Las Vegas shooting: Unarmed security guard who led police to gunman Stephen Paddock has 'vanished'

-Tue, 17 Oct 9:01:33 [Times]:
Propaganda and Censorship Are Reaching Fever Pitch on the Eve of China’s Big Leadership Reshuffle

-Tue, 17 Oct 8:57:51 [Times]:
U.S. Not Ruling Out Direct Talks with North Korea, Officials Say

-Tue, 17 Oct 8:46:44 [Reuters]:
Islamic State in Raqqa mounts last stand around city stadium

-Tue, 17 Oct 8:36:24 [Reuters]:
'Vanishing village' looks to Japan's LDP for survival

-Tue, 17 Oct 8:32:00 [The Independent]:
US diplomat labels American treatment of Kurds in Iraq 'a cataclysmic betrayal'

-Tue, 17 Oct 8:31:35 [Reuters]:
Iraqi forces take control of all oil fields operated by state-owned North Oil in Kirkuk

-Tue, 17 Oct 8:27:03 [Reuters]:
Detention of Catalan activists a judicial, not political, matter: Spain justice minister

-Tue, 17 Oct 8:17:36 [Times]:
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte Declares Marawi ‘Liberated’ From ISIS Terrorists

-Tue, 17 Oct 8:05:19 [Reuters]:
Taliban suicide attack on provincial Afghan police HQ kills at least 12

-Tue, 17 Oct 8:02:14 [Times]:
North Korea Is So Desperate for Hard Currency That It’s Legalized Racetrack Gambling

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:48:16 [Reuters]:
U.S. takes aim at Yemeni Islamic State for first time

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:47:40 [Reuters]:
Italy's Berlusconi says center-right agrees pact on next PM candidate

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:47:00 [The Independent]:
John McCain condemns 'half-baked, spurious nationalism' in dig at Donald Trump

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:41:51 [Reuters]:
London art auction raises $2.5 million for survivors of deadly Grenfell Tower blaze

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:38:16 [The Independent]:
North Korea warns nuclear war with US could break out 'at any moment'

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:23:21 [Reuters]:
U.S.-backed militias say they take major Raqqa position from ISIS

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:20:04 [Reuters]:
Russian, Iranian diplomats to discuss Iran nuclear deal this week: Ifax

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:16:00 [The Independent]:
Suicide bomb attack on Afghan police station leaves at least ten dead and 30 injured

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:13:46 [Reuters]:
Philippine president declares Marawi liberated as battle goes on

-Tue, 17 Oct 7:10:00 [The Independent]:
Kirkuk: Why the battle over the Iraqi Kurdish city matters so much

-Tue, 17 Oct 6:59:04 [BBC]:
Portugal fires: Three days of national mourning for wildfire victims

-Tue, 17 Oct 6:54:15 [Reuters]:
Iraqi forces take control of Bai Hasan, Avana oil fields after Kurdish pullout

-Tue, 17 Oct 6:45:02 [Reuters]:
At least eight killed in suicide attack on provincial Afghan police HQ: officials

-Tue, 17 Oct 6:41:00 [The Independent]:
Donald Trump 'least popular President in history of political polling'

-Tue, 17 Oct 6:34:51 [Reuters]:
Suspected U.S. drone strike kills five on Pakistan-Afghanistan frontier

-Tue, 17 Oct 6:18:47 [Reuters]:
Philippine president declares Marawi City liberated from militants

-Tue, 17 Oct 6:07:40 [Reuters]:
Iraqi-backed Yazidi group takes over Sinjar after Kurdish pullout: residents

-Tue, 17 Oct 6:01:08 [Reuters]:
Kenya's deputy president says happy for election board to meet opposition demands

-Tue, 17 Oct 5:52:52 [Reuters]:
Suicide bomber, gunmen attack police HQ in Afghan province: officials

-Tue, 17 Oct 5:48:00 [The Independent]:
Inside Donald Trump's 'adult day-care centre' with the White House aides who control and coerce the President

-Tue, 17 Oct 5:30:55 [Reuters]:
Turkey's military says two Turkish soldiers killed in blast in northern Iraq

-Tue, 17 Oct 5:27:07 [Reuters]:
Kenya's deputy president says ok if election board meets opposition demands

-Tue, 17 Oct 4:18:38 [Reuters]:
Malaysia says no decision yet on new offers to search for missing MH370